The Hunter and the Prey Part 2
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The Hunter and the Prey 

Author: Unknown

Part 2


Ten hours had passed and a wagon covered truck was rolling along a dusty road in the open wild of Africa. Kraven and his henchmen had captured New York’s Web-Wonder with ease and had transported him to other continent.

“When we arrive at the camp, I want Spider-man bound to the stake and given fresh water. Do not remove his mask and do not remove the shackles until ordered. I want him bound for a while so he gain his strength back and then I will give him the rules of how this game will be played. In the end I will win of course” said Kraven.

Another 20 minutes had passed and the truck was pulling up to the camp. Several muscle bound men were working about the camp. After stopping, Kraven’s two main henchmen lifted the casket off the back of the truck and opened up the casket and removed the body bag encased the hero.

Within 10 minutes Spider-man was shackled and bound with chains to a metal post with his arms behind his back and legs bound at the ankles and thighs. Spider-man’s head was secured in a metal shackle still.

Shortly Kraven walked up with a small pail of cold water and threw it on the bound hero.

“Time to wake little spider” said Kraven.

Water dripped of the mask and shirt of the hero with a trail dripping towards the crotch area.  

Spider-man slowly moaned ” Wha–at happpned….. whe—ere  a—-m I”.

Kraven walked towards Spider-man again with a small pail and ladle. Kraven set the pail down and walked up towards the hero.

Slowly he pulled up the hero’s mask so it rested on the arch of his nose. “Don’t worry Spider-man your secret is safe for now. I’m just going to let you have a nice drink of water, you will need it” said Kraven.

Spider-man tried to resist the shackles that bound him. “Don’t worry Spider-man. You will be set free soon enough.” said Kraven after Spidey was done drinking a few ladles of water. Kraven caressed Spider-man’s muscular chest and his hands went down to the crotch area and gave a nice feel around Spider-man’s cock and balls.

“Nice set of balls hero” thought Kraven “Can’t wait to give you a special treat after the hunt”.

“Listen well Spider-man. Through your sluggish condition which will be wearing off soon you should take note carefully. When you are freed, you are free to go but beware there are many obstacles that will be in your way. If you can find your way to the air field you will be allowed to go home. If you can avoid the obstacles, I’m sure you will have no problem.” said Kraven.

“I don’t like the sound of this Kraven.  What obstacles?” asked Spider-man as he continued to fight the shackles.

“The wildlife and the tribes Spider-man. They do not take kind to strange visitors” replied Kraven.

“Or those who hunt them” thought Spider-man “Strength is beginning to come back should be able to break these bonds shortly.”

“And if those don’t get you, I’m sure the blazing sun will get to you as well” added Kraven as he notice Spider-man was sweating through his costume.

Within moments Spider-man had broken the binds that held his hands and he then gently twisted the shackle around his neck and broke free of his lower shackles.

 “All right Kraven enough is enough…….I demand you take me back home” snapped Spider-man.

“I can’t do that Spider-man because this is your new home for the time being” answered Kraven “And if I were you I’d start trying to find that air field before it’s too late.”

“And Spider-man, the hunt will begin in 2 minutes. I will give you 12 hours to find the air field and in that at time you don’t find it, I will hunt you. So If I were you I’d be making some tracks” finished Kraven.

With that in mind Spider-man began to swing from a local tree into the deep woods of the unknown.

“Fuck I don’t know where to start. Guess I could find a tribe in here and see if they understand” thought Spider-man.

Spider-man didn’t know that most tribes were ruthless and hunters and would attack anything unknown and do more than the mind can imagine.

Spider-man swung through the dense bush for 2 hours hoping to find a tribe to give directions. The heat and humidity were beginning to get to the hero as he swung.

Not too far a fresh water spring piqued the hero’s attention.

“Water! Thank god….I need a drink and need to cool off. Shortly Spider-man walked up to the fresh spring and pool of water.

“I need to cool off” thought Spider-man, “safe to unmask and breathe fresh air”

Spider-man slowly removed his mask and wiped the sweat of his brow with his mask. Then he tugged at his shirt and pulled it up over his head and took it off. Spider-man’s muscular upper body glimmered in sweat.

Spider-man entered the pool of cold fresh water. Spider-man cupped his hands together to get a good drink.

“Ahhhhhhh…feels so good. What country am I in? Have to find that airfield fast. Time is slipping away.” thought Spider-man.

Spider-man spent 10 minutes cooling off and then waded out of the pool with his semi hairy chest and upper body dripping with water.  His tights were soaking wet as he tried to keep cool in the humidity of the air and jungle.

Spider-man re-dressed and dipped his mask in the cool after before putting his mask back on. “Feels better already” he thought.

Spider sense has not even tingled once “Hope the drugs that Kraven injected me with didn’t affect it” Spidey said to himself.

After fully dressed Spider-man was on his way again. And as he was about to leave Spider-man tripped over a hidden wire that dropped a huge roped net over him.

“Fuck!” yelled Spider-man as the net lifted Spider-man off the ground and left him hanging helplessly in the air.

“What the fuck, rope is too strong to break. What is it made of” said Spider-man.

Shorty a small tribe of huge natives came from out of the thick underbrush. One member climbed halfway up the tree and cut the rope with a knife.

The net carrying the hero fell 25 feet to the ground. Spider-man landed in an awkward position and let out a loud grunt as he landed.

Quickly the other tribesman lunged at the net and began to pound on the hero with clubs. Unable to defend himself Spider-man fell unconscious.

The tribesman then grabbed part of the net and dragged their possession through the underbrush and back to their small village.

15 minutes later Spider-man slowly woke up to find himself bound again on a wooden rack. His arms ankles and chest were well bound with rope.

“Got to get myself out of this mess” thought Spider-man,

As Spider-man tried to struggle against the ropes that bound him a large tribesman came up and place his hand on Spider-man’s chest.

Spider-man lay confused as the tribesman stood above him. Shortly another large muscular tribesman came up with a large knife in his hand.

Spider-man swallowed hard and eyes widened. “What is he going to with that butcher knife” asked Spider-man to himself.

The huge tribesman cut the ropes that bound the hero.

As Spider-man slowly got up in confusion the huge man motioned Spider-man to follow him to a small hut.

Once inside an older muscular civilian greeted the hero.

“Welcome visitor” he said. “You can call me Spider-man” Peter said.

“Welcome Spider-man. Let me get to the bottom of the barrel. For you to leave this tribe, you must fight for your freedom”

“I can live with that” replied Spider-man

“You must fight in their customary robe. Fight in a loincloth. You must undress and remove your mask as well. No one knows who you are under that mask so don’t resist” explained the man.

Spider-man was reluctant but had to hear the circumstances first.

“What if I don’t agree with fighting whoever?” asked Spider-man.

“Regretfully a slow painful death” replied the older gent. “Tortures you can never dream of”

“You would not want to live to find out. Anyways the rule of the fight goes like this. Defeat your opponent and walk away and if you lose you are to serve your opponent as his slave for 40 moons”

“I need to find an airfield that is remotely close to where we are now” explained the web head.

“HMMM,,, only one close to hear is about 70 miles away”, explained the older gent.

“I need to find it soon. I’m also being hunted by a man named Kraven” explained Spider-man.

“Kraven is a very dangerous man here. Very ruthless” the older man said.

“I know Kraven way to well”, replied Spidey

No time to waste but I suggest you undress and put this on and get ready for your battle”, the elderly man said.

Spider-man tugged at his shirt and pulled his shirt up over his head. Once off Spider-man’s muscular upper body glistened in the dimly lit hut, the tights were next to go along with the gloves socks and white briefs underneath the costume.

Spider-man stood buck naked with his muscular body showing well. His upper body had quarter sizes nipples and a hairy chest with a treasure trail leading down to a limp 9 inch cock and huge set of balls.

 The loin cloth barely covered Spidey’s cock and balls and his slightly hairy ass cheeks bared well.

Reluctantly Spider-man removed his mask and web shooters.

A bit of facial hair appeared on peters face. Beads of sweat showed on the hero’s muscular body.

The elder gent took Spider-man’s costume and placed the mask on a stake.

Peter brushed the bangs out of his eyes and nervously stepped outside to his future.

Once outside the muscles of peter showed quite well with the well-defined pecs and abs and muscular legs that were covered in a light covering of hair.

Facing the hero was a large built muscular tribesman with piercings in his nose and ears and nipples. In his hand was a club of a warrior.

The tribesman stood 6 ft 7 inches and weighed at least 270 pounds…..110 pounds more than Peter.

The elder followed Peter outside and explained the first round of the fight. “Listen carefully Spider-man. The man to lose this round will be put into bondage until the appropriate time has come to serve the other for 40 moons. And if you happen to be the winner you will be free to go on your journeys.”

“Fight as if it was your life you are fighting for” said the muscular elder.

Within a few seconds the huge tribesman took a lunge at Peter. Peter easily jumped out of the way with ease. The tribesman turned around quickly and again lunged at the well-built hero again.

Peter had no difficulty stepping out of his way again. Not far behind Peter another tribesman was admiring Peters tight firm ass cheeks and stepped forward and gave a hard slap to the hero.

Startled Peter jumped and lost a precious couple of seconds to his opponent.  The huge man send Peter to the ground with great force.

Peter lay stunned for a few moments allowing the huge mam to grab him by his neck and put a choke hold on him. Peter tried to fight off the huge man but the huge arms were squeezing hard around peters neck cutting off the air supply.

“Can’t lose like this” Peter thought.

With all the strength he could give, Peter broke free of the hold and threw the huge man over himself and into a vacant hut. The hut immediate collapsed on the huge man. Several moments passed before the huge tribesman emerged from the destroyed hut and a huge smile crept upon his face.  Peter stood bent over catching his breath and again brushed the bangs of his hair out of his eyes.

Quickly the huge tribesman tackled Peter and the two men went sprawling into the clayish ground, the two men rolled around each taking their blows.

Peter again threw the huge man off him and got up to brush himself off only to be attacked again by him. This time the huge man put a half nelson on Peter. The hero tried to break free but the tribesman’s applied more pressure to the smaller man.

Peter fell to one knee and then the other as the pressure was applied. The huge man could feel peter losing his strength as he tried to fight the hold. Slowly the hold turned into another choke hold. Peter could feel himself digging for the energy to break free.

With all the energy he had Peter again broke free of the choke hold and again hurled the huge tribesman over his shoulders and into the heavy brush that surrounded the village.

Several minutes passed and the huge man did not emerge from the brush. Peter had begun to regain his strength and was beginning to catch his breath when he felt a sharp pain in his lower calf.

Peter looked down to see that a small dart impaled him.

“Oh fuck. I’ve been drugged again”, he thought

Within moments Peter could see everything going blurry and collapsed in front of the tribe.

Within moments two tribesmen walked over and picked up the unconscious hero and took him into a secluded hut.

Once inside Peter’s limp body was placed on a wooden table. Peter’s cock was hanging loosely from the loin cloth.

Peter was strapped and tied down securely to the table.

The elder gent that spoke to Peter earlier spoke “Spider-man won the short battle but was fallen by a ruthless member of our tribe. However before he is released, a mandatory gift to us all. You can have oral sex on this beautiful man before allowing to go” explained the elder.

Shortly the loin cloth was removed and Peter laid complete nude bound on the table with his legs spread eagled and his arms bound tightly to the table. In moments a nicely built member of the tribe went up and began to suck Peter’s cock.

Slowly he sucked the piece of meat until it started to grow in his mouth. Then with his one hand he began to finger Peter’s tight hole.

Peter let out a soft moan, not sure of his whereabouts and what was going on as he laid semi-conscious. Another young tribesman came up and began to lick on Peter’s muscular chest and suck on his nipples. The hero slightly arched his back but was secured well enough not to move much.

The first young tribesman moved down and began to rim peters tight hole while continuing to stroke his nine inch hard cock.

Unable to move Peter slowly began to come out of his druggist state. The two tribesman continued to perform sex on the hero.

Peter struggled against the bonds but the second tribesman held him down while licking his manly nipples and upper body.

Shortly Peter felt a sharp presence entering his tight hole… The first tribesman began to slowly fuck Peter’s ass with his thick 10 inch cock. Peter moaned in agony as the huge rod pierced his hole.

Peter screamed as the cock continued to penetrate his hole. “No more!!” Please stop”, begged Peter.

Peter’s cries went unheard as the two tribe members continued to work his body.  Harder and harder the huge cock pounded Peter’s ass. The second tribe’s member then began to stroke Peter’s cock.  Peter could not resist as his throbbing cock was about to unleash the first tribesman was still working Peter’s hole and then with a huge grunt blew his load inside Peter’s inside.

“Nooooo-ooo-!” Peter yelled. At that time his cock was being stroked harder until Peter finally let off a huge load all over his mid-section.  Peter’s eyes rolled back and again he passed out.

Two hours passed and Peter slowly awoke to find himself back into his spider costume except for his mask.

The elder gent walked in and spoke. “You served well Spider-man. You fought well and you are free to go. However there are many dangers facing you in this land. Kraven the hunter will be not far behind”

The elder continue “You passed the first of many hurdles on your trek for your freedom and to find the airfield.  Travel in which the sun sets and you will come across civilization and the airfield. But beware there are many deadly obstacles in your way. And Kraven is very ruthless he will go to any ends to capture his prey.”

“I know Kraven well, too well”, replied Peter.

 “Also Spider-man I must say I don’t know how you can stand the humidity and heat in that costume you wear. If Kraven Don’t get you first, the heat and humidity will” explained the elder.

“I will somehow manage”, replied Spider-man.

As the elder handed Peter the mask to his costume he approached Peter and gave him a hug and a small kiss on his lips.

Peter took the kiss and kissed the elder back.

“I wish you well Spider-man”, said the elder.

“Thank you sir”, answered Spider-man as he placed his mask on and swung off into the Jungle.

As Spider-man carefully swung further into the brush he thought “my ass still hurts from that pounding but I hope that is all I have to deal with before running into Kraven.”

Meanwhile at the village that Spider-man just left, Kraven and his entourage just pulled up. Most of the tribe scoured and fled into the bush or their huts.

The elder muscular gent stepped out to meet the hunter. “What can I do for you Kraven?” he asked.

“Did the man called Spider-man come through?” asked Kraven, “and do not lie to me”.

The elder pointed to the direction in which Spider-man had just swung off to.

“Thank you old man. A very smart move.” said Kraven as he pointed his entourage to follow the hero.

Kraven carried several poisoned darts to capture his prey and had a camp not far off with ruthless jungle men.

“This is going to go quite nicely. Spider-man is going to eventually walk into his worst nightmare”, thought Kraven as he left the small village with an evil grin on his face.

To be continued (Unfinished)

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