Welcome to the Blog

As you can imagine by the blog’s name is dedicated to collect a number of erotic stories related to superheroes. The mayor part are Gay related stories (maybe a few will have straight material)

The stories were saved
from “the doom” of Yahoo’s Groups. These stories weren’t written by me,
so if you are the author and want me to remove them please tell me.

am doing this because I feel like there we’re a lot of good stories
lost forever and maybe someone remember them fondly like I do, and
someone else has them in a hard disk forgotten.

My first language is not english, sorry if I have grammar errors.

If you have some story related to superheroes or maybe another topic like ballbusting,
wrestling, humiliation, etc. and want a place we’re you can share it
you can sent it to me and I will upload them in this blog. You can send stories to this email:

Also if you know of a story blog of superheroes related erotic stories please let me know to add it to the links (If have spider-man stories the better 😈).
In the future I will also plan to share links to others blog and pages with stories and things of my (and maybe yours) interest.

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