Dark Trinity vs. The Dynamic Duo: The Fall of Batman and Robin Chapters 19-20
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Dark Trinity vs. The Dynamic Duo: The Fall of Batman and Robin

Author: Jay (Johnhorman)

Warning: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable.

Chapter 19

Mark Shepherd sat sipping brandy watching the video of Robin’s emasculation for perhaps the 30th time. As he stroked his cock and glanced at the specially lighted jars on his ornate mantle, he smiled with a sense of complete satisfaction. Four jars gleamed in the specially focused spotlights. Beautifully displayed and labeled, the well preserved symbols of four strong men floated leisurely in distilled alcohol, trophies of Dark Trinity’s sinister past and brilliant future ahead.

Mark gestured and the well built ape-boy once again knelt between his legs and began to expertly service the powerful man’s cock and balls. The beautiful young man lathed his owner’s balls and cock in a slow sensuous tongue washing that could rival the best in any paid escort business. He knew how to pleasure any man but took special care to deliver the best service possible to this one. He sensed a developing love bond here and wasn’t going to jeopardize it by disappointing the man who might very well own him for the rest of his life.

Unbeknownst to the eunuch, Mark Shepherd was wondering how much longer he wanted to keep the boy. There were only so many ways to suck a cock for each boy—when things got boring, it was time to change boys. That time had not arrived yet…but Mark knew that it eventually would. Still sipping his brandy, Mark read aloud from a letter that had accompanied the young eunuch’s recent return:

“Thank you so much for the use of your `boy'”. He was everything I had hoped- he served and serviced me admirably, but like so many previous boys, one month was more than enough. I have always craved variety and never keep one boy longer than the excitement lasts.   I took the enormous liberty during my last two weeks of ownership to make some alterations in the boy for your benefit and pleasure. From my conversations with the ape-boy I learned of your desire to actually “breed” him– in the same sense and purpose that one breeds a woman.

My scientists have made that possible for you. Your eunuch will for all appearances remain the virile, handsome young man that he is, but is now equipped sexually to both conceive and deliver offspring. Fuck him and he will conceive. The child will be a genetic combination of you and him. I also took the liberty of adjusting his genetic makeup to insure that he ONLY produces boys. I assumed that to be your preference. It is my gift to you. Consider it part of a “pre-payment” of the contract to follow.


For the payment of $5,000,000 to each of the members of Dark Trinity, I will expect Superman to be delivered to me, Lex Luthor in a state of helpless immobility. Furthermore, I want the target completely humiliated and demoralized by the time he is presented through whatever means Dark Trinity finds necessary and appropriate.

If in the process of capturing Superman for delivery any of the following individuals are eliminated, additional remuneration or compensation will be arranged to the satisfaction of the group members:

  • • Perry White
  • Lois Lane
  • Jimmy Olsen
  • The Metropolis Police Commissioner
  • The Mayor of Metropolis


Additional rewards will be granted for the degree of creativity and brutality administered in the takedown of the super hero. All of my scientific resources will be at your disposal. I will expect the members of Dark Trinity to assist in the final death of the hero but not in the delivery of the fatal blow. That will be my pleasure alone.

Fulfillment of this contract must be within the next 3 months or the contents of this contract are null and void. Once this document is signed, I expect success. I don’t tolerate failure and the consequences for failure are extreme and final.

Lex Luthor

Mark Shepherd smiled as he finished reading the contract. On behalf of Dark Trinity, Mark signed the contract. This would be Dark Trinity’s greatest challenge, yet one that would bring with it enormous satisfaction and monetary rewards. As his eunuch edged him towards climax, the mercenary leader abruptly pulled the boy’s head from his cock and commanded:    “Sit on my cock. I want to breed you.”

The boy obeyed and with great relish, Mark thrust again and again into the frontal cunt of the boy. His mind wandered into that wonderful realm of future possibilities. In 9-10 months he would be rich beyond belief. He would be holding a baby boy in his arms that would belong to solely to him … a baby who would grow to inherit and command a syndicate of mercenaries dedicated to keeping the number of crime fighters to a minimum, a boy who would grew to adore and idolize his father, a young son who would take the eunuch’s place as his pleasure provider.

The ape boy was a mere vehicle—nothing more. Mark recognized the look of adoration in the young man’s eyes as he felt the boy’s prostate swell against his thrusting cock. It was the only physical sign that the boy was capable of making to signal mounting sexual pleasure. The boy’s eyes began to roll back in his head as his prostate sent a message to nonexistent balls and cock to produce jism for ejaculation. For the rest of his life, the eunuch would experience “empty” orgasms-non productive, frustratingly exasperating sexual events that Mark knew instinctively would erode the boy’s bond with him.

He accepted the “present” love and devotion but would have no part of returning it. Within a year’s time, the handsome boy cunt would either be farmed out to other brutish men or terminated. Much like Luthor, Mark knew that he would grow tired of the eunuch and need “fresh mouth and ass” to fuck. As he fantasized about final fucking the eunuch, his cock reached orgasm and he flooded the fertile womb of the boy with millions of tiny seeds—-each seeking the best newly created egg to fertilize and impregnate. It was an incredible moment in Mark Shepherd’s life.

The young man swooned and reached the cum-less orgasm of a woman. Life was good. Life was VERY… VERY… GOOD!

Chapter 20 Epilogue

Six months had passed since the death of the Dynamic Duo. It had been a remarkable triumph for Dark Trinity. It had done wonders for its reputation—the mercenaries were in demand worldwide now. They were presently taking no new contracts-having still not completed the one signed with Lex Luthor.

Mark Shepherd had purchased an Italian villa where he now resided with his eunuch. His partners Austin and Frank were visiting and the scene taking place could have been taken straight out of a movie about the decadence of ancient Rome. The three members of Dark Trinity were standing side by side in a marble solarium, decorated with beautiful sculptures and authentic earthen ware from the Roman Period. All three men were naked and their well oiled skin glistened in the filtered sunlight. The eunuch was nestled between Mark’s legs, preparing for fellatio. The eunuch’s appearance had radically changed over the subsequent months.

Still handsome and well built; the young man now sported a pouch-like belly wherein a boy fetus grew. Frontal fucking was now out of the question. Mark still used the young boy’s ass, but far less frequently than in the past. His mouth was still his primary pleasure giver—-and in the next few minutes he would once again prove his sexual worthiness to Mark, his master. He nursed Mark’s cock with his talented lips—and gradually worked it toward orgasm.

Mark motioned for his buddies to come closer and watch the young man demonstrate his talent. He also had a surprise for his partners.

“Watch me ejaculate—I think you will find it interesting,” stated the mercenary leader with a slight smirk on his face.

As the men watched in fascination, Mark’s cock erupted with a load of cum onto the lips and tongue of the ape-boy. Mark’s cum, however; lacked the customary creamy white appearance. This time it had a strange glowing green color and a texture that made it look almost menacing. The eunuch was unaffected by the color and texture of the ejaculate. He swallowed it without spilling a drop.

“What the fuck!” exclaimed one of the two partners. They stared in astonishment at the spectacle and then grinned broadly when both men reached the same realization at the same moment.

“KRYPTONITE!!!!!!!” they shouted.

“Yes, it’s Kryptonite! It was developed by LEXCORP especially for our use. I’ve only been eating for a week now and it’s already taken affect….and it’s harmless to our pregnant friend here. But to Superman…..it’s a totally different matter. One or two loads of this cum down his throat or up his ass and Superman will weaken and writhe in pain. Three or four will completely incapacitate the Man of Steel. After that…..with each additional load, the mighty superhero moves closer and closer to the status of his fellow crime fighters, Tarzan, Batman and Robin.”

After those clarifying comments, Mark Shepherd handed large unmarked packets of food additive to his two buddies.   “You can add this to your diet with complete safety. Then, we join together as an unbeatable team. We will bring down the mighty Superman and go down in history as the greatest hero destroyers of all time.

As Shepherd patted the belly of the eunuch and wiped green cum from the boy’s lower lip he smiled an all knowing smile. The evil leader knew that his cum could now bring forth life……and his cum could now KILL! His cock stiffened at the thought- a large bead of thick green cum oozed from the piss slit and dropped silently to the floor.

…. More hero abuse to follow.

To be continued on the third part of this trilogy The Final Conquest of Superman, coming soon.

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