The Hunter and the Prey Part 1
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 This story is the continuation of Jokers and Goblins, if I remember correctly it was published in the Yahoo Group named PerilsOfSpiderman. This story wasn’t completed and only 2 parts were published. The story has some grammar problems I try to correct at the best of my knowledge. Hope you enjoy it.

The Hunter and the Prey 

Author: Unknown

Part 1

Thirty-six hours passed since the Green Goblin and Joker had stripped Peter of his manhood. In the hours that had passed Peter managed to find a pair of his torn tights that were somewhat intact and locate his web shooters and his torn stained mask. His shirts were in tatters and could not be worth wearing.

Barely able to crawl or walk because of his sore ass, Peter carefully swung home in a great deal of pain. He knew several ribs were cracked from his beatings.

Once reaching home Peter managed to drop onto the rooftop of his apartment and stumble through the skylight. Once in his apartment, Peter inched his way into his bedroom and fell onto the bed in his tattered tights and passed out for 2 days.

When Peter awoke he felt somewhat better as he slowly walked towards the shower. Scratching his balls through his tights, Peter began to peel what was left of his blue tights and stepped into the shower.

While in the shower, Peter has flashback of the Green Goblins huge cock in his ass, and at the same time found himself sticking his own fingers inching up his own hole, with that thought Peter stopped and quickly grabbed the soap and coated with ass and cock and lathered his muscular chest and abs up well.

After several minutes Peter walked out with a towel wrapped around his waist and grabbed a pair of white Calvin Klein that he slipped on and allowed the towel to drop.

“I wonder what’s been going on the past few days?”. Asked Peter to himself as he turned on the TV.

“And in other news…..exotic animals have been disappearing from New York City Zoo. Officials say the latest to go missing a rare a White Siberian Tiger. Security has been beefed up as of late.”

Peter turned the TV off and said to himself, “Sounds like Kraven could be in town. Better check it out tonight. Thank god I have several Spider costumes still around the past two are toast”.

Peter went to the closet and pulled off a costume and crawled into the tight spandex tights and then the tight shirt, then put his street clothes on top. The mask and gloves were stuffed down his tights for safe keeping. 

20 minutes later Peter was in the offices of the Daily Bugle.

“Parker where the hell have you been the past 4 days? Some crazed lunatic is stealing exotic animals from the zoo and we have no pics or story. I want pics here in my office today or you’re fired!” screamed Jameson.

“Yes sir. I’ll have the pics for you today” replied Peter.

“Don’t bother parker I already have a reporter working on that I need pics of the guy who is stealing these animals.” screamed Jameson.

“I’ll get you pic but Spidey will taking the shots” thought Peter.

A few hours had passed and Peter was just arriving at the zoo after running some errands. “I think I’ll do some investigating here and see what clues I can find that may lead to Kraven if it is him” thought Peter.

After an hour or 2 Peter had found nothing and decided to come back in the late evening to check up on the situation again.

That evening Peter left a message for MJ, telling her to not wait for him as he would be back soon after some errands.

Removing his street clothes and donning his mask and gloves Spider-man slipped through the skylight and off towards the zoo.

Meanwhile not far from the zoo a large van was parked in the darkness. A large solid man wearing a skin tight leopard vest and tight jeans stepped out of the van.

Not too long another van pulled up and two large muscular men stepped out from the van and waited orders.

“Men we have come for another rare tiger to release from this prison and if we have any time, we will capture a foe of mine that I know will be making a visit tonight and be a nice collection for the real hunt in Africa” said Kraven a man who stood 6 ft. 4 in and weighed muscular 270 pounds.

 “We will wait another 10 minutes before entering the zoo and I will carry the darts and a special few ones if my special guest should arrived” Kraven remarked.

Not too far away Spider-man was approaching the zoo. “Seems peaceful and tranquil tonight. Wonder where all thee creeps are tonight?”

“Hmmm two vans parked just inside the zoo, wonder what they are bringing in at this time of the night or wait what’s being taken out” thought Spider-man

“Better check things out and see what I can see” thought Spider-man again.

As Spider-man swung over he noticed 3 large men walking around the grounds. One was quite familiar to him.

“Kraven, just what I thought” said Spider-man.

Down below Kraven motioned his men to go in another direction, while he continued in the same course.

While landing on the ground Spider-man decided to take on the two large men first and then tackle Kraven one on one.

“Hello boys, don’t you know visiting hours are over or do you have a good reason for being here” quipped Spider-man.

“We are here to make sure everything is in order Spider-man. New security officers on the first night” the first large man said.

“Strange. This zoo has the highest in security on most nights. Most times there are 3 or more guards on duty” replied an unbelieved hero.

“Security gave the regular guards the night off, we are just beginning and have yet to change” the second large muscular man said.

Not far off Kraven was thinking “good boys keep the webhead occupied and this hunt will be easier than I thought.”

At the time Kraven was getting three darts with a drug that would put an elephant down in minutes.

“Keep still Spider-man and you will be off to dreamland soon and another place unexpected.” thought Kraven again.

Meanwhile Spider-man was still listening to the two phony guard’s explanation when suddenly his spider sense went off.

“Something coming at me “, thought Spider-man.

Before Spider-man could make a clear jump two small darts impacted Spider-man’s lower back and a third missed his ass by a mere inch.

“Been hit by something”, thought Spider-man, “don’t know what.”

“Don’t fight it Spider-man. You won’t win” Snarled Kraven.

“Krraaavvven, I knew all along you could have been behind this” said Spider-man as he tried to keep his balance.

“Yes Spider-man and you won’t be awake much longer to find out the little surprise you are in for” replied Kraven.

Spider-man tried to fight consciousness as he tried to take a swing at Kraven and then hit his web shooters to capture the villain. It was no use the drug was travelling through Spider-man’s blood stream too fast and within a few minutes Spider-man collapsed to the pavement below.

 “Ok boys take him to the van, bind him well and bag him” ordered Kraven.

Immediately Spider-man was being carried back to the semi and bound. A metal brace was put around Spider-man’s neck with chains shackling Spider-man’s ankles knees and a chain running through his crotch area and his arms shackled behind his back. As this was done Kraven approached the unconscious hero and replied, “Sleep well Spider-man. Soon you will be on the darkest place on this planet and trying to survive as an insect should”

Spider-man was then placed into a heavy nylon body bag and zipped up to enclose the hero. Spider-man was then placed into a coffin like container and the lid shut with enough air to get in to keep the hero alive.

“How long can he survive there boss?” asked the first muscular thug.

“He will survive long enough to get to Africa. The drugs in his system will just slow his heart down to keep him alive. There will be plenty of oxygen in his tomb to keep him alive. We have come what we came for now take the van to the private airfield and we will be off to Africa for the greatest hunt” said Kraven.

Within an hour the vans had pulled up to the private airfield and the tomb carrying the hero was placed inside an aircraft and shortly after the aircraft had taken off towards Africa.

To be continued………..


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