The Final Conquest of Superman Chapters 10-12
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The Final Conquest of Superman

The Man of Steel Faces His Most Powerful Adversary – Dark Trinity

Author: Jay (Johnhorman)

DISCLAIMER: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable.

Chapter 10

After both Austin and Frank had each taken their turn at Jimmy Olsen’s ass, each mercilessly raping the tender hole of the young man—the exhausted captive lay drenched in a combination of sweat, smeared pale green cum and ass juice.  The pain had nearly driven the young boy crazy-his body shivered in a near “shock” condition. His panting and huge gasps for breath attested to the severity of the ordeal. 

Superman remained strapped in his containment chair, reduced to a helpless observer, unable to help his dear friend.  His head hung in shame-tears streaking his cheeks.  Once again he had not been there to guard and protect.  Once again he had completely failed.  The word, “failure” repeated itself again and again in the powerless hero’s mind.

“Now you see what happens when you resist and show anything but compliance.  Remember this…and follow my next order.  I want more “super” cum.  I want you to relax and allow your body to produce that rich, thick super jism for us again….and again…and again.  Do it…or there will be dire consequences.”

With that command, Mark ordered the kryptonite butt plug to be activated once again and it began to withdraw….thrust….withdraw…thrust.  Faster and faster grew the tempo of the invading dildo. The nipple stimulators were again activated.   The hero’s body began to react…as his breathing deepened and low moaning began.  A lead-lined blindfold was placed over superman’s eyes and the beautiful body began to progress once again to climax.

Austin attached a leash to Jimmy Olsen’s neck and handcuffed his wrists behind his back.  He then led the traumatized young man on hands and knees to the feet of Superman and gestured for him to begin licking the balls of the hero.  As the leashed captive fellated the huge ball sack of the diminished hero, Frank began to work a fist into young Olsen’s ass.   The younger man gasped and then shouted out in pain.

Superman could hear Jimmy close by sobbing…. but refrained from comment for fear that things would only get worse.   A mouth stretcher was attached to Superman’s face.  Once again the suction hose was connected to the Man of Steel’s cock. Mark sat back to watch the scene unfold.  It was amazingly erotic.  Marked slowly stroked his cock …edging toward his own ejaculation.

He knew where this load needed to go.


Chapter 11

The lead lined blindfold kept Superman blind to what was happening around him. His huge thick cock involuntarily began to pulsate and his balls swelled with each new lick from Jimmy Olsen’s tongue and mouth.  Tears rolled down Olsen’s cheeks.  The young man was nearing his breaking point. Jimmy was filled with conflicting emotions-long time admiration for his hero/friend….and intense anger that his friend’s hubris had led him to this point.   People he loved were dead and all because Superman got too fucking cocky.  The human psyche could only take so much. 

Mark and his buddies were dedicated to making certain that the young man’s dignity was soon shredded…and his humanity obliterated.  The process was utterly intoxicating to the men. The combination of anger, fear, and pain were doing a number on Jimmy Olsen. He would make a good replacement eunuch in the event that anything happened to the ape-boy.

Mark glanced at the written analysis of Superman’s cum, which had just been delivered.  It read as follows.

“Preliminary results indicate that the curative power of this substance is nothing short of miraculous.  The substance completely kills cancer cells and other cellular malformations.  Also when fed to mice and other test animals in the last stages of life, they rejuvenated and shed signs of aging.  Efforts to duplicate this substance have been unsuccessful thus far.”

Mark smiled…knowing now the direction that this plan would be taking-the alteration in course that now must be charted.  Luthor would be making a change in his plan…yes…definitely making a change!  As a sinister smile spread across Mark’s face, Superman’s cock began to explode again and again with stream after stream of thick white cum.  The suction hose noisily siphoned it off and a second containment vessel began to fill.

Superman’s massively muscled body bucked and danced as one orgasm after another radiated through the hero’s body.   Frank worked his hand slowly into Olsen’s rectum and began to fist him—slow at first, then picking up the pace. With his huge hand deep in Olsen’s ass, Frank lifted the young man to his feet and aimed his engorged cock toward Superman’s mouth.  Jimmy was Frank’s puppet now and would do what he directed.

“Make him suck your cock.  Face- fuck him!  It’s because of him that you are in this situation.  Make him pay for the pain he’s caused you.  MAKE HIM PAY!!!!” the words were spat into Jimmy Olsen’s ear as he was shoved closer and closer to the deposed superhero’s open mouth.

Mark made a direct command into Superman’s ear:” SUCK THE COCK THAT IS ABOUT TO GO IN YOUR MOUTH…AND MAKE IT GOOD!”

All three members of Dark Trinity stroked their rock hard cocks as the sound of slurping filled the room.  Jimmy began to moan…more cum spewed forth from Superman’s cock and Frank began to punch fuck Jimmy Olsen until his rectal wall began to hemorrhage.

Mark slipped the blindfold off Superman’s eyes and relished the look of perverse surprise on the hero’s face.    Jimmy was face fucking his good friend Superman with a viciousness that made clear exactly who he held responsible for his present situation and the deaths of his friends.  The Man of Steel gagged and choked on the boy reporter’ hard cock.

“You are the reason all of this happened…I FUCKING HATE YOU!  Perry and Lois are dead and it’s ALL because of you.  I HATE YOU!  I HATE YOU!  I HOPE THEY FUCKING KILL YOU!”

Jimmy’s cock exploded down Superman’s gullet…filling his throat with hot cum.  Then the young man grabbed the chin of the superhero and smacked his face hard—a vicious slap that displayed sublimated hatred!  Superman’s nose began to bleed. Olsen slapped him again and again until he was pulled forcibly away from the strapped down hero.  Austin then held Olsen down while Frank fist fucked him into unconsciousness. 

Mark immediately replaced Olsen’s cock with his own and began to dump a huge load of kryptonite cum down the superhero’s throat.  This load brought with it, renewed pain and suffering.   It was a very satisfying scene for the members of Dark Trinity—very satisfying indeed! His face contorted in agony, Superman eventually lost consciousness.  Mark had no intention of allowing the weakened superhero that painless realm for very long.


Chapter 12

When Superman regained consciousness, the first thing he saw was the naked body of Jimmy Olsen handing from chains on the far side of the room.  His friend was out cold-his naked body glistening in the half light of the room. . Next he observed the video screens filled with two more images.  Superman’s friend, Lana Lane and Metropolis mayor, Richard Stockman, were pictured going about their normal daily routines.  Crosshairs were superimposed over both individuals and Superman knew what this meant.

What Mark Shepherd did next surprised the Man of Steel as Mark released restraints on the hero one by one.  With no head, wrist or ankle restraints, Superman slowly stood up-swaying and unsteady on his feet.  He tried to take a step but his movements seemed to be in slow motion.

“Superman, your strength has been reduced immeasurably through repeated doses of kryptonite.  Due to the sealant with which we covered your body, light is no longer converted into super power for you.  The kryptonite collar and cock ring you wear further reduce your powers and add to your vulnerability.  You are no longer invincible—-and quite mortal.

“The bottom line is this….my friends and I are more than able to control you without the help of wrist and ankle restraints.  In fact both Austin and Frank would enjoy the opportunity to beat the shit out of you… but I don’t think that will be necessary.  We have other things in mind.”

Mark reached between Superman’s legs and grasped the superhero’s ball sack—-firmly encircling it with his long strong fingers.  Slowly he tightened his vice-like grip until the once mighty man crumpled to his knees in pain.    Releasing the hero’s balls, he grabbed superman’s hair and held the man’s face even with his crotch.

“Superman, the video cam is now running…make it convincing…I want to hear you beg for my cock in a way that convinces everyone watching that you are a cock sucking pervert….a ravenous sexual deviant who ‘lives’ to eat his master’s cum.  Do you understand? Do you know what depends on your performance?”

“Yes,” replied Superman.

“YES, WHAT?” retorted Mark Shepherd.  And he backhanded the kneeling hero viciously.

“YES…SIR!” responded Superman.

“And…? “, asked Shepherd.

“Please allow me to suck your cock…uh….it’s ALL I think about.    I ‘live’ to take my master’s cum.

Superman took Mark’s cock into his mouth and sucked it into his open throat….suppressing any gag reflex that might interfere with his new master’s pleasure.  Mark accommodated the newly ordained cock sucking hero’s mouth by gripping the back of his head and face fucking him.

With the camera’s recording the event, Mark’s face ramming increased in tempo until he blew his enormous load down the fallen hero’s throat.  Thick kryptonite cum cascaded into Superman’s stomach creating an instantly agonizing event.  The defeated Man of Steel crumpled to the floor, doubled over in gut wrenching pain.

Austin rolled the perfectly muscled hero onto his back and straddled his chest….then proceeded to dump his own load into the severely overwhelmed crime fighter.  It didn’t take long to jam another full load inside before his massive cock, still dripping with residual kryptonite cum, was withdrawn.  

Frank in his excitement  shouted, “I WANT TO RAPE HIS ASS!”

“No!” Mark sternly countered.  “That privilege is reserved for Lex Luthor and Lex Luthor, alone!”

“YES, THAT IS MY RIGHT…I BOUGHT AND PAID FOR IT!” announced the powerful Luthor, having just quietly entered the room unnoticed.

To be continued…

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