The Kryptonite Collar II Part 6
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The Kryptonite Collar II

Author: Lcross. 

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Part 6 Out of the Cubical!


Zach’s one on one time with Superboy is over. Zach feels he has provided the proper incentive for Superboy to be cooperative with the professor. In other words he has broken Superboy! And, just as important, Zach has harvested a sufficient quantity of Superboy’s priceless sperm….for the time being….to begin the research on his alien DNA. So the long awaited initial meeting between Superboy and the small oriental professor is to occur.

Thus late in the evening of Day 5, after Zach has fulfilled his promise to strap Superboy to within an inch of his life, the lead cubicle’s door grinds open. Zach emerges from the open lead hatch pulling a thoroughly beaten, dazed and powerless Boy of Steel. Superboy is once again clad in his bright colored superhero costume complete with crimson cape, bright red calf high boots and yellow belt. He is blindfolded, ball gagged and in chains! His bright blue fabric and red cape are streaked with dark powdery dust and dirt that is embedded into the magnificent costume’s fabric; a result of the Teen Titan succumbing to crippling effects of kryptonite and the subsequent fall to cubicle’s filthy floor. 

Small Zach is clenching a chain attached to Superboy’s kryptonite studded collar in his small hand. He pulls hard on Superboy’s leash indicating he should follow. The kryptonite collar’s debilitating effects allows the much smaller Goth boy to easily manhandle the big strapping Boy of Steel! Zach curses loudly pulling harder on the leash urging the big taller boy to follow him. Superboy’s head snaps back and his back arches at the forceful tug; Superboy stumbles, his bright red boots sliding on the smooth concrete floor, but somehow manages to remain erect despite the fact that both his arms are cuffed together at the wrists behind his broad back beneath his flowing cape. A set of heavy gauge steel handcuffs pull and retain Superboy’s powerful arms behind his torso; his bound wrists lie against the tight blue spandex encasing his back. The tight fabric encasing his arms and torso rustles as Superboy nervously twists and turns following the tug of the taut leash.

The unlikely pair quickly makes their way across the college laboratory’s basement away from the lead lined cubical. The fallen hero follows unwillingly, serenaded by the loud rattle of chains, his red cape billowing behind, in the direction indicated by the tug of the degrading leash. Superboy’s loud boot steps on basement’s concrete floor echo an erratic rhythm as he staggers along blindly; the chain attached to the twin steel cuffs locked around each bright red boot whips wildly as he clumsily follows Zach. The chain continues to clatter loudly as Superboy unsteadily follows his small Goth master towards the stairway that leads to the college lab above.

Zach reaches the stairway to the lab above and stops turns and puts an open hand out. He presses hard against the red and yellow S Symbol emblazoned across the bigger boy’s powerful chest. The shove stops the blind Superboy in his tracks. Muzzled and blind the Boy of Steel stands waiting for events to unfold, his fluttering cape settling in behind brushing against the top edges of his calf high bright red boots. Superboy’s big biceps flex impressively within the tight blue fabric of his costume and his powerful chest expands as he again futilely tests the strength of steel handcuffs.  Zach notices Superboy’s attempt to break free and smirks. He sneers in contempt at the red and yellow “S” symbol on the boy’s big scrapping chest as Superboy tries to snap the thick steel cuffs!

He interrupts roughly taking the slack out of the leash and shouts imperiously, “With my collar around your neck you can’t break steel anymore farm boy. The collar makes you ordinary…I own your ass you stupid fuck…get it through your thick skull farmer. Now…follow me….climb the stairs superhero!”  Zach turns in anger and mounts the stairs; he yanks the leash imperiously upwards demanding Superboy to obey and follow. He clumsily places one bright red boot on the first step and then follows his captor, his wrists locked together uncomfortably behind his broad back, awkwardly up the steep stairway blind and mute. The heavy chains of the boot manacles rattle loudly and Superboy’s crimson cape billows grandly behind him as he as he obediently mounts the steps following the humiliating tug on the leash. The tight leather straps of the ball gag dig deep into Superboy’s cheeks as he follows clumsily. When they reach the top of the stairwell Superboy is very winded and sweating from the climb. He bites down hard on the rubber ball gag stuffed between his bright white teeth surpassing his tongue and labors hard as he inhales deeply through his nostrils. Seconds Zach pushes open the door and the duo enters the college lab with Zach dragging Superboy in his wake.

Zach halts Superboy with a bony elbow to Superboy’s well defined six pack abs. Superboy doubles over slightly and gasps grunting through the ball gag in pain as he comes to sudden stop. Blind, he inhales loudly in quick succession while futilely pulling against the steel cuffs that secure his well muscled arms harmlessly behind his back. The science lab is silent except for the hum of overhead fluorescent lighting and Superboy labored breathing. Zach glances up at the unsteady superhero swaying on his feet; Superboy’s costume is gritty and he is sweating and gasping for breath. Zach looks the big defeated Teen Titan up and down appraisingly as his athletic chest with the red and yellow “S” rises and falls heavily as he inhales much needed air.

“How the mighty have fallen,” beams Zach. “I told the professor I would present you to him in chains!” The costume Superboy is so proud of is dirty and dingy looking as a result of wallowing in agony on the cubicle’s floor. The blue fabric tightly encasing the boy’s knees and powerful thighs are cover with wide swaths of grime – his bright red trucks and yellow belt are soiled with a mixture of dried dirt – the red and yellow S symbol has a dark smudge that nearly obscures the “S” symbol and his bright leather boots are scuffed up.

The sleeve of Zach’s leather coat crinkles softly as he pulls the leash downwards forcing Superboy to bow at the waist bringing his ear down next to Zach’s mouth. Zach face basks in the soft green glow emitted from Superboy’s kryptonite collar as he whispers hotly, “Some superhero you are farm boy – you can’t even climb a set of stairs without almost passing out…and your superhero uniform is filthy…you’re a fucking disgrace!”

Zach keeps a firm grip of Superboy’s leash as he examines the Boy of Steel’s face intently. The glowing green collar reflects off the fine sheen of sweat covering Superboy’s face. To Zach’s delight the cruel ball gag inserted into Superboy’s mouth distorts Superboy’s handsome facial features. His black wavy hair is damp and matted down and has a musky smell. Zach inhales deeply, savoring the masculine pungent fragrance as he scrutinizes Superboy distinctive split curl that is wet and pasted against his sweaty forehead. Zach’s cock twitches as observes the black blindfold that obscures Superboy’s bright blue eyes. He adjusts his cock in his tight black jeans imaging how humiliating it must be for mighty Superboy to have a black ball shoved deep into mouth twisting his handsome facial features. The cruel gag fills Superboy’s mouth cavity suppressing his tongue making speech impossible! Its leather straps dig deep into the sweaty skin of Superboy puckered cheeks and are married together behind his neck to a silver buckle.

Superboy moans weakly through the gag restlessly and tries unsuccessfully to pull away from Zach’s hot breath. The chain between his ankle cuffs rattles softly as Superboy nervously shifts his body weight from red boot to red boot; he pulls in frustration at the cuff steel cuffs locked around his thick wrists. In answer Zach reigns in the chain leash forcing Superboy to bend over lower as if bowing submissively to a personage of royalty. Zach presses his lips to Superboy’s ear and whispers hotly, “Don’t worry hero…we’re not going to kill you…only keep you locked away from the world….to be studied…to learn what makes you and your little spacecraft tick.” 

Superboy stiffens and gasps at the mention of spacecraft. Zach smiles and releases his tight grip on Superboy’s leash. “Yes Superboy…we have your space toy from the barn! You will divulge the secrets of your advanced alien technology….or its back to the cubicle! We intend to milk you both physically and mentally farm boy!

Superboy instinctively straightens as the leash loosens; Zach immediately grabs one of his muscled biceps encased in tight blue spandex. The leash slips away from Zach; it falls lying perpendicularly across Superboy’s chest dangling from the glowing kryptonite collar with its end swinging between his powerful legs. Zach spins Superboy around 180 degrees on his big boots; the smaller boy fumes at having to stand on his tiptoes to unfastened the blindfold and unbuckle the ball gags leather straps.

Superboy blue eyes blink wildly in bewilderment adjusting to the illuminated lab after Zach removes the blindfold; before his blue eyes can focus Zach yanks the ball gag from between Superboy’s teeth. The Boy of Steel exercises his stiff mouth, finally free of the rubber ball. He pulls at the cuffs as he quickly cranes his handsome head wildly in all directions. He scans the lab as Zach pockets the blindfold and gag for later.

Superboy finds himself standing powerless in the same lab he foolishly broke into days ago…yet it seems like years have passed. He glances towards the bank of windows – its pitch dark outside – his eyes dart to a clock that indicates it is nearly 11PM. Superboy gulps as his eyes come across and rests on the familiar periodic table of elements he examined Sunday morning.  Superboy sullenly gawks at the table’s additional element symbol: Kr!

Zach smiles wickedly as Superboy stares dumbfounded at the wall chart.” You should have paid more attention in physic’s class farm boy….Ma and Pa Kent are frantic….their boy didn’t come home for Sunday dinner…and they must know by now the spacecraft is gone….but the Kent’s can’t call the sheriff….excuse me…my spacecraft was stolen….ha-ha,” gloats Zach as he grasps Superboy’s big bicep; Superboy’s boot chain rattles as he drags him clumsily stumbling over his big red boots to the table of elements mounted on the wall. Superboy gasps, “My parents…what have you…”

Zach orders, “There fine…for now….now shut up or I’ll gag you again!” Superboy obeys, fearful of what Zach might do to his parents. The pair stop before the giant wall chart; Zach still holding the boy’s big spandex wrapped upper arm, gestures proudly with his free hand towards the mysterious element Kr, “I left you a warning Superboy. I did everything but leave a note saying it’s a fucking trap Superboy! Didn’t you think an unknown element with an atomic number as high a 126 is to be respected? Nope! Superboy did not look before he leaped! So it was easy to trap you Superboy – you’re all brawn and no brains! For instance less compare brainpans? What were you doing when you were 10?  Lifting very heavy things around the farm for Pa Kent I’d wager. I only came to MU for you Superboy! I won the Westinghouse prize when I was 10. I was published at 14! I got a double doctorate from MIT at 16 in Chemistry – Geology. I’m going to teach at Princeton next year. And you’re even not intelligent enough to read a warning written on a basic Periodic Table of Elements.  Over the last few days you served the only real purpose you’re good for Superboy – a fuck toy,” brags Zach coldly.

Superboy eyes water! He exhales loudly through his mouth as he closes his eyes in shame as he realizes how ignorant he was ignoring the chart – how little weight he gave the strange element listed on the table before he opened the lead cubical. Superboy swallows hard, his Adam’s apple compressing on the tight steel collar wrapped around his strong neck. The small green glowing kryptonite studs infused around the collar burn pressing hard against the skin of his neck. “Dry your tears Superboy. This way….the professor is waiting,” orders Zach. “He has many questions about you and your little spaceship….and you best have the answers farm boy.”



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