Green Lantern: The Emerald Downgrade Chapter 8
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Note: This story is still in process of publication at the time of this publication the story has 11 chapters. 

No copyright infringement intended; this is simply written for adult enjoyment. Green Lantern and other comic book characters and places belong to DC. The rest of the characters and concepts are property of the authors.


Green Lantern: The Emerald Downgrade

Authors (Plymouth58 and GoodTime)

Chapter 8


Kyle Rayner used to be a morning person. He began his days at dawn, starting off with some weight training, then a quick shower and a healthy breakfast. He’d even manage to squeeze in a couple of morning patrols. From time to time, he’d try to make small differences to throw the criminals off: a slight change in patrol time, or going through a different patrol route, but he’d make sure he had a basic daily routine. And on top of that, he’d still find time to work on his art.

Kyle knew that the secrets to success were hard work and discipline. He had people depending on him as Green Lantern. He had to be on top of his game at all times.

That is, until, this morning. Unbeknownst to the superhero, the massive mindfuck he had gone through was about to change his daily routine permanently.

Still, his body responded like clockwork. Kyle opened his eyes before sunrise, a couple of minutes before he usually did. Unlike all of the other days, though, his mind was completely blank. Even though he was awake, he lay still and silent, staring blankly at the darkness still enveloping his ceiling at such an early hour.

It wasn’t that Kyle was consciously choosing to stay in bed. Although his eyes were open, he wasn’t actually awake yet. A part of his mind was still dreaming, still trying to pull out coherent ideas from the mixture of images, memories and sensations stewing in his head.

Every now and then a soft sound would escape from his lips. It was hard to tell if they were mumbles or moans. Just like the images in his brain, you couldn’t pin down what emotions Kyle was feeling. You couldn’t tell if these were sounds of bliss, fear, joy or pain. A couple of minutes passed as the hero remained trapped in a limbo of anguish and delight, where suffering and pleasure were one and the same.

Eventually, his mind started to settle down, and he finally started looking around at his surroundings. He sat up, taking in the sight and smells of the ruined sofa he had spent the night on. He glanced around the room and barely took in the garbage littering his living room.

A quick look at his coffee table showed that it was covered in detritus from the night before: empty cans, pizza boxes and ashtrays. On closer inspection, he noticed one of his awards covered in trash: cigarette butts, used blunts and streaks of dirt from boots. His new sofa matched the surroundings – every inch of it was covered in stains and crumbs. Garbage littered the floor.

Kyle had never seen his apartment this dirty; his upholstery never in this state of disrepair. Unbeknownst to Kyle, he wasn’t faring any better.

His hair was a mess, with hard clumps covered in either dried cum or sweat. His dashing face was almost obscured by a layer of grease and more dried semen, mixed with a streak of his dinner from last night. Tomato sauce, cheese and crumbs were caked around his mouth. He looked homeless in his own home.

The once formidable hero had fallen asleep wearing the ridiculous outfit he had worn the night before. Now, covered in stains, the clothes looked even worse, and completed Kyle’s look. That is, if he wanted to look like a homeless crossdresser with a hangover. He looked nothing like the elite member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Kyle started fully waking up, and bit by bit he started to piece everything together. On any other day, his first reaction would’ve been to take a bath immediately. He’d never come anywhere close to this level of disheveledness. Today, however, his mind didn’t even register the thought of improving his condition.

Sitting in his own filth, Kyle noticed one more thing. His daisy dukes were wet and warm. His penis instantly started to get hard, and Kyle’s brain started waking up out of its fog. He noticed that he had peed himself yet again.

The apartment was silent and dark; no one else was awake yet. But still, the hero looked around in fear that somebody would see that he’d wet his pants again. After a couple of beats, he realised that there was no one there, and he began to relax. He then reached out to unzip his daisy dukes, but instead of cleaning himself up, he started jerking off shamelessly.

‘Shit, I’ve pissed myself… again,’ Kyle croaked, lazily. ‘Phew, what’s that smell??’ After sniffing his armpit, he discovered the source of the stench. ‘Fuck. It’s me,’ he said, with a hint of pride. HIs tongue hung out of his mouth in a lecherous grin, a filthy travesty of what used to be Kyle’s charming smile.

Kyle’s mind wasn’t just programmed to tolerate being dirty and perverted. He was programmed to enjoy every second of it. And on a man like him, normally so put together, the command completely overhauled his personality. The events over the past day had rocked his full understanding of his erotism and identity to his core.

Closing his eyes, he sprawled in delight on the ruined couch. He began to mumble in a barely audible voice, ‘Oh, yeah… uhh, you’re such a dirty pervert. You nasty cocksucker…’

The old Kyle Rayner would’ve been disgusted by himself. He was acting deranged, and his libido was out of control. The old Kyle never used foul language, not even in private. He never talked dirty while he masturbated either. Sometimes, he’d do it during sex, but only if the lady underneath him begged for it.

Everything had changed now though. His masters had implanted the idea that he loved profanity, especially when the slurs were directed at him. Even worse, they made him believe he deserved everything he was hearing. Now, with nobody around to insult him, the mindfucked hero felt the need to fill the gap and do it himself.

A new idea popped into his head. He knew that some men would talk to their dick, and would even give it a pet name. He was always put off by the thought – only perverts did that type of thing. But now, that sounded like something that would be right up his alley. Now, he wasn’t explicitly told to do that, but as his mind started to restitch the fabric of his personality, that seemed like a logical response to the nebulous instructions implanted in his brain.

‘Hmmm… I need to find a name for you,’ Kyle said to his hard dick as he tugged at it. ‘You like this, little bro? Don’t you worry, baby, your big bro Kink Rayner will take care of you.’ Kyle moaned in delight. ‘Yes, uh, I’ve got to take care of my tiny weenie, coz I’m a dirty superslut!.’

He put one of his arms up and took a big whiff of his musk. ‘Uh, fuuuccckkk… Hoooly fuuuckkk… Yess, I smell so bad… I’m a filthy pig…’

He would’ve spent hours revelling in this depraved state. Even through his crude reprogramming, Kyle’s mind was still reasonably intact. And, so, in the midst of his masturbation session, part of his real self resurfaced again without warning.

‘Whew, I’m such a stinky shit!’, his mind started drifting to the hot boys in his former room. What would they say to him? ‘Rayner, you filthy puto,’ Kyle started whispering under his breath. ‘Come on, come on, maricón, you filthy sissy….’

That’s when Kyle snapped back out of it.

‘HOLY SHIT WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING??’ Kyle started frantically looking around the room. ‘Where are those sons of…?’ His eyes went wide as he took in the disarray. ‘What have they done to my house?’

In the midst of his panic, he noticed that his left hand was still playing with his hard dick.

‘And what the hell have they done to me??’ He had to use all of his willpower to pull his hand off his pulsating manhood. It throbbed and tingled painfully at the loss of stimulation, almost like it was yelling out for attention.

Kyle took a deep breath in an attempt to get his boner to disappear, but it was useless. His dick was the hardest it’s ever been in his whole life. In a panic, he started talking to himself again, ‘Oh, God! Oh, my God! What’s happening?! It… damn, it hurts so much! ¡Dios mío, ayudame!’

Even through the panic, he made sure to keep quiet. He knew that if the thugs heard him, they would just put him back in that oblivious state, and he’ll sink even deeper into this debauchery. He needed to get out of here, but he realized he could barely move, let alone walk. His penis was extra sensitive; the smallest hint of movement drove him crazy. As he tried to even sit up, the pleasure was too much that he had to bite his tongue to stifle a groan, his hands gripping both sides of the couch to keep his composure.

‘Calm down, Kyle, come on, come on… just take a breath, and think about… think about things you don’t like… things that aren’t sexy at all… like hot women! Hot women in bikini… no, hot women naked… think on pussies, yes, yes! and big boobs and… wait a minute. No! I love women! And… oh, this hurts!’

He stayed that way for what felt like an eternity, but was actually just eight agonizing minutes, trying to distract himself with anything and everything that could calm his erection. He tried to think of the most boring, tedious things he could imagine: taxes, rugs, bank procedures, infomercials, the periodic table, accounting, orthodontics, bureaucracy, things that not even a demented man could find sexually stimulating. Yet his boner wouldn’t go down, and remained as hard as steel.

Did they drug him with something? Kyle didn’t remember taking anything, but he knew anything was possible. Those two sadistic bastards would’ve made him swallow a whole bottle of viagra for a laugh.

He started repositioning himself on the couch, hoping that putting his body weight over his penis would somehow help calm him down. Instead, his penis started spasming. It was almost as if it enjoyed seeing Kyle squirm.


Kyle squeezed the sofa cushions so hard that his fingers started turning white, and a sob of frustration slowly turned into a strangled groan. He had to bite the stained cushions to stifle his desperate moans. And that’s when his programming started kicking in again.

‘Oh, fuck! this is so hot! Green Lantern is nothing but a pillowbit-,’ regaining his composure he barely stopped himself from completing the sentence. Instead, he gave himself a little pep talk, ‘Kyle, you have to stop! You’re not like this dammit! Cut that debasing shit out and stop thinking those nasty things about yourself!’

His erection was still killing him; he could barely restrain the urge to hump the couch. He sobbed in earnest this time, the frustration causing tears to stream down his face. He couldn’t understand why he was so insanely horny, and why his mind insisted on thinking the most demeaning things about himself. In the back of his head, his newly perverted libido only got hornier at the thought of ‘normal’ Kyle fighting the ‘perverted’ Kyle – and it was sending all that pleasure straight to his dick.

‘Stop crying, you sanctimonious piece of shit’, whispered an inner voice, maybe the Perverted Kyle’s voice, talking from the deepest of his mind ‘You’re loving every second of this, you prissy super faggot, don’t dare to pretend you don’t.’

He pressed his face against the cushion, trying to suffocate both his moans of pleasure and that lustful inner voice.

Unfortunately, his face landed right at the spot where T-Bone and Chuy had started fucking hours before. The big load of cum that had oozed out of Chuy’s rectum was right under Kyle’s nose and mouth. His conscious mind was too overwhelmed to consciously notice the strong smell of semen emanating from the couch, but his brain registered it anyway. That triggered Kyle’s newfound addiction to “masculine” smells. Inadvertently, he slowly started moving his hips, humping the battered couch underneath him like a dog in heat.

Despite himself, Kyle enjoyed what he was doing. ‘”Uhhh… ooohhhh… ohh, Good Lord…this feels so goooood… for God’s sake, Kyle stop, stop, STOP… you’re not like this, stop! You’re a man, you’re a Green Lantern, dammit, you’re a fucking Green Lantern, not a horny dog! You’re not an animal! STOP!!’

His memories of the previous night started coming back to him in full force. He remembered that a few hours ago he had happily acted like a dog, eating like an animal from a bowl. A bowl he made using his power ring.

Oh, it would be so hot if Papi and Boss took him out for a walk with a leash around his neck like a dog. A green leash to match his uniform. Mutt Lantern, the mighty Emerald Pooch. Arf, arf! And on their way to the park, they’ll run across a group of hot, sexy thugs covered with tattoos, snapbacks and fake gold chains. And they’d laugh and point at him as he marked a fire hydrant with his piss, panting briskly with a big doltish smile, and they would say…

‘CUT THAT SHIT OUT RIGHT NOW!! DON’T THINK THAT!! STOP! ARE YOU CRAZY, KYLE? CUT THAT SHIT OUT!.. oh, oh, God, why does this feel so good? Owww, ohhhhh’

He sobbed, as his hips started humping the couch faster and faster. He was fucking his couch with gusto at the thought of him debasing himself in public.

‘STOP, PLEASE STOP! IT’S… dammit, I can’t, can’t resist it… fuck, I wanna cum, I must cum, I need to cum… that’s it, I’ll cum and then I’ll try to regain control. OHH, I MUST CUM,’ he mumbled, and then, fearing that someone might hear his dirty soliloquy, Kyle forced himself to bite the cushion again. Finally giving into the pleasure, the Emerald Knight began to hum and fuck his destroyed couch in earnest, using all his sexual stamina.

It didn’t take him long before he erupted into his first orgasm of the day.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK…” he mumbled with the biggest, happiest smile, as his ballsack emptied its contents. Now the fabric on his couch was even more soiled than before, with some of his seed spilling onto his shorts.

He couldn’t help himself. He started talking dirty again.

‘Goooood job, Bitch Lantern… awwww, this- uh-uh… keep jizzing on your fancy couch, hero…’

The orgasm was indescribable. Kyle moved his hips slowly, delighted with the sensation of his sensitive cock smearing his creamy spunk over his brand new couch. But his happiness was quickly replaced with disgust and shame. And then came the nauseating thoughts of what he did the night before. Licking the little rat’s armpit was disgusting to begin with, but he went way further with that stranger. His eyes went wide. He gave that kid a blowjob! Not to mention how he let himself get ridiculed and…

‘I just sucked a stranger’s dick… Dios…’

He ran to the bathroom to vomit, barely getting there in time. He clung to the toilet as hard as he could, and threw up until his stomach was empty. His chest ached, and he could see lights pulsing as he closed his eyes. He thought he was going to pass out. Maybe that would be for the best. All he wanted to do was disappear.

Or maybe what he really wanted was to suck more dick. His mind started up again. Don’t lie to yourself, you wanted to suck that guy’s dick so badly. That shocked him, and he couldn’t remember why he would think that. His mind was a mess, and the line between his real feelings and what had been implanted began to blur once again.

He felt the icy cold of the porcelain toilet bowl against his cheek, and he felt a little better. ‘Oh, God…oh my God, I think I’m going crazy’

What the hell was he going to do? He remembered that his last attempt to defend himself against the bastards didn’t work out. All he could remember was him trying to walk out the door, but not much after. He tried to think of another escape plan, but he started spiraling again. Did he even deserve to be saved? How was he ever able to look anyone in the eyes after all of this? Could he even look himself in the eye, knowing how much he enjoyed doing all those humiliating things?

And what would he do with those two? He couldn’t just plop them in jail after everything they’d done to him. Even worse, they knew his secret identity. Not to mention the embarrassing photos they had of him.

They would tell everyone in prison what had happened, and he would be the laughing stock of the entire criminal network before lunchtime. It wouldn’t be long before it got outside – he groaned at the thought of all of the trolls on social media picking up on the news. It wouldn’t take long before everyone knew about it. The whole world would know about it before the day ended. Maybe the news stations will get wind of it in time for national news. It would be on the late night talk shows – there was nowhere for him to hide.

‘No way. I’m sure no one will believe them. It’s way too crazy to be true,’ he tried to assure himself. But what if they did? He knew there were people who hated superheroes for no reason. He even had his own haters at greenlanternsucksdotcom. He couldn’t deny everything, he couldn’t say the photos were fake.

And what’s even worse, he didn’t know how they were controlling him. What if they could control him from jail? And even if they couldn’t, they still knew his real name and address.

Maybe he could ask his superpowered friends for help? Surely, someone with psychic powers could make the thugs forget. And maybe they could make him forget, too. But what if that psychic actually looked into our minds to see what had happened? It’s just normal for them to be curious, right? No, I didn’t want to embarrass myself like that.

Maybe I could ask Wally? He could use his powers to go back in time and reverse everything that happened but… no, that would be too dangerous. And he really didn’t want to explain himself. Also, that would put The Flash and the rest of the world at risk… And if they ended up enslaving Wally, too, then they would be in even more hot water.

No, he had to think of a better plan, some way to regain control without involving anybody else. Kyle knew they were in his bed, asleep, but he was too scared to go in there and expose himself to their tricks again. He had to think of a way to protect himself.

‘To think you once had godlike powers, and now you’re the slave and horny clown of two scumbags…’

Kyle finally stood up with some effort, and on shaky legs, got into the shower.

He didn’t even bother taking off his clothes. He just walked straight into the shower and started the water. The feeling was comforting. He allowed himself a couple of minutes to enjoy the hot water before he started undressing. The tiny clothes were left on the mosaic floor, while the hero gave himself an unusually long, meticulous bath. He normally wouldn’t stay in here for this long – he wasn’t a fan of wasting water – but the return to his normal routine was helping him calm down. He loved relaxing in a hot shower.

Kyle started brushing his teeth in the middle of his shower. He spent that time thinking of ways to defend himself. But first, he had to figure out how they were controlling him. Those scumbags didn’t seem any more special than any other street thugs… except for them being exceptionally hot and sexy, of course. Maybe they had a magic little imp or goblin or whatever that Superman sometimes had to deal with. That “Mr. Mixedpickles”, or whatever his name was?

Maybe they cast an erotic spell on him? No, Kyle was pretty sure they were just petty burglars. Incredibly sexy burglars, sure, but not magical beings for sure. What had they done to him then?

His orgasms were nothing like he had experienced before, but he refused to dwell on that. He needed to overpower those hot sexy villains, not thank them for making him experience the heights of pleasure. But he couldn’t just ignore their methods if he wanted to succeed. He needed time to think about his next plan of action.

Before he stepped out of the shower, Kyle started washing his clothes. Until he bought new clothes, he had to take care of the few things he had. He didn’t want to ruin the gift that Papi had so generously given him… Wait, is that right? Didn’t he just say he had to fight those two, not thank them? But… the gift… even though he knew in his mind that they were horribly trashy, he had to wear them whenever he was at home… These were the girly clothes that he loved so much and…

Jesus, no! That wasn’t right. It was the other way around! God, why was everything so confusing?

Luckily, the absurdity of those thoughts actually helped pull him out of a downward spiral into debauchery. Anything could trigger his depraved state. Even smelling the stale stench of sex in his living room would’ve easily activated the commands implanted in Kyle’s brain, but after leaving the bathroom (wrapped only in a fluffy robe made from his power ring), he immediately went onto the terrace to hang his wet clothes. He opened the big glass doors, instantly being met by fresh air from outside. The breeze helped clear out some of the smell in the room.

Trying not to waste any more time, Kyle grabbed another piece of underwear from his only box of belongings in this apartment. He pulled out a frilly red thong and a matching bra, and started putting them on. That’s all the clothes he would be needing for his morning patrol.

‘You actually got your bra on on the first try, Kyle. Very good, you’re improving,’ he said to himself. After admiring his handiwork, he activated his power ring causing the room to start glowing green. Kyle’s confidence grew even more as he donned his majestic Green Lantern uniform, savoring the familiar feeling of pride and strength as he got ready for his patrol. Only this time, he was oblivious to how he actually looked.

T-Bone’s instructions were clear during the second Deep Hypnotic Trance – he wouldn’t notice anything weird about his uniform. And so Kyle didn’t notice (at least consciously) that this new version of his uniform had some minor adjustments. There were obvious cum stains on his mask, chest and crotch, and it came with a faint smell of piss from the last time he had the uniform on. There was a bit of drool on the fabric. His butt was still fully exposed because of his assless chaps, and there was a shocking line of red across his ass crack. And Kyle didn’t notice a thing. He puffed his chest out in pride, letting the feeling of joy radiate over his body as he reveled in his authority as Green Lantern, mighty defender of Coast City once again.

Green Lantern busied himself with the thought of clearing his head, returning with a plan to triumphantly defeat his Papi and Boss, and then regain control of his life once and for all. He grabbed an apple for breakfast, and gracefully jumped off his terrace into the night air.

There was nothing of note during his patrol. Luckily, the city was quiet and calm before dawn, if only a little dark. Maybe it was because he started his patrol unusually early today? Not one to waste a chance to relax, Kyle took a moment to rest atop an electrical tower to eat his apple.

A couple of minutes passed and he was still rattling his brain trying to think of a way to get out of this mess he was in.

What had those yummy looking thugs done to him? How had he managed to make him do those deliciously debasing things and make him believe it was all normal? Not only that, he had a faint feeling that they had made him forget a lot of other things. He somehow knew he couldn’t trust his memories.

They were using some form of mind control on him, that was sure. Otherwise, he would never had lapped at a dog bowl like the little bitch that he was, and he definitely wouldn’t have licked those greasy armpits, no matter how delicious they tasted!

Mind control, Kyle thought with certainty. That was the answer. Only mind control would have him be so eager to suck a mouthwateringly salty giant cock. And those big fat hairy…

‘Don’t start again,’ Kyle had to concentrate and say that to himself out loud.

Maybe he could find a way around this and turn this back on the thugs. He could make them forget everything they knew about him and get everything back to normal.

But first he had to confirm how they were manipulating him in the first place. He still couldn’t figure out what they were doing. Hell, they seemed pretty stupid, even dumber than him. He needed to retrace his steps. All of this started in the lab. He remembered they made him cover their tracks thoroughly, he thought with a groan. Good Lord, this gets worse the more I remember, thought Kyle. I probably committed multiple felonies covering stuff up, but maybe I could find some clues if I went back to the lab.

‘Yes, that’s it. That’s the first step to fixing this mess.’

The loud blaring of a truck’s horn knocked him out of his thought process. He looked out into the distance, on the highway leading to the docks, and saw a dump truck had narrowly avoided a collision with a massive 50-tonne truck that seemed to be gaining speed.

There were almost no cars out at this hour of the day, so luckily the truck didn’t hit anyone else as it swerved out of control. But it wouldn’t be long before it hit something. Without wasting a second, Green Lantern came flying towards the truck. He zoomed close to the driver’s side, trying to see if he was fine, but his vision was obscured by tinted glass. All he could see was a blurry figure in a red cap, but it was clear that the guy was unconscious.

Green Lantern mind started racing – he had to get this under control as soon as possible. He knocked on the glass, and he shouted in a loud voice:


There was no answer, so he started slamming his hand against the window more forcefully.


The truck was picking up speed, and it was heading straight for a row of vehicles. Green Lantern figured he could easily protect them with a construct from his ring, but he looked further up and saw that the road headed straight for the eastern highway. Soon, this truck will be crossing through a series of busy ramps, overpasses and underpasses, with cars going all directions. If the truck gets all the way there, it’ll be almost impossible to stop it without any collateral damage.

If the driver didn’t wake up now, he would have to break the grass and pull him out. He could then stop the truck without putting the driver in immediate harm.

In a last ditch attempt, Green Lantern knocked on the glass one last time – and to his surprise, the driver woke up. Scared and disoriented, the trucker instantly came to his senses and pressed on the vehicle’s brakes. Anticipating the loss of control from the sudden braking maneuver, Green Lantern had instantly used his power ring to create a giant football tackle.

The bright, green figure held the middle of the truck firmly using a single hand, and used the other hand to slow the truck down from the front. The slight deceleration prevented any extra damage to the truck, and they were still a safe distance from the other vehicles in front of them. Green Lantern expected his handiwork. No one was injured and there weren’t any crazy damages to any of the vehicles.

Green Lantern was ready to make a witty remark to celebrate, as usual. He slowed down and looked up at what he had created, and his jaw hung open. He created a football player, yes, but it looked like it walked straight out of a homemade porn video rather than a respectable pro athlete.

The figure was bulky, more on the chubby side, and it didn’t really look very athletic. It held a dumb facial expression. Its pants were way too tight, and way too revealing – there was a visible bulge protruding obscenely out of its crotch. As Kyle gawked at the figure, it put a hand out and actually scratched at the bulge. It wasn’t even wearing a jersey – all it had on were shoulder pads, and it had the number 69 and the name ‘DICK’ emblazoned on its back and chest.

Where the hell did that come from? He wanted a pro athlete to give him a hand, not the laziest and dumbest player in a pick up game at a frat house.

Luckily, the trucker was the only person close enough to see, and he was hopefully still too shaken up to notice the bizarre figure. The hero quickly made the giant disappear, and flew back to the driver.

‘Hey, pal, are you alright? Do you need some help?’

The driver rolled down his window, and Kyle got a good look at him for the first time. And he looked familiar. To Kyle’s surprise, it was the same man that called him a “fucking faggot” on the street, just a few hours ago. He was too baked and more than a little drunk when it happened, but he was sure of it. That, or maybe he was just hungry for a good handsome trucker…

Wait, what? Where did that come from? Kyle berated himself. He wasn’t into men! Whatever that pair did to you, you have to focus.

The man in the truck had a ruddy, big-cheeked face with bushy, unkempt mutton chops, a show of a mustache over thin pinkish lips, a small rounded nose and short thick eyebrows above round, but very tired-looking, blue eyes. Kyle guessed we was in his early 40s, or he could be as old as mid-50s.

Besides the round flushed face, the only thing that Kyle saw of the man was a long red scruffy mullet peeking out under a red nascar cap, and the neck of a red flannel shirt.

‘Holy shit! I’m- I’m so sorry, I mean it -I- I-I… Jesus fucking Christ! I’m so sorry! You’re the local superhero, right? The famous Green Lantern! Thanks for save ma life, boy!’

’No problem. Anytime, hunk,’ Kyle cringed at what he just said. Did he just call this fat trucker a hunk? Eager to change subjects, Kyle continued, ‘I mean… are you – do you feel right? Do you want to see a doctor or… or something?’

‘Nonono! I’m a… I’m just fine, just a lil’ tired and… and, ya know, tired. Just… let me move this fuckin’ truck, I need a lil’ rest.’

It was an obvious lie. The trucker was drunk as a skunk.

‘Wait, I’ll move it,’ Kyle held his hand up, and his ring started to glow again. ‘It would be safer if I-’

‘I’m fine, really, boy’ The man interrupted. ‘Just do me a favor, Green Boy: please fly in front of me to guide me out of the highway. I need to find a place to park this damn thing.’

‘I don’t-’

‘Please. I’m… look, dude, I’m sorry for this, but… I’m in very deep shit right now, ya know? And I don’t wanna draw too much attention. If ya use your magic powers again then I’m sure we’re gonna end up in the news and… just please… I don’t want… just don’t? Please?’

Green Lantern still had his doubts, but the commanding tone from an older man triggered some of Kyle’s new submissive tendencies. It wasn’t an outright order, but he was still compelled to follow this guy’s orders because his subconscious mind registered the trucker as a “real man”. Despite all his physical strength and otherworldly superpowers, Kyle knew in his heart that he wasn’t a real man, and his place was to serve and help actual men like this trucker here. If he had met this man two days ago, he would never have trusted an obviously drunk man to drive a 50-tonne truck, but now, although reluctantly, he let the man take the lead.

Surprisingly, the trucker drove the truck perfectly. Kyle still led the way in front of the truck, unknowingly giving the trucker an eyeful of his exposed ass. As they left the highway and drove into a secluded, industrial area, the driver finally found a long empty street to park his truck on.

Kyle reconsidered his previous judgments on the man. He was so stupid to doubt him. If I was the one driving in that state, I would’ve crashed a hundred times over. I probably would still be in the middle of the driveway right now, but a real man like him is perfectly capable of driving a big truck like that, Kyle gushed at the thought.

Kyle snapped himself out of his reverie and addressed the driver again.

‘Alright, you should be fine here. Now try and get some sleep or…’

The trucker was rubbing his eyes like he had something stuck in them. Kyle wasn’t sure, but upon closer inspection, it looked like he was trying to hold back tears.

‘Hey, man, what’s wrong?’ Kyle asked, concern lacing his voice.

‘Everything. Everything is wrong, boy. That filthy son of a bitch… the fuckin’ son of a bitch fucked everythin up.’

‘Excuse me? Who are you talking about?’

‘That fucking cunt of… oh, I’m, I’m sorry, boy, I know ya have things to do. Your superhero stuff and… and… I’m fine, really’.

‘I don’t want to sound disrespectful, but you don’t seem fine, pal. If there’s some way I can help you-’

‘Nobody can.’

‘I’m sorry to hear that. But if you need to talk, I’m here to listen,’ Kyle tried to say in his most reassuring tone.

‘I’ll be fine. I think… but… well… if ya have a minute, boy…’


‘Ok, Come in for a minute, Green’, he said, pointing to the truck door ’I’m not gonna steal much of yar time”.

Green Lantern started towards the door, but this time he wasn’t motivated by an impulse to obey, or even by his newfound libido. He genuinely cared for all the citizens of Coast City, and his kind nature led him to feel actual concern for this stranger. He seemed devastated about something, and he needed a shoulder to cry on. God knows Kyle wouldn’t mind having someone listen to what he was going through.

As soon as Kyle opened the door, he recognised the strong smell of nicotine. The atmosphere was saturated with it, and it overpowered all the other smells in the truck. The ashtray on the dashboard was filled to the brim, ash spilling over the sides. There were cigarette butts everywhere, and even more garbage on the floor. It looked like the driver had used cans, styrofoam cups and food cartons, anything else as makeshift ashtrays.

The dashboard was a mess of cables, littered with candy wrappers and used napkins. Even the passenger seat was covered in ash and garbage. In fact, the entire interior was covered with a thin layer of ash. It would be like sitting in the middle of a dumpster.

‘Sorry, this place looks like a pigsty. I haven’t had much company recently, except for… ya know…’

‘It’s fine, don’t worry’.

‘Ma name is Duke’, he said, offering a big calloused hand. The handshake was firm and strong, but not aggressive. You can tell this man was a heavy smoker off his hand – the nicotine had tinted his fingernails a soft unhealthy yellow tone.

‘I suppous ya can’t tell me yar real name, right, boy? On a count of your secret identity.’

‘Yeah, I’m sorry. We’ll have to stick with Green Lantern.’

Now that GL had time to get a better look at the man, he noticed he was ENORMOUS. He could fill the whole seat behind the steering wheel. He was wearing a flannel shirt with the sleeves ripped off, showing off his two big, chunky arms with stars and eagles tattooed all over them. Kyle saw swirls of wispy, long dark red hairs creeping out of the unbuttoned top of his shirt. A big round stomach bulged over his belt. Kyle noticed that he was wearing a huge Confederate flag as a belt buckle. And beneath the buckle, there was a sizeable bulge where worn out blue wranglers were straining against a yummy fat big…

‘Do ya like them big, Green Boy?’

‘Uh? Excuse me?’

‘I said, ‘Do ya like them big? Ma belt buckle, I mean. I saw how ya were lookin’ at it’

‘Oh, yes! Yes, I like it. It looks… looks great’. Kyle was grateful for the easy lie, but he was still pretty anxious about that close call. He started blabbering away – he could never keep his mouth shut when he was nervous.

‘It reminds me of my own one… coz, I have a big one, too… not exactly like yours, not a flag, I mean, I was – and mine it’s- it’s not that big.’ He realized how skittish he sounded, and made an effort to calm down.

‘You’re just talking with a drunk truck driver, for God sake,’ Kyle thought to himself. ‘What’s wrong with you? Just stop. You want to help him, remember, you dumbass?’

‘Glad ya like ma flag, boy. I’m very proud of it. I bet ya like this one too’ he said, pointing to an enormous Confederate flag that covered the whole back of the cabin. ‘Ya can see everythin’ about me is big,’ the man said proudly, smiling for the first time. ‘Big feet, big hands, big… ya know.’ But his smile vanished as soon as it appeared. ‘… and I’m in big shit too, I’m afraid.’

Kyle breathed an internal sigh of relief. Finally, he could take control of the situation again.

What’s the problem, Duke?’

‘Well it’s… it’s… embarrassing, ya know?’

‘You can tell me. I’m not gonna judge you, trust me’.


Duke took a moment before speaking again. As the huge trucker searched for the words to express himself, Kyle thought they should roll the windows down a bit. It was beginning to get hot in here. More than just a little.

‘The thing is… I was dating someone in secret and… it should have stay secret, cuz ma town is… not a very nice place, ya know, but it all went downhill and now… now everybody knows.’

They remained silent for a moment. The situation seemed pretty delicate, so Kyle didn’t want to pressure the guy.

‘I reckon that’s nothin’ compared to the big shit ya always deal with daily. Always fighting super bad guys, robbers and all that stuff…’

‘No, not at all. We all have different problems and all of them are important in their own way,’ Kyle said in a soft voice. ‘It doesn’t mean your problems aren’t important. I’m sorry to hear you’re having a rough time.’

Duke nodded. He then pulled out a beer from under his seat.

‘I’m not gonna drive, I promise. Would ya like one?’

‘No, thanks, Duke.’

‘Oh, ya’re on duty, right? I forgot yar’re like some sort of supercop.’

There was another stretch of silence as Duke took a sip of his beer, and then he said, barely above a whisper:

‘That fucking cunt… he began to blackmail me and… listen, I’m not a faggot, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that from time to time I like to shift from cunts to… ya know. But I’m not a fag. No homo, really. And I don’t hate faggots neither, it’s just I’m not one of them. I can’t see myself rubbin’ peckers all the time’.

Kyle simply nodded. He hated the “F word” and expressions like “no homo”, but he tried to be sympathetic. Also, it wasn’t the moment for a vocabulary lesson, and Kyle definitely wouldn’t give a lecture while someone was pouring their heart out like this.

‘Well, this fucker started threatenin’ to let the cat out of the bag unless I pay him… I said ‘fuck ya’, and the bastard started uploading some of our videos, and now everybody knows’.

‘Oh, man. Did you ask the police for help? Blackmail’s still pretty illegal.’

‘Nahh, the police would only laugh in ma face. I’m from a small town, we don’t have fag parades or any shit like that. That’s just not something we tolerate, even though lots of men and women like to fuck let loose from time to time, if you know what I mean, its all a prude hole full of shit. Even you would end up arrested for wearin’ that tight costume out on the street.’

Kyle tried to figure out what he meant, and then it hit him. ‘This isn’t a costume, Duke. It’s my uniform. The Green Lanterns don’t have a dress code per se so it’s a little different, but even though we can add some modifications based on our personal style, we still wear similar outfits to show we’re a united front.’

‘Based on yar personal style?’, Duke repeated, dumbfounded. He was staring at the cum splotches Green Lantern had all over his uniform. Since his uniform was primarily black, the stains were pretty visible, and Duke’s eyes immediately darted to GL’s crotch, with the biggest visible stain. He had a couple more on the Lantern emblem over his heart.

‘Well, you did a good job with your uniform,’ Duke said, remembering the exposed ass and the frilly thong he trailed behind for a couple solid couple of minutes not too long ago. ‘And I’m sorry if I said anythin’ stupid, I didn’t mean to offend ya. It’s a pretty uniform, I think ya look good in it.’

‘Awww, thankth, Duke, you’re tho thweet…’ The hero mumbled timidly, with a strong lisp. It was totally out of character for him, and he could feel a blush blossoming on his cheek. Kyle suddenly realized what he just did. (’Sweet??? Did I just say ‘sweet’??? And was I lisping!!!)

Kyle tried to compose himself.

‘Kind! I mean, KIND! I mean, wha, thanks, uh, we’re… wha – what are you going to do about your problem?’ He made sure he made his voice sound as deep as possible when he said, but it just sounded so fake to him. He sighed internally. (‘Do you want to stop making a fool of yourself?’)

‘I don’t know. There’s another thin’. I’m… I was married’.


‘I wasn’t cheatin’ on ma wife, if that’s what ya’re thinkin’. We haven’t had nothin’ in years. And she knew I was datin’ somebody, but she didn’t expect it to be our neighbors’ son.’

‘She called me last night, and she was screamin’ and cryin’, it was all very fucked up. Ma wife, or exwife rather, is not the kind of woman that takes things well, ya know? Although I don’t suppose anybody would take kindly to finding out that your husband is a fucking fairy. Ma wife’s probably done burning all ma things.’ Duke sighed. ‘The worst thing about this is … well, I thought this fucker and I had somethin’ special. Here, let me show ya.’

Duke pulled out some photos from his phone. ‘Not what you’d call a charming prince, for sure, but I loved him.’

Kyle was fascinated by the first photo look pulled up. Kyle knew he was straight, even though he wasn’t really thinking straight thanks to those two hooligans in his house. He knew he shouldn’t get turned on by photos of a young, chunky hillbilly with yellow teeth, but he found himself mesmerized by the dorky looking hunk. How could he not melt for a dumb, crooked smile like that? And those big muscled arms covered by cheap-looking, greenish tattoos?

The guy’s face had a dull bull-like expression, but who needed brains when you were that hot? The guy was muscular, but not the tone, perfect gym body that he and the other sissies on the Justice League had. This guy’s arms and pecs were strong, but he had a hot beer belly instead of a six pack. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wait at home for a couple of men like that (like Duke, a voice in the back of Kyle’s head said) to come home after a long day at work, serving them food, and giving them a foot rub?

Duke swiped to the next photo. In this one, he was hugging the sexy farmer – and what a magnificent couple they were! So much manliness contained in one photo! Even a straight man like Kyle couldn’t deny being attracted to that. Duke kept swiping through his collection, and Kyle thought that each one was even hotter than the last one. As Duke got deeper into his collection, the less clothing the two men were wearing. Soon, Kyle found himself watching a video of two hot studs having wild sex in what seemed to be a barn.

‘What ya think, Green Boy?’

Kyle barely even heard his question. He was too transfixed by the video, his mouth hanging open.

‘So… hot…’ he mumbled dumbly. Then he added, embarrassed ‘I-I mean…’

‘It’s ok, I know what ya mean,’ Duke said, glancing at the crotch of the brave warrior.

Kyle followed Duke’s gaze and Kyle felt even more embarrassed. Once again he was sporting a first class boner, and he hadn’t even noticed. Kyle’s face was as red as a tomato as he tried to cover himself up.

‘Aww, don’t worry about that, Green Boy. Ya’ve had a stiffy since ya came in!’

‘R-r-r-really, Duke?! A-a-all this time? I…’

‘It’s fine, boy. Is not like I hadn’t seen a hard on before, ya know?’

‘I’m tho thorry… I mean, SORRY!’ Kyle wasn’t sure why his tongue felt so thick and clumsy, and he wasn’t sure why he was feeling so feeble… so fragile… so unmanly!

Unbeknownst to Kyle, T-Bone had programmed him to react in girly, unmanly ways in the presence of the scent of a “real man”. The longer he took in the rancid, musky atmosphere in Duke’s cabin, the more Kyle felt inclined to let go of all his manly characteristics.

‘Take it easy, hero boy. We’re just two straight men talkin’ and watchin’ some videos. Nothin’ faggy about that.’

Kyle was worried he would have another one of his “accidents”, but then Duke put a reassuring hand on Kyle’s knee. His patronising tone, and the touch of his calloused hand, helped with the superhero’s nerves. Kyle still felt very nervous, but he was relieved that he didn’t feel the urge to empty his bladder again.

’I-I thuppose you’re right, Duke. Nothing fa- I-I mean, nothing gay about thith,’ Kyle replied nervously.

None of this made sense! He was a superhero! He had fought against terrible cosmic menaces, and the worst supervillains, and yet here he was, the powerful Green Lantern, shaking like a leaf, needing the voice of a drunk trucker to calm him down.

‘Yeah, no reason to be embarrassed, we men get hard ons all the time. Look, I have one right now and it’s not a big deal, right?’

Duke lowered his fly, and a very fat penis jumped out of his jeans. It wasn’t long, but what it lacked in length it made up for in thickness.

‘My God! I mean…’

‘I know what ya mean. Just calm down, Green Boy, relax. Take yar hands off yar pretty dong and just put them down, side to side of ya. That’s it. You have nothin’ to hide, boy. Now, I bet you wanna keep watchin’ more videos, don’t ya?’

’Uh… yeth, yeath, Duke, pleathe… I-I mean yes!”

‘Ya don’t have to hide your lisp with that fake macho voice, ya know? Just be yourself, pretty boy!’

‘But, Duke, that’th my voice, I thwear I don’t have a lithp… I mean, a lisp!’

‘There it is again. It’s fine, really. It makes ya look cuter, boy’.

He thinks I’m cute!! , Kyle thought to himself. Yeah, he’s right. I need to stop lying to myself, the once macho hero reasoned, letting out a very unmanly giggle.

‘Now, be nice and give me a hand here, Green Lantern. That’s it, that’s it. Keep stroking ma fat cock…soooo nice, yar doin’ a super job, hero’.

Duke pulled up another video. This time the fat trucker was pounding his former boyfriend’s ass on the back of his truck.

‘I think ya need some help with that, don’t ya?’ Duke gestured knowingly at GL’s crotch. Without waiting for a yes, Duke’s big calloused hand engulfed Green Lantern’s erection and began rubbing it up and down slowly.

‘Bwaahhh! AAHHHHHHH!! … pleathe, no… I’m not… not … pleathe!’ Green Lantern whimpered, clamping his right hand over his mouth. His left hand meanwhile kept stroking Duke’s cock.

‘Easy, hero boy, there’s nothin’ faggy about this. I’m just giving you a hand for being so nice… and for being so cute. It’s a thanks for being such a nice hero, ya know? No homo.’

‘AH! AH! D… don’t… thay that…pleathe, Duke…’

‘Say what?’

‘“F-f-f-f-f-faggot”… and , AH! “No homo”… pleathe… it’th a… ahhhh… AH! Oh, God! … thoth are… very rude wordth to thay!’

‘Aww., does that offend you, Green Boy?’

‘Yeth… yeth, a bit… AH, GAWD!’

‘Aww, so cute. The big macho superhero is a lill’ prissy sissy faggot. Ya’re such a fuckin’ pussy ya’re practically a chick’.

‘OH, FUCK, OH FUCK!!!’ The hero roared, lost in ecstasy. ’GO ON, PLEATHE!!!

‘I have a better idea. Flip over on the seat and get on all fours, Green Lantern. I want your bare ass.’

Green Lantern obeyed, reluctantly letting go of Duke’s fat dong. One thing did confuse him though. What did Duke mean by “bare ass”? He was in full Lantern Corps uniform with the regulation pants… and he was wearing his special panties on patrol. His ass was anything but bare!

“And change your pants to assless chaps”, Papi’s voice echoed in GL’s head. “I really want to see if you need a good slapping so we can keep a good cruising speed…” ’ Kyle’s eyes went wide. That twisted fucker! Had he been doing his morning patrol with his buttocks on full display without knowing? He was going to beat the shit out of that- AHH!!

Duke was playing with the string of the hero’s thong. He took the thin elastic thread between his thick, rough fingers, stretched it to the limit of its elasticity and then released it. Every hit of the elastic band against his asscrack sent shivers throughout the body of the emerald warrior.

‘Pleathe, Duke, ith a mithtake! My uniform shouldn’t be that-’







‘What a pretty ass crack ya have, Green Lantern. I wanted to do this since I saw you wigglin’ yar buttocks in front on ma truck. It’s just the kind of ass I like the most: a bit hairy, big and fat. And look at yar pretty pink hairy hole, hero! It looks so tight…

‘Oh, pleathe… pleathe… PLEATHE!’

The pleasure was unbearable. Kyle didn’t know what he was begging for at this point. Did he want Duke to let him go and stop humiliating him? Or was he begging Duke to keep playing with his ass and humiliate him further? Kyle’s thought went to men’s assholes – he didn’t know what his own one looked like, and he had no other male assholes to compare it to. He’s only ever seen the ones his lady friends had when he used to pretend he was straight…


As Kyle was having this internal struggle, Duke wasted no time by inserting his index finger into Green Lantern’s pink rosebud. Kyle shrieked, and turned to look at the trucker, his face all red and sweaty, with tears running down his eyes. Kyle could see the excitement in Duke’s face.

‘My God, I’m finger-fuckin’ a big strong superhero, a member of the Justice League… and I don’t even feel like a homo, cuz he’s practically a chick. Fuck, dude, yar cunt is real tight!


‘I’ll do somethin’ better, I’ll give ya another finger, Pussy Lantern!’


‘Ya likin’ this, don’t ya? Ya love this, pussy faggot?’ Duke drawled.

Green Lantern couldn’t resist anymore. He began to cum on his uniform again, squirming and moaning.


‘Awwww, goood sissy. Now, be a good superheroine and come serve ma fat cock, Green Pussy.’

Green Lantern obeyed instantly. Papi’s words about his duties as a superhero echoed in his mindfucked head. Still feeble and shaking from his recent orgasm, Kyle he practically jumped over the fat trucker’s lap to hungrily suck his cock.

‘Oh, fuck! Ya really were starvin’ for dick, weren’t ya?’

Green Lantern could only moan in response. His lips were too busy showing love to the throbbing member in front of him. The once straight macho hero was convinced that he loved to kiss and lap on cocks, especially the piss slits.

Taking cocks fully down his throat was still a hard task. As he discovered, he needed way more practice to control his gag reflex, but in the meantime, he could still be useful to men. He just needed to focus on using his lips. He knew his former female conquests had prized his skills at giving delicious rapturous kisses, so now, horny as he had never been, Kyle was committed to kiss the meaty hairy cock in front of him with more love and passion than he ever put into kissing a woman before.

Green Lantern was about to attempt getting the chubby cock all the way down his throat, when Duke pushed him back.

‘Wait, wait, wait, don’t swallow this, Green, I wa- OH!’

Duke started to cum. His spunk was abundant, though quite watery, not as thick as the ones that had splashed over Kyle so far. It also had the most pungent scent. The fat redneck caught all his come in the palm of his hand, where it formed a small milkish pool.

‘Don’t move, Green Lantern. I don’t wanna drop any of this, boy.’

Still trying to catch his breath, the Emerald Knight obeyed and leaned back in his seat.

‘What are you-?’

Duke leaned over Green Lantern, and began to kiss the hero roughly. He then put his hand over GL’s chest and smeared his sperm all over the pecs of Coast City’s emblem of hope.

Kyle was caught by surprise at first but soon began to reciprocate the trucker’s kiss. It was completely different to any kiss he previously had. The trucker’s cheeks were flabby and rough. His short, ragged beard felt scratchy, like sandpaper, and his breath was a mix of beer and the nicotine of countless cigarettes. There was no tenderness in his kiss, just a violent, animalistic hunger, sucking Kyle’s tongue first, then slipping his own tongue into every corner of the confused hero’s mouth.

‘My first kiss! I’m having my first real kiss with this hot sexy fat trucker!!!

When Duke began to pull back, Kyle pulled at his shirt to start another kiss, unable to dominate the burning lust inside him. Kissing this trucker was delicious and intoxicating.

After a couple of minutes, Kyle finally let go. Duke let out a long whistle, and said:

‘Ohh, boy, ya’re a hell of a kisser and… are ya crying, dude?’

‘No! No, no… ith jutht… I’m… it was my… well, you… you kiss very well too, Duke’.

They smiled each other for a moment, until Duke broke the silence again.

‘That was, uh…a lill’ gift for ya. I mean, the spunk all over ya… I thought ya may like it for your uniform and… ya know, to improve “yar personal style”’.

Still reeling from what he thought was his first kiss, the hero said:

‘Thanks, Duke, I… I do like it. I appreciate it. It’s… so much!’. Kyle said, touching his soggy, sticky pecs. He had always been a helpless romantic, and even in his mindfucked state he still was. It would take him a couple of minutes to stop feeling so giddy, but right now his head was on the clouds.

’Well a… thanks for all of this, Green Boy. I mean, Green Lantern. Not for the blowjob, but for your concern and for taking the time to… ya know. I can see why people speak so highly of you.’

’My pleasure, Duke. I hope everything goes well with you. Try and get some sleep. It’s not the end of the world, believe me. Maybe you can move here. Coast City is pretty supportive when it comes to that kind of stuff. Or you could try another place. There’s a whole world of good people out there, Duke.’

’I’ll think about it. And maybe I’ll see ya again.”

‘Yes, maybe,’ said the superhero, blushing a bit. ‘Good luck, Duke.’

‘Right back at ya, GL.’

Green Lantern got out of the truck. The sun had just started rising, and it hurt his eyes a little bit. The cold morning air was a stark contrast to the muggy heat in the truck. He felt a bit chilly and realized he was covered in sweat. And he could feel the breeze most strongly on his exposed ass.

Kyle’s eyes glazed over a bit and he shook off that weird feeling. He didn’t realize how much T-Bone’s earlier command had fucked him in the head; Kyle truly didn’t, and couldn’t, notice anything weird about his uniform. His mind instantly ignored the draft against his bare ass again, or the fact that he had massive pit stains and was covered in sweat.

And thanks to his little rendezvous with Duke, he now had new cum splotches on his uniform, along with a couple of ash stains. There were cigar butts and chewed bubble gum stuck on his forearm guards and boots as Duke took him from behind. He even had a half-sucked slimy lollipop and a hamburger wrapper stuck to his buttocks.

Kyle thought long and hard about what he was doing. Oh yeah, he wanted to check the lab where everything had started. He needed to know how a tough superhero like him had become a helpless slave to the sexy pair of studs that were manipulating him.

Actually doing something heroic made Kyle feel good and actually renewed his flagging energy levels. And that hot kiss… Smiling, Green Lantern started rising into the sky, ready to start a new day.

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