The Kryptonite Collar II Part 7
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The Kryptonite Collar II

Author: Lcross. 

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Part 7 Phantom Zone!

Zach’s physics lesson is over; Superboy gets it! The kryptonite studs fused to his collar make him powerless. Zach grabs the end of the chain leash dangling between Superboy’s powerful set of long legs. The fragile boy dressed in black jeans and long jet black leather coat uses the chain attached to the kryptonite collar to pull a sullen Superboy away from the periodic table of elements. Superboy follows the tug of the degrading leash bobbling and stumbling with his big arms cuffed behind his back beneath his scarlet cape. The chain attached between his big red boots rattles and whips loudly as Superboy follows awkwardly in Zach’s wake. The pair reaches a door that leads to a storage room at the back of the science lab. Zach immediately types a series of numbers onto a numeric keypad mounted next to the door. The lock releases and Zach pushes open the windowless wooden door and pulls Superboy inside the storage room. 

The unlikely duo, a small Goth boy mastering a tall strapping boy in big red boots wearing body contouring spandex, enter the large storage room. The spacious room has tall painted masonry block walls that rise to a sheet metal ceiling with exposed grid work set below a dozen or so skylights. The moon is full which helps to illuminate the room this evening. Both sides of the storage room are piled high with dusty cardboard boxes of all sizes set amongst a myriad of outdated lab equipment. The center of the storage room is clear all the way to a closed roll up overhead door. Superboy’s stomach flutters as his blue eyes fix upon a familiar small spacecraft hovering inches above the cement surface of the floor. A small oriental man stands next to the craft examining a flat wallet side transparent disk in one hand and a similar sized hexagon metallic disk in the other.  The small man stares intently at the Kryptonian symbols inscribed on each item until the storage room door slams shut.

As the pair move deeper into the storage room the professor places the items back into the hovering craft and turns to face the pair. The small man squints through round coke bottle glasses at Zach and Superboy as he moves away from the craft to join them. The man’s face brightens as he studies Zach’s handiwork.  The strange man greets Superboy in a thick oriental accent, “Ah…introductions; I am Professor Cho and you are obviously Clark Kent, AKA Superboy. At long last we meet.

The Goth boy stops Superboy well away from the spacecraft and releases the chain leash.  Superboy does not return the greeting. He only stares down at the toes of his red boots. The Goth boy snaps his figures once loudly as he points his extended index figure to the floor. Clark snaps his head towards Zach looking surprised. The big strapping boy reads the signal and understands; he swallows his pride and allows his knees to buckle. Clark descends to his knees with his big arms bound behind his back – he positions himself on his knees, upper thighs upright, with his scarlet cape pooled over his calf muscles and shackled red boots. The chain leash dangles from his studded collar in front of his red and yellow “S” letter while its end swings slowly between his spread legs as Superboy settles in on his knees.

The small oriental professor comes to stand before the kneeling Boy of Steel. He drives his hands into the deep pockets of his lab coat as he studies the powerful boy Zach has subdued with fascination. The green studs fused into Superboy’s collar pulse slowly as the mineral continues to mute the Boy of Steel’s superpowers. Professor Cho slowly circles the Boy of Steel while Zach moves away and takes a seat atop a cardboard box. The oriental man studies the bound boy noting the streak of grim nearly obscuring the family red and yellow crest affixed across his powerful chest as well the dirty blue spandex and filthy red briefs held up with a yellow belt. Superboy only stares at the floor space before his bent knees – beads of perspiration dot his handsome face – his dark wavy hair is matted down and disheveled.

The professor stops behind Superboy and studies the companion “S” letter on the boy’s cape and then the steel leg irons attached to each big boot as he speaks, “Your life as you know it is over Clark. You will never see your foster parents again; you will be locked away and studied in order to gleam every tidbit of alien physiology from your body – the harvesting of your alien sperm is just a taste of what to expect; and…the spacecraft……I intend to reverse engineer the craft that brought you to Earth.”

Superboy clenches his fists beneath his cape and swallows hard remembering the kryptonite cock ring and the degrading milking! But he checks his anger and remains silent on his knees with his head lowered.

The professor continues, as he circles Superboy again, “I apologize for Zach’s…sexual appetites….it was his price for divulging your relationship to kryptonite. BUT, in a way you yourself are to blame for the predicament you find yourself in. You should have hid your superpowers away from the world…not flaunt those gifts wearing tight spandex and bright red boots….and not meddle in other people’s affairs !”

Superboy remains silent as the little man demands, “Now you will explain the workings of your alien technology Clark.  We will start with a certain metallic hexagon disk….I know it is a key of sorts as there is a matching receptacle port on the side of the spacecraft.” The little man spins on his small shoes and darts back to the hovering craft. He withdraws the metallic hexagon key displaying it for Superboy to see.

Superboy looks up sullenly and watches as the little man shouts, “How does this key activate the craft? I have affixed it several times into the companion indentation and nothing happens.”

Zach shouts, “You better answer him farm boy…or its back to the basement…I have lots more toys for boys,” threatens Zach.

Superboy stomach turns at the thought of more humiliation and sexual torture at the hands of the cruel Goth boy. He stares at the disk from his knees across the storage room and pleads, “Please…I don’t understand how it works…when I come of age…,”

The little man turns suddenly angry and stamps his little foot! He pockets the disk in one lab coat pocket while pulling a stunner weapon from his other. The little man displays the hand held punitive tool equipped with a set of nasty looking steel prods for Clark to see! Zach snickers as the little man brandishes the stunner shouting, “I’ve got to get me one of those babies! Get ready farm boy…your sweet ass is about to get jolted with a gazillion volts! ”

“You will tell me Superboy! This electric prod will loosen you tongue boy,” shouts a suddenly crazed Cho as he presses and holds down a button on the stunner! A loud crackling sound ensues as raw electrical power begins to dance menacingly between the twin tips of the steel prods! The professor dashes towards Superboy wielding the punitive stunner in his little hand. But when Professor Cho reaches Superboy the alien disk within the professor’s lab coat come to life. The disk turns bright white in the presence of Clark! It flies out of Professor Cho’s pocket; it banks and whirls across the room impacting perfectly into its matching octagonal pattern indented into the side of the small spacecraft! Zach jumps off the cardboard container like a jack-in-the-box and Cho drops his electric prod as the small spacecraft whirls to life – its small canopy closes quickly as the spacecraft rises higher off the storage room floor; it then tilts until the craft stands vertically as if prepared to launch. The small craft begins rotating in place faster and faster until it is a silver blur. The loud whooshing sound the blurred spinning craft generates turns into a loud hum. The silver blur ignites into a stationary bright white light sustained by the spinning spacecraft. The radius of the bright light expands rapidly engulfing Superboy. The light begins neutralizes the kryptonite studs fused into the collar! Seconds later the glowing green pulse from the small studs ceases as the kryptonite is transformed into pieces of harmless clear crystal!

The bright white radius of light replenishes Superboy’s powers reinvigorating the drained Boy of Steel! The weakest steel chain link retaining the heavy cuffs together behind Superboy’ back snaps loudly. Superboy brings his big arms from out behind his cape as his rises up off his knees to standing position. He angrily directs a dazzling burst of heat vision towards the floor severing the chain running between his big boots.

The loud hum and the engulfing bright light diminish and eventually dissipate when the spaceship abruptly stops spinning. The ship lowers and returns to its original stationary position hovering inches above the floor. Superboy dashes towards the ship dragging the pieces of broken chain attached to his boots.  There Superboy pulls the octagon key from the craft and slips it between his belt and briefs as the small canopy retracts.

Professor Cho and Zach gawk in bewilderment unable to comprehend what the fuck just happen! They simultaneously decide there is nothing to do but: RUN! Cho and Zach bolt creating a logjam of sorts at the storage room door as they both try to open the door at the same time. Superboy’s expression is one of anger as he reaches into the spacecraft and retrieves a flat transparent disk inscribed with alien symbols.

He turns and levels an angry gaze at the Goth Boy who savagely beat, humiliated, and sexually molested him day after day AND the enabler who made it possible. Cho and Zach finally open the storage room door. Both try to squeeze through the doorway at the same time! Eventually they manage to exit the storage room fleeing into the science lab. Superboy dashes after them – leaving a wake of blurred red and blue! The broken chains attached to each of his big boots rattles nosily as Clark crosses the science lab’s threshold. Superboy angrily throws the flat disk inscribed with Kryptonian symbols like a Frisbee in the direction of the fleeing duo.  The disk sails across the science lab over the heads of Cho and Zach!  The small transparent disk stops in mid flight well ahead of the advancing pair of conspirators who frantically knock-over chairs and shove tables aside as they flee.  The small alien disk takes a stationary position blocking the science lab’s exit as it rapidly expands tenfold. Then the space within the transparent disk waivers and as it begins to rotate slowly. Cho and Zach both stop abruptly before the strange spinning vortex that suddenly appeared. Professor Cho shouts to Zach excitedly in an oriental language unable to speak English in his agitated state. Zach curses like a sailor as the pair turns and tries to flee in the direction whence they came. The pair stops dead in their tracks when they confront a pissed off Superboy blocking their escape. The vortex behind the pair now spins faster and faster. Cho and Zach turn towards the vortex’s as its strong gravitational field begins to engulf the pair.

Chairs, papers, manuals, books and pictures off the wall are sucked into the spinning vortex as it gains strength. Superboy watches expressionlessly from the doorway as Cho and Zach are unable to escape the pull of vortex’s strong gravity well. Cho’s coke bottle glasses are pulled from his face and sucked into the rotating whirlpool. Zach’s giant periodic table with the new element Kr pulls away from the wall and crumples into a ball before it is sucked into the vortex. Slowly Cho and Zach themselves are pulled towards center of the spinning anomaly. Both scream hysterically as they reach out towards Superboy with outstretched arms. Cho jibber jabbers wildly in an oriental dialect while Zach pleads with Superboy for help.

“No,” shouts Superboy coldly above the rush of wind. “You both know too much. You would have kept me a slave to torment and abuse…you will get no sympathy from me!” He watches with a stern expression as the pair is drawn into the “phantom zone.” Superboy stands collared in his dormant yoke and broken steel bonds observing as events unfold in the science lab. He eyes remain fixed on the pair as he casually snaps each steel cuff off each of his wrists; seconds later Cho and Zach are pulled across the spinning vortex’s dimensional threshold; as the last broken steel cuff hits the lab’s floor the dimensional doorway slams shut imprisoning Cho and Zach! Both press hard their faces hard against the transparent dimensional doorway. Their silent fists futilely pound the closed entry. Their mouths move frantically as they scream turning end over end but their cries are contained within the vortex. Superboy watches without remorse as the vortex spins end over end within the science lab. Cho and Zach have terrified expressions as the vortex begins to fade and then waiver becoming translucent. Seconds later the anomaly collapses in upon itself disappearing altogether from the lab! Professor Cho and Zach are gone!

Superboy stares expressionlessly at the empty space that the vortex occupied seconds ago as he reaches up and behind his neck; he effortlessly snaps the lock securing the degrading collar around his strong neck. He yanks the studded collar from around his strong neck and then holds the instrument that yoked him in one hand before his chest. The kryptonite studs are now harmless pieces of glass. Clark tosses the degrading collar to the lab floor before instinctively drawing one leg up behind him. Standing on one leg Clark easily snaps the leg iron Zach placed around his big red boot allowing the heavy cuff and piece of chain to fall to the floor. He does the same to the other leg iron.  

Superboy looks down his chest in disgust at the state of his costume….the blue spandex is dirty, his boots are scuffed and his family crest affixed to his big chest is smeared with grim. He sighs as he runs his hands through his hair to straighten the disheveled locks. He closes his eyes and takes a moment to give thanks that he was spared a lifetime of enslavement and sexual molestation!

Superboy is suddenly aware of the late hour; he remembers his parents must be at their wits ends. He decides to wrap things up and get back to the farm ASAP. His crimson cape flashes red as Superboy pivots on the heels. His red boots pound the steps as he rapidly descends the stairs to the basement where the lead cubical is erected. Moments later he returns from the basement. Clenched in his hands at either of his sides is the lead box containing the meteor rocks and the duffle bag containing Zach’s “toys for boys!” Clark’s crimson cape bearing the companion letter “S” billows behind him as he quickly exits the lab and enters the storage room. He returns to the spaceship and drops Zach’s toy bag on the floor nearby. He pulls the hexagon key from his belt; Superboy is expressionless as he places the disk key onto the craft. He deposits the lead box into the craft and leans in and programs the ship. 

That done Superboy hits the OPEN button near the roll up overhead door as the ship’s canopy closes. The big door clatters as it retracts open on its steel rollers. Superboy grabs Zach’s toy bag and exits the storage room stepping out into moon lit night. It’s the weekend….the campus is desserted. Clark’s cape billows behind him as he strolls through the lab’s empty parking lot. He a takes in a deep breath of the cool night air relishing the feeling of being free again! Clark has a look of disgust as he tosses Zach’s large toy bag, containing hoods, cock harnesses, butt plugs, paddles, the diabolical humbler, ball gags, harnesses, cruel whips, hand cuffs and other B&D essentials, into a nearby dumpster.

He looks over just as the small spacecraft launches; it silently streaks out of the lab’s overhead door and moves upwards at great speed. It banks hard, the full moon a backdrop, and then heads west towards Smallville. Superboy reenters the storage room. He takes one last look around; he spies Cho’s stunner and walks briskly towards the devise. He retrieves the punitive device from the floor the cruel professor intended to use liberally on him. Clark examines the device with it twin electric prods imaging what it would have felt like to be tortured with such a toy wielded by a madman. Clark drops the stunner and then smashes it with one of his big red boots. The crippled device sparks and spins wildly on the cement floor billowing smoke for a few seconds and then becomes dormant. Superboy moves back towards the open overhead door. On the way he pulls a fire alarm station. Loud horns and strobe lights throughout the science lab begin to blare and flash brightly. “The campus police can take it from here,” thinks Superboy out loud! Suddenly there is a loud whooshing noise accompanied by a bright red and blue blur; Superboy is gone.


The End.


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