Tarzan’s Humiliation and Defeat by the Dark Trinity Chapters 8-9
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Tarzan Humiliation and Defeat (by Dark Trinity)

Author: Jay (Johnhorman)

DISCLAIMER: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable.

Chapter 8: Enjoy and Destroy

Mark smiled and walked over to Jane, unzipped his fly, pulled out his dripping cock and whispered to her, “SUCK IT AND I’LL SPARE YOUR HUSBAND’S LIFE!”

As he removed the ball gag, Jane opened her mouth and received Mark’s huge cock into her mouth and throat. She sucked him as though a life depended on it—and it did. Of course, Mark had no intention of honoring that pledge. While she sucked him, Mark fondled her perfectly shaped breasts and finger fucked her cunt. She moaned unable to escape the pleasure generated from Mark’s attention.

“Suck it, bitch! It’s time you had a real man’s cock to finally make you feel like a woman. TAKE MY COCK— EVERY BEAUTIFUL INCH OF IT, YOU FUCKING SLUT!”

His attention was however, distracted in the direction of Frank and the boy. Frank had inverted the boy on the rope from which he dangled from the tree. His face was now level with Frank’s crotch-easy access to mouth or ass guaranteed.

Frank repeated the very words earlier said to Jane by Mark, “SUCK IT AND WE’LL SPARE YOUR MOM AND DAD’S LIFE!”

The boy dutifully opened his mouth and sucked in Frank’s enormous cock. Frank than began one of the fiercest face fuckings he had ever undertaken. His motive, of course, was his own pleasure which was tied to the degree of pain and discomfort he could generate in this new, though very temporary fuck boy.

Repeatedly the man’s cock rammed the boy’s mouth and filled his throat. Tightly holding the boy by the back of the head, Frank used the boy’s mouth like a battering ram assaulting a castle gate. Each pelvic thrust increased in intensity until the boy was gagging and gasping for air. It was as though Frank wanted to reduce the boy to nothing more than a cum receptacle.

It was all about maximizing the strength of his orgasm. Simple dehumanization was the goal- to reduce the subject to a “non entity”. Lower the boy to the rank of an “it”—the lowest terms to which a human being can be reduced without termination.

As Frank neared climax he visualized how the boy might eventually meet his end—and blew a huge load into the youth’s gaping mouth. The young boy with tears streaming down his face swallowed the bitter load of thick man cum as he stared at his helpless mother and father nearby.

Mark blew his load into Jane’s mouth at precisely the same moment that Frank creamed the boy’s. Both men withdrew and exchanged places, instructing their new victims to lick their balls to restore cocks to their original rigid states. The boy gave Mark a look of refusal which was all it took to provoke the sadistic man’s response. He grabbed the boy by his long hair and backhanded him repeatedly until the boy was senseless.

Marked then pushed the boy’s mouth to his balls and watched as a young tongue lathed his scrotum with pleasurable attention. Cocks began to harden once again to full size. This didn’t take long as the two men watched their cohort slowly pulverized the King of the Jungle with his expertly trained fists and feet. With each bone crunching blow, cocks increased in size and readiness. Within a few minutes both cocks were engorged again and ready to create havoc.

Chapter 9: Maximizing a Fee

Mark reminded Frank that it was time to begin videoing Tarzan. It was also time to begin some serious torture of both Jane and the boy and catch the ape man’s crazed reaction on tape. Mark assured Frank that they would take turns and he would have more opportunities to use the boy. Mark’s accomplices began to reposition themselves to satisfy more aspects of the syndicate’s contract. They knew that what they did next would add to their fees. They must be more disciplined and intentional for maximum payments

Austin stepped away from Tarzan, revealing the bloodied hulk of a once invincible jungle king. Tarzan’s legs bent in awkward directions, broken in many locations. The other two men couldn’t help but stare in amazement. Both elbows had been shattered and had begun to swell. Tarzan’s right shoulder had been dislocated and the once proud frame of the jungle hero now was contorted and grotesque.

Blood poured from Tarzan’s ears from repeated blows to the head. The now deposed king of the jungle could barely see through swollen eyes. His ball sack was three times its normal size from violent kicks to the groin. Both of Tarzan’s nipples had been cleanly snipped off, creating a trail of blood down his torso —like two macabre bloody suspenders. Austin had done an admirable job. He stood proudly gesturing toward his new masterpiece.

Frank aimed the video camera at the battered man and filmed a close up of his facial reaction as Mark mounted Jane’s body and placed his swollen cock against the opening of her cunt. Using a powerful hip thrust, the mark of a master rapist, he penetrated in one fluid motion. As Jane screamed, Frank got the reaction he wanted on film. Tarzan made valiant but futile attempts to break his bonds, only to scream in his own agony as broken bones ripped through his flesh and protruded through his skin in various places on his body.

Mark lifted Jane’s legs and placed them over his shoulders for fuller penetration. She screamed as he entered deep within her vaginal cavity. Her eyes widened and the scream turned silent—too intense to be expressed vocally. Within 10 powerful thrusts Mark ejaculated a full load into her cunt and then slowly withdrew. His withdrawal was gradual and deliberate. He wanted Tarzan to see his cum covered cock exit Jane’s sex swollen pussy. He then walked closer to Tarzan holding his, still dripping cock, in his hand.

He stood barely 2 feet away from the mighty jungle king, enabling the defeated hero to see and smell his wife’s juices comingled with the acrid stench of foreign semen. Mark motioned for Austin to take his place. Austin smiled, more than eager to rape the helpless woman. The thought of fucking Tarzan’s mate made his cock throb and pulsate- generating an erection even thicker than usual for the well endowed man.

Tarzan, bleeding internally from the beating he had just endured, neared the edge of unconsciousness once again. Mark stepped in and bitch slapped the broken hero’s face, bringing him back to a full realization of the scene in progress. He lifted the head of the once magnificent hero and forced him to watch Austin mount Jane’s body.

Mark then swung the camera around to record Jane’s second penetration and continued to film as her vagina was ripped apart by Austin’s huge member. His amazingly thick cock brutally bred her with another full load of his cum. He then repositioned her and fucked her up the ass with his strong arm around her throat. He arched her back as he butt fucked her. As his thick arm tightened around her neck, she succumbed to the combination of pain and lack of oxygen and sank into unconsciousness.

Tarzan emitted a cry of anguish that seemed to come from the depths of his being. Slowly the great man was being reduced to a weeping, pathetic shadow of his former self. But even that wasn’t enough for Mark. He wanted the once powerful hero to be completely broken. Toward that end Mark carried Jane’s body and dumped it directly in front of Tarzan, her cunt still leaking two massive loads of cum. He then summarily pissed all over her body.

Seeing Jane lying there broken and torn apart, Tarzan’s heart disintegrated. Violent sobs shook his massive body.

To be continued…

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