Breaking Superman Chapters 3 and 4
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Breaking Superman

Author: smdown

Chapter 3


“Please don’t” begged Superman. “Please don’t do that!” The fear of death had stolen the last of Superman’s pride.

“Relax, Supes, I have no intention of killing you. I’m going to use this blade to cut the ‘S’ shield from your chest. I’m going to cut away and rip off that symbol of your identity and pride,” hissed Jack. “…But I’ll only cut it off because you are going to beg and plead with me to do so.”

“That will never happen,” replied Superman.

“Oh I think it might,” said Jack as he laid his gloved hand onto the center of Superman’s chest, the electric shock shooting through his pec muscles.

Superman panted “You may have the power to rip open my suit, but you’ll never force me to beg you to do it,” defiance and pride coming back into his voice.

“Wrong!” shouted Jack. “Lets increase to level 3 intensity.” Again, Jack dug his hand into Superman’s muscular chest, grabbing the pec muscle as the intense shock wracked the hero’s body. Superman’s screams were louder and his upper body thrashed from side to side.

“Stop this, please stop this!” gasped Superman.

“You know how to make me stop!” replied Jack, again digging his hand into the muscles beneath Superman’s famous ‘S’ emblem. Shock after shock passed through Superman’s chest until, after many minutes, he called out “Please!”

“Yes, Supes?”

“OK, OK, you win! Please, make the pain stop!” cried Superman.

“And how would you suggest I do that?” replied Jack, his voice dripping with condescension.

“Cut off the ‘S’ shield on my chest, rip it off!” cried out Superman, his voice tripping over the words.

“Sorry Superman, I didn’t hear you, what do you want?”

“I want… I beg you… please! Cut off the symbol on my chest!”

“Gladly,” replied Jack. He immediately pierced the blue fabric just below the ‘S’ emblem and with a sawing motion cut through the fabric either side of the shield. He roughly cut all around until a few strands of fabric were attached. “You wont need this any more,” said Jack as he finally ripped away the symbol of the superhero. “And this ‘S’ that I have in my hands, this scrap, I will keep as a trophy to commemorate this day.” A wave of nausea overcame Superman as he thought of this symbol of his power in the hands of this skinny boy.

Jack looked down upon Superman and marveled at the weakness and humiliation of this once great hero. He looked with wonder at the perfect exposed torso of the great man. He took off his electro gloves and threw them aside before placing his hands onto the muscled pecs and smooth abdominal muscles. Superman flinched beneath Jack’s touch as he caressed his perfect physique. He gripped the edges of the tear made in the blue fabric and ripped the defect wider, exposing Superman’s smooth nipples. Jack couldn’t resist. He leant forward and touched his tongue into one of those nipples, licking and sucking on it until it reacted and enlarged, becoming erect under the stimulation. “Stop,” groaned Superman, as unused to the stimulation as he had been to the pain.

“Now I have taken away the ‘S’ on your chest and reduced you to a quivering bag of useless muscle, I don’t think you can be called Superman any more, don’t you agree?” I’m going to rename you Slaveboy.” Jack, straddling the huge body of the hero, firmly gripped Superman’s large biceps, still clad in tight blue fabric, in each of his hands, pinning the hero’s arms to the floor above his head. Feeling those strong biceps flexing and tensing in his hands but powerless to resist, made Jack feel so turned on. He stared deeply into the hero’s eyes, before bringing his lips onto Superman’s, forcing his tongue down the big man’s throat in a rough, hot kiss, which left Superman gagging and squirming.

“So, Slaveboy, let me tell you about another feature of these gloves,” said Jack reaching for his invention. They don’t only inflict pain, they can also be used to stimulate.”

“Stop this now!” shouted Superman, “you’ve done enough to me. I ask you, beg you, to let me go.”

“Slaveboy, I’m so disappointed in you. I’ve only just started having my fun with you and you’re already begging me to show you mercy. I’m surprised I’ve broken you so easily. No, up you get Superman.” With this, Jack took a fistful of the hero’s hair and dragged him up onto his feet. He stood back to admire his work. This once proud hero stood with suit ripped and his head bowed, sweat on his brow and a look of anguish on his beautiful face. The rounded muscular shoulders hunched slightly forward: the body language conveying defeat and submission. Jack again grabbed a tight hold of the bulge in the hero’s red trunks and with a tight grip pulled downwards whilst whispering “down on your knees muscle toy. Kneel before me!” Wincing and groaning in pain, Superman had no choice but to bend to the will of this scrawny scientist. “Get on all fours like a dog,” commanded Jack.

Standing behind the kneeling figure, he reached for the knife he’s used to cut into Superman’s suit and now took a handful of blue material just above the yellow belt holding Superman’s red trunks in place. He cut a slit into the blue fabric along the waistline over Superman’s lower back. Now with the gloves on his hands, Jack reached a hand into the cut in the fabric, delving his hand into Superman’s trunks from behind, running his fingers down the hero’s smooth ass crack. Leaning forward, he reached his hand under the hot undercarriage and firmly grasped Superman’s warm smooth balls. Superman let out a scream as his body writhed, his muscles tensing in reaction to the controlling grip. He felt a hand on his neck as Jack pulled him backwards; his handsome masculine face brought up to the whispering lips of his tormentor “Well Slaveboy, it seems I have you literally in the palm of my hands. I wonder what damage I could do to these little plums.”

Grasping harder, Jack relished in the scream escaping the hero’s lips. He looked down to the writhing muscles of Superman’s torso, the six-pack abdominal muscles contracting and squirming, the bulge shape of the red trunks deformed by the presence of his clenched fist. “I think it’s safe to say I fucking own you big man! I could easily fry your balls with my electro gloves,” shouted Jack over the Superman’s terrified sobs. “But I’ve decided to be kind to you muscle boy, I’m going to activate the ‘stimulation’ mode.”

Immediately Superman felt a strange sensation entering his balls from the gloved hand gripping them. A tingling feeling spread from his balls into his groins and cock. He could feel his cock throbbing and hardening. Jack released him and again pulled Superman onto his feet. His face reddened as his hardening cock tented the red trunks. Jack placed a gentle hand over Superman’s erection and again a tingling and throbbing sensation spread from the gloves into Superman’s manhood. “I can’t believe you can do this to me! I can’t believe you have this power over me! I am Superman! I am still Superman!” cried out the hero in desperation. “No Slaveboy, you’re not! You’re my toy! And I’m going to use you up for my own pleasure. Starting by milking you, big boy! That’s right, I am going to demonstrate my control over you by bring you to orgasm!”


Chapter 4


“No!” Superman protested as Jack reached for his yellow belt buckle and opened the belt. Now stepping behind the hero, Jack ripped the tattered remains of Superman’s blue suit, ripping the tight fabric that clung to his thick arms, pulling and tugging the material from his shoulders, and ripping the material from his back and waist. Now the great hero stood topless before him, the muscled shoulders exposed, the strong back and the defined biceps and triceps muscles on display. Now he grabbed the belt above Superman’s butt and tugged the trunks downwards. The tight trunks slid down over the round mounds of Superman’s ass revealing the flesh of the hero’s buttocks. Those perfect glute muscles, rounded and strong, were exposed. Jack gave those buttocks a little slap, before turning to face the hero, whose gaze could not meet Jack’s, his eye’s looking to the ground in humiliation. Now Jack pulled on the red trunks encasing the hero’s erection, pulling them down to reveal his perfect erect 10-inch cock, the large round balls hanging below.

“You really are a perfect specimen, aren’t you Slaveboy?” Pushing the hero back against a stack of crates, Jack discarded the electro gloves and started to work on Superman’s cock, grasping it in his hand and masturbating the hero as his blue tights started sliding down his muscular thighs.

“Please, please don’t do this to me!” begged Superman. But the young man pleasuring that perfect cock as he stared triumphantly into Superman’s eyes. Against his will, Superman started to groan from the stimulation, his cock leaking pre-cum. Soon that cock was throbbing, pumping pre-cum over the hero’s thick thighs. His hips involuntarily started jerking back and forth as he felt an orgasm coming. “Look at me, Slaveboy. I want you to look into my eye’s as you climax.” Superman didn’t want to give the young thug that satisfaction so looked down to the ground. “I said look at me!” shouted Jack as, with his free hand he grasped Superman’s chin and forced the hero to face him.

The hero couldn’t help but stare into the face of his captor, almost hypnotized by Jack’s piercing eyes. “Please no, please no! I’m going to cum!” screamed Superman. Jack grasped and rubbed the hero’s cock harder, as Superman groaned loudly, until load after load of hot cum shot all over the ground and over Superman’s body. Superman slid to the ground, totally defeated. An hour earlier he would never have predicted he would be forced to stare at the victorious face of a young thug whilst being made to cum.

Whilst Superman sat dazed on the dirty ground, Jack loosened and removed the red leather boots encasing the hero’s strong calves. The blue tights, which were wrapped around Superman’s thighs, were pulled down in one smooth motion revealing the full glory of those slightly hairy, muscled legs. The hero now sat before his tormentor completely naked, his face downcast with a blush on his cheeks.

With a sudden movement, Jack grasped both of Superman’s ankles and dragged the hero across the enclosure, his butt and back scraping on the cold hard ground. Jack pulled the hero to one edge of the enclosure where a gutter feeding a blocked drain contained 3 inches deep of stagnant rainwater. Jack turned Superman onto his front and, without warning, forced Superman’s face into the water in the gutter. With one hand on the back of Superman’s head, he held his face into the water as Superman thrashed, his arms and legs flailing with the sudden shock. After a few seconds, Jack released the hero and brought his face close to the red, coughing, spluttering face of the hero. “Imagine,” he whispered to the weakened muscled hunk, “if the mighty Superman ended his days, drowned in 3 inches of dirty rain water by some unknown boy.” Jack again pushed Superman’s face into the water and held him under.

“Please… don’t..” begged Superman as Jack released him.

“Wouldn’t it be a travesty if… what did you call yourself when we first met?… Oh yes, the ‘most powerful man in the world’.. were to die so inauspiciously,” sneered Jack.

“Please…” begged Superman “doesn’t do this!… I’ll do anything you want,” a sense of panic rising in his voice.

“OK,” replied Jack ominously placing his hand again on the back of Superman’s head, “this is what I want… I want you to beg me to fuck you”

“What?” said Superman in disbelief.

“If you want me to save your pathetic life, I want you to kneel before me and beg and plead for me to fuck you. And while I’m fucking you I want to ask for it harder!”

“Please.. you can’t be serious..” pleaded Superman.

“I am serious,” replied Jack as he pulled the hero away from the gutter. And now the Man of Steel, completely naked, his body bruised and smeared with dirt, tears welling in his eyes kneeled before Jack. Sitting on his heals, his thick, meaty thighs spread to reveal his now flaccid cock and low hanging balls, he looked up into the face of Jack and asked “please master, please fuck me.”

“Not good enough” said Jack, “say it like you mean it”

Superman couldn’t believe the words were coming out of his mouth, his voice choking as he said “I beg you master, please fuck me and fuck me hard. I want it!” Yet as he said the words, he felt they were appropriate. Part of him felt that after being beaten and humiliated so thoroughly, he deserved to be fucked.

Jack looked down at the submissive hunk, smiling widely. “I really have broken you, big boy, haven’t I? Oh, how the mighty have fallen!” He laughed his high laugh as the man before him shuddered at the sound. Superman looked on in horror as the young man loosened his belt and fly and released his erect cock, which, to Superman’s horror, was as big as his own.

Now pulling the hero flat onto the floor, he grabbed those thick legs and forced them upwards. Laying the flat of his hands on each of Superman’s hamstrings, he forced the hero’s bent legs upwards and outwards to reveal the hero’s hole. Pressing his hard cock against that twitching anus, Jack whispered “shall I take it slowly and gently Slaveboy?… No!” Without hesitation, he plunged his cock into the ass of the hero. Superman howled as the young man’s cock violated his body. Jack pumped his tight hole again and again. Now, pinning the hero’s muscular shoulders to the ground he plunged his cock deep into the hero’s body. Screaming and groaning with each thrust, Superman looked up at the leering face of his conqueror.

“Now I want you from behind.” Positioning Superman on all fours, Jack grasped the hero’s hips and, pulling the perfect buttocks towards him, again thrust his throbbing cock into that tight ass.  “Remember, Slaveboy, I want to hear you enjoying your fucking” called out Jack.

“Harder” cried out Superman reluctantly, “please master, fuck me harder.”

“That’s it, muscle toy,” whispered Jack thrusting his hips forward violently so that Superman howled even louder. The exhausted, used body of the hero collapsed beneath Jack. Whilst continuing to work the hero’s hole, he reached underneath the muscular form and grabbed one the hero’s pecs with one hand and his balls with the other hand. “Wow, your body is really at my mercy,” he panted. Jack slowed his motion. “I really want to savor you, big man.” “Slaveboy…” panted Jack, “I’m about to cum inside you… I’m about to plant my seed deep inside your body..” As he reached climax, as the hot cum shot repeatedly into Superman, he shouted, “You’re mine.. I own you!”

Jack stood looking down upon the hero lying on his back, his naked vulnerable body spread on the floor. “How do you feel, big man?” he asked.

“You’ve broken me. You’ve used me up,” replied Superman looking up into the eyes of his conqueror as a trail of cum leaked from his ass. “What will you do with me now?” he asked with trepidation in his voice.

“Slaveboy, there should always be balance in this world. A high will inevitably be followed by a low. Whatever goes up must come down. Slaveboy, you’ve been on a high for too long. You’ve been strutting around this city with such arrogance and power. It’s only right that you be brought from that incredible high to the lowest low. But I choose to be merciful to you now. I’m going to let you go. About half an hour after I leave this cage I created for you, the green glow will fade and you will be free to leave” said Jack, patting the hero’s head. “But I warn you, this moment marks the end of Superman.”

“What do you mean?” asked the hero, his voice cracking.

“It’s time for you to hang up the cape and tights, Supes. I’m going to let you live, but you have to live as a private citizen, not as a vigilante above the law. Go back to being Clark Kent.” Superman looked at Jack in astonishment. “Yes,” continued Jack, “I know all about your alter-ego, it’s really not hard to discover with modern face-recognition software. I will leave you alone Clark and let you live a normal life. But if I ever see you strutting around this city again… If I ever see you flying around in a blue and red suit again, I’ll be back for you. And if you thought this evening has been traumatic, you’ll experience ten times worse if you disobey me… Well Supes, what do you say?”

“Alright,” said the ex-hero meekly “I’ll do as you say, I’ll give up being Superman. I’ll hang up my tights,” tears again welling in his eyes.

“And what about your compulsion to save Metropolis?”

“I don’t care about Metropolis any more,” replied the ex-hero, bowing his head in submission.

“Good boy,” said Jack kindly and, leaning forward, he grasped his muscle toy’s balls in his hands once more, enjoying the sight of the wince on that handsome face. “You may not have noticed Clark, but there are some discreet security cameras pointing in this direction. Just so you know, big boy, I have footage of you begging me to rip the ‘S’ shield from your chest, I have footage of you begging me to fuck you. I have video of you admitting to being Clark Kent and evidence of you agreeing to give up being Superman. I’m sure that humiliating footage would do you a lot of damage if it ever got out. Basically Superman, in less than one hour I have totally destroyed you!” And with that, Jack left the fallen hero alone in the cage. The muscle hunk curled himself into a ball and wept, tears streaming down his face. Slowly the green glow in the fence surrounding him faded. The bruises and scrapes healed as his superpowers returned. Grabbing some papers and rags from the garbage around him to hide his nudity, he slunk back to his apartment through the dark streets, totally defeated.



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