Breaking Superman Chapters 1 and 2
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Breaking Superman

Author: smdown

Chapter 1




Superman stood atop the daily planet building looking over the city as night fell. It was rare for him to have the opportunity to rest and reflect on his achievements. He had arrived in Metropolis three years previously and had almost immediately become a source of hope for the troubled city. His muscular figure was now a regular sight across the city, flying here and there to foil the violent criminals, whose stranglehold was diminishing thanks to his heroic actions.  As he stood looking down on the city lights, he felt proud of himself. He felt aware of the youth and power of his body. He had never experienced pain or weakness. The criminals of Metropolis were on the back foot. The schemes and plans they had developed to evade or damage the Man of Steel had come to nothing; his power and strength could not be overcome. 

From his lofty position as an untouchable hero, he would never have been able to gather intelligence about the activities of the criminal gangs of Metropolis, however his work at the Daily Planet helped him to investigate and bring down many criminal schemes. But now a new heroin supplier was wreaking havoc in the city, damaging lives with a strong strain of the drug. Superman was determined to bring this drug dealer to justice. Clark Kent had found out from a trustworthy source about a meeting between this new dealer and a gang boss to agree a plan that would spread the drug across the city. He stood now above Metropolis, hands on hips, waiting for the allotted time of the meeting. He felt no fear of the upcoming confrontation with this dealer. Why would a man as strong and self-assured as superman worry about capturing a low-life criminal?




Jack had always felt anonymous. He looked nothing special. He was 24 years old and about 5”7’ tall with short brown hair and a slim frame. His thin face, with its pointed chin, had always made him feel unattractive, and during his childhood he’d kept his head down and applied himself to his schoolwork. His hard work had paid off. After school he’d studied science at college, his original ideas and ingenious experiments generating interest amongst his tutors. His abilities allowed him to walk straight into a research post at Star Labs.

Superman arrived in Metropolis shortly after Jack started his work at Star Labs. At first, Superman awed Jack just as much as the rest of the city’s inhabitants. His first glimpses of the man of steel flying over the cityscape excited Jack. He’d look at newspapers featuring the hero, staring at images of the broad-shouldered, masculine frame of the hero, intrigued by the defined powerful muscles clad in tight blue and red fabric. But Jack’s feelings soon changed. The hero’s overconfidence grated on him. The hero claimed to be interested in the rule of law and justice, but his own invincibility and power put him above the system and gave him the right to act without scrutiny. Superman’s adoring public continued to worship him even though, in Jack’s view, his public appearances and pronouncements seemed to drip with smug self-satisfaction. Jack found himself wishing one the city’s many criminals would find a way to weaken and beat the hero. He dreamed of reading of Superman’s humiliating defeat in the Daily Planet, complete with a front-page picture of the bloody and bruised hero.

Through his work at Star Labs, Jack became aware of a new mineral of interest to the scientists there. The strange green glowing compound found at the sight of meteor strikes was being studied for the first time. Its properties were not understood. But Jack showed a real enthusiasm for the research, staying late at the lab and running his own experiments on the material. From theories he developed about the substance, he developed a plan that he hoped could lead to a confrontation with the Man of Steel.




Superman flew between industrial buildings in the East of the city as he approached the drug dealer’s rendezvous place. He landed at the entrance to a deserted side street and walked quietly up the street. At the end of the street was an enclosure surrounded by high fencing. He stepped through an open gate and walked into the center of the enclosed area and glanced around. The area was dirty and dark. A weak streetlight revealed overflowing trashcans in one corner; boxes, crates and rusty oil drums were piled against one of the fences. There was drain overflowing with stagnant water along one edge of the enclosure. But there were no drug dealers or gang members in sight. At that moment Superman heard a high laugh ringing behind him. He turned to see a young man closing the gate through which he had just walked.

“Hello superman, I’m glad you got my message. My name’s Jack”

Superman looked on, concealing a sense of surprise. “I’ve come here to arrest a drug dealer. What do you know about it, son?”

 A high-pitched laugh issued from Jack again. His eyes greedily took in the man of steel from head to toe in a way that made Superman feel uncomfortable. “I’m no drug dealer, Superman, I’m a scientist. I concocted that story just to get you here.”

Superman was used to the public of Metropolis wanting to meet him, but never had one of his fans gone to such lengths to see him up close.  “Young man, you shouldn’t have done that. I have a lot of responsibilities and I don’t have time for games.”

“Oh Superman, this isn’t a game. Look around you. This enclosure is a cage Supes. This is a trap Superman, a trap I’ve build to capture you.” Superman folded his arms and stepped forward into the light of the street lamp. Jack paled at the sight of the hero stepping towards him. Jack had never been so close to Superman. He found it difficult to meet Superman’s gaze as he looked with disapproval down on him. Jack gasped as he saw the handsome, manly facial features, the strong jawline and the piercing blue eyes of this perfect-looking man. Jack quivered as the broad, strong body approached him, the muscles of the shoulders and pectorals perfectly defined, the definition of the abdominal muscles visible through his tight suit, the biceps stretching the blue fabric of his sleeves. Suddenly, Jack’s confidence faltered. How could he hope to beat this perfect man, whose whole being emanated power and confidence? Jack stepped back, his shoulders hunched.

“I am Superman, young man. I cannot be captured or trapped,” said the Man of Steel with a sneer on his face.

The superiority of the hero grated on Jack. Although unsure of himself, he realized he had to press on with his plan; this opportunity would not come again.

“I’ve been training at the gym Superman. I’ve been building my strength.”

Superman looked down at the slim body and weak arms of Jack. A superior smile spread across his handsome features. “I’m the most powerful man in the world, boy. My strength is superhuman. If you think you could even touch me, you must be delusional.”

“Oh Supes, I’m not planning to match your strength,” said Jack, the high laugh escaping his lips once more, “I’ve only been working out so that I have enough strength to move and manhandle your limp, beaten body.”

For a moment, Superman was taken aback by the youth’s statement. Never had he heard anyone utter such defiant words to him. The words made him uncomfortable. The usually self-possessed hero stepped forward, his haughty smile turning to an angry expression. He reached forward and with the slightest nudge, pushed Jack to the floor. Jack laid spread on the floor looking up at Superman. With hands on hips, the ‘S’ shield proudly emblazoned on his chest he looked down. “How dare you speak to me like this! I should punish you for wasting my time, but I will choose to show you mercy. You know of my super strength, you foolish boy. I’m leaving, but if you ever waste my time again, you will regret it.”

As superman strode towards the gate, Jack shouted “You’re going nowhere Superman.” At that moment, Jack reached into his pocket a clicked a switch on an electronic device. Just as superman reached the gate, the fence wires started to glow green. Superman stopped, a feeling of nausea rising in his stomach. He tried to step forward but his legs suddenly felt heavy. He let out a groan as his head throbbed with an aching pain. Never before had he experienced these feelings. He wheeled around to see Jack standing a few feet away from him, the young man suddenly appearing very composed, an unpleasant grin spreading across his thin face. Before Superman could react, Jack flew at him, a fist landing squarely on the ‘S’ symbol on his chest. The scrawny youth’s strength was surprising, sending Superman flying backwards into the green glowing fence. As his strong muscular back made contact with the fence, a searing pain ripped through him. Superman cried out as he slumped onto the floor in front of Jack. Now it was Jack’s turn to stand over Superman. “Well, well, well, Superman. What were you saying about your super strength? Why don’t you show me how powerful you are?”


Chapter 2


Superman couldn’t hide his shock and disbelief. “I’m Superman! This is not possible! How are you doing this?” he said, rising to his feet.

“That’s for me to know Supes, not you” said Jack as he aimed a blow directly into the center of Superman’s muscled abdominal muscles. Instead of glancing off those muscles, that fist crunched deeply into the hero’s guts, bringing him down onto his knees. Jack stood above the muscle man as he kneeled on all fours, panting to regain his breath. “A foolish boy, you called me. Do you still think that Superman?”

Everything was happening so fast and Superman couldn’t fathom how this boy was exerting this power over him. “You can’t do this to me, young man. I am the most powerful man on this planet. This is impossible,” he said, his voice still ringing out with confidence, despite his situation.

Jack looked down taking in the scene before his eyes. The beneath him was Superman on all fours like a dog, his muscled shoulders and arms propping up his broad masculine torso. The red cape draped over his V-shaped back, revealing the strong back musculature.

Suddenly Jack grabbed Superman’s ear. His handsome face grimaced as Jack dragged the hero by the ear. To avoid collapsing on the floor, Superman had to crawl, directed by Jack who was tugging him forward. Disorientated and unable to resist, Superman found himself being pulled forwards onto the top of a heavy oil drum which was standing in the corner of the enclosure. He lay face down over the drum, with his ass pointing into the air.

Jack, with Superman’s ear still in his hand, knelt down and hissed, “I’ve never liked that cape of yours Superman. Do you know why? Because it conceals that beautiful ass.” Superman gasped, unable to respond. Jack reached to Superman’s chest and, tucking his hand into the top of his suit, found and released the clasp holding his cape. The cape slid onto the dirty floor. Superman looked down in disbelief as this young man ground his dirty boot into the yellow ‘S’ symbol stitched onto the fabric of the cape.

“I’ve always wanted to grab a fistful of that fine round ass of yours Superman.”

Superman couldn’t believe his ears. “Listen, son,” he said, “I don’t know how you’re doing this but you have to understand, you cannot harm me, I am Superman, the hero of this city.”

“No you’re not,” replied Jack “you are nothing more than a toy for me to play with.”

“Listen,” said Superman, the firmness of his voice faltering, his speech betraying a sense of unease “the way you have overpowered me is impressive but you must stop this. And if you touch me, you have crossed a line.”

“I don’t think you are in any position to be issuing orders, do you Superman?” replied Jack. And at that moment, Jack brought his hand onto Superman’s butt, grabbing the meaty buttock clad in its tight red trunk material. Superman let out a yelp as Jack squeezed and caressed Superman’s perfect bubble butt. “Look’s like, I’ve crossed a line, haven’t I Supes?” The high-pitched laugh rang out, making Superman visibly shudder.

“How dare you do this to me! I’m Superman. You can’t do this,” said the hero, unable to comprehend how his situation had changed so quickly.

“Get off that oil drum Supes,” said Jack as he pushed Superman’s weakened form onto the hard ground. “You don’t know how wonderful it is to see you squirming on the ground beneath me Superman.”

Superman looked up at the boy towering over him. “Why are you doing this? What have I done to wrong you?”

“Oh Superman, I’m no criminal or drug lord. I have no particular grudge against you, I’m just a private citizen and I just decided to bring you down. I woke up one morning and thought, I know, I’ll destroy Superman for some fun. Now up you get.” Jack leaned down and grabbed a handful of Superman’s black hair, dragging the man of steel to his feet. Grabbing Superman around his throat, Jack pushed Superman backwards, his hand tightening around the big man’s thick neck. With his other hand he grabbed with full force the bulge in Superman’s red trunks, squeezing the generous manhood of the Man of Steel. Superman let out a strangled scream as he continued to be pushed backwards into the green glowing fence.

“You see Superman, I don’t like the way you lord your power over ordinary people. I don’t like your smug, self-satisfied ways. Someone has to bring you down to earth. Isn’t it amazing how that person is a weak, spotty little scientist?”

Jack couldn’t believe how well his plan was going. How unbelievable that he, this small, slim man was holding the huge, proud, muscled form of Superman up against a fence by his neck whilst firmly grabbing his cock and balls.

“Stop this! Stop this!’ yelled Superman through his grimace.

Jack let go and Superman fell to his knees before Jack. “Pathetic!” spat Jack.

“Now Superman, I’m going to introduce you to a little invention of mine,” said Jack. “You’ve never experienced pain before today, so I don’t know how well you’ll cope.” Superman looked up into the face of Jack, his handsome features betraying a sense of surprise and worry. Jack walked to the other end of the enclosure and started rummaging in a box. Superman realized that this was an opportunity to escape this horror. He tried his best to stand but his legs wouldn’t support him so, on all fours, he crawled towards the gate at the entrance of the enclosure. His heart was pounding as he reached up to the handle, anticipating his escape, when he heard the high nasal laugh of his tormentor. Before he knew it, Jack was standing over him, one leg either side of his crawling form. A well-positioned punch in the center of the hero’s back caused him to collapse face first onto the floor screaming in pain. He felt the weight of Jack sitting on top of him, straddling his body. “Going somewhere, big boy?” said Jack, his legs pinning Superman’s huge body to the ground. Supermen let out a whimper as he felt Jack grind his erect dick into the cleft between his round butt cheeks. “Don’t try anything clever, Supes!”

With surprising ease, Jack turned Superman onto his back and, again, straddled the hero, resting his backside on the hero’s thick, blue-clad muscled thighs. Superman noticed that Jack was wearing a pair of gloves.

“These gloves are my latest invention. Can you see these little electrodes in the fingertips and palms, Supes?” said Jack with mock condescension. “Whenever I activate them, they deliver a little shock. There are ten intensity settings. Let me show setting one.” Jack laid his hand into Superman’s abdomen, clawing his fingers in between the toned, shapely six-pack muscles. Superman threw his head back and wailed in pain as a shock wracked his abdomen. The shock caused his muscles to tense as his body writhed and squirmed. Jack released his hand and looked down with a wide smile at the panting terrified Superman, his handsome features contorted with pain and fear. “That was only setting one, Supes. This is going to get a lot worse for you, big boy,” said Jack, with relish in his voice.

“You’ve put on a good show here, young man,” said Superman, the desperation clear in his voice, “but this game has to stop. You’ve said you hold no grudge against me, so I must insist you stop this and release me.”

Jack grinned. “Your sense of superiority is so ingrained, Superman, that you’re still trying to order me around and calling me ‘young man’, even though I’m clearly in control of you. Let me ask you, at this moment in time, who is more powerful and strong? Who is the alpha male, you or me?”

“I am Superman, I have powers you can’t comprehend…”

“Wrong answer!” interrupted Jack bringing a gloved hand down onto Superman’s leg, grasping the thick, meaty upper thigh, sending shock waves through his body. It was astounding to see that already perfectly muscled thigh contract and tighten with the electric shock. Superman screamed once more, his wailing lasting even after Jack’s hand was removed.

“So Superman, who is superior right now, you or me?” said Jack, his gloved hand hovering over the trunks containing Superman’s genitals.

“You are!” panted Superman, “you are my superior!” all authority in his voice gone.

“Now Superman, what do you suppose I’m going to do with this?” said Jack as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a switchblade. He opened the knife and held it aloft, the steel glinting under the streetlight. Superman looked on in horror as thoughts of the boy disfiguring or killing him entered his mind.


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