The Kryptonite Collar II Part 3
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The Kryptonite Collar II

Author: Lcross. 

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Part 3: Day Three of Captivity: Giddy Up Superboy!


Hours after Zach’s departure Superboy awakes with a start! It is cold and dark within his cage; there is only dim illumination from the faintly glowing green kryptonite studs infused in his collar; the lead floor is especially cold. He suddenly realizes that Zach has put his head back into the cruel head cage and locked the rubber ball in his mouth again. Superboy begins to move but he feels an intense pressure…as if his balls were clamped behind his legs! Superboy uses his hand and reaches behind; his swallows hard as he realizes his ball sack is tightly secured in a strange steel vice that uses his butt cheeks as leverage…preventing him from standing erect!

Superboy sighs as he sullenly rolls, ever so gingerly, onto his hands and knees; he then carefully tries to stand but stops when the vice pulls against his ball sack. Sullenly Superboy grasps that he has no choice but to remain muzzled and on all fours until Zach decides to return and hopefully release him from this sick toy. Again tears streams down Superboy’s caged face as he again comprehends that he is for all practical purposes Zach’s sexual boy toy; here only for the Goth boy’s private amusement and eventual scientific study. Superboy feels like screaming but the ball gag prevents it; not that anyone could hear him. Superboy uses the illumination from his collar to guide him as he crawls awkwardly around the dark cage to locate the thin mattress; he finds it and gloomily rolls onto his side and remains in a forced fetal position and tries to go to sleep.

Superboy awakes who knows many hours later to the flicker of lights ramping up. He hears the familiar opening and closing of the lead door and footsteps coming towards his cage. Superboy struggles to all fours and stares through the bars of the head cage at the sound of his approaching tormentor. Zach appears dressed in his usual black Goth garb; he comes to a stop in front of the cage holding a black riding crop and a bit gag with long leather reins in one hand and a metal briefcase in the other. Zach is wearing a wicked looking grin. He studies the muzzled boy down on his hands and knees for a few seconds and announces, “We are going to play horsey today Superboy…guess who’s the horse.” Superboy drops his head; a look of utter humiliation sweeps over him.

But first thing first; Zach sets the toys and briefcase down on the floor and then takes a pair of shiny steel handcuffs from his belt clip. “Crawl over here and grab these bars farm boy…NOW!” commands Zach in a stern voice. Superboy obeys immediately and crawls over to bars and grabs them. Zach locks the cuffs on Superboy’s wrists securing him to bars on his knees. Zach unlocks and enters the cell with a metal briefcase; Superboy cannot imagine what is in store next but he begins to pull instinctively at the steel cuffs. Zach laughs at his futile resistance. Zach pulls a small lead box from his pocket and produces an all too familiar kryptonite cock ring that Superboy is well acquainted with.

“Did you enjoy my little ball vice Superboy?” Oh that’s right you cannot speak with that ball stuck in your yap. Zach takes the key from around his neck and kneels down behind Superboy’s rump; he unlocks the humbler’s locking device; Zach releases Superboy’s balls from the vice and tosses it aside; Superboy moans and grunts in great relief as his nut sack is freed from the vice. Zach wastes no time; he quickly slides the cock ring down Superboy’s limp shaft and roughly shoves each big ball into the ring one at a time. Superboy feels the familiar pulse of energy as the cock ring tightens around his base of his cock and balls; his dick stirs to life. Zach laughs and produces a pair of thin leather gloves and pulls one over each hand.

Secured to the bars Superboy is powerless to resist the forthcoming forced milking. Zach opens the briefcase and produces a specimen dish and goes to work on the Boy of Steel! Zach skillfully begins slowly stroking Superboy until his cock is rock hard. Superboy shakes his caged head wildly and grabs the bars tightly; eventually he accepts the forthcoming harvesting and lowers his caged head in shame; he shamefully moans muffled groans of pleasure through the ball gag. Zach quickly works his victim to a climax! Superboy shoots his load into Zach’s specimen dish; Zach continues to milk the bigger boy until he has harvested every last drop of Superboy’s precious sperm.Zach caps the dish and secures it in the refrigerated storage container within the briefcase.

”That was good load farm boy. By next week I should have enough of your priceless sperm to make a small fortune. I plan to sell it to the highest bidder….cloned Superboy’s…it’s the future.” Zach closes the case and retrieves the humbler; Superboy sighs in relief as Zach leaves with the cruel humbler. Zach moves out of the cage over to the desk. Superboy burns with humiliation as his caged head follows the movement of his new master as he deposit the cruel humbling device in his black canvas bag of toy for boys. 

Zach turns and faces Superboy; he is a pitiful site handcuffed on his knees in a head cage – silenced with a ball gag whilst sporting a raging hard on. Zach lowers his stern gaze at Superboy and asks, “Have you finally learned your lesson farm boy?” Superboy quickly nods affirmative. “You will always address me as master or sir?” Again Superboy nods his consent.

Zach walks into the cell and kneels behind Superboy. Zach rubs Superboy’s sweaty back and shoulders with his gloved hands while he whispers with hot breath in his ear. “It does not have to be this way. I can be nice to you if follow my rules and do as you’re told when you are told.” Zach reaches around under Superboy’s powerful chest with both hands and begins to simultaneously massage his well defined pecks and six pack abs; Awesome, Remarks Zach as he massages Superboy’s hard muscles.

Superboy moans with pleasure through the ball gag. Zach stops abruptly and flicks Superboy’s erect dick with his finger. “Think about it muscle boy. Obey your master or be severely punished.”

Zach rises to his feet and unlocks the ram to the gag and pulls it out of Superboy’s mouth. He tosses it to the floor and looks down at Superboy imperiously. “Well. Anything to say Superboy,” asks Zach.

As drool runs out his mouth Superboy replies quickly, “Thank-you… master.” “That’s better,” concedes Zach as he begins to unlock the head cage. He removes the cage from Superboy’s head and tosses it sending it clattering out of the cage.

Zach leaves Superboy on his knees cuffed to the bars; he returns with bit gag, riding crop and blind fold. Zach places the bit in Superboy’s mouth between his bright white teeth. He then buckles the bit’s retaining straps tightly behind his neck. The bit’s leather reins dangling against Superboy’s sweaty back as Zach blindfolds the fallen hero.

Zach draws back his black leather riding crop and swats each of Superboy’s ample ass cheeks sharply raising two long welts on his tender behind. Superboy screams in darkness and pulls at the cuffs locked to the bars – his ass cheeks dimple instinctively as his ass tightens from the sharp blows. “I’m going to ride you like a horse on your folk’s farm Superboy. When I un-cuff you get down on your hands and knees and stay there or I’ll put your balls back in the vice. I’ll guide you with the reins of your bit,” explains Zach in a matter of fact tone. 

Zach unlocks the cuffs. The Boy of Steel drops quickly and obediently to down on all fours as Zach clips the cuffs to his belt. The small boy mounts the strapping boy’s bare back and grabs the reins; the small slender Goth boy is a perfect fit for the broad back of the strapping Boy of Steel! Zach decides to test his mount’s reins. He pulls the leather reins back sharply pulling Superboy’s head back roughly. The bit bites sharply at the corners of Superboy’s mouth as Zach orders, “Giddy up Superboy!”  Zach swats the bigger boy’s ass cheek with the crop to enforce his order. Superboy bites down on the hard bite in his mouth and begins to slowly lumber forward crawling on his hands and knees. His stiff dick wags wildly as Zach rides proudly on the broad back of the fallen Teen Titan.

The small rider guides his human mount out of Superboy’s cage and then commands, “Faster!” Zach swats Superboy’s powerful thigh with the crop raising another red welt. Superboy tries to obey but the collar limits his strength is limited; he can only trudge along slowly.

Zach continues to ride atop the big boy’s bare back guiding him with sharp pulls of the reins that Zach keeps very tight…least Superboy forgets who is master and who is slave. Zach rides Superboy almost a complete lap around the lead cubical before his strength fails; he collapses in exhaustion face down on the dirty floor. Superboy’s body becomes smudged with dirt as his sweat mixes with the dust on the floor. Zach stands over the exhausted Boy of Steel and orders him back onto his hands and knees. Superboy tries to raise himself; he makes it nearly halfway before he collapses back onto the dirty floor.

Zach is furious and strikes Superboy with the crop viciously raising several more welts. Superboy bites down on the bite and instinctively cowers on the floor covering his head with his arms. Zach smiles down at the broken Boy of Steel cringing from him on the filthy floor sporting a raging hard-on. “You refuse to obey your master?” Zach asks feigning immense disappointment.

Superboy again tries to raise himself but collapses again. Zach rolls his eyes to heaven in feigned frustration and then kneels down beside Superboy. “Some folks are slow learners…be you are just plain dumb farm boy,” lectures the Goth boy as he takes hold of Superboy’s bicep and helps the bigger boy struggle to his feet. Zach takes one of Superboy’s muscled arms and pulls it over his shoulder and walks the dazed hero unsteadily over to the frame. Blindfolded Superboy realizes too late that he is being pushed down onto the frame again. Too weak to offer any real resistance Superboy lays motionless on the frame waiting to be restrained. Zach drops the riding crop and then kicks Superboy’s powerful legs apart and buckles his ankles tightly in the frame’s restraints. He does the same to his wrists and strong neck. 

Zach begins to hum annoyingly again as he retrieves the ram rod from the floor and attaches it in place on the frame. Zach lubes the dildo and eased it into Superboy’s ass and buries it deep and locks it in place. Superboy moans through the bite and squirms but can offer little resistance.

Zach bends over and examines Superboy’s rock hard cock; the kryptonite infused cock ring is tight around his cock and balls and doing its job – keeping Superboy’s dick hard against his will. I’ll harvest another load of cum tomorrow from this helpless super stud thinks Zach. Zach playfully flicks Superboy stiff dick with his finger a couple times making it bounce between his thighs. Zach strokes the cock a couple times; Superboy groans through the bit.

“There is game I like to play with helpless big strong boys after I render them totally helpless,” announces Zach as he continues to stroke Superboy’s rock hard cock slowly with his gloved hand. Seconds later Superboy’s back arches and he begins to breathe harder; Zach continues to stroke the strapping boy until he senses he is about to cum. Zach stops stroking abruptly removes his hand. Superboy screams through the bit in frustration of being brought to the brink of climax and then being denied relief. Zach snickers at the frustrated Boy of Steel and quickly adds, “I call my game tease the cock.

Superboy is not amused; he bucks and twists on the frame…his stiff tool craves release and begins to drip pre-cum onto the lead cubicle’s floor. “Some folks just have to learn the hard way,” laughs Zach.

Zach rises and grabs the leather reins off Superboy’s sweaty back and pulls back hard pulling Superboy’s head back as far it will go. “I’m going play tease the cock a couple more times before I go. I’m going to bring you to the brink and then deny you release. You’ll sweat and squirm on the frame all night thinking only of shooting your load. Next time obey me when I tell you to get back up on your hands and knees!”

“Tomorrow after I harvest more sperm for Professor Chow I’m going to lock a chastity device onto that sweet big cock of yours – then you will only be allowed to cum when I feel like letting you cum.” Zach releases the leather reins and tosses them onto Superboy’s broad back letting Superboy’s head slump.

Zach keeps his promise and cock teases Superboy two more times over the next ½ hour; the Goth boy gleefully strokes the super stud’s big cock until he is at the brink of shooting his load. Twice Zach skillfully stops stroking at the precise second denying Superboy release. Each time he is denied Superboy screams madly in utter frustration and then bucks wildly on the frame until exhaustion sets in.

Zach’s parting gift to the Boy of Steel is a flurry of blows from his riding crop delivered across Superboy’s broad. The cowardly attack leaves a leaves a series of bright red grill marks crisscrossing his sweaty back. In parting Zach reminds Superboy that he needs to learn obedience. The hard lesson delivered Zach departs leaving a frustrated Boy of Steel with a raging hard-on dripping pre-cum.


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