The Kryptonite Collar Part 6
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The Kryptonite Collar

Author: Lcross. 

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Part 6 “Zach Tames the Boy of Steel”

Superboy has lost all track of time. Zach left him bound and gagged, with a dildo stuffed up his ass and a raging hard on thanks to the Kryptonite cock ring.  Superboy’s mind races as he kneels bound and gagged. Zach was right – it did make him horny – restrained and powerless before Zach. He can only think of Zach and how cruelly he had butt fucked him with the ram rod…and how Zach would punish him further whether he submitted to his will or not…this was just a taste. God knows what twisted plans Zach and the professor had in store for him. Zach said my days were numbered. Zach might kill me when he is thorough with his experiments and examinations! Zach wants to break my spirit…take my pride.  What choice did I really have? The collar has made Zach his…it finally registered…his MASTER. How easily he tricked me with the false cold fusion ploy to manipulate me and trap me here thinks Superboy. His frame, once superhuman, has become mortal in an instant. He has never known pain, or physical misery.  Alone in the dark Superboy’s mentality was changing. He was beginning to grasp the reality of his capture. He knew he was at Zach’s mercy while the kryptonite collar remained locked on his neck: he knew he would eventually have to submit to Zach’s will and do anything he demanded! The hours go by and he cannot sleep, not that the frame was conducive to it; the collar and cock ring burn relentlessly, his dick is rock hard, the room is cold and he cannot get the Goth boy out of his mind.

After what seems like an eternity, Superboy snaps out of his deep thoughts as the lead door slides open; seconds later the room lights slightly flicked on. The light is dim at first but gets brighter and brighter. Seconds later he hears the lead door slide slam closed echoing through the room. He hears the sound of heavy boots pounding on the lead floor as someone approaches the frame. A figure stops directly in front of the frame and stands looking down at the naked Boy of Steel.

Slowly, Superboy raises his caged head and looks up through the bars of the head cage. It was Zach dressed in black jeans and a black t-shirt and a long black leather trench coat; he gulps as he notices Zach is wearing a pair of polished black leather engineers’ boots.

“Good Morning Superboy!” Zach said cheerfully. “You look stupid with that ball shoved in your mouth. Anyway, will you submit and lick my boots and let me parade you like a yoked beast? Or do you need further persuasion? I’ll have your answer now. Nod or shake your head to answer me Superboy!”

Superboy stares blankly through the bars of the head cage as tears stream down his young handsome face.

“Be reasonable Clark!” Zach said.

Superboy’s eyes grow wide as his swallows hard.

“Oh yes, we ran your photo through the MU student register….you’re Clark Kent.”

Superboy swallows hard again as reality sets in. Zach knows his secret identity; he will use that secret to own Superboy!

“You’re my prisoner, held powerless in a lead lined basement in a secure lab. No one knows you’re here except me; no one can find you; no one can help you. We know where you live…Ma and Pa Kent are out there alone on that farm.”

Fear sweeps over Superboy as he hangs his head.

Zach rolls his eyes and says, “OKAY farm boy! I guess you need more incentive than a night naked on your knees in the stocks.” He walks over to the canvas bag and comes back with a 5’ leather bullwhip; he kneels down and raises Superboy’s head eye level to his using the plunger attached with the ball gag; Zach shows Superboy the cruelest bullwhip he has ever seen. “I’ll whip you to within an inch of your life farm boy. I’ll crisscross that sculpted body with this bullwhip. Once I start I will not stop!” He lets go of the plunger and Superboy’s head drops. Zach stands and moves away; he stands behind the frame and cracks the bullwhip on the floor a half dozen times raising a cloud of dust from the lead floor. Superboy’s body tenses on the frame; with each crack of bullwhip he expects the next to lash his back and buttocks.

Zach walks around front and said, “Last chance farm boy! Save yourself a whipping!” Superboy slowly raised his head, tears steaming down his face. “It would be a shame if there was afire tonight at the Kent farm….you locked up down here not able to rescue your folks.”

Superboy gulps and then quickly nods yes; he then bows his head in submission to Zach.

Zach claps his hands together, tosses the bullwhip to the floor and grins, “EXCELLENT! Farm boy, you made the right choice!” 

Superboy’s nod has condemned him. He has given him the answer that Zach wanted. It was a symbolic break – he had given it to him, Zach had not taken it. And he had given Zach a license to enact a terrible and grueling punishment upon him, even greater than the punishment he has suffered so far. Superboy was in for the long haul. He knew despite his submission he would eventually feel the bite of Zach’s bullwhip. 

Zach goes to the back of the frame and unlocks the ram rod; Superboy’s caged head twists in pain as he unceremoniously pulls the ram rod out of Superboy’s ass and tosses it across the floor. Zach comes around to the front of the frame with a key and unlocks the Scold’s Bridle that cages his head and gags him so effectively. The lock clicks and the cage rattles as he lifts it from his head freeing his mouth from the cruel ball gag. Zach tosses the bridal sending it rattling across the floor. He unbuckles the restraints of the frame and frees the collar from the frame tray. He helps the weakened Superboy off the frame pushes him effortlessly to his knees. He walks behind Superboy and kneels down. He pulls a pair of chrome plated handcuffs off his belt and pulls Superboy’s powerful arms behind his back and snaps the cuffs onto his wrists.

He turns and walks across the room towards the desk chair.  He sits down on the chair and faces Superboy who is on his knees in a daze. Zach sits back in the desk chair and snaps his figures and points towards his black boots. 

Superboy raises his head and looks up at Zach sitting at the desk. His eyes look sullen and defeated. He has deliberated long and hard about submitting to Zach. He has come to the conclusion that he was truly trapped and that there is nothing else to do. 

 Zach snaps his fingers again, and points to his boots, and said, “Perform your assigned task farm boy! I want you to crawl over here on your knees.” Zach said imperiously.

Superboy with his hands cuffed behind his back, has to shuffle on his knees 20 feet or so as best he can on the dusty floor towards the Goth boy, the Kryptonite collar glowing brighter than ever. The Kryptonite cock ring keeps Superboy’s cock rock hard. He slowly shuffles, his stiff dick bounces and slapping his six-pack abs; after great exertion he manages to crawl the distance on his knees across the room to the Zach; there he remains kneeling before Zach with his head bowed. Zach smiles and enjoys the moment. Superboy, the Teen Titan, is kneeling in total submission before him.

Zach leans forward and reaches round Superboy’s back, unlocking the cold, shiny handcuffs and tossing them onto the floor, the rattle of the chain reverberating around the room as he sits back.

“Zach stares intently at Superboy’s raging hard on. “ I think you like whips and chains farm boy.”

Superboy faces turns beet red as Zach orders, “Now…lick my boots farm boy! And do a good job!”

Superboy’s head lowers slowly, as he stoops over towards the black boots. He can see his face reflecting from Zach’s boots. Superboy’s expression is one of complete submissiveness. His cheek nuzzles against the side of Zach’s boot, his hands grasping the Zach’s legs to steady himself; Superboy’s tongue begins to gently lick over the top of the Goth boy’s black boot. The tip of his tongue sweeps over the toe of the boot, pushing against the smooth and cold leather as his tongue glides slowly towards the ankle of the boot.

As Superboy’s tongue cleans Zach’s boots he commands, “Harder Superboy! I want to feel your tongue through the leather!”

Superboy obeys, which is all he can do. His tongue presses harder and as his eyes close and he drifts deeper into a submissive consciousness, with all his thoughts diverted to one aim – to obey the Goth teenager. He laps and kisses at the ankles of the black boot, and moves down to the sole trying to take the tip of the boot in his mouth as he sucks on it. Superboy’s tongue and lips are like slaves to Zach’s boots and his cock gets harder as he licks harder. “Enough,” commands Zach after about 5 minutes have past!

Superboy kisses the toe of his each of Zach’s boots; he lowers his hands from Zach’s calf’s and away from his boots and clasps them together behind his back. Superboy gives Zach one last solemn look and bows his head in submission.

Zach smiles to himself with satisfaction. Superboy has been completely broken….tamed!

“You have proved your submissiveness to me Superboy and I am pleased.”

 Superboy remains motionless, head still bowed; hands clasped in submission behind his back.

Zach lights a cigarette and smokes; he orders Superboy to remain in that position while he enjoys his cigarette, enjoying his triumph over the Boy of Steel! Minutes pass and Zach savors the moment – Superboy broken and kneeling at his feet! He butts the cigarette out in the ash tray on the desk. Then Zach leans forward and opens a desk drawer and pulls out a black leather leash.

He smiles at Superboy kneeling before him and playfully runs he fingers through Superboy’s wavy hair and tugs at the distinctive split curl. Suddenly Zach’s fingers roughly grab a clump of Superboy’s wavy hair and he pulls it sharply backwards, so that his face is tightly pulled up to meet his.   

 Zach looks into Superboy’s blue eyes and asks, “Will you obey me farm boy?”   

 “Yes,” replies Superboy sullenly

“Yes what?” demands Zach.

“Yes sir,” adds Superboy quickly.

”EXCELLENT!” said Zach. He tightly maintains hold of Superboy’s hair and shows Superboy the leash. Superboy swallows hard and a look of further humiliation crosses his face when he sees the leash; he knows what is coming next…another demonstration of his Zach’s dominance over him…his second task. “It’s time Superboy!” He pulls Superboy’s head forward so it is bowed again and clips the chain onto one of the lead rings fuses to the kryptonite collar; Zach grandly rises from his chair, the smaller boy seems to tower over the much larger boy kneeling naked. With a wide smile Zach yanks on the leash and Superboy falls instinctively onto all fours, and begins to crawl to one side as to allow Zach room to lead like a yoked beast. “Good boy,” said Zach cheerfully. Zach merely tugs the leash in the desired direction and Superboy obediently follows crawling on all fours behind his Zach, his stiff dick bouncing as he crawls naked across the room raising the dust on the cold floor with the movement of his hand and knees. “I’m going to walk you everyday Superboy.” laughs Zach. Superboy groans as tears well up in his blue eyes.

“This is a great day for me Superboy. I know you do not share my enthusiasm. To think a mere metal collar, padlock, and a few scraps of a meteor rock put the mighty and all powerful Boy of Steel, SUPERBOY on a leash.” Zach tugs the leashed Teen Titan and Superboy continues to crawl along – his face beet red – his head hanging in shame, and his stiff dick bouncing.

Superboy crawls along the dusty room floor past his magnificent royal blue bodysuit with the world famous S symbol, crimson cape, and red boots discarded in a heap on the floor and is reminded how far and hard he has fallen. The 5’ 10’ Zach gives a short tug on the leash now and then to the mastered 6’ 3” Teen Titan, a signal to keep moving.

For fun Zach walks Superboy several laps around the lead room. Superboy’s mind is spinning with humiliation unable to think straight as he struggles to crawl at his Zach’s pace. Finally, satisfied he has humbled the hero enough Zach leads him back to the front of the desk and pulls on the leash hard pulling Superboy to his knees before the chair. Once on his knees Superboy instinctively clasps his hands behind his back and bows his head low. Zach removes the leash from Superboy’s collar and casually tosses it on floor and then sits down. He looks down in satisfaction at Superboy and says “Deep down Superboy, I believe you like being submissive. It’s the one thing you’ve never been able to do. Being all powerful your whole short life has made you that way. You’ve never had to submit to anyone. And now I have changed that. You have submitted to my will.” Superboy remains silent, head bowed in shame.

Zach looks down imperiously at Superboy and barks, “Now then Superboy, I want you to answer a question. Who is your Master?”

Superboy raises his head and looks up at Zach through his blue eyes; tears stream down his clean-cut handsome face as he says in a clear voice, “You are my Master Zach.”

Zach smiles and says, “Excellent Superboy! Now that you are tame Professor Cho is free to begin his physical examination of you tomorrow!”

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