The Kryptonite Collar Part 5
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The Kryptonite Collar

Author: Lcross. 

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Part 5 “The Frame”

”I think it’s time we start your training Superboy. I want to tame you before I start my examination and research. Your sperm will be priceless! It will make things much easier if you’re submissive before Professor Cho and I start our physical examinations! All my life, even here at MU, kids have bullied me and ridiculed me for being smart…calling me a geek … a fag! Now I’ll show these assholes I’m not a geek. When I show them I have mastered the mighty Superboy nobody will ever fuck with me again … ever.”

“But I’m getting ahead of myself. First I’ll have to break you Superboy. We’re on a schedule so I’m going to snap your spirit real quick,” declares Zach.

Superboy’s eyes widened as Zach grabs a clump of Superboy’s wet hair and pulls it, dragging Superboy to his feet. His poor weakened body feels so heavy and tired now. Superboy struggles and stumbles to his feet, and stands naked and weak with his head slumped; Zach stands beside Superboy and grabs one of his muscled biceps and puts his other arm behind Superboy’s back and slowly guides the stunned Superboy as he helplessly staggers gasping across the room towards a cruel looking metal apparatus within the lead cubical.

Zach and Superboy reach the apparatus and they both stand looking down at it. It is simple heavy black iron frame on the lead floor. The black frame consisted of a long bar, with a short vertical bar with a neck tray with leather restraining strap. There are horizontal cross ties at each end. At the end of each cross tie are heavy black leather restraints that buckle together. From one cross tie a bar rises vertically and it is topped with a rod with a cruel looking black dildo attached to it. Superboy looks horrified and weakly struggles to break Zach’s hold but he is too weak. Zach says with an evil grin said, “It’s called a Stockade with an Optional Fuck Rod.”

The large Superboy frantically struggles against the much smaller Zach tossing his head from side to side, vainly trying to move away from that horrible contraption, but his strength is continually snuffed by the kryptonite collar. “Let’s get you settled in Superboy. I have things to do.” And with that the Goth teenager effortlessly pushes Superboy down onto the frame. Superboy remains weakly slumpt on his hands and elbows on the frame naked as Zach quickly moves behind the frame and kicks Superboy’s powerful calf’s apart and then quickly buckles his ankles in the restraints as tight as he can. Zach then proceeds to pull his arms into the wrist restraints and buckles them up tight. Zach moves over to Superboy’s green glowing collar that is resting in the collar tray and secures it to the tray. Superboy is now securely restrained on his knees and elbows; he weakly struggles to break the ankle and wrist restraints but cannot!

His humiliation burns him almost as much as the green collar. Superboy feels his tears welling up as he sees the intensity of his helplessness matched only by the glee in his boy dressed in black’s wicked eyes. The once weaker boy towers over him, glaring down aggressively at him.

Superboy looks up at his tormentor with a pleading expression. He now knows what it is like to be helpless, struggling to resist. He cannot fight; he can only plead for mercy and there is certainly no chance of mercy from Zach. Zach walks to a canvas bag on the desk across the room and returns with a horrific looking implement. It looks a little like an iron head cage that is designed to fit over a human head; around the mouthpiece is a red rubber ball that has been manually attached. He walks towards Superboy, holding it in both hands stretched out.

“This,” Zach said smiling widely, “is a Scold’s Bridle.” The sweaty Boy of Steel looks at it in horror, twisting and turning naked in the stockades restraints. “It will fit over your head, and be strapped around your face and locked. The red rubber ball will gag you. I will offer you an opportunity to speak tomorrow and say the words I want you to say.” Zach steps forward and kneels down in front of Superboy’s head and smiles as he places the Scold’s Bridle over the strapping boy’s head and lowers the cage over Superboy’s handsome face. It is a tight fitting cage and the metal bars dig into parts of his skin. Zach straps the top around his forehead and then secures the bottom strap under Superboy’s chiseled jaw. As Superboy futilely tries to resist Zach takes the large red rubber ball gag and forces it deep into Superboy’s mouth and locks the clamp. The vicious device is snugly in place and the ball gag effectively silences the naked boy who is bound on his elbows and knees.

Zach turns and says to Superboy, “Are you comfy muscle boy?  He retrieves a small lead box from the canvas bag and returns to Superboy. The Goth boy opens the box and shows Superboy its contents. He swallows hard, recognizing the familiar green glow through the bars of the head cage. Zach announces, “It’s a K cock ring.” Zach smiles and moves behind the frame and roughly grabs Superboy’s cock and balls with his gloved hands from behind; he quickly slides the cock ring along to the base of Superboy’s cock. He roughly pulls Superboy’s balls through the K cock ring one at a time until it is snugly in place around the base of Superboy’s cock and balls; Superboy struggles, amusing Zach with his muffled screams through the cruel ball gag stuffed tightly in his mouth. Superboy feels the cock ring; it is tight, pulsing with kryptonite energy, glowing green and it seems to tighten again as Zach leans under the frame and examines his handiwork. Satisfied, Zach slaps Superboy sharply on the ass, stands up and walks to the front of the frame. “I’m betting that the K cock ring gets and keeps your cock rock hard muscle boy. You should know that the cock ring works by stemming the flow from the collar. Therefore, although the rest of you will be weakened, your cock will be rock hard. In time I bet a young muscle stud like you will get turned on by being restrained by a weak geek like me.” Superboy is sweating through the bars of the head cage. His handsome face contorts in pain and his blue eyes wells with tears as his powerful body struggles weakly to get loose and his cock starts to stir. 

Zach watches intently as Superboy struggles; he notices Superboy’s dick has begun to stir. He kneels down in front of Superboy and glares at Superboy through the head cage and observes, “I guess I was right about the cock ring.” Superboy hangs his head in shame.  Zach continues, “This lead room is your prison for the foreseeable future Superboy. Don’t worry. I will visit you often.” Zach suddenly looks angry and screams, “LOOK AT ME!” Superboy raises his head slowly and looks at Zach through the bars of the head cage, his mouth plugged with the red rubber ball. Zach continues, “I am going to break your spirit; destroy your pride; humiliate you before the world. You will do two things tomorrow or you will be severely punished. First, you will lick my boots! Second, you will walk like a yoked beast on a leash around this room on all fours!”

Tears run down Superboy’s face that is tightly compressed in the metal head cage. He tries to plead with Zach, reason with Zach, but the rubber ball gag makes speech impossible. The large muscles of his body bulge struggling to break the frame but they have no strength; the more Supermen struggles the brighter the collar and cock ring glow and harder his cock gets.

Zach looks at Superboy’s pathetic pleading expression behind the bars, smiles and looks at his watch and remarks, “Hold that thought Superboy. I have to run. I’m famished and my breakfast should be ready. But I’ll leave you to ponder this for the next few hours.” Zach kneels down in front of Superboy, raises his caged head with rod that is secures the ball gag in his mouth and said cruelly as he looks directly into Superboy’s caged blue eyes. “The rest of your days are numbered. You can’t escape from here. No one knows you are here! No one is coming to help you! You are alone! The collar stays locked around your neck. You are Professor Cho’s lab rat!   Know this Superboy!  I’m going to kill you…. just not yet … but it is now inevitable.  I’m looking forward to it too!!  But for now, I will be back later. I will give an opportunity to perform the two aforementioned tasks at that time. Non compliance will bring swift and cruel punishment; compliance brings reward. I’ll give you time to consider this down on your knees. Think about it Superboy down here in this dark lead room naked and alone. I have one more surprise for you. Enjoy!” He releases the rod and Superboy’s head drops.

He walks behind the frame and pulls a tube of lubricant out of pant pocket of his black jeans; Zach smiles wickedly as he greases the dildo on the ram rod liberally and then tosses the tube to floor. Zach eases the dildo into Superboy’s ass; Superboy grunts through the ball gag and his back arches as his arms and legs pull wildly against the frame’s leather restraints. Superboy continues to struggle and squirm on the frame as Zach slowly eases the rod with dildo in until it is buried up Superboy’s ass. Superboy bucks wildly unable to utter a protest through the ball gag. Zach grins viciously and pulls the ram rod back and forth slowly causing the dildo to slide back and forth – butt fucking Superboy with the dildo. Superboy continues to buck and twist naked on the frame, his screams muffled by the ball gag. Superboy is sweating profusely and his cock is at attention; the collar and cock ring glow brighter and brighter. Zach grins evilly and continues the ram-rodding Superboy for five minutes until Zach either tires of the experience or he feels he has punished Superboy enough. Zach finishes by again burying the dildo up Superboy’s ass and locking the ram rod in place on the frame.

Zach steps back and admires his work and smiles silently as the muscular Superboy still squirms from the assault; the sweat drips from him as he struggles to break free, his head shaking in the head gauge as tears stream down his face, unable to even utter an objection. Zach pulls a small digital camera from his pocket and walks several times around the frame snapping numerous pictures. Superboy can hear the camera snapping pictures; realizing he can not break free he lets his muscled body slumped down on the frame motionless and hangs his head hang in shame. Zach says nothing more to Superboy. He smokes another cigarette in silence continuing to walk slowly around the frame savoring his victory. He flicks his cigarette to the floor, turns and walks away, the sounds of Zach’s heavy foot steps diminishing to the other side of the room. Superboy hears the chair to the desk pull out and slide back in; Zach began typing on the laptop as he laughs and talks in Chinese to someone on the telephone. Superboy cannot understand the language but the call lasts several minutes. When the call ends Superboy hears the lead door slide open; the lights go out, and then the lead door slams shut echoing through the vacant lead cubical. Superboy is alone in the cold dark room.


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