Green Lantern: The Emerald Downgrade Chapter 11
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Note: This is the last chapter published by the author. 

No copyright infringement intended; this is simply written for adult enjoyment. Green Lantern and other comic book characters and places belong to DC. The rest of the characters and concepts are property of the authors.


Green Lantern: The Emerald Downgrade

Authors (Plymouth58 and GoodTime)

Chapter 11


Kyle was smiling as he entered the shower to take his much needed bath. Not only because he was high as fuck, nor for the relief to finally getting out of his itchy and stinking Green Lantern costume to clean out his body, but also because apparently he had been able to trick the thugs that had fucked up his brain so much. The magnificent vision of those first-rate half naked alpha men had almost clouded the mind of the lustful hero again, but despite being madly horny for them, he had been able to resist their charms, keep his head reasonably clear and still be the same old Kyle Rayner, “The Torchbearer” who shepherded the light of the Green Lanterns when the Corps was destroyed.

Well, not exactly the same Kyle he used to be. He knew something was different on him, although right now he had only vague ideas of what it was. His consciousness came and went in irregular lapses and degrees, and what seemed an abhorrent immorality one moment, was a delicious temptation the next one or it simply looked like things he would take any day for granted. Only the idea of fighting against T-Bone and Chuy, the petty thiefs who had mindfucked him remained, albeit even that idea was blurry and confusing. Green Lantern wasn’t even able to think of his enslavers by their real names, but by those the sadistic thugs had implanted in his head using the mind control device they found on the S.T.A.R. Labs facilities they were trying to loot.

As turning the hot water tap, the once 100% straight superhero was convinced that not losing the head completely for the overwhelming sensuality of those hot hunks hadn’t been a minor victory. It had renewed the hope he could still get his life back.

At first, he was sure he wasn’t going to be able to resist the urge to beat the shit out of those hot sexy Romeos for what they had done to him and for the outrageous way they had made him defile his prized clown costume but nevertheless, the absurd amount of weed he smoked on his arrival was working wonderfully not just taming down his rage, but also on bringing some of the peace of mind he so badly needed.

”Uniform… it’s not a costume, is your uniform, and you should be the first one who should respect it, you dumbass…, he absently reminded himself, before the warning vanished into his foggy thoughts. Although at the moment he had more questions than answers, Kyle was feeling really good, like it wasn’t that important that his life were going down the drain, nor the desecration of the symbol of his authority, values and beliefs, and not even that two vulgar street thugs were turning him into a perverted horny buffoon.

None of that mattered right now. The hero who used to have a strict anti-drugs policy had been turned from overnight into an insatiable pothead, and now was enjoying both his victory and his trip too much to give a damn for almost anything.

‘It’s like… I don’t care about nothing, man.… I just feel… funny… and stuff and….hmm… damn, getting high feels SOOOOOOO fucking goooooood…’, Green Lantern thought, gloating in joy.

Only one thing exceeded the happiness for his triumph and the pride for being so heavily drugged, something that beside gladden the heart of the once illustrious hero, was also increasing his heartbeat.

“Where did you go, Greeny? We were, like, worried about you…”

‘Hmmmmm… they care about me. And he was about to say it twice’, Kyle mumbled softly, with sweet reverie, while soaping his body.

‘They care about us, Dick Bro! Can you believe it?’, the perverted hero dopily said to his stiff manhood, while moving it up and down to show agreement. The idea that he was a horny idiot kept taking hold in his mind, and the more time passed, the nickname he had given to his penis and the way he stupidly talked to it were coming more and more natural for him. ‘Uh-huh, I know, I know! It, like, took me by surprise too, Bro! I never expected that! You neither, right? Nahhhhhh, you neither, you little Bro…’

An idea had begun to take shape in Kyle’s muddled swampish mind: if those hot street hunks cared for him, maybe they weren’t really bad men in the end. That would change everything. Maybe messing up with his uniform had been just some kind of big misunderstanding.

From HIS side, not them, of course. The extensive mental reprogramming he had suffered had crumbled not only his sexual orientation, morals and self-respect, but his very understanding of his place in the world. With his self-esteem reduced to rubble, the corrupted mindset and his new unconscious cravings for self-degradation that T-Bone had implanted on him, the once proud superhero considered himself so lesser, that any mistake had to come from him, not from superior men like his enslavers.

Boss said they cared about him, and like everything they said, it had to be true. Both studs indeed had some kind gestures with him, like keeping the embarrassing secret of his faggotry, giving him their support and advice to suck his first dick, or letting him eat their leftovers in a dog bowl. Hell, they were even allowing him to live with them in their fancy apartment! Yes, they constantly offended him with rude names and hurtful words, but he shouldn’t complain about that. After all, he deserved that treatment, right? But it was obvious that deep inside they really didn’t had bad feelings for him. ’They are so generous, when you think about it carefully, he thought, totally oblivious to the true nature of their treatment towards him.

‘A big misunderstanding, yeah. Totally unintentional, surely.’

The real Kyle Rayner would have never admitted such a fucked up idea, but with his reasoning skills and self-esteem totally corroded, it made sense enough to accept it. Not only they had convinced him they were manlier and smarter than he; they implanted the firm belief they were independent strong men, real heroes of life who didn’t had to work for anyone, and would never have to. Unlike him, a closeted bummer who wasted half of his time playing the space cop for a group of dwarves who did not pay him a salary, and had been unable to keep his job as bitch boy on the newspaper. Fuck, the superiority of those two lazy thugs above he was so big, that they barely could be considered of the same species!

He couldn’t figure out what kind of interest a pair of gallant supermodels like Yummi Papi and Hot Boss could have on a fiasco like him, and he would never dare to ask them. His role as a law enforcement officer was not to question thugs. A donkey doesn’t question its muleteer, right? Such was the extent of the mindfucking treatment Green Lantern had suffered.

He was getting increasingly curious about their reasons for deigning to pay attention to him. Would they be impressed by his heroic labor? by his skills on sucking cocks? For the foot massage he had meekly given to them? Nah, it had to be just blind luck. But if that was the case, fuck, he was a very lucky man!

‘So to speak, girly boy. You’re not a man, are you?’, Kyle slurred, totally unaware he was parroting T-Bones words.

‘Of course you’re not a man, you fucking cocksucker, ohhh!! Hmmm, yesssss, keep talking dirty, you horny superslut, you fucking…uh, no, no, wait, you can’t keep with this, cut it out. Cut it out, you dumb fuck, stop…’

In his current state, the disturbed hero needed little to fall into a lecherous frenzy. Just a few insulting words or debasing comments, even coming from himself, were enough to light the wick of his libido. Now however, Boss’ orders dry cut his fun:

“Take a shower, and when you finish you’re going to cook us breakfast and give us a full report of what you did. Now move it, don’t waste our time, faggot.”

Kyle heaved a deep sigh. What he had not been able to do by his own will when he woke up before dawn, to stop masturbating and control his compulsion to degrade himself, he did now because of his crave to obey and submit. It was the same reason why he was not fingering his asshole wildly. Boss had told him to stop doing it, and although the urge to pull his fingers back into his man-pussy was driving him crazy, he wouldn’t dare to disobey the word of his gorgeous ebony God. And so, reluctant and chagrined, the mindfucked hero let go of his stiff manhood and kept bathing.

Too bad he was short of time to have another wank! He hadn’t properly tasted cum yet. Some of it had slipped into his mouth when that giant donged nerd Melvin and his inmates had rewarded him with their spunk, but Boss said to leave it there before he could relish it. Now he was getting increasingly curious to taste it, even if it was his own cum. And since he often wanted to pee after cumming, the best would be to take the advantage of the two-for-one Dick Bro’s special offer, and give himself a good tasty yellow watering to complement his culinary experience with cock fluids. Yes, he had found the taste of urine awful, but perhaps he would end up loving it, just as he loved the disgusting acrid taste of Papi’s smelly armpits. After all, he was a dirty girly boy…

‘Maybe if you give it another try… or if you try it a couple of times, just to be sure…’, he thought with a big lustful smile, licking his lips. His mouth felt dry, like stuffed with cotton. ‘Fuck, just thinking about cocks and pits makes you thirsty, isn’t it, Pig Lantern? Uhy, yesss, you dirty girly boy…’

Nothing to do with that, actually. The dry mouth was just another side effect for being so heavily stoned, but he had no way to know it. Kyle opened his mouth to drink from the shower. His hyperactive imagination had not undergone any change and now, at the service of his tainted rampant libido, it required a minimum push to work full steam on the most sordid and degrading sexual fantasies. He began to imagine that the hot water raining over him was urine from the inmates on Coast City penitentiary. In his fantasy, the inmates had made a riot, taken control of the jail and had captured Green Lantern during one of his pathetic attempts to enforce the law. Like usually, he had ended up on his knees, defeated by the lowest criminal scum. Rows of men were pissing all over the hero, and as the Emerald Knight was whimpering helplessly on the ground, a crowd of car thieves, drug dealers, drunk drivers and other petty criminals were pulling out their hard cocks, getting ready to spread-eagle him and stuff The Torchbearer’s guts with gallons and gallons of hot thick spunk….

It was a deliciously fantasy, but his own pleasure had to wait. With some effort, he focused on getting clean to distract himself from his burning genitals, but two questions remained: wasn’t he being an ungrateful little bitch toward those hot dreamboats? Also, Boss said he had met him before, but he didn’t remember him. How could he have forgotten an encounter with a dashing winner like hot Boss?

‘Oh, yeah, and I must fight them to get free and all, that too’, Kyle mumbled, as he brushed his ass furiously with a thick bristle bath brush. The viscous bubble gum he had sat on was smeared all over his buttocks and ended up as a big black splotch. It refused to peel off his ass, but he had to remove it quickly. He had to focus on getting clean, to make breakfast for his blue princes and give them a full report of his morning patrolling.

Terry Berg was trying to enjoy the slice of red velvet cake he was eating, but not even his favorite dessert was making much to brighten his day. The balcony where his table was had a particularly nice view of Coast City’s Memorial Park, with green meadows, lush trees around a crystal clear lake, groups of people enjoying picnics and kids flying kites against a bright blue sky with puffy clouds that resembled gigantic white meringues. The view was so idyllic and perfect, that it bordered on cheesy.

Terry wasn’t paying attention to it. He was staring into the blue summer sky, pondering about his concerns.

‘That damn habit of pushing everybody aside and keeping all his problems to himself. Again.’, Terry bitterly lamented, taking another bite of his cake.‘Hadn’t he learned anything after how bad things had ended with Jane, exactly for that reason?’

‘Uhh, excuse me?’

‘Huh?’ Terry was startled. A thin young man just out of puberty, with a large platinum blonde pompadour, dressed in daisy dukes and a pink pastel tank top was on his left, looking at him with expectant eyes. As immersed as he was in his thoughts, he hadn’t seen him coming.

‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you’ he said in a soft voice, ‘but … uhm, well, I saw you and I was wondering if you…’

The guy left the sentence on hold, pointing to the backcover of a book in his hand. The book’s title was “After I Woke Up”, and the smiley blonde guy in the picture was indeed Terrence “Terry” Berg.

A couple of years ago, when he was working as Kyle’s art assistant at Feast Magazine in New York City, Terry was the victim of a hate crime, an attack that had nearly cost him his life and had put him in a brief coma. It had not only shocked his friends and family, but the entire country. Fortunately, Terry came out of a coma, and after a long (and painful) successful recovery, Terry had become a part time activist for LGBT rights and sold his story to be made into a book, whose proceeds were allocated entirely to projects of social activism. The book had been an immediate success and although now the hype had diminished, it had never been out of print. Along with activism, his artistic work, and the comic he made with Kyle on their weekly page on The Planet, Terry had gained a relative notoriety.

‘Oh, my Gawd!!’, the blond guy chirped, when Terry confirmed his identity. ‘Can you give me an autograph, please?’

‘Yes, of course. Who do I dedicate it to?’

‘For Justin, please! The book is, like, very touching. Did you write it all by yourself?’

‘Certain parts. I wrote the first draft, but I got a lot of help to give it fully form. It was my first book, and I didn’t have much experience back then.’

‘Oohhhhhhhhh, I see. Hey, surely everyone asks you this and I beg your pardon for being SO cliché but I must ask you: how do you keep yourself SO young and cute? I mean, after all these years you look i-den-ti-cal to your photo!’

It was truly a frequent question, so Terry answered as he usually did (trying, as always, to ignore the part where people used words like “cute”, “adorable” or “cuddly” to describe him).

‘I don’t smoke and I don’t drink alcohol, Justin’, he said with a smile, then he added, ‘but it hasn’t been that long, really’.

That part wasn’t true. The photo on the back cover had been taken when he was 17 years old. Now, at 23, Terry was a little taller and his face was a bit more angular, but with his slender frame, 5’ 9″ high, sapphire blue eyes, and wavy blonde hair down to the nape, he still looked almost the same… and yeah, Terry was certainly “cute”.

‘Here you have it, Justin’, Terry said with a big smile.

‘Awww, thanks a lot, cutie!’ the little twink happily chirped again, and walked away with a cheerful hip shake, while Terry sighed internally.

It wasn’t that it bothered him to be called “cute”, just because. He was flattered and appreciated the kind words, but he had noticed there were always people around who looked down on him or who tried to pass over him because of his looks, thinking he was feeble or fragile, the perfect victim that would accept any abuse in silence. Also, a good number of people seemed to assume he was a naive gullible teen, or worse, some kind of airhead himbo, which was not the case by any means. There was never a lack of dirty old men around him, circling around him like hungry vultures and taking for granted that he was anxious to become the sugar baby of the first stranger crossing his path; or total strangers who saturated the inbox of his social networks with obscene photo packs of their hard dicks and balls accompanied with their phone numbers and messages like “Daddy still has more for you, you little slut. Get your asshole out for daddy!”, or something equally nasty. Terry was convinced that people who did that sort of thing were closer to baboons than human beings.

That was sadly typical for Terry Berg: people trying to skip him in the lines on the bank or offices, people who did not respect his space in the parking lot, lewd men making dirty proposals everywhere. Some employers had even denied him good jobs a couple of times, due his young appearance (“Let me be frank, kid: people expect an art teacher to look experienced. You instead look just out of kindergarten”). Terry was tired of that crap, but his efforts to a get stronger appearance weren’t paying off.

His attempt to grow some facial hair, for example. The genetic inheritance from his paternal side, a family branch in which all men were stocky and hairy macho yokels, with bushy mustaches and rough beards (not to mention they were all as male chauvinist as the pages of a bible), seemed to have sidestepped him. Except for his healthy blonde mane, eyebrows, and inconspicuous pubic and armpit hair, Terry’s body was practically hairless. In one of his many bad moments, Terry’s father had said that if it weren’t for having the same eye and hair color as he, his uncles and his grandfather, he would doubt Terry was his son.

His efforts to gain volume and body mass hadn’t paid off much, out of giving him big pecs, rounded shoulders and a big bubble ass. He had stopped wearing his Superman logo shirt when he found out some of the guys in the gym were calling him “Supertwink.” Kyle and David, Terry’s longtime boyfriend, had found it hilarious when he told them a month ago, when they got together to grill burgers in their backyard.

‘Well, you’re more like a “Supertwunk” to me, Baby.’

‘I don’t know what that means, but “Supertwinky” sounds bonkers’, said Kyle with a laugh.

‘Hey, it‟s not funny, guys!’

‘Oh, come on, Baby, it’s not like they nicknamed you “Superhimbo” or something mean.’

‘I think it’s mean. Most of those guys have never spoken a word to me, and they’re already assuming things.’

‘Everybody assumes things ALWAYS, Terry, and you’re doing the same by assuming they call you that out of malice. People don’t really underestimate you that much. I doubt they say it disparagingly, don’t you think, Kyle?’

‘I’m a bit lost, guys. “Himbo” is the male of a bimbo girl, right? It’s a blonde dumb guy?’

‘Right. Can you pass me the ketchup, please?’

‘Here you have it, Dave. But what’s a “twink”? The only twinkies I know are those cloying little cakes stuffed with cream’.

‘Twink is a young gay man, slim and hairless with boyish looks.’

‘Really? Oh’, Kyle said, adding a surprised “OH!”, thinking of the implications that being compared with a cake stuffed with cream would had on the context of the talk.

‘And what’s a… how did you said? a “trunk”? What does that mean? Oh, man, that meat smells so good. Let me give you a hand with those plates.’

‘Thanks. The word is “twunk”. Combining twink and hunk. It’s a twink with muscles. Like your friend, Superboy? the one with the leather jacket? he’s very twunk. Well, if he were gay, of course, but you got the idea. Let’s go to the table, guys, the burgers are ready. Now, does “Supertwink” sound mean to you, Kyle?’

‘I’m not an expert, but it doesn’t sound mean to me’, said Kyle, omitting to say that by David’s definition, Terry would be, in fact, a supertwink. ‘But I think you’re figuring things, Terry, like when you thought the girls at the front desk didn’t liked you. But you know? The real problem here is that you are going to the gym in a Superman t-shirt, instead of one with the Green Lantern logo on it’.

‘Then I’d be “Twink Lantern”, I guess’, Terry responded, rolling his eyes. ‘But I didn’t had any luck finding a GL t-shirt. You need a PR agent Kyle, there’s not enough Lantern merchandise around here. It’s been ages since I saw a coffee mug with your logo on it. Does anybody want another beer?’

‘I still haven’t finished mine’.

‘I do, hand me a Kolsch, please Baby. That’s a good point, Kyle. Did Superman have a contract with a marketing agency or something? I’ve seen his logo printed practically on everything’, David said.

‘Not that I know. But you know? I should hire you guys to do some promotion, just for me. Some of the Lanterns are not happy about the merchandising. Guy and Simon didn’t care; Hal is not exactly enthusiastic about it, but John hates it. He says it dishonors the public image of the Green Lantern Corps as a serious institution.’

‘Oh, come on…’

‘You know how John is. And I swear, every year he’s getting a bit grumpier. But, hey, I have the logo that I made for myself when I was the only Lantern around; we could use that one for print some shirts or caps. Oh, man, your burgers are the best. You should open your own place…’

It had been a very nice afternoon, which now seemed very distant. Thinking back on those happy times, Terry’s mind slowly returned to pondering his worries. What to do with Kyle?

Being Kyle’s art assistant on the Daily Planet, one would suppose that the firing of his boss would make him worry about his future employment, but Terry wasn’t thinking about himself. He was worried about Kyle.

His longtime friend had been a bit strange for some time, especially in the last weeks. He seemed somewhat tired and discouraged, but above all, he looked sad. He was not the man full of life that Terry knew so well. The changes had been subtle at first, but they had not escaped his eyes. “Lost” was the word that came to mind to better describe his friend’s recent state.

Terry was fully aware of the kind of pressures Kyle had to deal with. He discovered his secret identity a few months after becoming his assistant, and had always been respectful to that part of his life, keeping the secret without saying a word until Kyle finally revealed it free-willed, shortly after that horrible attack. Terry wasn’t nosy. The last thing he wanted was to annoy his friend with questions about his superhero duties, so most of the time he just listened, without asking too many questions and offering his support when Kyle needed to talk.

In the last weeks he had broken his usual habit and had been a bit more insistent to know if everything was alright.

Kyle assured him everything was fine, but it only made Terry nervous. If he couldn’t tell what was happening, it had to be something bad, he supposed. Was his stressful superhero life what was haunting him again? He remembered Kyle had returned visibly affected after spending a season in a corner of the galaxy called the Vega Star or something like that, and it took him months to fully recover from it. Had he been there again? Was he sick or something?

Then the meeting to notify him of his dismissal had come. Terry thought he would be fired too, but was only summoned to inform him he would be transferred to another part of the design department once he finished his job with Kyle. He was the only one being fired. It was until that moment that he realized how bad his friend was. During the meeting, Kyle had been distant, strangely calm even when the cretin on the other side of the desk raised his voice at him. The normal Kyle would NEVER have allowed that to a third-rate bully like Jonathan Baxter, the newly promoted editor-in-chief for the offices in Coast City, to raise his voice to him, but apparently he hadn’t even noticed it. Being fired from what had easily been his best job wouldn’t help him at all to deal with whatever he was passing for.

The worst, Terry later discovered, was that his firing was not really due to budget cuts at the Daily Planet. It was a shitty excuse that Baxter was using as an excuse to justify kicking Kyle out. Baxter’s secretary had told him so during his lunch break.

After the meeting Terry had invited his friend over for dinner, hoping he would finally open up and tell him what was happening. Kyle agreed, but had said he had some things to do, and assured Terry he would call him at night to visit him and David tomorrow.

He hadn’t called back yet. He would have had to attend some kind of emergency or some supervillain attack, probably. Would he be dealing with some cosmic crisis in course? Or could it be something else that was bothering him, like an issue with some new girlfriend?

A burst of laughs pulled Terry out of his thoughts again. A group of friends at a near table seemed to be having a terrific time together.

‘Friends. We’re friends, dammit, and friends trust each other. You don’t have to deal with everything by yourself, Kyle.’

Terry finished his cake, paid the bill, and went out for a walk. There were too many people in the park. Maybe a walk through the art stores would help him think a bit, he thought. He needed to buy Indian ink, anyway.

To some extent, Terry could understand his friend’s reticence to talk about his problems. Some of Kyle’s loved ones had suffered greatly because of his life as a superhero. It had all started with the horrific murder of his first real love, Alexandra Dewitt, within days of he had obtained the power ring, and sadly, it wasn’t going to be the only time that being a Green Lantern would tarnish his private life. It was understandable that he wanted to push people away to not put them in danger or cause them any harm, but he couldn’t live in the void. Terry, along with other friends and even many of his girlfriends had all eventually talked with Kyle about the problem at some point, and even though he had gotten better over time, he was still withdrawing into himself when things went harsh. Was he condemned to be always like that, living locked alone in a shell of himself? Terry would never let that happen. Kyle was a good man, one of the best people he had ever met; he didn’t deserve to pass his life feeling he was alone.

‘If only things were different. Just a bit different… if only… if only Kyle was…’

A burst of laughter near him cut through the thought. It was better that way. He didn’t like where his train of thoughts was going.

He walked a little more and then became aware of something strange: another group of giggling boys had just passed him.

Laughs. Again.

Until then he hadn’t noticed, but there seemed to be a lot of people laughing and giggling. He looked around, somewhat puzzled and then he realized. Sure enough, there were people laughing around him. It wasn’t an overwhelming amount certainly, but it was a bit unusual. What was so funny? He continued on his way, this time paying more attention to what was happening around him. Yes, something was definitely happening. Couples or groups of people giggling or laughing seemed to multiply, giving a certain sense of unreality. Among the groups of amused people, here and there was a minority who seemed shocked, offended or disgusted. He tried to pay attention to the talks, but he couldn’t understand what they were about.

‘Oh my God! I can’t believe it! ha, ha, ha!’ ‘Man, what a fucking joke! I used to respect him so much, but now…’

‘…never suspected it from him. Do you think he had been doing that from the beginning?’ ‘Oh, no fucking doubt about it. I knew it from the very first time I saw him. Just look at his costume, it’s pretty obvious…’

‘Dude! Dude, look! My girlfriend wears exactly the same model!’

‘No fucking way. It had to be a joke. You gotta be fucking kidding.’ ‘No, look at it by yourself, dude! it’s real, look!’ ‘It has to be an app. Like, the one that puts cat ears or bunny mouths on the photos…’

‘I think he looks so cute with them.’ ‘Cute? Oh, you’re nuts, Lindsay! I like guys being guys, not like that!’ ‘I like feminine guys, what’s so bad about that?’

Terry grew increasingly confused, until he passed an electronics store with televisions in its window.

At first he had a hard time understanding what he was seeing, partly because from the outside of the store he couldn’t hear what was being said, but also because the images didn’t seem to make sense either. It seemed to be the noon news, showing an amateur video of a man in filthy tights that… had his butt exposed?? Was that on the news, really? Then the camera zoomed in, and it turned out that the man was not just in tights with a window for his butt, he was wearing a muddy Green Lantern costume, and not only he had his dirty hairy ass fully on view, he was wearing a frilly red thong. A pixelated area censored by the broadcast indicated that the man was also sporting a championship boner.

What the hell was that??? And why was something like that on the news? Did someone hack the TV signal to make some kind of sick joke? A crowd of onlookers began to form around him, and the jeers and giggles began again.

The camera zoomed out to reveal that the bum’s owner was floating in the air. Terry realized, astonished, that it was not a porn spoof, that the man on the screen was not a pervert bum in disguise. He was nothing less than his longtime friend Kyle Rayner, The Mighty Green Lantern. The defender of Coast City was shamelessly showing his dirty thonged butt and a big boner in public, as he helped a group of cops or some sort of rescue team to clear a mountain of debris with one of his constructs, a green crane made with his power ring. The camera then focused on the crane. I was being operated on by an obscene cartoon of… a bodybuilder disguised as a construction worker with an harness and an utility belt full of giant dildoes??

‘What… a… FUCK…???’, Terry said open- mouthed. If John and Hal were worried about dishonoring the public image of the Green Lantern Corps for some innocent t-shirts or merchandising with their logo on it, they were going to have an aneurysm when they knew the show Kyle Rayner was giving to the city.

‘No way. You gotta be fucking kidding, that’s not… Kyle would never… he never EVER could… he wasn’t into… what’s with that stupid cartoon of a bodybuilder?? but… why he…? Why on Earth Kyle would…??’

The video was real, no doubt about it. Terry knew it but refused to believe what he was seeing. He tried to convince himself it was some joke, a video made by an internet troll or something, one of his haters who had gone too far. Or it was one of those odd duplicates, like Superman’s enemy, Bizarro. Terry couldn’t remember exactly now, but Kyle had told him once that there was another planet, dimension or something, where everything was the opposite and was full of things that were the twisted reflection of this world. Back then Terry had thought he was kidding him, but now he could accept such madness, because the real Kyle would never do something like that.

But it WAS him. The salacious cartoon was something totally out of what Kyle would ever do, but at the same time Terry recognized it as a work of his friend. It was, in a crazy way, totally his style. It could fool others, but not Terry.

But WHY??? Kyle had to be drugged or something. Maybe someone was forcing him to humiliate himself in public for… he tried to think of a reason why someone would do that, but he was unable to think on something. It was all so weird! Or maybe… Terry felt his blood run cold.

‘Kyle has lost his mind. Whatever was dealing with finally broke him inside and now he’s having some kind of identity crisis. My God, I have to help him. Jesus Christ, Kyle, what a fuck have happened to you???’

Maybe that’s why he had been so strange since yesterday. Being fired had been too much for him, the height of a long crisis he was secretly passing, and he had refused to go home with him because he was having a nervous breakdown or something. God knew he had seen serious shit being a superhero, and he probably had got enough of it. Terry pushed his way through the laughing crowd and pulled his phone out. The first would be to find out where his friend was and get sure he hadn’t lost his head.

Terry’s best friend had certainly lost a lot of things in the last hours, and now, bent over in front of the bathroom mirror to take a quick look at his ass, he was noticing one of them.

‘So that’s my… my…fuck, what’s your name, little one?’

Kyle had been wondering how his asshole looked like since this morning, when the half-drunk trucker he rescued on the highway had brutally used it. He imagined that after being penetrated by the fat, rough, callused fingers of that hot trucker (and later by three of his own fingers), his hole would look huge. He had imagined it throbbing, sloppy and red hot, that was how it still felt, but much to his surprise, his slightly hairy hole looked tiny and pinkish, only slightly reddened.

But something funny was happening. He couldn’t find the right word to call the tiny little hole on his rear. That word, along with all the others he would have normally used to name it seemed to have been replaced by others.

‘It‟s my…. cunt?… hmm, yeah, welll, it is, but I was thinking on…., it’s a, should be… pussy! That’s it, much better. Pussy, I have a pussy… hmm…no, no, no, wait, it should be a… more like a… it’s a… duuhhhh…’

The word he was looking for was “anus”, or at least some decent synonym of it. He knew he knew the right words, he almost could feel them on the tip of his tongue, but couldn‟t use none of them on himself.

‘Hmmmmm… gee, I am becoming, like, not very good with words, Dick Bro! It should be more like a…like a…uh, goosh… I can’t think on any symonimi… simotyni… syno… on words that mean the same than other words! Duh, I am, like a…such a ditz!’ He stupidly guffawed at making the self-debasing admission.

He tried to focus, but only vulgar words were coming to his head, just like “no homo”, and all the other rude words and nasty expressions that his still malleable brain had absorbed in the course of the morning, in order to fill in the gaps in his badly made mental reprogramming to become the filthy closeted slut he had been told he truly was.

A big dumb grin appear on his face as he decided it was right for him to be vulgar. That seemed to suit a dirty dumbass like him. Yeah, he had to play prissy to keep his image as a respectable superhero and supposedly straight man, but here, in the privacy of his inmate’s bathroom, he was free to be the lewd filthy slut he secretly always wanted to be.

‘Cooch. That one sounds fine, Boss used it for me. I have a coochie! Hee, hee, hello, my tiny coochie coochie coochie…’

Despite the fun he was having, he just give it a quick look, and forced himself out of his stupor. On his way down the hallway, wearing only the semitransparent green towel and sandals made with his power ring, Kyle regained a bit of mental clarity and ashamed of his behavior, reminded himself that he was not stupid nor a slut, and that he had to make an effort to keep focused, be cautious, and above all, he should try to take it easy.

The fierce headaches he was suffering detonated, he suspected, when the conflict inside him reached a critical point, or at least were related to those stressful thoughts. Nothing had happened in the shower, probably because he was relatively calm. But to keep revolving his ideas in circles questioning everything at the moment would probably end up causing another series of killer migraines that would leave him powerless and helpless, as had already happened when he was trying to apprehend the bank robbers. He had been lucky enough that the power ring had protected him while plummeting from 16-feet high to hit the car with his head. Without the power ring he surely would have left his few brains scattered all over the storehouse floor.

The headaches were disarming, and each episode seemed to be getting worse and worse. Now he was in the safety of the thugs’ house, but what if one of those headaches happened while he was flying over the skyscrapers in the financial district? Or while he was patrolling the highway like this morning, but in rush hours instead? Supposing the power ring would keep protecting him (which he could not predict if it would keep happening or not), he still would hurt or even kill someone for falling from the sky like a sack of potatoes.

No, he wouldn’t take the risk of having one of those headaches again if he could prevent it. He was going to play along with whatever the thugs were planning, keeping his prissy inner voice’s protest at minimum. The Green Lantern’s Oath had helped Kyle to keep some of his consciousness and apparently it was being useful to calm his train of thoughts, so he was going to stay with it if things were getting too conflicting. He took a deep breath before crossing the threshold.

‘Go on, Kyle. You can do it. Do your best and keep your head open. And remember, maybe they’re not that bad. Just keep your mind open, OK?’

The disgraced hero found his favorite couple waiting for him in the living room. With most of his brand new sofa set already ruined and dirty, Papi had preferred to sit in on the comfortable black leather lazyboy Kyle used to rest in, the only piece of furniture in the living room still clean and intact. Chuy had all his big chunky silvery rings on his fingers with made him look particularly ruffianish ( and sexier, according to the new definition of sexy on Kyle’s mind), but thankfully he was already wearing a t-shirt way big for him, so Kyle wouldn’t be too distracted with his seductive pierced body. He was eating chips, mesmerized with the last hit of Bad Bunny on MTV, but he took a moment to give Kyle a wide smile and blow him a silent kiss with his precious puffy lips. He chucked by the way Kyle flinched and blushed for it.

For his part, Boss was leaning on the kitchen door frame with an unreadable expression, still shirtless, holding his first Miller Lite of the day. He sipped his beer and turned to Kyle with a smile that made the hero’s guts shrink and twist. It wasn’t a friendly smile, but a smug crooked grin. Tyron always made it whenever he had an unbeatable winning poker hand, or when he wanted to make a not so kind reminder to a defaulter.

‘Is… is there something wrong, Boss?’ Kyle mumbled as his courage and determination evaporated. He could not help himself, as his posture sank and his toes turned inward. The fear was turning him into the little sissy his inmates wanted.

T-Bone did not answer. Instead, he took another drink to finish his beer, crushed the can with one hand and dropped it to the floor. The smile had faded from his face. Then he adjusted his bulky leathered package with a blant squeeze, and began to walk to the now faint-hearted Green Lantern, balancing his bulky torso at his thuggish swag. Kyle’s knees started to shake. It didn’t matter that he had the power ring on his finger, the most powerful weapon in the universe, nor the years he had spent training with the best and fearsome warriors from all across the galaxy. With the skills he had, he could have easily knocked out T-Bone with one hand, but the once mighty Green Lantern was shaking like a shitting dog, simply by watching the lilting gait of this street slacker coming to him. The worst, he realized, was that he wasn’t just shaking in fear, but also in desire. Boss looked so dangerous, so strong, so manly… so fucking sexy.

The thug stopped when his hairy pecs touched those of the confused superhero. The contact made Kyle yelp, losing the little concentration he had. The towel and sandals he had made simply vanished into the air, and Green Lantern, now reduced to a pitiful coward, stood completely naked in front of the man who had enslaved him, shaking and struggling to keep silent. Stripped of anything to cover his body, Kyle’s pecs were not the only part of his anatomy in contact with T-Bone: the tip of his hard erection was rubbing his master’s crotch, leaving a trace of precum all over Tyron’s bulge.

‘Ohhhh, fuuuuck…uh this feels…. uhhhh, so fucking good!’

Kyle was marveled at the magnificent man in front of him: his wide flat nose, his strong chin with a hot unkempt goatee, two enormous cheap faux diamonds on his lobes ears that gave him that hot lowlife look… oh, those huge protruding lips that invited to be kissed, his beautiful round black eyes that looked at him full of the contempt he deserved, his big hairy pecs with those delicious nipples… he couldn’t help but wonder what a hell they had done to him to make him imagine this handsome masculine thug forcing him to suck his cock in a dark alley in the middle of the night, surrounded by the criminal scum of Coast City, as Papi emptied a can of beer all over his head…. Above all, he wondered if those debasing fantasies were coming from whatever had been done to him, from the weed, or from the depths of his mind.

Boss’s iPhone started ringing (’Your phone. It’s your phone, yours, damn it. You bought it less than a month ago! Remember?), but no one made an attempt to answer it.

T-Bone belched straight on Kyle’s face and looked him up and down in silence. It took all of his will power to keep his poker face. Seeing such a handsome stocky man with that distressed face and cowering body language was comical and arousing, especially coming from a man who used to be a distinguished lawman respected all around the world, and above all, the man who had stolen him the most loved.

‘Try to arrest me now, you green piece of shit. Make one of your stupid jokes now, like when you took me to the police station!’, he wanted to yell at the defeated hero. Treating Rayner like the piece of trash he was wouldn’t turn back time, but it was making him feel better. For the first time in years, Tyron felt he could come to terms with life.

He was delighted, but showing it would ruin the tension. Instead, he spoke in his “fear-me voice”, a voice slightly deeper than it naturally already was.

‘Take a cigarette out of my pocket and light it up for me, faggot.’

‘Y-yEs… I-I mean, yes, Boss’. Kyle responded with a whisper, and it made him feel even more aroused. Being submissive and meek to men manlier than him had become an intoxicating aphrodisiac, and doing it being naked even enhanced at twice the feeling of submission. He felt so vulnerable, like a hopeless slave.

‘Like the hopeless slave I am…. and… fuck, I think…I kinda like it… I’m sooo fucking horny!… but I can’t like this.. I shouldn’t like this so much…I’m a hero… or at least I was a hero… I used to be straight, and was so respected and strong…’

Kyle gulped as he slipped his hand into tight’s Boss’s pocket, taking the chance to hump a bit T-Bone’s crotch. Dick Bro was leaking so much precum all over Tyron’s bulge, leaving a path like a giant wet slug. The contact with the soft leather of his jeans made him shiver, and he fought to not drop the pack of cigarettes once he was able to pull it out.

As he lighted the cigarette with one his constructs, he couldn’t help but feel a bit miserable thinking on how he was using his ring today: to make cartoonish horny men, bongs, towels, sandals, and now, a zippo to light a petty street criminal’s cigarette. What a way to waste a legendary device with almost infinite powers!

Boss took a long drag on his cigarette and blew the smoke directly into Kyle’s face.

‘Let’s make this clear, you asshole; your main duty is to watch over us and serve us hand to foot, not to play cop out on the streets. You can do that in your free time, but all this Lantern stuff is to serve us as your first job. Is it clear?’

‘Yes, Boss, crystal clear. I- I was on my way back here, but I heard an alarm and I had to…’

‘I don’t give a fuck, Rayner. If you don’t rehabilitate us right, I’ll get your ass kicked out of your precious corps for not doing your job well. From now on, you can take your early morning walkies as always, but I want your ass back here before 10. I want our breakfast ready and the house clean. I don’t give a fuck whatever shit you’re doing, you must be here before we woke up and the house must be already clean. You can keep with your superhero crap later. Do you understand, moron?’

‘Yes, Boss, Sir. I understand perfectly’. As scared as he was, Kyle didn’t hesitate for a moment if he could be really expelled from the corps for something like that. If Boss was saying it, it had to be true.

Tyron gave another drag to his cigarette. Seeing Kyle shaking so pathetically in front of him, naked and defenseless, was making him want to kick him in the nuts and beat him to a pulp, and maybe he would have, if he hadn’t been so sexually aroused. ‘Maybe later’, he told himself. Humiliating Green Lantern was getting more satisfying than simply taking his anger out with his fists.

‘Fine’, he finally said. ‘Stuck it up well in your thick skull, cuz I don’t wanna give you this talk again. Now, we’ve already chosen your clothes for today. You’ll find them on the coffee table. Dress quickly and go to make us our breakfast, bitch.’

‘Yes, Boss, yes, Sir! It won’t ever happen again, Sir.’

‘Now move on’.

When Kyle turned around, T-Bone spanked him hard. The Emerald Knight whimpered in the unmanliest possible way, and ran to look for his clothes.

‘It’s for your own good, princesa’, Chuy said. ‘If you want to stay as an elite member of the Green Lanterns herd, you gotta keep doing your job well.’

As distressed as Kyle was, he had no qualms about putting on the attire Boss and Papi had chosen to ridicule him further: a huge reinforced bra, a tiny fringed crop top with the words “Classy Lassy” written with green sequins, the open-crotch lace panties and fishnet stockings that Chuy had been slept in and wore to fuck with Tyron the night before, and a mini skirt made of black shiny vinyl. He didn’t even hesitate while putting on Chuy’s shattered smelly old faux Jordan’s. They were at least three sizes too small for Kyle, but it didn’t matter: the once white footwear did not put any resistance; they felt all loose and floppy. As soon as he slipped his foot inside, the frontal seams gave way, and he found his toes sticking out of the old sneakers in plain sight.

The once glorious champion of Coast City looked like a homeless whore, but had little time to think about his ragged appearance. Kyle headed to the kitchen to serve his masters.

As Tyron approached his lover to have some heavy petting, Kyle’s former iPhone began to buzz again.

‘Oh, come on, Kyle, pick up the phone, dammit’. Terry called again, but there was no response. He surely had left his phone at home, he thought.


Terry opened Facebook to see the last time Kyle had posted something, to get an idea where he was. He hadn’t updated in days. But Terry found, with not much surprise, that everybody was talking about the hero’s strange behavior, mostly in a mockery tone. There were people wondering if the hero limited himself to wear only women’s thongs, or if he liked to wear full sets of ladies’ lingerie under his uniform. Others took their time to investigate the model and brand of thong Green Lantern was wearing (they had identified it, the manufacturer had renamed them as “Lantern Fantasy”, and was selling the model like hot cakes). Two brands of lingerie for men were already offering a year of free clothes and an exclusive contract to the Emerald Knight, in exchange for promoting their products during his patrolling.

He went to twitter to check Kyle’s account, but he found the same: no update from his friend in a long time. And no surprise, the talk around the Coast City’s Champion was even more hostile there, since the restrictions on language and images were laxer. It was full of insults, crude memes, nasty montages, video reactions, parodies and all kinds of cruel mocks. There were even a bunch of idiots organizing “The Sissy Lantern Challenge”, which consisted on take a video doing some good action pantless on the street, while wearing ladies underwear.

‘Twitter as kind as always’, he thought bitterly. His friend and his extravagant choice in underwear occupied the first three places of national trending topic, and the hashtags “DickLantern” and “ButtLantern” were getting enough attention to enter on the international trending topic list. Terry didn’t had a Tiktok account, but he figured the same scenario would be repeating on it and on any other social network. His haters were, of course delighted. Everyone seemed to be making fun of The Green Lantern.

‘He had saved the Earth so many times, and was that how people pay him? Making fun of him?.’ Much to Terry’s relief, a growing group of people had started to defend the superhero.

‘He likes to wear ladies underwear, so what? he has saved us a hundred times, I don’t give a damn what he wants to wear’, one user pointed.

‘We’ve seen Wonder Woman running practically in underwear for years, so what’s the deal if a male superhero want to go out wearing a ladies thong?’ another user asked.

It was nice to see some people defending Green Lantern at some degree, although Terry still felt bad for all the crude jokes people were at the expense of Kyle. He wondered again for what could have led his friend to do that. Unable to decide what course of action he should take, Terry decided to call his friend again.

‘… and here’s your pancakes, Papi’, Kyle said, posing another plate on the table, along with the rest of his inmates’ breakfast: fried eggs, crispy bacon, ham, sausage, and beans.

Kyle had planned to prepare his masters the kind of healthy breakfast he used to eat: fresh fruits, greek yogurt, vegetables, oatmeal, hard-boiled eggs, juice… the healthy diet proper to keep the physical condition that a superhero required. He naively thought they would like his favourite veggie omelette, but Boss corrected him as he saw him pulling out the mushrooms from the fridge.

‘Keep that Muscle Mary shit for you, Gayner. We don’t eat those things.’

Real men like him and Papi needed real men’s food, like fried eggs, bacon, ham, waffles, fried beans, pancakes, muffins, toaster pastries, burritos, enchiladas and so, always accompanied with cold beers, of course. Fruit juices were for pussies, except if they were accompanied by alcohol, like rum, tequila, mescal or vodka. Luckily, there was a well-stocked pantry at Boss and Papi’s home, so Kyle began to cook some dishes from the list his masters gave him.

While cooking, he asked what “Muscle Mary” meant, he had never heard that term before. Papi and Boss kindly explained him that it was the name given to fags like him and all of his superhero friends: limp-wristed pussies with overdeveloped muscular physiques and empty heads, always worried to keep their bodies pretty and hot, hoping they would impress some real men and get their attention. Muscle Maries were always hoping real men would pay a little attention to them, or even feed them with cocks in their mouths or asses, that was the highest honor that fags like them could reach. That, or just to make other queens jealous of their big muscled bodies.

Kyle wanted to protest, but he kept listening is silence. What these hunks were saying was not only absurd, but horrendous. Both were undeniably wise, and they were right about him at many things, but not about his friends. Yeah, they were a bunch of muscular pussies, but they were certainly not vain selfish sluts. They clearly didn’t know a word about superheroes.

Or so he thought at first.

The more Kyle heard the goons’ spiel, the more sense their words had. All of those skin tight flamboyant costumes made of spandex, leather and rubber were not just because, right? If they had wanted, they could have done superhero work in normal clothes, or wearing normal pants like the cops or the firemen did. But no, not them. Instead, they chose to wear the most fitted and revealing clothes in the flashiest colors, “like a fucking pride parade”, Papi said, an obvious attempt to make the criminals pay them some attention. What a bunch of fags!

Like that pretty himbo, Aquaman, who was always wearing those tight green leggings, long gloves and his golden sequined t-shirt. What kind of man wore a sequin shirt? That outfit was more appropriate for a showgirl, or a stripper than for a law enforcer. And what about his good friend, The Flash? His name was actually a short for “The Flasher”, Boss explained, that is what he really was, a horny flasher, always running around sheathed on his skin tight red costume, practically spray painted on his body to leave nothing to imagination. Or the “Man” of Steel himself, Superman, who was always blatantly showing his bright red panties over his blue tights wherever he went.

The couple explained all of this to Kyle, and soon he truly realized how effeminate, vain and sluty all of his friends really were. It had never been about justice, but to get more men and cocks. And all that time Kyle had invested in training, lifting weights, and getting stronger had never been really about being a better hero nor getting healthy, but an effort to get the attention of criminal men and arouse the envy of the other fags on the Justice League. On a second thought “Just-Sluts League” would be a better name.

If Kyle had been hesitant to ask other superheroes for help out of shame, now he was sure that he would never do it to defend his precious masters. What would those horny bitches do, if they knew the pair of hot gallants that Kyle had in his custody? They would get envious and try to take them from his side to keep them for themselves, of course! He could imagine his friend Wally West, “The Flasher” shamelessly twerking in front of his Papi, in a desperate attempt to get his magnificent cock stuffed up his red spandex lined ass.

Green Lantern wouldn’t allow it. Maybe he was a good for nothing goof, but those men had noticed him for some reason. He was their little servant slut, only he, and would not allow them to be taken from his side, he wasn’t going to let some of those opportunistic whores to put a finger on… wait a second, wasn’t he supposed to fight them to get his life back? Yes, that’s what he was going to do! But if he fights them, wouldn’t that leave him homeless? This apartment belongs to them. If it weren’t for them, he would be the first homeless superhero…

Fortunately, he didn’t had time to ask himself many questions. The kitchen demanded all of his attention. He had to remove the bacon from the heat, prepare the pancakes, pull out the vodka out from the fridge, fry a couple of eggs…

Soon the plates began to arrive at the table, and much to Kyle’s relief, Papi and Boss were pleased with the food.

‘Hmm, this is good! maybe you’re not entirely good for nothing, shithead!’

‘Thank you, Papi!’, the Emerald Maid said, when suddenly his stomach made a very audible growl. The amount of weed the stoned hero had smoked had left him truly famished.

‘May… may I eat something now, please, Sir? I haven’t eaten anything since this morning, and now I’m like, very, very hungry.’

‘Hmm… Ok, bitch, but clean the kitchen first. Once you’ve finished with them, you can make you fag food. And pour yourself a double whiskey; you’ve earned them, dumbass.’

The last thing Kyle wanted to drink in the morning was whiskey, but he was starving and also, his position was to obey, not to argue. He quickly did as he was told, while his masters enjoyed their food and talked about their plans for the day.

Kyle turned on the stove, put the pan on the fire, and poured a bunch of vegetables and eggs carelessly on it, before it was even hot enough. He was too hungry and did not care to prepare the food carefully, all he wanted was to eat something. As soon as the poorly prepared omelet was moderately cooked, Kyle took it off the heat. Some parts weren’t even fully cooked, but he was too hungry for that to worry him. He didn’t even bother looking for a plate, he put the pan on the kitchen table and started eating, increasing his sense of misery. He had barely taken a couple of bites, when his former iPhone began to ring again. They all had been ignoring it, until Boss finally got tired and open it.

‘Oh, for fuck’s sake. Rayner, who’s this “Terry” who’s been calling you so desperately today? Is one of those sluts you cheat on to steal their clothes?’

‘Uh? No, Boss, Terry is my assistant on the paper. We are due to turn in the final pages of our comic book for the Planet, next week. I must get the original sheets on Monday, and we have to complete it before next Friday, that will be my last day working there. I imagine Terry want to talk about it.’

’Hmmm…‟ T-Bone mumbled, unblocking the phone. ‘Oh, you’re right, he’s a guy. Terrence Berg and … 23 calls in a row? And wha- 15 whatsapps?? Fuck, this Terry guy must be really anxious to get rid of you, Rayner!’

Boss spent a moment sliding his finger across the phone screen to read all the messages. He frowned a moment, and then:

‘Wait, what a…? WHAT A FUCK???’, and suddenly he burst into laughter. ‘Chuy, Chuy! look at this, you won’t believe it!’

The skinny Latino approached his lover, and soon they were both laughing out loud. They turned to Kyle who watched them without understanding what was so funny, why they had tears streamed down their faces and could barely breathe. It took them some minutes to finally regain some composure.

‘Man, this is so good to be true!’

Loco, this is nuts! Hey, Rayner, once you’re finished come here, we have something to show you! But there’s no hurry, take your time and enjoy your meal, princess ’, Tyron said, savoring the moment with cruel delight. He was about to give Kyle Rayner the rush of his already pretty fucked life, so felt no need to hasten the poor imbecile’s lunch.

Kyle finished eating. He felt a bit dizzy, and lamented Papi’s decision to make him drink whiskey in such early hours of the day. Of all alcoholic beverages, whiskey was the worst for him .

The floor under his ragged sneakers seemed to wobble slightly but he managed to keep walking. When he turned to his captors he began to feel nervous. Would be another menacing speech, like the one they had to him before eating? T-Bone noticed Kyle’s apprehension and smiled at him with what he assumed were a friendly smile.

‘Relax, my Emerald Twat. Everything is fine. Just come and sit here, hero boy’, he said, pointing to one of Kyle’s ruined couches.

Once the mindfucked man was in his place, Tyron snapped his fingers.

Kyle fell into the “Soft Trance” again, and just like the previous cases, this state wasn’t peaceful. As soon as he fell unconscious his frowned forehead went beaded with tiny beads of sweat and he began to pant, mumble and groan. This time he even had little rales, as if he were having a very anguishing nightmare. T-Bone thought that even though his trance seemed a bit more agitated today, it still seemed deep enough to not have to worry.

‘Hey, Rayner, can you hear me?’

‘Y…y…. yeeessss… S… Sssiiirrr….’, the hero slurred, as he calmed a bit.

‘Good girl . You’re still calling me “Sir”. I’m glad you’re clear on the way to address your superiors. How’re you feeling today, Rayner? Remember you have to be 100% honest with us.’

‘Not… not a girl, Sir. I am… so conf… confused…. real things are… not like they used to be, Sir …. I’m feeling … very ssstrange and angry… frustrated and… angry…’

Both thugs shared a knowing wink. They were pleased, especially T-Bone. And even though neither of them said a word about it, they were both a bit shocked at how easy it was for them to get turned on by all of this. Their sex lives were normally so active and varied that they bordered on hypersexuality, but this unsuspected kink was reaching even new heights for them. Simply putting Kyle in trance was becoming enough to make them hard as iron.

‘And why you’re angry and confused, faggot?’

‘You…. you and the other Sir…… that skinny punk… done some… something very fucked up on my head… I don’t know what …. you’re corrupting me… I am not a… I was not a homo before but now… no, not gay, I mean… and don’t… don’t call me that, you twisted son of a…’

‘Hoooo, attaboy. So, you’re still there, uh? The real you. Well, you shouldn’t be so spiteful, man. We’re improving you, making you what you always wanted to be.’

‘Noooooo… no, that’s…. not true, Sir… let me go, Sir…let me go…’

‘I’ll tell you what, Rayner, I’m gonna give you… hmmm… ten. No, no, fifteen minutes to the real you to go out, so you can fully talk with us. There’s something I wanna show you. But you can’t move from your sit, and you still can’t do anything to harm us, nor to make any trick with your little magic ring against us. It will stay in your hand deedless, like the useless piece of junk it is. After fifteen minutes, you’ll slowly go back to being just like you were before this little talk. Do you understand? Not move from your sit, no harm us, no funny superhero tricks, just stay there and talk, and then you’ll go back to be the stupid submissive imbecile you are now’.

‘Go… go to hell, Sir…. I am not your amusement… nor… I’m not your fucking toy…’

‘Well, I’m not asking you, moron, I’m telling you. You’re nothing more than our fucking toy, asshole, whether you like it or not. I speak and you obey, is it clear, fagass?’

‘Y… yes, perfectly clear, Sir….’

‘Now wake up, Green Latrine.’


Kyle Rayner opened his eyes and blind fury tried to jump over the men laughing in front of him. The part of his being that was still intact wanted to fight, but his body reacted as if it were attached by chains and ropes to his seat. He wasn’t even able to raise his hands beyond his waist. The attempt to use his power ring to attack his captors failed miserably. The ring didn’t emit even a spark of light, much less a small construct. There was nothing wrong on his ring, but on his head, that had been totally stripped of the will or ability to work against his captors. The idea of causing them any harm was just inconceivable, although the idea of fighting them somehow remained solid as ever.

The real Kyle had a clear vision of himself, fully dressed on his superhero uniform, breaking their noses fist clean and kicking them on the floor, that is what he wanted to do, but it was slowly morphing on a vision of what his corrupted self truly wanted to do: his boots, forearm guards and mask were the same, but the rest of of his uniform had been altered beyond recognition to become a travesty of itself. It had turned into a maid costume, complemented by a white apron with the emblem of the corps on it. He even had a shimmering green headband on his head, and he was no longer punching them, he was pushing a cart made out with his ring, to bring their masters breakfast to his former bed as they fucked wild on it.

YOU SICK BASTARDS!! WHAT A FUCK YOU HAVE DONE TO ME?!!’, he roared trying to not erase such a pathetic mental image of himself. ‘LET ME… AARGHH!!! LET ME GO NOW, YOU FUCKING LOWLIFES!!! MOTHER FUCKERS, LET ME GO NOW!!!

‘Ohhhhh, do you behave like this, after all we’ve done for you, Kylie?’, Chuy said, coming near to Kyle and ruffling his hair.


‘Jo, you better watch your mouth. You are not in a position to make any threats, Princess’, at which the fallen hero responded moaning aloud. To Chuy’s delight, the orders he gave Kyle to get turned on every time he was called “princess” or was humiliated were still working, and so should be doing the rest of his reprogramming.

The superhero growled powerless as his penis came to life, so firm and hard that it peeked out from the vinyl skirt he was wearing. It took him a moment to regain his breath. His plan of keeping his conscious mind in secret was ruined now, but then it occurred to him that he still had a chance to get his life back if he could get any information about what was going on. He just had to make them talk as much as he could, and eventually they would release some valuable information.

‘If… if you two seriously believe you can do all this shit to me, and get away with it, you’re even more fucked up in your heads than what you’ve already fucked mine’, Kyle hissed through clenched teeth. ‘I have faced threats much worse than a couple of dirty lowlifes like you two. I’ve reached the White Lantern rank and defeated the worst scum of the galaxy. I’ll find a way to get out of this. It’s only a matter of time, and then you’ll regret to fuck with me’.

Both thugs just laughed. They had completely lost all respect for him.

‘Oh, you’ll become a White Lantern soon again for sure: we’re going to cover you with layers and layers of our spunk to leave you white from head to toes, glazed like a fucking donut’, Tyron said.

Kyle felt chills. From what he had seen so far this pair was perfectly capable of doing that to him. An idea came to his mind, a ray of hope that could save him if things kept getting worse and worse, and he began to say it even before he could finish on thinking about it.

‘I’m not the only Green Lantern on Earth now. I’m an elite member among the corps, a vital part of them. Some of my teammates will eventually come looking for me, and when they do…’

‘We’ll make to them the same thing we’ve done to you, Rayner. I wouldn’t mind having a bevy of green bitches serving me. Do you, Chuy?’

‘Fuck no, Ty. If they’re just half as stupid as this twat, we’ll have our own pack of green bitches in a week’.

Kyle paled upon hearing that.

‘You’re bluffing, both of you. You don’t have the power nor could resources to do that; there’s no way you ever do the same to the entire Green Lanterns Corps. Not even to the group of human Lanterns.’ Kyle was horrified at the idea that any of his friends would see him the embarrassing state he had been reduced. He could not see them to the face again and would have to resign, but ultimately, if things were even worst he still had a chance to be rescued. Or not?

‘Why not? we did it to you, the oh-so-powerful elite Lantern. But I think you weren’t a big deal after all, Rayner. That, or all the Lanterns are really a bunch of losers’.

‘Don’t you dare say that, you pervert piece of shit!’

But there was some truth in Boss’ words, right? If not, why had he ended up in such a humiliating situation? Kyle tried to put that thought aside and not to think about how much the idea of being a loser seemed to make his crotch throb.

‘Someone will come looking for me, and then will be much worse to you two. None of my friends will forgive all the shit you’ve done to me. I’m warning you, just… damn. Look, just get the fuck out of my house and leave me as I was before. If you do that I promise…’

‘You are no one to make promises or threats, you dumb slut’. T-Bone approached Kyle, lowering his fly and pulling out his hard uncut cock. It was 8 inches long, the same than Kyle’s but far thicker and slightly veinier, with a pronounced upward curve. Its big rounded head was already shining like polished onyx, due the precum rill that was flowing out of it. He began to hit Kyle on the face with it.

‘NO, STOP, YOU SICK FUCKER!! S-stop! Keep that thing out of my– STOP!’ He turned his head to avoid the huge, black wet member, just to find another long fleshy cucumber with a rosy head, rubbing the left side of his face. Chuy had imitated his lover and was now rubbing his drooling, uncut penis all across Kyle’s face, leaving a wide viscous trail on it.

‘I think the one bluffing here is you, Rayner. You- are- nothing – but – a – liar – swindler.’ he said. Both thugs punctuated each word with a stroke of his hard, slimy cocks straight to the hero’s lips.

‘NO! STOP! Of course I’m not! You did -OH, FUCK, I SAID STOP, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES!!’

‘If you were as smart and important as you boast’, T-Bone continued, ignoring the hero’s pleads, ’you were not in your cum stained couch dressed like a homeless harlot.

‘“An elite member” you said. Bullshit. That’s what you are, Rayner: just – a – big – pile – of – green – bull – shit.’ he said, and both repeated the treatment of strokes with cocks in the face of the mortified warrior.

‘No one gives a fuck for you. Just to know, how many of your idiotic friends are around here nowadays?’

‘We’re… fuck, I SAID STOP, DAMMIT! TAKE YOUR FUCKING PECKERS OUT OF MY FACE!’ By this point the hero had glisten sticky precum all over his face. Chuy was circling his mouth with his tool, giving a thick layer of gloss to Kyle’s lips.

‘We’re five Lanterns on Earth, STOP I SAID!’, Kyle found himself revealing against his will. He had been ordered to speak the truth, and didn’t have a choice but obey. ‘But nowadays there’s just three of us here. Simon and Hal went out to another sector with no date to return, and…’

‘Five??!! Jesus, man, I remember when it was only you. But if your crew has to put five other chumps to make your job, you really suck so much on this thing of being a superhero!’

‘It’s not like that! I was the only Lantern for a time, when the corps were destroyed and I was given the last power ring. But then I was able to restore them and…’

‘….and then they realized how lame you truly were, and had to put four babysitters to take care of you and your goofs. I guess that’s why none of them want to have nothing to do with you anymore.’

‘What a fuck are you talking about? You know nothing about us! Why you keep saying they don’t want anything to do with me? STOP, DAMMIT!’

‘I’m gonna show you, Rayner’, Tyron said, with a wide shark-like smile, ‘Then you’ll realize you’re not the big shot you think you are. But first I want to know everything you did this morning. All, I want to know everything.’

‘Oh, for God sake. There goes your plan to fight them in secret’, he thought. He knew he was going to tell them about his visit to the lab and what he found there. Also, the mortified warrior didn’t wanted to relieve his debasement again, but he had no choice.

Kyle began to tell everything that had happened since he woke up this morning, although the limits of his orders allowed him to skip the most graphic details and his inner feelings during his debasement to not feel too embarrassed. Still, he couldn’t help but get aroused, though he did his best to ignore his horniness. He also had to fight with his confusing feelings at the view of his inmates, jerking off their hard cocks in front of him. It was getting hard to tell if those veiny dicks and hairy balls were arousing or repulsive.

He began the story with how he woke up confused and soaked in his own piss, how he had been acting out of his mind while he jerked off like a madman, his failed attempts to stop, and how he had ended up humping his battered couch like a dog in heat and the guilt that had washed over him after reaching orgasm.

Kyle tried to tell how he had stopped the trailer on the freeway to redeem himself a bit, to feel he was still the superhero he was once proud to be, but the two studs in front of him weren’t interested on hear about “his superhero bullshit”, and didn’t give him opportunity to expand beyond the basics. Instead, they demanded more details of his experience being fingered by a fat trucker and how happily he had been slobbering on his sweaty hot cock.

He tried to hide his visit to the lab, but just as he feared, was unable to contain himself. The command to tell the truth had been implanted on the Deep Hypnotic Trance and had been heavily reinforced too many times in the last hours, becoming one of his main directives.

‘Whoa, whoa, stop there, Kylie boy. I want to know exactly what you found there, and what you know exactly about what happened yesterday in the lab.’

‘I don’t know, all I remember is that I was going to take you to the police station, and then there was a big white flash. I don’t even remember exactly what happened, but I think that’s where you… ugh, when you took control over me. And the place was practically clean. I just found… found a… a…’


Kyle began to sweat and toil. He didn’t wanted to keep speaking and did his best to keep his mouth closed, but the commands to obey and speak the truth were moving him like a ventriloquist dummy.

‘I.. just f-f-f-found a wrinkled photocopy with…ugh, with notes and some post-its on it. It have a blurry scheme of a device, I guess. It have a name too, and some kind of serial number or code. That’s all. The place just had some medical equipment to monitor brain activity, vital signs, EKGs, pulse, that sort of things, along with some lamps, spare parts and pieces of some machines. I don’t know what they were doing there.’

‘Ohhhh, so that’s the sheet of paper you were hiding.’

Kyle looked at him wide-eyed.

‘Did- did you already knew it? H-how?’

‘Oh, I know many things, Rayner. You can’t hide anything from us, dumbass’, Tyron said, hiding the fact that his discovery had been pure chance. ‘And tell me, smartass, what were you planning to do with your discoveries, huh?’

The hero closed his mouth and struggled with his entire being not to respond. He felt a compelling urge to speak his thoughts and explain himself in detail, but he knew he could lose everything. He clenched his fists hard, feeling his fingernails mark his palms with tiny crescents.

At the first he thought he could dominate his mouth, but his body betrayed him. The anxiety for not obey nor please reached unsuspected new levels, and began to break him down. He began to squirm and pouring down sweat like crazy, his heart pounding so hard he could feel its beating on his temples. It became a torture, he would have never imagined that keeping his mouth closed could make him suffer such a discomfort.

‘Oh, what’s the matter, Rayner? do you feel like shitting? Ha, ha! Come on, spit it, faggot. You know you want to please us’.

‘I…I-I-I… no…. argghhh…’

The brave Green Lantern resisted for almost two minutes that felt like agonizing two years. It looked like he was going to speak twice, but he burped loudly like a fratboy, because of all the acid his stomach was generating from anxiety. Kyle felt the words tingling on the tips of his lips, but forced himself to hold back, until his body began to tremble and his teeth chattered. He had the feeling he would explode if he didn’t speak.

‘I planned to secretly investigate that code, track it down, and search for the name on the document to know what they were researching there. I think you two used whatever was in that lab to do this to me. I wanted to investigate it on your backs, to find a way to get rid of you two, GODDAMMIT!! FUCK!!’

The feeling of defeat was overwhelming. Panting, Kyle lowered his head, ashamed of himself, of what he had become, but relieved, as his body began to regain his pulse. His former indomitable willpower, the source of his strength as superhero had cracked by the urge to please the whims of a pair of perverted scumbags. Kyle made a promise to himself that he would get it back, that this defeat would not stay unrevenged.

‘Good boy. Don’t you feel better after being honest with your owners, puppy?’

‘F-f-f… f-f-f-fuck you. Go to hell, you fucking asshole. Both of you.’

T-Bone looked at him shocked. Kyle though he was going to punch him, or kick him on his nuts, but to his surprise, the bulky thug patted his knee and laughed.

‘Ha, ha! fuck, I like that, Rayner! It’s even better if you keep fighting. Oh, I’m gonna love to fully break you if you’re still aware of what’s going on. Go ahead, tell me more of your “patrol”. But lean you forward a little, lean your hips to us, you’ve earned it.’

‘What?’, He said, automatically obeying ’What do you mean with fully br- oh, shiiiiiiiit!

Without any ceremony, Chuy inserted his middle finger into the superhero’s rectum, that he felt faint. His eyes rolled back as he moaned, ecstatic.

‘OH; FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!! Pull your fucking finger out of my…ugh! pull it out, Goddammit! I’m gonna, AAARRGG!! PULL IT OUT, YOU SICK FUCKER!!’

‘Cut the drama, slut. You’re loving this so much.’

‘Fuck you, that’s not true!! It’s…. carajo, sáca tu puto dedo de mi culo , cabrón! Pull it out now, dammit!’

‘Thaaat’s it, perfect, Mr. Hero. Now go on, tell us everything.’

‘T-then I heard- of, fuck! Fuck yes!!!.. I mean, I, I was flying back here, when I heard an al-fuck, no, stooop, don’t make this to meeee… I heard a bank alarm near me. I ran and….’

Kyle babbled the rest of his story, writhing on Papi’s finger with a mixture of shame and pleasure. Chuy simple moved his finger in circles, as the pride and hopes of Coast City impaled himself slowly at the hands of a common street goon. It took him some time to finish his embarrassing story.

‘So that’s why you stank so badly! You’re truly becoming a filthy pig, Rayner.’

‘Y-y-y-y-yessss, yesss, Boss, I’m a fucking filthy pig….….oowww… please, no more.. p-p-pull it ooout… I- I didn’t wa-wa-wanted, b-b-b-but…’ The once imposing and dashing emerald knight had becoming into a quivering wimpy sissy with watery eyes and bathed in sweat. He felt disgusted, but couldn’t stop moving his hips. Papi’s finger in his pussy felt so good…

‘P-p-p-p-pull it oooout….’, he mewed ‘p-p-p- pleaaaaseeee…It feels like… like… I‟m gonna,…oough… noooo…’

‘What‟s the matter, Gayner?’

Kyle had no idea what was wrong with him, but he soon felt himself full of air. The constant pumping in his ass had been slowly filling his recum with air. It was a new sensation to him.

‘Please, it‟s too embarrassing! Feels like… I‟m gonna… uggh’

Before they could say something, the air inside his recum began to escape. It wasn’t a fart, but is sounded just like one. The emerald knight felt like crying when the two thugs laughed out of their shame.

‘Wow, such a good trumpet you have, Rayner! Now pay attention, Stink Lantern, see how important you truly are.’

He turned the set on, and then, still panting, sweating and trying to recover his breath, Kyle saw it. Green Lantern was on the news, as always, but this time it was not to report his heroic feats, but to make fun of him. It was scenes from this morning, of him showing off his thonged butt in his filthy uniform. He had been so worried about the cops in front of him that had neglected all the people behind him. What a stupid mistake! As thick-headed as he was, he didn’t even thought on escape fast simply flying up to the sky before anybody had time to see him. He had stayed instead to give a show like a degenerate. And not only was about his ass, people had noticed his boner and the obscene cartoon he had made with his ring and were wondering about it.

‘Oh, my God. Dios mío, what have I done?’

A young reporter, who could barely contain his laughter, was interviewing people on the street to find out their reactions to the superhero’s outfit. It was the turn of a blond man in his 40s, wearing dark glasses:

‘I remember the first time I saw him, it was back in Los Angeles. He was obviously new on the superhero business, and was fighting with a guy in a robotic suit that called himself OHM, like the electrical unit, you know? Well, he was fighting with this OHM guy, and them he threw him at a lingerie store window. I saw him coming out from a pile of bras and knickers, I swear. I had forgotten that detail until I saw that video, but I was thinking, maybe GL lost a screw or two in his head with that impact, you know? and maybe he developed, like, a taste for wearing women’s underwear or something…’

‘Ha, ha! did that really happened, Rayner?’

‘Y-yes, but it’s not how that guy said!’, he sobbed.

That had really happened on his first day as a hero. He just had the ring the night before and didn’t even had his own uniform yet, just the generic one of the force. He barely knew what he was doing, but after some effort he defeated OHM, that was only a scrawny bald guy in a suit. He had appeared on the front page of the paper accompanied by a large photo of him standing victorious with one foot on the defeated villain, and that same photo was now being used today to supplement the interview. The lingerie store the guy had mentioned was fully visible on the background.

‘Nah, I like that guy’s idea. I’ll put it in your head the next time we mindfuck you’.

‘T-the next time?? What else do you want from me? You have already humiliated me in front of the whole city!’

‘You see, sucker?’, Chuy intervened, ‘This has been on the news since you came back home, and none of the other Lanterns had come looking to rescue you. They don’t give a shit about a pervert loser like you’.

‘That’s… no, it can’t… that’s not true, and none of this can be real! You’re faking all of this!’

‘It’s in all the channels, check it out, Greeny’, the skinny goon said, flipping the controller.

Kyle was agape and petrified. His brain couldn’t process what he was feeling, but his body could. His now weakened bladder came loose again but it was still very empty, and he barely managed to get a squirt on his underwear. He began to feel a wobble. His entire body was suddenly covered in icy sweat and every inch of his skin began to tingle and shake. The nausea struck him hard and everything around him was beginning to blur. He was going to pass out, or have a stroke. Yeah, he was going to give himself a cerebral embolism to escape out of the overwhelming shame he was feeling, and it would be fine. He was so overwhelmed, that didn’t realize how hard and wet his cock was getting.

His career as a hero was over. His reputation and public image had been destroyed. He wouldn’t be able to see any of his friends after this. What they were going to think of him? What the others superfags on the force were going to say? it was far worse than the worst scenario he had imagined. What was going to say to his father? Kyle had managed to restore a relationship with him, and now everything was ruined. If Aaron Rayner once had distanced from Kyle to protect him, now he would do it again out of loathing and shame.

He could no longer live with himself after this. He simply wanted to fall and die. And it probably would have been the case if had it not been because the fifteen minutes that T-Bone gave his conscience to be free were coming to an end. Slowly and without noticing it, Kyle began to squirm in his seat. The goosebumps and icy sweat he was covered on slowly began to warm and be replaced by a sick joy. His mental reprogramming to get horny whenever he felt humiliated had slowly begun to gain ground to consciousness again. His asshole was tingling and twitching and before he could rationalize, he was changing position, pushing his hips to the front of his seat and spreading his legs to slip his hand to caress his hungry pussy.

‘I’m over. My friends. My dad, my dad will be so embarrassed of me. He is going to look at me so full of disgust and contempt that I … that I … oh, fuck …fuuuck, no, I’m getting horny again….’

‘Do you still believe you’re… oh, fuck, bitch, this is turning you on now?’

‘No… yes… kinda… it’s… ohhh… it’s you, not me, you fucking psycho, don’t pretend this is me… you’re twisting me and… filling my head with all of your rotten perversions…oh, God…’ he moaned as his hand slipped over his wet hard erection and began to caress it up and down slowly. He licked his precum-coated lips, and tried not to think about how good that salty slime tasted.

‘What are you thinking now, Kyle?’

‘I’m thinking on… thinking on…my friends… my Dad… my Dad… what is he going to think of me when he sees me like that on TV…. It took me years to find him and began a relationship with him, but now you’ve fucked everything…’

‘Fuck, bitch! A relationship? like, a…?’

‘A relationship of father and son, not the depraved shit you’re thinking, Boss. I always wanted to have a dad. He left us me and my mom when I was six… damn…. oh, but I’m sure you would never understand that.’

‘You’re right, bitch. I don’t see why you would like to meet a fucker who dumped you and your mom away like a bag of trash.’

‘You don’t know a shit about my family, so shut the fuck up, Boss! It was not like that! He had to do it!’

‘Ha! That’s bullshit, Rayner, and you know it!’

‘He had to. He was a … a… fuck, I don’t want to say it…. he was a s-s-s…secret CIA agent… damn….’

‘Oh? Well, that sounds promising; maybe we should talk about the Rayner’s family history and you daddy issues later. I love to fuck with your morals, Kyle.’

‘Do you really want to go ahead with this??? Haven’t you already fucked me enough, you fucking psycho? You’ve already ruined me!’

‘I told you, we haven’t even started. I’m gonna fuck your entire life, Rayner. When I’m finished with you, you’ll be the shame of all the superheroes and every chump who knows your name.’

At this point, Kyle was fully stroking his manhood without even bothered to pull his panties down. Chuy’s and T-Bone’s hard exposed balls and penises didn’t repulsed him too much neither. It was the opposite. Rather now he was looking at them hungry, anxious to give them a taste, lick them and hopefully suck them hard until both criminals came in his mouth. His conscious hadn’t completely faded, but he was getting too horny by the biggest humiliation of his life to think straight. He began to fingering himself, but very mortified and embarrassed for what he was slowly becoming. Chuy began to tease him, bringing his cock closer to him and pulling it out of his range every time Kyle tried to lick it.

‘Nah, nah, my princesita, I thought you wanted our juicy peckers out of your face. I think I’m gonna pull it back on my jeans…’

‘NO! Nooo, please!’, Kyle cried, and managed to free his butt from his seat. The 15 minutes of grace that his captors gave him were finally over, and the first thing the superhero did was drop to his knees to the ground, and crawl all fours after the genitals he wanted so much.

‘Yeah, I said that, but… now I want… hmmm… fuck, this is revolting, but… oh, holy shit, I don’t like cocks but I want to lick yours. And your balls too. Give me your balls and your cock, please! Papi… please I need your cock… Boss, I need your beautiful cock and your ballsack, I need cocks, please… ¡Déjenme chuparles la verga, por favor! Let me suck you off, please!’

‘I’ll give it to you slut’, Chuy said with a big lewd smile, ‘but you have to call me Daddy. You know, just like you call me Papi already, but I want to hear you say it in English’

‘Yes, Daddy, whatever you say! But please, give me your balls, Daddy, let me suck your yummie cock, Daddy!’

Kyle adopted the idea ecstatic and horrified at the same time. He sounded truly depraved begging cock to his “Daddy”.

Before he could regret any more what he was about to do, Chuy pulled his pants down and leaned closer, standing on tiptoe to bring his scrotum closer to the needy mouth of the laughing stock of the city. Without any trace of hesitation, Kyle came closer and buried his nose deep in the thick mass of black pubic hair that grew on the testicles of his beloved Daddy to inhale his pungent fragrance. Due his previous mindfucking session, men sweat had truly became Kyle’s favourite smell in the world, especially Chuy’s among all the others. He simply loved it. His nose rummaged at the young latino thug’s crotch, inhaling the scent of ballsweat and poking through the jungle of thick curly hair with the hunger with which a starving pig would search for truffles.

‘Fuck, you’re tickle me, Kyle! Oh, that’s it, that’s it, keep sucking there, putito, right there…. uh, fuck, you’re good on this, Kyle… eso, asi, keep going, maricón de mierda….’

The Emerald Cocksucker stuck out his tongue and began to suck and lick the huge hairy balls in front of him as if they were boiled sweets. Kyle had once read that the testicles had a lower temperature than the rest of the body to keep the sperm healthy, and felt a sting of pride to discover it was true. When he suck one of Chuy’s big testicles inside his mouth, it felt slightly cooler, contrary to what he expected.

‘I’m becoming a seasoned slut. I’m learning a lot from men and cocks’, he proudly thought, holding on to the fleshy buttocks of the little Mexican bully to bring him closer to him.

‘OOOoooohh, sí, pinche puto, keep sucking me… that’s it, asi me gusta, maricón, trágatela, cabrón, and play it with your tongue… uuuuhhhhh’

Chuy grabbed him by the head, and at first forced him hard, but the more Kyle licked and sucked, the gentler Papi treated him, which he took as a good signal. He surely was enjoying his blowjob. Kyle tried to take both of Chuy’s testicles in his mouth, but the furry treats were too big for him. The little goon flinched, which made Kyle recoil in alarm. He didn’t want to hurt his beloved Papi.

‘Hey, hey, easy, putito, easy… don’t be greedy, putito mio’, Chuy said in a soft voice. He sounded loving, tender even as caressing the cheek of the kneeled superhero. Kyle found the touch intoxicating and rubbed his face against Chuy’s palm, as a happy pet would do. It struck him as odd that a disgusting bully like Papi had such rough-looking fingers, yet still felt so good and tender. The light covering of fake silver on his rings was beginning to peel off, showing the copper underneath, which made them look cheap and trashy. He, one of the greatest heroes on Earth was being humiliated by a miserable petty thief who couldn’t even afford decent rings, and by God, it felt great. While sucking on Chuy’s hairy balls, Kyle felt Boss’ boot lightly kicking his butt. Oh, this had to be undoubtedly the lowest point of his life…

While delighted in sucking Chuy’s dick, a less conscious Kyle, the side of him that was being merciless corrupted, reflected on what they had said. None of his superslut friends had come to help him. The instruction of believe on Tyron and Chuy’s suggestions was so deeply stuck inside his mind, that he couldn’t even stop to think on the possible reasons why his friends hadn’t come to save him.

Incapable of reasoning with his stupidified brain, Kyle simply connected all the dots with his previous talk about all the superheroes being smug envious sluts, and soon it was clear for him: Boss was right and he wasn’t that important. Maybe he was not important at all. But what was getting clear was that for the rest of his “friends”, he was just another Muscle Mary among the rows of horny whores on the Lanterns and the Justice League, and surely they weren’t gonna miss him. With one whore out of the race to get men, every other queer in the league would have more dicks for them. All that babble about being an elite member wasn’t really truth, but a fantasy that his dumb slow mind had created, surely just to have something to boast in front of other fags to impress them.

‘Boss was right, as always… they… they didn’t give a fuck for me. I guess…. maybe… I’m not important for them, I’m just another dumb slut, a hole to be filled with cocks and spunk…. fuck, cocks and spunk, yeahh!!’.

A pair of hands grabbed his head and practically ripped him off Papi’s dick. As soon as Chuy’s cock came out of his mouth, Kyle felt a huge hand slapping him hard twice. It was Tyron, demanding attention to his huge juicy manhood.

But if Chuy has been strangely tender with Kyle, T-Bone was the straight opposite. He took Kyle by his ears and before a single yelp would came out from his mouth; the thug shoved his fat cock deep down the hero’s throat with a violent push.


The mindfucked warrior struggled to breathe and loose up his throat, while T-Bone began to face-fucked him mercilessly. Kyle thought he would lose the battle with his gag reflex, but managed to resist. He choked when the enormous glans hit his uvula and tried to pull back, but T-Bone hold his head firmly.

I SAID SWALLOW IT, BITCH!’Tyron roared, pushing his hips further.

Kyle tried to beg him to stop, tell him he couldn’t breathe and how much his hears were hurting, that but it was useless. Tyron was skull-fucking him with all his strength. He looked up at him with pleading eyes, imploring for mercy, but all he found was a fuzzy silhouette. His eyes were flooded with an irritating mix of tears and sweat.

He couldn’t hear clearly either because of the huge hands that clutched his ears. His eyes burned, and his mouth and throat ached from the merciless pounding, but the worst by far was the pain on his ears.

The violent assault lasted several minutes. Every now and then T-Bone would pull his hard cock out of Kyle’s mouth to slap him hard while insulting him, and in those brief moments Kyle could breathe a little, before the huge bully grabbed him hard again by the ears or hair to keep fucking his mouth.

‘*God, he’s going to rip my ears off!’*, Kyle thought scared, just as he felt the pressure from Tyron’s hands decrease. He looked up and the river of tears and sweat prevented him from distinguishing what was happening, he only heard Boss say between gasps:

‘I’m fine, I’m fine, Chuy .. sorry, baby, I got carried away.’

Once free, the hero collapsed to the floor, and after a brief pause to catch his breath, Kyle went back to his knees to spent the next minutes giving them head at turns, still kneeled, jerking them with both hands and rubbing his dick when he had a free hand.

The criminal couple was delighted, not only because Green Lantern was making a very good job on servicing their dicks and ballsacks, but also for how goofy Kyle’s face looked, his handsome features distorted, with his mouth widened to accommodate two huge penises inside it. He was so busy sucking and marveled at the men he served, watching them caress and kiss each other, that he almost let both men end up in her mouth. Fortunately, he managed to get both cocks out of his mouth in time.

‘Wait, what, Daddy, Boss, please! Give me your cocks up my ass! please, I wanna feel your cocks inside, I need cocks!’ Kyle turned around and exposed his muscular ass to his captors. ‘Please, Boss, Papi! ¡Quiero vergas! I wanna feel your cocks inside me, pleeeaaaase! One in my coochie, one in my mouth’, he moaned, with a dopey grin. The lust had regained full control, and his conscious wasn’t able to stop it.

‘Fuck, I can’t believe I’m begging this pair of greasy scumbags to fuck me, to take my turd cutter and stuff it with their dicks and spunk… fuck, I can’t… shit, this is so wrong! I’m straight! Fuck, I wish I were not completely useless to anything but to serve horny thugs and criminals, and be their hopeless little slut…’

Kyle crawled to the couch and climbed on it. He turned to them and lifted his legs, spreading them apart to fully expose his hairy hungry pussy. Didn’t they liked what he had to offer? For what he knew, Papi was exclusively bottom, but he surely would have fun using his mouth, every men loved to be sucked, and he had a well skilled mouth to please his cock, and a pretty pink hairy fuckhole for Boss to ride. His cunt was surely not as appetizing and experienced as Papi’s hole, but his was new and unused, Boss probably would have a good time premiering it.

‘Please, please…’

‘No, STOP, Kyle! For God sake, you like women, remember?!’

The once straight warrior looked at his masters with beseeching, glassy eyes. Why were they hesitating? Why didn’t they jump on him and fuck him hard? None of them would like to fuck a virgin? He knew some men hated virgins for being slow and clumsy on the bed and only liked to fuck with well skilled sluts. Would that be the case? Kyle would be heartbroken if so.

‘Boss, Papi, pleaseeeee, please… I’m begging you, please…’

It would not be anywhere near the first time for T-Bone or Chuy to take part in a threesome, although it would be the first time they had done it in eight months, since they were together. Neither of them believed in monogamy. If someone would had asked them, they’d have said it was crap made for and by assholes. The world was full of delicious cocks, asses and pussies, and the idea of not testing and fucking anyone eager to have fun with them seemed utterly stupid. However, they had started a monogamous relationship, the first of their lives, without intending it nor ever talk about it. Their insatiable carnal appetites remained the same, and maybe would had even increased, but they simply didn’t felt any need to look for anybody else, nor invite others to their bed. It had become a private space for them.

They tacitly accepted their exclusive agreement, thinking that if they ever wanted to go back to their old practices, they could discuss it without the other being offended or scared. It seemed that the time had finally come in a form they would had never expected.

‘What do you say, Chuy? We give Slut Lantern here all the cock he wants?’ T-Bone said, furiously stroking his cock.

‘Fuck, yeah, Tyron! This sucker is sex crazy for us!’

‘I think this fag is still too tight to take both of us up his ass at the same time. Do you want his pussy or his mouth?’

‘I’ll take his mouth, T. You take him by his cunt and fuck his damn brains out…’, he said before giving his lover a passionate kiss.

‘Sound good to me, but we need something before. Place our phones in a right place, baby I want to record this moment’, the big thug said, and then, turning to the babbling slut that Kyle Rayner had become, he said:

‘Allright, bitch, we’re gonna fuck you as you want. But we must do it right, so put on one of your fucking costumes. A clean one, not the piss soaked rags you were wearing out on the streets. We’re going to breed the hero of Coast City on his precious uniform.’

‘No, wait, that’s too much, please!’, he wanted to beg.

‘Yes, yes, Boss, Sir, whatever you want!’, Kyle moaned instead. There was a green glow and the horny slut on the couch was fully uniformed again.

‘The big strong Green Lantern is nothing but a pansy slut! No, stop, don’t call yourself that… need, need to stop! Kyle, stop, you must stop…this is so degrading… fuck, I’m being so fucking unmanly. Shit, why I can’t stop? I’m so fucking horny and I can’t stop. You’re a superhero, stop, Kyle…’

But it was hard to feel like a superhero on his current position. This uniform was new and pristine, but it was still had his butt and worn lace panties on view. Also, he was lying on his trashed couch, fully hard, stroking his fuck stick, legs on air showing his hairy asshole, begging to be fucked as a street whore.

Tyron’s phone started ringing again.

‘Terry. That‟s Terry, he has already seen the videos and that’s why he’s calling for. He’s been worried about me and I never told him. My friend, he’s my friend … I can’t get you involved into this… Terry, please stop calling, please…’

Kyle closed his eyes and made an effort to control himself. He knew he had to protect Terry, he wasn’t going to let him be involved on any of this mess. He had failed his friend once and had sworn that whatever happened, he would not fail him again. Maybe he would have managed to get full control of his mind, had it not been because T-Bone snapped his fingers to give him a new order… and just because those orders weren’t pulling Terry in danger.


‘Now listen to me, Rayner, I’m sick of this bitch. While we place the cameras to make your first movie, you are going to call your little friend Terry Berg. I don’t want more calls, so calm down and appear to be normal, because you’re going to call to calm him down. You are going to tell him exactly this…’

Terry was about to finish the call to try again, when the phone at the other side answered. ‘Heeey, Terry, whassup, buddy?’

‘Kyle? Kyle! Thanks God, finally!’ Terry exhaled in relief.

(‘Did he said “whassup”???’)

‘Are you ok? Is everything alright? I’ve been calling you for- where- are, are you OK? Where have you been? Have you not read any of my messages? Are you at…’

‘Hey, hey, calm down, buddy, what’s ta matter?’

What’s the matter?? Terry had literally a billion possible answers for that question. First of all, the way he was talking. Kyle was speaking as he would do at any other day. He had become on the laughing stock of the whole internet, but he was asking “what’s the matter?” so casually, as if he were not aware of what was going on. But, what if that’s the case? What if he wasn’t really the guy on the video?

‘Or maybe he has lost his head and can’t see what’s going on? He’s the man on the video don’t try to deny it. That’s Kyle and you know it.’

Terry decided to calm down and test the waters.

‘Where are you, Kyle? Are you at home? May I pass to visit you?’

‘No, sorry, buddy. I’m a… something very important came up and right now I have a … uh, a situation on my hands. It’s, uhhhhh, rather big and hard and a… oh, God, I think it’s… it’s getting a bit harder, he, he, he..’

‘¿Kyle?’, What happens to him? Terry wondered. Then he fully noticed how weird he was speaking. He slurred the words, and couldn’t seem to concentrate. He would had never imagined that his friend, the formerly 100% straight and drugs-free Kyle Rayner, a.k.a. the mighty Green Lantern, was heavily intoxicated, covered with precum of two men, and was stroking the hard cock of a petty car thief while talking to him.

‘Uh? sorry, sorry Terry, I’m a… I’m a, a little busy right now, you know?, I have a… many, it’s, uh, Lantern’s stuff, ya know? Lantern’s stuff, yeah.’

‘I’m sorry, I don’t want to distract you, but… Look, I’m going to be honest; I’m worried about you, Kyle. You see, there’s a…’

‘Terry, I’m fine, I mean it, buddy.’

‘No, you’re not. I know there’s something going on with you, Kyle. You’re not the same, I want to help you. Just trust me. I’m just a normal man and maybe you’re passing for something way too big for me, but… just tell me and I’ll do my best to help you.’


‘Just tell me, please.’

There was a pause. Both friends remained silent for a moment, and then Terry heard something, a soft whispering sound or mumble barely audible on the back. It only lasted few second, but made him chill.

‘Kyle? Are you there?’

‘Terry… Terry….my friend… I must protect Terry…. save Terry…’


That made him regain his composure a bit. He tried to shake off the stupor of reprograming, the alcohol, the weed, and above all, the horniness. As he spoke, he finally sounded like his former self.

‘I’m here. Thank you Terry. Look, I’ll be out this weekend, but believe me, this is very important. Just… just give me a time to finish it, and we’ll talk Monday morning, ok? I still have to finish the pages for our comic for the paper and…’

‘I don’t give a damn about the pages, Kyle! I’m worried for you! Can I see you the Sunday? Please?’

‘I’ve told you, buddy, I’ll be out to attend to some… look, you’re right, I’ve been a bit depressed lately and there’s a lot of things happening. I didn’t told you, but I’m going to have to move from my apartment soon, and… It’s complicated, but I’ll tell you everything next Monday. I promise.’

It took a moment for Terry to respond. Kyle finally sounded like himself, but he couldn’t take the uneasy feeling that things were far worse than what he was saying. It took him a moment to talk again.

‘Ok, I’ll see you Monday morning. But please, take care. And call me before Monday if you can.’

‘I’ll do. Thanks for calling, Terry.’

‘See you soon, Kyle.’

It was T-Bone who ended the call. Kyle had his hands very busy to hold the phone, jerking Tyron and himself off.

‘Good job, bitch’, said the goon. Kyle had departed for the lines he had instructed him, but he thought he had nothing to be worried about. The purpose of the call had been achieved, and he wouldn’t have to worry for more interruptions, at least for the moment.

‘The cameras are ready, Ty’, Chuy announced. He hadn’t thought of sharing a bed with another man since he’d met Tyron, but the perspective to fuck with the famous Green Lantern had kept him hard as a bone. It has been long since he the last time he had been in a threesome, and his first time with a muscular hunk like Kyle Rayner.

‘Ok, Chuy, start recording. And you bitch; I want you to talk aloud. I like the loud faggots, who cry out for their machos’ cock. Don’t keep anything from us, do you understand, bitch boy?’

‘Yes, yes, Boss, Sir, whatever you say…’ mewed Kyle, raising his legs up in the air again, fully offering his asshole to the horny thug. ‘Just please, fuck me hard, please…’

T-Bone placed the big rounded head of his cock between Kyle’s muscular buns, teasing him.

‘I’m going to fuck your cock-hungry fagot ass to leave you well pregnant, Green Lantern.’

‘….please, pleaseee… I’m beg- UH, FUUUUUUCK!!!’

Tyron penetrated Coast City‟s hero without ceremony, not even widening or lubricating him. The pinkish hole was too tight, but not tight enough to impede the passage of T-Bone’s huge, fat cock. Kyle went cross-eyed as the enormous black cock stuffed his recum.


’Uuuuhhh, SHIT! You’re thigh, Green Cumdump!!‟ T-Bone took a moment to enjoy the mindfucked superhero’s little man-pussy, savoring his triumph over the once indomitable warrior. Still not moving, he could feel Kyle’s insides contracting in spasms on his cock. His inners began to feel wet, as T-Bone’s cock was squirting precum all inside.


Still inside the hero’s butthole, Tyron extended his hands and squeezed hard Kyle’s nipples. The superhero squirmed hard and moaned in a high pitch.

‘Like what, faggot?’, Tyron slapped Kyle hard. ‘I told you have to said EVERYTHING!’


‘I said say it, you stupid slut!’


T-Bone smirked, and as if Kyle had asked him otherwise, he started pumping the emerald knight’s butthole over and over again.

‘Please, wait, Sir! Just give me a sec- I’m gonn- AH, HOLY FUCK!’, he opened his eyes to see his beloved Boss, but could only barely see his sillouette through the rivers of tears and sweat that clouded his vision.

‘Ha, ha! I don’t give a fuck! I’m gonna make you shit by pleasure, you fucking cock-hungry pig!’

‘Chuy went close to make some closeups, holding the phone with one hand, and using the other to jerk himself off.’

‘Ahhh, so fucking good, T! ¡Que rico te cojes a esta mierda de putito!’

’Just- BOSS, PLEASE I- awwww, shit- Papi, I Aaaaahhhhaaaahhhhh- need a – Heheh! Woo! Ahhaahh! fuuuuuck!! ’ Kyle barely registed he had been called a shitty faggot, and tried to beg them to stop just for a second to take a breath, but find himself unable to talk. He tried to think on the Green Lanterns Oath to regain some focus, but was equally useless. The Emerald Knight went agape and cross-eyed, moaning aloud as he was fucked stupid over and over. His overdrived senses didn’t even took notice of how Chuy came closer to take video and pics of the goofy faces he was making.

‘I’m being fucked, for God sake, I used to fuck women and I have a big fat cock fucking my ass… ohh, and I fucking love it!’

‘Uuhhh, fuck, your little cunt’s feels so nice! Just let you go, Green Moron. Let yourself go and you’ll see that this starts to feel better!’

‘Fuck, Ty! This bitch is sex crazed! Just see the faces he’s making!’

‘Ohh, and his cunt is soooo good! Come on, Chuy, give it a try!’ T-Bone pulled his cock out of the superhero’s man-cunt with a loud squelching noise. The Emerald Slut moaned aloud, but before he could protest for his emptiness, he found his ass stuffed again by the little slacker.

‘Uhhhhhhh, fucking sweet!’

After being pounded merciless by T-Bone’s cock, Kyle’s cunt took Chuy’s boner easier. The small goon was less ruthless to take the hero’s anal virginity, but Kyle kept moaning and squirming the same.

‘I’m straight, dammit, I love women, I FUCK, FUCK this feels so wrong FUUUCK but good and straight and who the fuck you’re trying to fool you love cocks and men and cock and balls and be a fucking homo and keep fucking me please I LOVE TO BE FUCKED AND-’

A hard slap from T-Bone brought him out of his daze.

‘Bitch, turn around and get on all fours. Now’

‘Yes, yes, boss, whatever you – UGH! FUCK, PAPI! Give me more, give me more, please!!’

Chuy slithered his dick in and out of Kyle for some minutes. Although the skinny lowlife had become mostly a bottom after meeting Tyron, he found Kyle’s crack nice indeed.

’Woo! Hoo…Oooooh-oh-ouuuuhhhh… fu.. Haaaaawwwwhh! Papi, uh! OOH! Ah-haaahaaahh! of, fuck, I’m-I’m… shit, YEAHHHHHHH!!!”

‘Tyron, make this sow shut up, please, baby. Ohhh, yess, that’s it, Green Cumdump. A good little bitch like to eat ass-flavored cocks. Take a good taste of your own asshole, sucker. That’s it, that’s good… eat the fat cock that was deep into your filthy pussy and clean it…’

Tyron grabbed Kyle by the hair hard and pushed his hard cock deep into his throat. The hero felt that he was going to puke, both for the impact Tyron’s cock head against his uvula, and for revulson for eat a hard dick that had been on the deepest of his own asshole seconds ago, but he was able to dominate himself.

‘Good job, keep sucking it, Green Latrine! You’re loving this SO much…’, said a voice inside his head, the same voice that sounded almost like him that hours ago had proudly said “Fuck dignity!”, only this time that voice was clear and strong, and not a low whisper on his head.

‘Yeah, yeahh… I love this so much, so fuck dignity again. Fuck dignity now and ever…’ He recalled his past experiences sucking cocks and tried to put what he learned into practice, taking care of his tooth and playing with his tongue all around the delicious manhood in front of him. He must please his men well. The pain in his ass was still intense, but the pleasure of knowing himself humiliated in this amazing way and being recorded on video made it not only more bearable, but exciting. He began to play with his own fuck stick through the fabric of his uniform. It worked the same as his constructs, based on his imagination, so he could have simply imagined a zipper on his groin to allow himself more direct access to his cock, but for the Pervert Kyle the idea of cumming on his uniform and dirtying it with his jizz was far more appealing. Every time he had made it had helped to solidify the idea on his head, and at this point filling his uniform with spunk seemed a natural thing to do for him.

They spent the next 10 minutes fucking like this, until both thugs felt close to finishing, and decided to swap places. Tyron preferred Kyle’s ass, and Chuy his mouth.

When the Mexican thug saw Kyle’s face he couldn’t help laughing. Green Lantern was panting in exhaustion, cross-eyed, smiling stupidly at them. Tears streamed from the holes in his mask, as did the snots from his nose and a mix of drool and precum of his mouth. The dashing superhero hadn’t stop pawing the hard rod on his crotch like a monkey in heat.

‘…more, more cocks, I need your cocks… more, give me more…’, murmured in a hoarse, rasping voice.

T-Bone rammed into Green Lantern’s ass with renewed energy and got a better angle to directly stimulate Kyle’s prostate.

‘Fuck, this man is fucking bull, he’s tearing my pussy apart!’

Kyle Rayner reached the limit. He would have screamed at the top of his lungs, but his mouth was full of Chuy’s cock. The Emerald Knight clenched his manhood tightly and filled the crotch of his uniform with a big load of his seed, as his mind melted like a fuse.

T-Bone and Chuy noticed that the hero had climaxed by the internal contractions at both ends of the warrior and by his muffled moans, but didn’t stopped fucking him. Kyle went limp and tried to pull away, but his masters hadn’t done with him yet. They held Green Lantern in place, this time though, his fucking got harder, as if they were punishing Kyle for cumming before them. Kyle kept moaning and sucking, but this time it was louder and sharper. He was too exhausted and couldn’t continue much longer. He just wanted to collapse on the couch.

Chuy finished first. He grabbed Kyle by the ears and shoved his cock deep into his throat. Kyle felt the discharge of thick spunk filling his mouth and despite his pitiful mental state, he did his best to not to swallow it. He wanted to keep it on his mouth to fully taste it to satisfy his morbid curiosity. Even so, he was too exhausted and needed to catch his breath, so when Chuy took out his member from his panting mouth, a good amount of cum came out of it.

Tyron finished last. His fucking got harder and his thrust became sharper, driving his cock home into Kyle’s now sloppy asshole. After a few more minutes of fucking, T-Bone threw his head back and with a roar, he shot his cum deep into Green Lantern’s asshole, to finally let him fall on the floor.

The three men collapsed, panting and bathed in sweat. Kyle was about to fall asleep, but reached into his ass and felt Tyron’s sticky cum inside him. For some reason, that made him feel happy, whole. He stuck two fingers deep inside his defiled cleft, brought them out covered with T-Bone’s thick white cum, and took them to his mouth.

‘Now you’re a real slut, Kyle Rayner… a filthy cum guzzler… yeahh…. fuck dignity. Fuck dignity, fuck straightness, fuck yourself and fuck everything else…’, he thought full of pride before fall unconscious, with both fingers still stuck on his mouth.

After finishing the call with Kyle, Terry went to Coast City’s Memorial Park, found a bench near the shore of the lake, and sat meditating, watching the ripples in the water and the groups of ducks happily strolling over them. He needed a relaxing view so he could think about what to do next.

Talking with Kyle hadn’t reassured him, it gave him instead more reasons to raise the red flags. If before the calling had the impression things were wrong with his friend, now he was convinced. Fucking wrong, honestly.

For starters, Kyle didn’t sound anything like normal, at least at first. He was slurring his words, was poorly articulated, and had sounded… well, he sounded pretty stupid. He never spoke like that, not even at the last Christmas dinner, when he had had a little too much to drink. It was the only time he ever saw Kyle a bit tipsy, and he had been far more articulated that night.

And what he had heard, or had thought he heard during the call, that whispering sound on the background… that well could have been a figment of his imagination, but it continued to unsettle him.

After thinking about it for a bit, he decided that the whisper was real. There had been someone with Kyle coercing him during the call. It was the only explanation for his crazy behavior. But who could do that to him? It had to be some supervillain or a group of them, but who with the power to put a Green Lantern on the ropes would have an interest on humiliating him in such a puerile and stupid way? Why would someone force Kyle to exhibit himself in such an embarrassing state, and above all, how?

Terry didn’t know the full list of Green Lantern’s enemies, just a few of them that he had seen on the news, and Kyle had never wanted to talk much about them. “The less you know, the better for you,” he had told him once, but he knew for sure that some of his enemies would had been easily qualified as certified nutcases. He did not think for a minute that a couple of petty street thugs could be behind this; it was just inconceivable that ordinary goons could humiliate a superhero in such an outrageous way.

What could he do? He suspected Kyle had lied and was at home all this time, but supposing he really was there, trapped in the clutches of some loon with superpowers, what could he do? He was just a simple human. Asking the police for help was out of the question. That would expose Kyle’s secret identity and in the end it might be useless to save him.

‘I should have taken the ring when I had the chance. Then I could rescue him now….’

Nonsense. If the person or persons behind this are really manipulating a warrior as powerful and experienced as Kyle, Terry could never fight them even with superpowers. Nor fight against Kyle neither, if the hypothetic villain or villains were really manipulating him, and decide to turn him against Terry. It was a possible scenario to consider.

‘John. Call John Stewart. He would know how to deal with this’.

The former U.S. Marine and leader of the Green Lantern Corps had stayed with Terry during his long recovery and the extensive physical therapy he had passed through at request of Kyle, who had decided to leave Earth for a while full of guilt and remorse for failing to do something more for Terry, out of catching his attackers. John had a reputation for being a tough man, cold even, but he was never like that with Terry. He was a man of iron discipline, sure, and more than once he had made Terry exert to the limit of tears during the painful physical therapy he had undergone to accomplish every single exercise on the schedule to get a full recovery. Terry was grateful to him for being so firm during his pass across that tortuous way. If he had had someone more indulgent by his side, he would have ended up hunchbacked or walking slowly using a cane, like an old man. They had become close friends during those hard months, and when Terry left the hospital, John spent months teaching him self-defense techniques and martial arts. They were completely different in personal tastes and points of view, but maybe it was for that they both enjoyed their time with each other. Even though the friendship between Kyle and John had grown relatively cold in recent years, the soldier was still friends with him and they called each other from time to time, no matter where they were. Terry thought about it a bit, but resolved he had no choice. Even if he would have contact with other superheroes (which he didn’t had), he couldn’t think of someone better or more qualified to find out what was happening and help his friend.

While dialing John’s number, Terry thought about how to explain the situation without sounding alarmist, or going into lurid detail. Kyle’s look and behavior on that footage wasn’t something easy to explain to a former Marine, and Terry was already blushing in embarrassment just to think on how to describe it, or how to talk about the reactions it was provoking on internet. He could imagine John’s disgusted and puzzled face at the other end of the line. Maybe he would not even believe him and would think Terry was trying to make some sort of joke. He quickly decided it would be best to put all details aside. The only important thing was to get help for Kyle.

The phone only rang twice.

‘Hi, Terry’, greeted the strong deep voice the other side of the line. Terry had never commented on it, but he figured John’s voice alone was enough to assure him many “yes” with the ladies.

‘Hey, John, how are you doing? Excuse me, is this a good time to call you?’, Terry always asked that. It was unusual not to find John Stewart in the middle of something important.

‘I’m actually a bit busy now, pal’ , he said. He was working on the catch of an gun dealers gang, that were barricaded in a building. It wasn’t that those weapons could affect him or get past through his defenses, but it was always better to end these kinds of situations quickly, before some idiot hurt someone else or themselves. ‘But I always have a minute to you, buddy. What’s going on?’

‘Oh, ok, I don’t want to distract you too much, but … you see, I’m worried about Kyle.’

‘Kyle? What happen to him?’

‘Well, he’s been a bit strange lately; I think … I don’t know, I feel something is happening to him. I think s-’

Before Terry could finish, he was interrupted by the sound of an explosion.

‘John? are you OK?’

‘Never better. One of these idiots just threw a grenade. Look, I’ll go see Kyle as soon as I’ve done here, I don’t think this take me long, but, it’s always hard to tell.’

‘Ok, John, thank you’.

‘Don’t worry, buddy. I’ll call you after I stop by to tell you how he is.’

‘Thanks, and take care, John.’

Terry hung up the call and breathed in relief. He wasn’t entirely calm, but knowing that John Stewart was on his way made him feel so much better. He would fix everything. Terry stood up, stretched a bit, and started walking home. He needed to speak to David and update him on the current situation.

Little could Terry imagine that, far from get fixed, things were about to get more complicated to his friends.



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