The Kryptonite Collar II Part 4
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The Kryptonite Collar II

Author: Lcross. 

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Part 4 Day Four of Captivity: Blow Job!


Superboy languishes on the frame through the remainder of the long day and the following night unable to think of anything but getting off. It is maddening! The kryptonite cock ring keeps the Boy of Steel’s big cock rock hard dripping pre-cum. The Teen Titan is utterly helpless; he has been rendered powerless by a strange green element cut and shaped into small studs that were infused into a steel collar that is now locked around his strong neck. Now the once proud superhero is stark naked with a dildo stuck in his ass – his ankles and wrists tightly secured to a steel frame. A cruel bit gag inserted between his bright white teeth cause the Boy of Steel to drool continuously. To Superboy’s frustration his restrained appendages leave him powerless to reach his raging cock and relieve himself!  

Long maddening hours past before the lights of the lead lined cubicle finally flickered on; the lead cubicle’s door grinds open and then closes. Superboy hears the familiar footsteps approach the frame and stop directly in front of him. His Goth master removes the leather blindfold covering Superboy’s eyes; the bigger boy in turn squints up blinking wildly to adjust to the sudden brightness trying to confirm it is his small Goth captor who discovered the secret properties of kryptonite and the element’s lethal relationship to Superboy. Seconds later his vision clears; it is indeed Zach wearing a long black leather trench coat over his traditional all black Goth garb. Zach carries the familiar metal briefcase that is used to preserve the priceless sperm Zach will again harvest from the powerless Boy of Steel.

Superboy swallows hard biting down hard on the steel bit between his teeth as he watches Zach set the briefcase down. Superboy’s eyes remain locked on the briefcase and does not notice the lustful expression on the small Goth boy’s face as he studies Superboy’s powerful muscles that he has render completely inert. Each muscular appendage of his naked body is secured tightly to a steel stock by his ankles and wrists; each wrist and ankle held securely to the stock’s frame by thick leather restraints. Zach’s own small scrawny body pales in comparison to the impressive body of the Boy of Steel. The delicate Goth boy brushes away a wisp of jet black hair that dangles in front of eyes that are heavily outlined with thick black eyeliner. He shoves his hands deep into the pockets of his knee length black leather trench coat as gazes mesmerized at the naked boy wearing the kryptonite collar he devised to enslave Superboy. Zach inhales deeply and his own cock stirs as he rolls over Superboy’s sexual itinerary for the day in his dark mind.

Item one thinks Zach as he moves behind the frame to examine Superboy’s big stiff cock. A cursory inspection confirms that the superhero’ impressive cock is still rock hard with a tiny drip of pre-cum dangling from its tip. “It should take about 2 seconds to milk you today,” laughs Zach with a cruel smirk. Zach flicks the tip of the rigid cock with his index finger causing the drop of pre-cum to drop to the lead floor.

Superboy’s face turns crimson red as Zach walks around to the front of the frame, kneels down and opens the case. He looks up and locks eyes with Superboy and demands, “Beg me to get you off farm boy.”

Superboy grunts incoherently through the bit excitedly. “Oh…my bad,” laughs Zach. He rises and quickly unbuckles the leather straps to the bit gag and then pulls the steel bit from between Superboy’s teeth and renews his demand, “Now…beg for it Superboy!”  Zach tosses the bit to the floor and waits.

Superboy flexes his jaw repeatedly in relief finally free of the cruel bit between his teeth; he instinctively hangs his head ashamed to beg the Goth boy who has enslaved him.

“Beg me to jerk you off right now or we will play several continuous rounds of tease the cock!” shouts Zach sternly.

Superboy swallows hard and fearfully looks up at Zach pleadingly and begs softly, “Please jerk me off.

“Louder muscle boy,” commands Zach.

“Please jerk me off” begs Superboy again in a louder voice.

“Say pretty please!” commands Zach imperiously.  

Superboy swallows hard. “Pretty please…jerk me off,” pleads Superboy loudly.

“Very well…if you insist,” smirks Zach.

He picks up the case and moves to the back of the frame. Zach takes out a specimen dish and puts on his leather gloves; the small boy then begins to stroke Superboy’s stiff cock with one gloved hand readying the specimen dish with his free hand.  Superboy immediately tenses and breaths harder bucking wildly against his restraints; seconds later the strapping boy stiffens and grunts loudly several times with pleasure as he shoots his big load into Zach’s specimen dish. Zach continues to milk every precious drop of the super stud’s cum until he has milked the Boy of Steel dry again. Superboy relaxes on the frame as Zach begins to hum annoyingly; he caps the specimen dish and stores it away.

“You are a slow learner farm boy! What do you say boy?” asks Zach as he pulls the gloves from his hands and pockets them.

“I’m sorry….thank-you…sir!” offers Superboy quickly correcting his oversight.

Zach shakes his head and roughly begins to remove the cock ring from Superboy. He shoves each big beefy ball out of the kryptonite cock ring one at a time and then slides the ring off the stiff shaft; he returns the cock ring to its small lead case then stores it in the briefcase.

Zach closes the briefcase and walks over to the desk and places it on the floor next to the desk. He returns to Superboy and unlocks the ram rod. Zach purposely retracts the rod ever so slowly; Superboy moans and twists on the frame begging the small boy not to fuck him again. “Relax big guy. I’m not going to fuck you today.” When the rod has been completely retracted Zach tosses it on the floor. “I have something else in mind today,” explains Zach as he removes his leather trench coat and lays the garment over the desk’s chair.

Item 2 thinks Zach as he turns and faces Superboy fishing something out of his black jean’s front pocket. Zach produces a leather O ring gag with leather restraining straps. Without warning Zach grabs holds and pins Superboy’s nose shut forcing his mouth open; he swiftly shoves the gag’s rubber ring into Superboy’s mouth fitting it tightly behind his upper and lower teeth. Zach quickly buckles the leather straps together tightly behind Superboy’s strong neck. The straps effectively hold the rubber coated 1 ½ inch metal ring tightly upright in Superboy’s mouth bracing his mouth wide open effectively preventing him from being able to bite down. Zach inserts a tiny padlock into the O gag’s buckle and locks it. He pulls the small key out and places it on a delicate silver chain he wears around his scrawny neck.


Zach laughs as Superboy desperately struggles in vain to break free of the frame while he shakes his head wildly trying to dislodge the ring from his mouth. “Now I can put whatever I want into that pie hole of yours farm boy!” declares Zach.

Zach boldly moves in and grabs a fist full of hair and pulls Superboy’s head back roughly. “I’m going to fuck your mouth Superboy!” said Zach with an evil grin. Superboy has a horrified look as Zach releases his hair and picks up the discarded blindfold off the floor; he slides it over his head covering his bright blue eyes casting him back into darkness gain. The strapping teenager bucks blindly on the frame unable to dislodge the ring from his mouth. Zach steps forward and kneels down in front of the frame cock level with Superboy’s mouth. The slender Goth boy unbuckles his belt then unbuttons his black jeans and un-zips his fly. Zach pulls down his black jeans revealing a black jock with the tip of an erect cock sticking out above the waistband. The smaller boy pulls down the jock releasing his 7 inch stiff cock.

A little foreplay first farm boy,” snickers Zach as he roughly slaps Superboy’s across his handsome face a dozen or so times with his stiff cock. Zach then grabs Superboy roughly by both ears and shoves his stiff tool through the rubber coated metal ring deep into Superboy’s mouth. The Goth boy begins to pump his cock roughly in and out of Superboy’s mouth maintaining his iron firm grip on Superboy’s ears. Superboy tries to break Zach’s hold but Zach is too strong for the weak Boy of Steel. Zach pumps faster and faster with quick short power thrusts in and out of the Boy of Steel’s mouth. Superboy gags several times as Zach’s cock ravages the back of the fallen hero’s mouth.

Zach laughs hysterically as he pumps his cock in and out of the strapping boy’s braced open mouth. Superboy is totally helpless to resist the oral sex. Zach continues to power fuck wildly with short power thrusts until his cock explodes in Superboy’s mouth. Zach grunts loudly as he continues to pump until he is dry and his cock goes limp. Superboy gags, belches and coughs as Zach laughs wildly. He pulls his dick out Superboy’s mouth and then quickly reaches up and pins Superboy’s nose shut with his fingers.

“Swallow it farm boy!” commands Zach loudly. Superboy has no choice but to swallow Zach’s load. Zach watches the Boy of Steel’s well defined Adam’s apple compress against the kryptonite collar as he unwilling swallows. Satisfied Zach stands and then wipes his dick clean on Superboy’s damp hair. The smaller boy pulls up his black jock and jeans and then buttons them up. Superboy coughs and gags as Zach pulls his fly up and buckles his belt. Superboy’s face is crimson red as he continues to belch loudly as his stomach turns over. 

Zach circles the frame several times observing the gasping and belching hapless superhero. Zach turns and looks down at the frame and shouts, “THANKS FOR THE BLOW JOB FARM BOY. I’M LEAVING THAT RING IN YOUR MOUTH…WELL…BECAUSE I CAN. I’M TAKING YOU TO SEE PROFESSOR CHO TOMORROW NIGHT…HE WANTS TO MEET YOU BEFORE…WELL BEFORE YOU BECOME PERMANENTLY UNAVAILABLE.” Zach retrieves the metal brief case, trench coat and leaves. In a state of shock Superboy vaguely hears the lead door slide open and shut before the lights go dark and the cubicle starts to grow cold. 


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