The Kryptonite Collar Part 4
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The Kryptonite Collar

Author: Lcross. 

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Part 4 “Superboy Stripped of His Gear”

Zach stands triumphantly over Superboy who lies on the lead floor in a kryptonite induced stupor. Drool streams out the side of his mouth. Zach laughs and nudges comatose superhero roughly with his sneaker and says, “Superboy, what we have here is a classic example  of the triumph of brains over brawn. You won’t be going back to Mount Olympus today! You won’t be going back to Mount Olympus ever!!  HA HA HA HA HA!!!” … but Superboy’s head is spinning wildly and he can’t comprehend Zach’s remarks.  

In time Superboy’s head begins slowly to clear and he struggles to make sense of what Zach is saying; he starts to stir on the floor and is starting to regain his senses. He is still quite dizzy and the collar burns on his neck. He is too weak to rise off the floor on his own and is completely bewildered; it has all had happened so fast! One question races threw his mind. “What is kryptonite? Superboy desperately tries to make sense of the situation. His head pounds with pain and his entire body is drenched with sweat and his clear blue eyes portray intense pain. Superboy weakly raises his head and looks up. He shakes his head weakly to remove the sweat from his eyes and tries to survey the lead cubical.

His vision is fuzzy and he hears Zach laughing occasionally at his expense as Superboy squints to see clearly. The lead cubical is about a quarter of the size of the lab above; it measures 30’ by 60’ and is completely open; the walls, ceiling, and floor all lined with heavy lead panels; there are few furnishings. Indeed there is no cold fusion experiment set up in this lead cubical…it was all a clever rouse to lure the Boy of Steel into a kryptonite trap!

Superboy scans the room as Zach snickers at his predicament. The left wall is recessed and enclosed with iron bars; Superboy shivers as he realizes the recessed wall resembles a prison cell! There is a digital camera mounted on a tripod and a wooden desk with a chair in directly in front of the cell. On top of the desk is a telephone, a laptop and a black canvas bag. On the right side of the room some sort of black metal frame the purpose of which he could not imagine from that distance. The floor is made of lead too and has a thin layer of dust on it. The room is cold and the gray color of lead makes the room’s look even drearier. All said it is a very uninviting room.

Superboy seems to have recovered from the worst effects of the Kryptonite exposure and is just starting to comprehend the true gravity of the situation when he feels a sneaker under his stomach; the sneaker pushes in further and applies a lifting pressure rolling the weakened Superboy onto his back his muscular arms flopping lifelessly to his sides. Zach stands over him and gives Superboy a wicked grin. Superboy gets his first good look at Zach since he was exposed to the kryptonite. Zach is much smaller and younger than Superboy … about 18. He has long dark hair and eyes and the word Goth would best describe the very thin un-athletic teenager. Zach is dressed all in black: black jeans, black t-shirt, black leather belt, black sneakers, and black ball cap. Superboy swallows hard as he notices two pair of steel handcuffs attached to his belt.

“You had me worried there for a while muscle boy. It’s not my plan to kill you, just capture you … at least not kill you yet, hee hee … I guess it was overkill to use that much K, but it was a lesson learned.” 

Zach pulls out a black hanky and kneels down next to Superboy. He puts a hand behind the collar and raises his head up and roughly mops the drool and dirt from Superboy’s dirty face and then lowers his head gently back to the floor. Zach tosses the hanky to the floor and says, “Your welcome Superboy.” Superboy’s costume is drenched with his body sweat and his hair is wet and matted down. His costume is dirty from the wet suit mixing with the dust on the lead floor.

“Time to get you out of that wet dirty costume Superboy!” laughs Zach.

Superboy is too dazed to comprehend Zach’s meaning much less manage a protest.

The boy genius laughs at Superboy’s blank expression and roughly grabs hold of one of Superboy’s dark red leather boots and pulls it off and examines it for a few seconds; he loses interest and tosses it to the floor. He repeats the procedure with the other red boot. Superboy moans softly and shifts restlessly on his back weakly pulling on the edges of the steel collar trying to break it. Zach kneels down beside Superboy and roughly easily pushes his hands away from the collar and his arms flop to his sides powerless. Zach unfastens his red cape from the blue bodysuit and then stands up. Zach straddles Superboy’s legs and sits on his knees; he unbuckles the yellow leather belt and pulls the belt off through the loops of Superboy’s red trucks. In one swift action Zach grabs Superboy’s soaked red trucks and pulls them down around his ankles. He pulls the trucks off and throws the belt and trucks next to Superboy’s boots. Superboy again feels Zach’s sneaker, this time under the small of his back; the sneaker applies a lifting pressure flipping Superboy off the cape and back onto his belly. Zach picks up the red cape and makes note of the “S” on the back of the cape.  Zach tosses the crimson cape over towards the boots, belt, and trucks. Zach coolly reaches down and yanks the blue bodysuit’s zipper down to Superboy’s waist exposing his broad muscular back; the suit is soaking wet with sweat: He rises and flips Superboy back over onto his back with his sneaker and roughly peels the suit off. Zach quickly pulls Superboy’s arms from the sleeves of the blue elastic bodysuit exposing Superboy’s wet chiseled chest. Zach grins and comments, “Nice pecks and abs Superboy!”

Superboy is still badly dazed and his head is spinning. He has no idea he is being stripped naked by the younger boy as he lies on the cold hard metallic surface, his muscular chest heaving with each breath he draws. Zach grins as he pulls down Superboy’s blue bodysuit revealing first his thick dark pubes, then his ample uncut cock and low hanging balls; Zach continues peeling the suit down Superboy’s powerful muscled thighs and calf’s until the bodysuit is down around his ankles. Zach then roughly pulls the suit off Superboy’s ankles. Zach feels the bodysuit’s fabric; it is quite fantastic; the fabric is light and feels rubbery yet is breathable as it was soaked through with Superboy’s sweat. Got to hand it to those aliens Zach muses. He buries his face in the fabric to experience Superboy’s powerful scent and then tosses the inside out suit on top of the cape.  He turns his gaze to Superboy. Superboy’s young muscular body glistens with a fine sheen of sweat tinted green from the bright glowing collar.

It is an odd sight. Superboy is nearly a foot taller and some 75lbs. heavy than his Goth captor. But the boy genius has used his superior intellect and scientific knowledge to level the playing field and defeat Superboy, the Boy of Steel!

Zach is ecstatic as he circles the ripped, hunky, god-like Boy of Steel who lies naked on the dirty floor wearing nothing but the kryptonite collar Zach constructed to harness the Teen Titan. Strangely the collar seems to glow even brighter now that Superboy is naked and helpless, completely at the mercy of the boy genius. 

Superboy lies naked on the lead floor and groans weakly as he shakes, trying desperately to clear his head and grasp what is happening to him. Zach continues to circle the naked muscle hunk several times. “You’re quite a specimen Superboy. I’ve never seen so many perfectly proportioned muscles on a large frame and not a milligram of fat…. yes Superboy, you’re an amazing creature … unique … and now you belong to me!” Zach uses his sneaker again and flips the weakened hero again over onto his belly and then stands proudly over Superboy appraising his backside; Zach kicks Superboy’s legs wide apart and then does the same with his arms so that he lies spread-eagle on the cold lead floor as if on display. Zach observes. “Yes…you are a fine specimen of the male gender Superboy!” Zach pulls out a pair of thin black leather gloves from his pant pocket and kneels down besides Superboy. Zach smiles as he massages Superboy’s ass for several minutes. Zach then reaches between the Boy of Steel’s legs and grabs Superboy’s balls and cock. He fondles them for a bit as Superboy moans and moves his legs and arms restlessly on the lead floor. “Nice tool box Superboy,” laughs Zach.  Superboy stirs and stutters weakly, “Please…don’t…” Zach cuts off the superhero’s protest with a sharp crack on each of Superboy’s ass cheeks.

Superboy yelps at the sharp slaps on his buttocks having never felt pain before. “Shut the fuck up! I own you now Superboy. I’ll do with you as I please muscle boy!” announces Zach as he rises and plants one black sneaker squarely in the middle of Superboy’s broad back. Superboy squirms moving his bare arms and legs on the lead as Zach applies more of his body weight. Zach flexes his scrawny arm muscles in triumph and screams, “I DEFEATED SUPERBOY!”


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