The Kryptonite Collar II Part 1
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The Kryptonite Collar II

Author: Lcross. 

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Part 1 “Imprisonment”


Superboy is still kneeling before Zach when Zach claps his hands once and stands up before the kneeling hero and proclaims, “OKAY! I said noncompliance would bring swift punishment and compliance would bring reward, “You may get up off your knees Superboy. But you head will remain bowed and your hands clasped behind your back…a sign of submission to your new master.”

Superboy face is lined with tears and streaks of dirt looks as he looks up at Zach. He slowly replies, “Yes sir.” Zach smirks with satisfaction and then reaches down to help the bigger and more powerful looking boy to his feet. Once on his feet the naked Boy of Steel obediently complies by standing unsteadily before Zach with his head bowed and hands clasped behind his back.

Zach studies the taller muscular boy standing subdued before him and then remarks, “I’ll have to do something about that hard on your sporting Clark.” Superboy’s face is beet red as Zach laughs at the humiliated Boy of Steel and then announces casually, “It’s time to remove your cock ring Clark…Superboy…whatever.” The smaller boy boldly moves forward and roughly removes the snug cock ring from Superboy’s cock and balls. The pulse of energy coursing through Superboy’s cock ceases. Superboy’s cock immediately goes limp as the kryptonite infused cock ring is removed from the base of his cock and balls! Superboy sighs in relief as he visually examines his junk as Zach returns the cock ring to the small lead container on the desk.

Superboy looks with relief at Zach when he returns but quickly remembers his masters’ orders and lowers his head quickly. Zach savors Superboy’s obedience for a moment and then says, “The ring has served its purpose…for the moment.” Zach whistles to Superboy like a boy would to a dog indicating to be followed. “You’ll find you’ll have the strength to walk and move about without pain from the collar. My data indicates your body develops insignificant immunity after 24 hours. Your superpowers are mute….any elementary school kid could kick your ass, but it is an improvement from yesterday.”

Superboy obeys the signal and obediently follows Zach unsteadily to the far side of the lead cubical. Zach stops in front of a large dark canvas tarp. Zach smirks as he tugs on a small rope attached to the tarp. The trap drops revealing a three sided steal cage made of thick stainless steal bars with the back wall of the room as the 4th wall. The top was cover with the same steal bars. The cage measured 12’ x 12’ and was 12 feet high. On the back wall was a prison style toilet and shower. The cell was furnished with a thin rolled up mattress and a box of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat). On top of the MRE box was a blanket, a towel and a bar of soap. Other than that the cage was empty.

“Home sweet home Superboy,” announces Zach cynically as he opens the barred door. “Ma Kent will not be tucking you in tonight Clark.” He whistles sharply again and snaps his fingers towards the interior of the cage. The naked Boy of Steel hangs his head and obeys the smaller boy. Superboy burns with humiliation as he obediently and silently enters the cage naked…a cell that was prepared weeks ago in anticipation of his planned arrival. Superboy turns and faces the cage’s entrance…head down and hands clasps behind his back in submission to his master. Zach swings the bar doors door shuts with a loud clang that echoes through the lead cubical.

Zach announces with an evil smirk, “Well…my new dog is collared, trained and in his cage. My work is done!” Zach quickly walks away from the steel cage toward the cubicle’s sole entrance.  Before Superboy can respond Zach says, “I will program the heat to come when I leave and the lights will dim to 35% at 10PM and return to 100% illumination at 8AM.”

Zach smiles evilly as he quickly turns and walks away…the sounds of his light shoe steps diminishing. Superboy keeps his eyes on the cell floor but anxiously calls out to Zach, “Please…sir….master…please…don’t do this to me…” Zach ignores the powerless superhero’s pathetic plea for mercy.

Subsequently Superboy hears the lead door slide open and then slam shut. The sound of the lead door closing lead echoes loudly through the lead cubical.  Ten seconds later the room’s ventilation air handler engages and Superboy can sense the lead cubical warming up. With Zach gone Superboy dares raise his head and unclasp his hands from behind his back. Superboy instinctively flexes his powerful arms as his twists his powerful torso. He pushes back his sweaty hair and then pulls at edges of the tight fitting green glowing kryptonite studded steel collar locked around his neck. After several minutes of tugging and pulling at the collar Superboy is satisfied that he cannot be rid of the clever harness. Superboy’s Adam’s apple compresses against the tight steel collar as he swallows hard. Superboy sullenly grabs the steel bars with clenched fists as he stares through the bars at the perverted metal frame he was restrained to the previous night. Superboy gulps and sighs as he remembers the sexual molestation and humiliation Zach inflicted on him…he remembers vividly how he was powerless to resist the smaller boy’s perversion and cruelty. The naked Boy of Steel gulps again and hangs his head as he clenches the cage bars tighter. Superboy’s mind is fixated on one thing as he stands defeated and imprisoned in the Zach’s cage…humiliated…stripped of his superpowers… costume…cape…boots. I’m a slave and Zach is the master! He knows my secret identity! That is more powerful than kryptonite! I must obey his every command!!


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