The Kryptonite Collar II Part 2
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The Kryptonite Collar II

Author: Lcross. 

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Part 2 Day Two of Captivity: The Humbled Boy of Steel!


It must be 8AM Monday morning Superboy thinks as the lead cubicle’s lights come to full illumination. He has taken a hot shower and managed to sleep a few hours on the mattress Zach provided. But now he is awake and somewhat refreshed pacing the cell with a towel wrapped around his waist trying to think of a way to escape; silly Superboy thought, “… even if I get out of this cage I can’t open the lead cubical door without Zach’s access codes. Maybe there are tools outside this cage to break the padlock on this dam collar.” Superboy reaches out and grabs the steel bars and pulls but his muscular arms have no super strength. No use…the bars are too strong! He sighs and hangs his head keeping his grip on the steel bars that a day ago he could have snapped like strands of uncooked spaghetti! 

Superboy concedes that Zach has been right on the money about the kryptonite collar and the kryptonite cock ring. Superboy’s sexual arousal when restrained and humiliated evaporated immediately Zach removed the kryptonite cock ring; and his body has built a sliver of immunity to the small amounts of the element kryptonite infused in his collar. To Superboy’s surprise he actually feels pretty good physically; the tight collar around his neck is annoying but no longer burns; and he has the strength to move about the cage – but he still gets tired quickly; and his superpowers have not returned. Zach has been right about everything so far. The bottom line: as long as the collar is locked around his neck he has no superpowers.   

He begins to pace within the 12’ x 12’ cell worrying about what deviate plan Zach has in store for him today…and what of his parents? They must be worried sick about him! He left early without telling them where he was going. No one knows he came to Professor Chow’s laboratory!

Superboy gnashes his teeth and grimaces as he recalls the deviate and perverted acts of sexual humiliation Zach inflicted on him Sunday; the Goth boy left no indication whatsoever of what perverted act he would have to perform for his masters’ pleasure on Day Two of captivity.

Suddenly Superboy stops pacing and thinks…Professor Chow…strange little man…a loner who keeps to himself; that guy gives me and the other students at MU the creeps…he looks just like that odd little oriental detective in the old black and white movies: Mr. Motto!  Short – coke bottle glasses – always watching the football team practice – probably checking the young jock outs…Wait! Come to think the little oriental professor is single…they say he never married! You don’t think Professor…

A look of sudden fear crosses the tall strapping boy clad only in a towel. A cold shiver travels up Superboy’s spine. He imagines the small Goth boy Zach or the even the spooky professor commanding him to kneel and then suck their cocks. Superboy cringes at the thought of servicing these scoundrels or any man; he tries unsuccessfully to put it from his young mind.

But he cannot; Superboy’s mind continues to race; another scenario enters Superboy’s mind: Zach humiliated me naked; now Zach might want to humiliate me in my Superboy costume! It would be the ultimate turn for that Goth fag to command me, Superboy, to kneel before him in my famous costume…and then order me to clean his black boots with my tongue again…or even worse! He could lead me, Superboy, the Boy of Steel, around MU campus on a leash like his dog! Superboy starts to sweat as he begins to believe Zach is capable of anything. This can’t be happening to me!

Hour after anxiety filled hour grinds slowly by. Slowly Superboy begins to enter a state of denial; he decides he can reason with the Goth boy or the oriental professor…whoever shows up first. Finally Superboy has convinced himself! Yes! They’ll listen to reason…I’ll offer to forget everything that happened here yesterday and everything will be as it was! I was wrong to snoop around…I broke into the professor’s lab…Zach was right to punish me. I’ve been punished and I accept it. Now I will apologize and beg for forgiveness…down on my knees if I have to. Apology accepted… no hard feelings…game over…I’m home for lunch! This was just one be big misunderstanding! That’s it! It was right in front of me all the time!

Suddenly the sound of the lead door sliding open snaps the Boy of Steel back to reality. Several seconds later the door slides shut with the now familiar thud. Superboy swallows hard and forms his pitch in his mind as Zach approaches the front of the cage. Zach is wearing his usual Goth garb… a black t-shirt, black jeans, and black belt complete with stainless steel handcuffs attached topped off with black boots. Today Zach is wearing eye make up that form black circles under his beady eyes – an Alice Cooper look!

Zach frowns when he notices the towel wrapped around Superboy’s waist concealing his buttocks and private parts but sets his disappointment aside, “Good Morning Superboy, chirps Zach happily. “The professor sends his regrets…he is a shy man and wants to wait a day or two before meeting with you – he regrets the circumstances of your stay but it is necessary; for the moment the professor only needs a sample of…”

“Look Zach,” interrupts Superboy very optimistically as he steps forward and grabs the bars.

The small Goth boy is startled and moves back fearfully as Superboy moves towards the bars. Superboy continues, “I’m sorry for breaking into the lab yesterday…I’ve been punished for that and I accept it. Now please Zach…please…please take this kryptonite collar off me and we can all just forget what happened.”

Suddenly the Goth boy’s cheery disposition evaporates and he becomes furious with Superboy. He points a finger at Superboy and shouts angrily, “How dare you interrupt me! And what the fuck is that towel doing wrapped around your waist? Insolence! Your hands should be clasped behind your back and your head bowed!”

A sudden look of fear and apprehension crosses Superboy’s handsome face; Superboy’s Adam’s apple compresses hard against the kryptonite collar as he swallows hard realizing he has made a terrible mistake and retribution will be swift! He rips the towel away from his waist leaving him naked. By the time the towel reaches the floor Superboy’s head is bowed and his hands clasped tightly behind his back!

Zach is seething with anger, “It’s too late for that muscle boy! Apparently you have forgotten everything I tried to teach you yesterday Superboy! Let you out? This is no fucking game we’re playing here! You’re my lab rat and you’re not going anywhere. I’m just glad the professor is not here to witness your impertinence!”

Zach walks away furiously and quickly returns with a familiar lead lined box and sets it down with a loud thud in front of Superboy’s cell.

Superboy dares to steal a glance; he sees an expressionlessly Zach pull a cover off a lead box. “Wait,” begs Superboy frantically. “I’m sorry Zach…I…!”

Zach shouts angrily, “Fuck you Superboy!” As the lead cover comes off an all too recognizable eerie green illumination immediately begins to glow brightly from within the lead box. Superboy instinctively retreats backwards as he raises his hands to cover his bright blue eyes. He yells in terror as the now memorable painful effects of kryptonite radiation quickly overwhelm him again. Again Superboy futilely tries to shield himself from the bombardment of intense kryptonite rays, but the rays are too powerful. In a matter of seconds he feels what little strength he has recovered evaporate. The naked Boy of Steel has to struggles just to remain conscious! Instinctively he staggers clumsily backwards to the rear corner of his cell; he twists and reels in pain as he again experiences the horrid effects of Zach’s green kryptonite.

Superboy feels very lethargic…his legs and arms felt very bulky and heavy again…he begins to sweat profusely; he hears the Goth boy say coolly, “It’s obvious you are a very learning impaired young man or just plain stupid; clearly I was not harsh enough with you the first time around; I have failed to train you properly. I won’t spare the rod this time muscle boy!”  Superboy does not respond – he continues to cower tightly in corner his cage on his knees with his arms over his head!  The rays emanating from the green kryptonite keep pounding him mercilessly without respite; soon he feels consciousness slipping away.

Zach grins evilly and reaches his hand into the lead box. He pulls out one of the small green meteor rocks and begins to toss between each hand menacingly. Without warning Zach tosses the meteor rock through the bars towards Superboy. The green rock hits the cage floor and rolls to stop in front of Superboy. The green meteor rock immediately intensifies in brightness in the proximity of Superboy! Seconds later Superboy collapses like a rag doll; he rolls off his knees and onto the floor of the cell and comes to rest face down naked. Zach laughs wickedly as he replaces the lead cover on the lead container. He walks across the room to the frame and retrieves the scold’s bridal he discarded on the floor and then moves to the desk in front of the cell. He smiles as he fishes through the canvas bag; eventually he pulls out a strange looking vice of sorts made of polished black steel.

Zach returns to Superboy’s cell with the device and scold’s bridal. He smirks with satisfaction as gazes through the steel bars at the powerful body of the naked young man laying face down next to the meteor rock. Zach enviously studies the muscular backside of the young man’s perfect body; Zach’s cock stirs as he sighs with pleasure totally mesmerized by Superboy’s buff body. Zach swallows hard as he continues to stare at Superboy’s calf muscles, thighs, ample buttocks and broad shoulders covered with a fine shine of sweat. Zach shakes off his sexual desire and puts it aside until the proper time; he regains his composure and unlocks the cell; Zach enters and approaches Superboy who is motionless aside from the rise and fall of chest as he inhales and then exhales. Zach stands over Superboy and looks down. Superboy’s handsome head is craned to the left with his blue eyes open but vacant; drool trickling from his open mouth. Satisfied the big boy has been kayoed Zach picks up the piece of kryptonite. He tosses it out the door of the cage.

The meteor rock clatters nosily across the lead floor far enough away from Superboy to do no more harm. Zach kneels next to Superboy and sets down the steel device and bridal and whispers, “Some people are just plain slow learners.” Zach rises and uses his boot and roughly pushes roughly rolling the unconscious Boy of Steel onto his back; his muscular arms flop to either side of his sturdy muscular frame seemingly lifeless. Zach begins to hum a strange melody as he kneels and then slides the barred head cage over Superboy’s head again; he continues to hum as he locks scold’s bridal securely in place over Superboy’s head. Zach then roughly shoves the ball gag deep into Superboy’s mouth and locks the retaining rod in place.

“That will keep that big yap of yours shut. Now…to humble the Boy of Steel!” laughs Zach as he stops humming. “I know you cannot hear me right now Superboy but this little steel device is called the humbler. It does just that; it will make you very humble. It’s a simple concept actually…even a dummy like you will understand its purpose quickly,” continues Zach. “I going to secure this toy tight around your ball sack and lock it. The wings of the humbler rest under each butt cheek serving an important purpose. If you try to stand while locked in the humbler, you’ll feel intense pressure as your ball sack starts to pull away from your body. Thus, this toy effectively keeps disobedient boys like yourself down on all fours, unable to stand erect like a human; this stays on you until I’m satisfied that you have learned your new station in life.”

Zach starts to hum again as he rolls Superboy onto his side and then shoves his legs roughly up towards his powerful chest into a fetal position. Zach continues to hum as he reaches between Superboy legs and grabs hold of the fallen hero’s big ball sack; Zach roughly pulls Superboy’s ball sack from behind and clamps his jewels tightly into the humbler. Superboy moans softly and stirs slightly as Zach harnesses his balls. Zach smirks and then locks the humbler in place. He rises and puts the small key on a chain around his neck. Zach stops humming and steps back to admire his work. Satisfied Zach exits the cell and locks the cage door. “See you tomorrow farm boy!” 

Zach hums loudly as he leaves the cage and walks towards the desk. At the desk he peers into the canvas bag and laughs as he imagines Superboy wearing one of the many toys for boys he has in his bag: rubber and leather hoods, muzzles, head harnesses, CBT devices, chastity devices and much more!

Zach is suddenly aware of Superboy’s discarded red and blue costume lying on the floor. Zach hums again as he walks over to world famous bright red and blue costume strewn about. He retrieves the crimson cape and stretches it out before him for examination. Zach studies the “S” symbol of the back side of Superboy’s crimson cape for a few seconds and then neatly folds it; after Zach stuffs the cape into his black canvas bag he gathers the remnants of the costume. Minute later Zach has retrieved folded and or put away the remaining items of Superboy’s costume: red briefs, royal blue bodysuit, yellow belt and polished bright red boots. Zach looks crossly in Superboy’s direction and shouts “You will not be in need of this fancy costume anymore Superboy,” laughs Zach. “The costume is mine now…it belongs to me now! Maybe I’ll sell it on E-Bay. It will fetch me a king’s ransom!”

Zach shouts a parting cynical good-bye to Superboy, who is presently completely indisposed and then leaves. Minutes later the overhead lights extinguish and Superboy is again left alone in the pitch dark in a very humble state!

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