Tam-Rex VS Heroes Part 1
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Tam-Rex vs Tarzan 

Tarzan’s Fateful Duel


Comment: This story appear to be part 2 of the storyline of Tam-Rex, sadly I don’t have the first part or at least did’t find it. If I find the first part I will upload it. Next parts will continue the story with others two heroes that are the favorites of many.


Young Tam-Rex challenges Tarzan for Jungle warriors Supremacy 

And so it comes to pass that the Warrior tribe which fell into disarray centuries ago after the defeat and enslavement of their leader, Xenon, having been rebuilt in modern times by Tarzan, is once again threatened by a renegade warrior from an old tribe od white man.  This new challenger, ironically, is another blond haired young man, a direct descendant as it were of the notorious Xenon slayer, Kyr.  He is Tam-Rex, just 19 years old, but already, like his ancient ancestor, a strapping young man of uncommon size and strength and dazzling beauty. 

Yes, Tam-Rex, a stunning young man who is brazenly unafraid of  flaunting his obvious bodily charms, indeed is almost fully unclothed even as he enters the battle pit, his glistening hard body stripped to just a pale brown patch of leather at his mighty crotch.   The youthful face shows determination, the high cheek bones bespeaking the finest of warrior bloodlines.  Broad shoulders display corded, powerful muscles that, despite their bulk, are long and ripped to the max. The large chest tappers down to a small waist, in a classic v-shaped torso.Washboard abs ripple with toned muscularity. And then there are those legs, my gawd those legs; long, sleek, full, superbly muscled thighs and calves, ripped, that are smooth  and bronzed.  Murmurs of rapt admiration ripple through the assembled crowd, the words “breathtaking” and “god” forming on many lips. 

Unable to resist staring himself, Tarzan, the Jungle King, more modestly,  clad in his familiar  loincloth, feels an unavoidable heat building in his loins at the first sight of this stunning young creature stripped down before him to bare battle essentials.  It is, if the truth be know, a sensation not helped in the least by ever attentive Boy, whom Tarzan, with Tam-Rex’s tacit consent, has selected to be the third man, the observer/referee in the pit today, standing behind the king, massaging Tarzan’s broad, rounded shoulders, and laying a soft, hidden tongue on the nape of Tarzan’s neck, raising goose pimples on the venerable warrior’s flesh. Pulling his tongue back at length, the comely young brunette hero, somewhat ironically, “do not be distracted, my friend; he is big and strong for sure, but also young, impetuous, brash; he cannot possibly match you in either strenght or battle skills and cunning” And then, “but still you must concentrate now. I will be there near you, but, of course, cannot assist you in any way; for that would violate the Warrior’s battle code.  So you must be strong and brave as always and you WILL PREVAIL!”

There is another soft caress from that practiced tongue, and even a covert little nibble on an ear lobe, and then Tarzan pulls away shuddering, thinking, “my gawd, get a hold of yourself, man.

Boy’s right, you can beat this young upstart, easily, but you must concentrate. But gawwwd, how can you not be distracted by that? For he is truly a sight to behold. I must fight the battle of my life against this stunning, yet evil, creature, and I will!”

It will, indeed, be the battle of  Tarzan’s life.  For Tam-Rex is certainly no ordinary Jungle warrior foe.  He has already fought and brutally dispatched two of Tarzan’s top warriors during a furtive raid on a small village the other side of theri territory.  Boy, in fact, witnessed the raid first-hand, being as he was among a trio of warrior defenders ambushed that day by Tam-Rex and his small invader group.  And, tellingly, Boy was the only one spared the ultimate demise. By his own account, after his comrades were vanquished and slain, Boy, outnumbered, was finally subdued after a long, valiant struggle; and he was then held prisoner by the mysterious young blondhead on Tiburra itself for two tortuous weeks. His release came, in fact, only after Tarzan agreed to meet the Tiburran champion in the battle pit in order to win the freedom of his top lieutenant and not-so-secret love. 

It is thus mostly through Boy, who claims to have gained the confidence of one of his Tiburran guards during his imprisonment on Tiburra, that Tarzan has learned sketchy details of life on Tiburra and the legend surrounding that  young blond haired leader. Tam-Rex is, as said, a direct descendant of the fabled Xenon conqueror, Kyr, the end product of centuries of highly disciplined and tightly controlled selective breeding; all begun with the magnificent warrior genes of that ancient Nordic warrior who, legend tells, left the vaunted warrior champion of that day and age, the supposedly invincible Warrior Prince, Xenon, groveling pathetically at his feet at the end of their epic battle for supremacy centuries ago.

Only the best and strongest of the Tiburran warriors are allowed to propagate, a “handful or less” each breeding season selected by rigidly planned competition among the younger warriors, according to Boy’s information.  Tam-Rex’s father, the former Tiburran King, Ethreus, was among only three in his “propagation class”,  Ethreus was already the Tiburran warrior champion and destined to be its king in the ensuing years, when he  impregnated  with his  sperm  a 220 pounds Finnish amazon who had been kidnapped by the Tiburran warriors from a town where an illegal organization of no-holds-barred fight held matches also between women.  Seems like the big Finnish fighter was forced to flee his native land after killing a fellow villager in a bare fisted pub brawl.  Soon after the Finnish amazon gave birth of Tam-Rex, the big Finnish disappeared, never to be heard from again.  Neither Ethreus, nor Tam-Rex, ever even knew what his name was.   Tam-Rex, of course, never even met him, since the big woman was long disappeared by the time of his birth.  And Ethreus had only glimpsed her but once, on the day of his capture, assessing the measurements made of his bulky, muscular body and reading the biographical data compiled from interviewing him and his fellow prisoners before deciding that he was the one that would produce the son for his first and only issue.  The purest bloodlines on Tiburra, the ancient ancestor Kyr’s genes raging still, were to be preserved through this child he would bring into the world and name Tam-Rex.

Tam-Rex early on grew to be the biggest and strongest of the adolescent Tiburran Amazons in training.  By 13, he was competing against and defeating 17 year olds, and at 15, with 20 added pounds of muscle in his early teen years, he defeated three established warriors in their warrior prime, ending their careers with the serious bodily damage he inflicted on them. Then at 17, he overthrew his own father, still the King, in a furious struggle for family supremacy that left the previously undefeated Ethreus broken and destitute and soon banished from the jungle, on orders from Tam-Rex himself, now the new King, the youngest , by fully 4 years, ever so crowned. Tam-Rex has never once visited his dethroned  and dishonored father, the deposed former king,  in the ensuing two years. 


Boy, after returning from his imprisonment on Tiburra, had described Tam-Rex as a stunning warrior specimen of uncommon size, strength and radiant beauty, and he was right.  Look at him now, his magnificent young body almost the embodiment of male perfection.  Yet the man across from him, the dazzling legend clad in the leather loincloth, is most every man’s, and woman’s, vision of just such perfection.  For not only is he a great and noble warrior and undefeated champion,king of the Jungle, but, unlike the reportedly rash and brash, some would say out and out heartless, young Tam-Rex,  has a soul, a great and wonderful soul as it were; and he was the Lord.


Tam-Rex fully intends to rip that great soul asunder. “Plunder the Body, then Ravage the Soul”, he has boldly predicted to his top assistants accompanying him today.  He seems unconcerned about the Lord. The denizens of the Jungle, Tarzan included, could not even conceive of such a preposterous notion, even if they’d had knowledge beforehand of Tam-Rex’s bold pledge. Tarzan’s matchless body plundered? His soul ravaged? Can’t happen.   For he is TARZAN, invincible Defender of all that is right and just in the Jungle. 


Yes, like Kyr centuries before, Tam-Rex fights a revered and renowned raven haired warrior king.  But this one, unlike Xenon in ancient times,is not a Jungle-born, people believes he has superhuman powers.Yet Tam-Rex, possessing no superhuman gifts as far as anybody knows, but blessed with that sculpted powerhouse body that is bigger and more muscular even than Tarzan’s famed super-bod, is not fazed by the daunting process of taking on the legendary and beloved Tarzan, not fazed at all.  Besides, Tam-Rex has reasoned, in an almost naive, impetuous musing of a youthful warrior who has never yet been seriously challenged by any man, he is taller and heavier than Tarzan, and much younger; and who really needs a superhuman powers  when you have “fists of steel” and bulging biceps that would make a stevedore proud?


Certainly not Tam-Rex, who, as Boy waves his arms to signal the beginning of the battle, boldly stands in against the full fury of the super-powered Jungle King  for endless minutes, refusing to yield to Tarzan’s great skill and champion’s heart.  No mere mortal, has ever resisted the indomitable Tarzan so well and for so long.  And, more startlingly, the blond haired Tiburran, superbly conditioned and drawing deeply on the recuperative powers of youth, actually seems to be gaining strength, and certainly confidence, the longer the fight goes on. Tarzan is worried, terribly worried; Yet, if the awful truth be known, Tarzan is feeling more and more perversely aroused with each passing moment, particularly during the increasingly frequent clinches with that impossibly sculpted, almost naked, young warrior’s body.


Yes, Tarzan is worried, and unavoidably aroused; and now truly begins to feel a very human weariness overtaking him.  Tam-Rex, very worldly for one so young, particularly as it involves the physical and emotional make-up of a finely tuned warrior, recognizes the “distress” building in his storied rival.  Buoyed, he draws ever deeper into his vast reserves of strength and resolve and surges powerfully, artfully taking every opportunity now to clinch with the tiring superhero, rubbing his incredible huge crotch against that of his opponent, locking his long,  muscled legs around Tarzan’s curvy counterparts whenever they tumble to the hard earthen floor of the battle pit. Shockingly to Tarzan’s legions of devoted followers, the young blond  now appears to be steadily wearing a visibly tiring Tarzan down with his relentless counter-attack.

Finally, Tam-Rex drops all pretense of a counter-attack and begins to simply take the fight to the fast fading Jungle King, with slashing fists and pure strength moves powered by massively flexing muscles to which poor Tarzan,  seemingly has no answer. With each successive slam to the sun-baked ground by the powerfully muscled young renegade warrior, with each punishing blow that sends him clumping  to his back, dazed and moaning ,  the embattled older warrior increasingly struggles mightily just to rise.  Tellingly, alarmingly, Tarzan’s wondrous thighs have suddenly become very hot and very wet of sweat; the slick, rubbery muscles swishing noisily together in his labored efforts to rise.   

Dizzy and dazed, he dutifully rises from the sun baked ground yet again, turning woozily to face his young tormentor.  He blinks stupidly, the Jungle King does, wondering what in the world is happening to him.  The muscles themselves feel heavy, lethargic, Instead of surging strength, Tarzan feels mostly just  a giddy weakness.  He has never felt so helpless, and seldom so utterly turned on.  He stares at the young god-like body in front of him with dread, envy and, undeniably, raw unfettered lust.   Distracted, he barely reacts as Tam-Rex turns, twists, leaps and lashes out at his feet first. 

Tam-Rex’s feet crash into Taezan’s chest. With jaguarlike skill he aims so perfectly, that a heel lands dead center, in each nipples. Tarzan crashes jarringly against the earthen wall, wailing at the terrible damage to his ribcage, while his young adversary lands cat-like on his feet. When Tarzan bounces off the wall, Tam-Rex backhands him across the face, spinning him in a half circle. A barrage of powerfully driven punches crashes into his back slamming his face first, back into the earthen bank. Struggling bravely against the overwhelming attack of his young antagonist, Tarzan  braces himself against the hard bank, and spins around shakily on those big,powerful, extremely rubbery legs. Face to face with his foe, Tam-Rex drives another punch, a straight left, deep into Tarzan’s. The Jungle King gasps aloud, but remembering Tam-Rex’s tactic, desperately dives head first into the young renegade’s midsection. Now, it is Tam-Rex’s turn to gasp breathlessly, as Tarzan‘s head drives the breath from his lungs. But taut, ridged muscles developed to near perfection by hours of sit-ups and weight workouts  limit the damage; and his youthful recuperative powers bring him back quickly. Angered now, Tam-Rex’s clenched hands smash down on Tarzan’s neck, in a two-handed rabbit punch. The punch slams the aging hero’s face down into a knee lift that flings him backward, arms windmilling for balance. Tam-Rex hits the off-balance Tarzan, with a left hook to the cheek, and a right uppercut to the chin. His hard fisted punches slam Tarzan’s head first to the left, and then backward. A drop of blood trickles down his cheek. As Tarzan sags backward, Tam-Rex’s muscular leg flashes up in another savage kick.  Tarzan reels backward in groggy confusion, blood dripping from his nose and cheek, while Tam-Rex stalks him unrelentingly. 

Another barrage of blows, to his head, face and chest, drops him to his knees. Tam-Rex hammers away at the aging warrior’s head. Desperately, Tarzan throws his arms around Tam-Rex’s legs, and buries his face against Tam-Rex’s leather loincloth, hanging on for dear life. Tam-Rex, contemptuously kicks free, takes a backward step, and brutally kicks the crouching warrior in the belly, again. Tarzan gags, clutches his wounded belly and pitches face first to the floor, head spinning. The merciless Tam-Rex kicks the fallen Jungle King in the side of the head, then knee drops into the small of his back. Tam-Rex rises, smiling from Tarzan’s trembling form.

Poor Tarzan scratches at the floor in woozy confusion.. Hisr big, powerful legs tremble as he valiantly tries to rise.  Tam-Rex leans over the struggling hero. He grabs the raven curls at the back of Tarzan’s skull with his left hand, and grips the seat of Tarzan’s loincloth with his right. Then he lifts the woozy older warrior up to his feet. Tarzan cries out in quick fear. He struggles wildly, but Tam-Rex rams him headfirst into the earthen bank. He stands back, watching gleefully as the punch-drunk, Jungle Lord stumbles on rubbery legs. Then, with a cruel, sadistic laugh, Tam-Rex punches Tarzan across the side of his jaw, laying him out on the ground, barely conscious.

Poor Tarzan lies on his side, unmoving, for several moments, his warrior tribe aghast at the horrible beating their beloved king is being subjected to.  One, the warrior Even, himself a one time “favored pet” of Tarzan’s, tries to rush the pit, go to his embattled King’s aide; but Boy warns him back with a stern rebuke, “NO, you must not interfere. You will bring shame on the Jungle Lord if you go to his side during an official duel. It is the warrior way; stand clear please.” With Even backing off reluctantly, Boy turns back to observing the fray, a slight smile playing on his lips, sneaking a quick glance at the Towering Teen Rex and exchanging a furtive knowing wink. 

While Tam-Rex and Boy play secret eye tag, on the arena floor a groggy Tarzan comes around slowly from this latest beating; then, acting on instinct alone, wobbles up to his feet. His loyal subjects raise a hopeful voice, seeing their beloved king bravely trying to battle back, but their rallying cries die quickly as poor Tarzan, still weaving drunkenly on legs of pure rubber, gropes weakly at the sculpted blond powerhouse.  Tam-Rex spins furiously and plants his foot in Tarzan’s belly. Leaning forward, off balance, Tarzan, embattled King of the Jungle,  flips head over heels. He lands with a bone-jarring jolt on his back. As he labors mightily to get up, the younger warrior is already standing over him. A bloodied, woozy Tarzan raises his left arm to ward off the next attack but too late to stop Tam-Rex ‘s heel from smashing down on his face. Blood spurts from hisnose as the gravely wounded warriors King howls in agony.. Tam-Rex leans over, seizes his blood-stained raven hair, and drags Tarzan across the uneven ground jolting his injured back. Then he reverses momentum, and forces Tarzan to sit up. 

Tarzan screeches as Tam-Rex hauls him roughly to his feet.. Tam-Rex releases Tarzan’s hair, letting the battered hero spin desperately around in a wobbly semi-circle.  His hard fists hit Tarzan in the face, a left to his bloody nose and a right to the jaw, both brutal blows slamming the Jungle king’s head back from their force. Gurgling in pain, Tarzan sees stars, and goes down on one knee. Looking down at his foe, Tam-Rex is met by dumbly staring, glazed over blue eyes. “You want more you dumb weak man? O. K.!” Tam-Rex snarls, and kicks the venerable Tarzan in the belly.  When poor Tarzan drops moaning face first in the dirt at his feet, gingerly rubbing his battered abdomen, Tam-Rex casually flips the embattled Jungle King over to his back and straddles Tarzan’s great, shuddering body, slamming his hard buttocks into Tarzan’s muscularly ridged belly.

Tam-Rex laughs exultantly; sitting astride the fallen older warrior, holding his captive to his own merciless will is, indeed, a heady rush. Unable to restrain his exultation at how quick and thorough his apparent conquest has been, Tam-Rex furiously buffets Tarzan’s beautiful, trapped face from side to side, with slow deliberate open-handed slaps. He doesn’t stop until he has smacked poor Tarzan into near oblivion. Finally satisfied, that the mighty Jungle King is helpless, for the time being at least, Tam-Rex claws at theTarzan’s loincloth.  Tam-Rex almost gleefully pulls on the bull balls now, stretching both out while poor Tarzan moans loudly.  The embattled hero can do nothing but lie there, quivering with indignation and shame, at this demeaning humiliation, his splayed body spasming sharply, then shuddering uncontrollably as weak gasps escape his pursed lips while he helplessly endures Tam-Rex’s savage mauling of his balls.  

Tam-Rex, smiling devilishly, and barely breathing hard, gets up at length from on top of the feebly writhing Tarzan, and stands there, hands on hips, towering over his now stripped victim, snarling huskily, “get up and fight, ya washed up old fag!. Geeez,  what a horny little slut you are, letting your small balls flop out and all. Yeah, come on slut king, show me some fight; this is too easy!”   

Tarzan is shamed and horribly battered and weakened, grunting in anguish, but bravely rises to his feet yet again, and angrily plows a left fist into his young tormentor, striking back with a desperate sense of urgency. Tam-Rex, caught off balance, falls back to his butt,  and turns slowly over to all fours, momentarily dazed from the blow to his jaw. With renewed hope Tarzan moves into him, but, from his kneeling position, Tam-Rex suddenly launches himself, as though from a catapult, headfirst into Tarzan’s solar plexus, emptying his lungs in a whoosh of distress. Tarzan’s face blanches.. He desperately clutches his  pummeled belly, gasping and wheezing, knees buckling. The assembled crowd is on its feet, screaming in disbelief as poor gaping Tarzan, the indomitable Jungle king and indefatigable Hero, Tarzan, lurches haltingly forward, long, powerful legs wobbling horribly, stutter steps sideways trying to catch his woozy balance, and then, rubbery legs folding weakly, goes down to all fours with a sickening moan.

Now, Tam-Rex licks his lips sadistically, and laughs venomously, anticipating retribution for the fist that caught him off guard and knocked him to his butt. He cocks her fists threateningly. Tarzan, crouching before him, swallows nervously at the threat in Tam-Rex’s cruel laugh as he dutifully struggles to his feet, survival instincts driving the gravely weakened hero on against ever mounting odds.

With Tarzan up, but so very, very wobbly and woozy, Tam-Rex comes after the doomed Jungle King with a vengeance. His first punch bounces Tarzan’s right ribs, as though it’s a punching bag. As Tarzan’s mouth twitches to swallow a cry, the next blow drives, wrist-deep, into his taut, muscled belly. Hard, iron-strong fists hammer Tarzan’s middle, especially targeting his  round, little bellybutton. Tarzan does his best to ward off Tam-Rex’s punches, but Tam-Rex is too fast, too strong, parrying Tarzan’s weak counters with ease while his own  power punches explode in Tarzan’s middle like grenades. Tarzan’s tightly-muscled belly, clenches and unclenches, in gasping spasms; his big, beautiful thighs buckle and tremble, rubbing noisily, wetly, together as he fights to maintain his balance.

His is a physique that can and has absorbed absorb frightful punishment from criminals and warriors before.But it is only human flesh, albeit fortified most times by the supposed.  And it has human limits, especially when not adequately protected, as apparently has happened now. Tarzan’s long, muscledd legs tremble uncontrollably, and buckle at the knees yet again. He sways unsteadily, and his powerful warrior’s body folds at the waist, in silent agony. “Come, Pet! We’re not done yet!” Tam-Rex snickers. Only, his fierce Warrior Pride keeps Tarzan on his feet.

His sadistic foe sees the sick agony in those big, blue eyes, and knows the terribly weakened Jungle King is at his complete mercy. Wanting to prolong this amusing game, he unclenches his fists, and slaps Tarzan’s crotch, with his open hand, toying with, taunting the irreparably weakened hero. The huge balls, and long fat cock with their delicate organs, are a vulnerable target, and Tarzan can no longer protect them. It is terribly galling to this proud warrior, that Tam-Rex can slap his mighty sex organs with impunity. Although the slaps aren’t terribly hard, Tarzan leans against the wall, moaning pitifully.

Tarzan is in a bad, bad way; indeed, he is suffering the beating of his legendary life.  And, worse yet, he appears utterly helpless to stop the rampaging Teen Rex from Tiburra.  Can this be the sad end of the famed hero? Or will he somehow summon the strength and resolve to battle back?

Watching from within the pit in his official station as Tarzan’s duly appointed match referee, the blonde Boy, is irresistibly drawn to the increasingly one-sided struggle between two fantastic men he knows so intimately.. The young blonde drinks in the agonizing fear in Tarzan’s usually serenely composed face. He has long idolized the once invincible Tarzan, and has been filled with nothing but the utmost respect for his King, even of late, while carrying out his secret trysts with the young blond warrior. Yet, it is a guilty, forbidden thrill for Boy to see the mighty Jungle Lord looking so scared and helpless, completely overwhelmed by the strong young blond. Tarzan’s high-pitched wail of distress unavoidably intoxicates his beautiful blond lieutenant, Boy’s excitement and unchained desire, not for his mentor, but rather for the tantalizing Teen Tam-rex of Tiburra, growing with every passing moment.

Boy avidly watches the battered and bloodied Jungle king shuffle dazedly away from his young tormenter, only to have Tam-Rex tauntingly slap him across the face one more time. The demeaning slap both shames and angers a still prideful Tarzan, and he swings at Tam-Rex with a wild, weary roundhouse punch. Tam-Rex dodges the ponderous blow easily, and slaps Tarzan again, merely toying with the hapless hero at this point.Poor Tarzan, his power and strenght  zapped by the overpowering, relentless and perversely sensual assault of a vastly superior, ravishing young warrior, tries desperately to hit the wily Teen Tam-Rex, but he has sadly lost all his amazing coordination and grace. His blows are wild and weary. He is staggering around on rubbery legs, panting and sobbing in frustration. Tam-Rex stays just out of reach, darting forward to slap Tarzan at will. It is callous, cruel, and tragically sad, but Tarzan’s once loyal top lieutenant, Boy, continues to drink it all in, his excitement nearly orgasmic at the degrading treatment his long-time King is suffering.

Finally, after staggering almost clear around the battle pit in a desperate, futile battle dance with a much younger, quicker foe, an exhausted Tarzan clumps to his knees in weary despair.  Then, as Tam-Rex stands haughtily over him, cocking him power-laden fists menacingly, the usually indomitable defender of justice begins to tremble uncontrollably.  He gasps thinly, hot, wet thighs rubbing uselessly together as she tries to rise, not once, but twice, falling back in rubbery  legged resignation both times.  He is near naked and totally vulnerable, and for perhaps the first time in his life, really scared. Without logical thought, he despairingly tries to escape now, by crawling away from his tormentor, on hands and knees. Tam-Rex follows, easily keeping up with Tarzan’s painful progress. With every step, Tam-Rex  slashes the old warrior’s big gleaming behind with a leather crop he now holds in his hand, having pulled it from Boy, with Tarzan’s would be lovely lieutenant offering no protest to the pilfering of the light implement of discipline and battle. Everycruel lash leaves another burning welt on that muscled flesh. Tam-Rexis rapidly stripping Tarzan of his proud, warrior self-control, and the unfortunate crimefighter howls dreadfully, at each kiss of the lash.

As Tarzan nears the edge of the battle pit, Tam-Rex gives the crop back to Boy and catches the fleeing warrior by his  thick,ink-black hair. Tam-Rex jerks Tarzan upright. He jams a knee hard into the back of Tarzan’s muscled leg, and then slams another knee into the other hamstring.  Tarzn’s once strong legs are paralyzed by pain and exhaustion, going numb from the blows as he falls flat on his face. Tam-Rex bounces painfully down on top of him, Tarzan moaning at the jarring impact. On top of the fast fading king, Tam-Rex plays with Tarzan’s magnificent body, as if he was no more than a beautiful, life-size human play toy.

He reaches under Tarzan’s captive body, slipping several fingers beneath Tarzan’s loincloth and immodestly fondling his balls. His long strong fingers squeeze them lightly, twisting and tickling them. With his other hand, he crushes Tarzan’s big nipple. The embattled warriors King realizes, with a pang of horror and red-faced shame, that the hateful Teen Tyro owns his beautiful muscled body, now. But he still vows that Tam-Rex will never own his soul as well. Yet, against his usually indomitable will, the subjugated hero’s tyrannized body unavoidably responds to Tam-Rex’s sensual assault. He trembles on the edge of a truly momentous orgasmic climax, directed by the iron will of the he-men on his back.  His sex and pain addled brain is numb, his battered, over-stimulated body weak and vulnerable.   He fights desperately to hold out against the imperious, demanding will and iron-strong body of his ravishing teen tormentor.

Just when it appears Tarzan cannot possibly hold out any longer, Tam-Rex rises from the quivering body of the once indomitable Jungle King, now humbled so absolutely. He contemptuously turns him over on his back, with the toe of his boot. He looks down, smirking triumphantly, and sneers. “Pretty soon, you’ll beg me to do that to you, Jungle Slut!”. Tears run down Tarzan’s ravaged face. Horror and despair dim his dark blue eyes. What has this he-man done to him? He has never felt so helpless in his life. Tam-Rex has stripped him of his stubborn, self-confident pride in his strength and self-control.

Tam-Rex, merely toying with the once proud hero at this point, hauls poor Tarzan up to his feet. Then, holding Tarzan’s left wrist, Tam-Rex smashes a right uppercut to his chin. The big muscled warrior staggers backward a step or two, and then flops over backward. Lying at Tam-Rex’s feet, his legs writhe, as he tries vainly to get up. It’s no use, there is just no strength left in his phenomenal body. For a few moments, Tam-Rex stands over the hero’s admirably formed figure, grinning at the sight of this so-called “Jungle Lord” now crouching servilely at his feet.  Tam-Rex  silently savors the complete annihilation of the universally revered hero.

Tam-Rex glares at the battered, cowed, tragically beaten Tarzan now, and barks down at his trembling form, “Eyes up SLUT!”.  Still trembling unavoidably, and loathing the feeling, but no longer able to withstand the imperious will of his powerful young tormentor, Tarzan looks almost meekly up at the ravishing blond, stammers softly, “I’m the King of Jungle; you can’t, you can’t treat me like this!” Tam-Rex’s green, feline eyes blaze furiously. “Don’t you ever dare talk back to me like that! You’re my slave! Nothing but a worthless little slut, Tarzan; and you better get used to it, King my ass!” And then, “You’ll do whatever I want you to, Tarzan. Pretty soon, I won’t even have to tell you! You’ll learn to anticipate my whims!” He shouts furiously down at the broken dark haired man while poor Tarzan cows in abject fright, his near naked body shaking like a leaf.  

His once brilliant blue eyes are glazed over and watery, and worse yet, as he stares meekly up at the god like body of his young superior, he is filled with an ever more urgent perverse longing, terribly aroused by that impossibly beautiful warrior’s bod looming over his. Hating himself for feeling so, Tarzan nevertheless achingly longs now to be dominated by that gorgeous hunk of warrior flesh.  The feeling is undeniable, palpably strong, his already mauled balls fairly gushing as another tormented spasm grips his shuddering body.  After stifling a thin gasp, poor Tarzan hangs his head in shame and revulsion.  Out in the assembled crowd of warriors and other villagers, open wailing and shocked gasps are heard as they watch their beloved King so shamefully capitulate to the imperious demands of this long blond-haired, absolutely terrifying,  warrior.

Tam-Rex grasps the crouching hero under the arms now, and drags him to his feet. He shoves the  older warrior against the earthen bank, Tarzan’s nearly limp body needing a prop. Then, without warning, Tam-Rex attacks his defenseless victim unmercifully. He sinks his hard fists into Tarzan’s firm, rubbery white flesh. Completely out of fight, Tarzan moans pitifully as Tam-Rex’s brutal blows ram into his helpless body.  Nearly disabled by grievous injuries, Tarzan dodges and parries as best he can. It isn’t nearly enough! Tam-Rex easily dominates his fatally weakened  body, with brutal hard fists. Unable to defend himself, Tarzan begins to sob in frustration and stark fear of the sadistic Teen Tam-Rex. Shouting, “Shut up, slut!” Tam-Rex opens his fists, and methodically slaps Tarzan’s face back and forth, with vicious contempt, the slaps making poor Tarzan squirm and moan thinly, so perversely aroused as he is by Tam-Rex’s overpowering charms and stunning total dominance.

Finally, Tarzan sinks to his knees, both woozy and giddy from Tam-Rex’s physically and sensually overwhelming attack. Tam-Rex just keeps on relentlessly slapping the hero. The shock of onrushing defeat fills Tarzan with shame, and victimization by the vastly superior Tiburran warrior has crushed Tarzan’s self-esteem and, yes, sent his notorious libido in orbit. Unable to escape or retaliate, the  excruciating combo of pain/perverse pleasure almost unendurable, Tarzan breaks completely, meekly begging, “no no, no more; pleeez stop, I’ll do anything you say, pleeeeezzzzzz!”  Tam-Rex pulls him up to his laughing haughtily, smirks, “Anything, you say? How very sweet; our comely little king here is now a full fledged JUNGLE SLUT! Hah!” 

Poor Tarzan is draped limply in Tam-Rex’s strong arms, his head and arms lolling back, moaning pitifully.  As Tam-Rex slowly eases up on his tight body squeeze, the defeated hero begins to slowly slither down the ravishing blond’s impossibly sculpted,  young warrior’s body, whimpering and gasping as his collapsing body slides across the sculpted superbod of his devastatingly powerful, young conqueror.

“KNEEL SLUT! I command you!” The words hammer at Tarzan’s consciousness, as though Tam-Rex has hurled boulders at him. His powerfully legs shake uncontrollably, quivering like warm jell-o. His knees buckle and he feels his strengthless legs give way. completely “God, help me! I am BEATEN; And I am a worthless SLUT!” The defeated Jungle King whimpers, as, inch by excruciating inch, he sinks to his knees. Then Tarzan hears a weak, timid little voice saying. “Y-yes I obey!”  In despair, he knows the voice is his own. Tam-Rex snorts contemptuously. “Address me, as ‘Master’!” “Y-yes, Master!” the vanquished Tarzan answers, as though in terrible pain. He is intensely aware of everything that is happening, but he no longer controls his own body, or soul.They belong to his new young Master now.

“Crawl on your belly, SLUT”, Tam-Rex demands imperiously.  Cowering on  hands and knees, and so enfeebled it is a great effort just  to stay shakily upright from there, the enslaved hero starts to crawl forward. Tam-Rex shouts angrily. “I said crawl on your belly, fag, not all fours!” Tarzan meekly glances up, Tam-Rex’s smoldering green brown eyes easily intimidating him. Tarzan’s own blue eyes drop submissively to the ground. He obediently lays down on his stomach, and awkwardly inches his way across the sun-baked earth.. It is beastly torment to scrape his big mauled balls against the rough ground. Tarzan is panting breathlessly, by the time he reaches Tam-Rex.

“Now, up on your knees, and kiss my crotch, SLUT” Tam-Rex commands. The proud warrior blinks his eyes in shame. Tears flow down his face. Broken and enslaved by a superior man who now owns him, body and soul, he has no choice but to obey. With some effort, and then only with the help of the beautiful young blond, Boy, who gingerly props his defeated king up and holds him steady, Tarzan is finally up on his knees, head bowed in servile defeat before his young conqueror.

Tam-Rex reaches for boy’s leather crop again, and impatiently taps the flared end against his own tautly muscled thigh. Poor Tarzan shakes his head wearily, whimpering.  Tam-Rex angrily snaps the crop across his upraised ass cheeks, snarls,”I said my CROTCH! WORSHIP IT, FAG!”.  Tarzan gasps at the stinging sensation in his big, rounded balls, shudders at the snarled words, tries to bring his bowed head up. But he is far too weak, his head dropping heavily, chin almost touching his chest.  Spittle mixed with a faint trace of blood seeps out of both corners of his mouth.  He is pitifully beaten, a pitiable sight kneeling there so meek and helpless before his young tormentor.   Tam-Rex is running out of patience, angrily lashing the flared crop end across poor Tarzan’s bared backside now.  The defeated Jungle King howls shamelessly, his indomitable spirit, gritty courage, completely gone. 

He is nothing more than Tam-Rex’s meek, submissive,  play toy now, a weak simpering, broken man, shuddering and trembling in fear mixed with perverse arousal at the closeness of this young god, at his shameful capitulation.  A drip of pre-cum appears from head of his mighty cock, as he tries yet again to obey his young Master, raise his lips to Tam-Rex’s damp loincloth.  It is no use, he is too feeble for even this elementary task, his head lolling limply. Tam-Rex lashes him angrily 1,2,3,4, maybe a half dozen times, Tarzan’s battered, exhausted body trembling violently with each lash. The defeated hero appears to almost climax after each cruel lash, he is that far gone into a steamy netherworld of euphoric submission, where pain/pleasure mix as one.   That great warrior’s body has forsaken him, is completely drained.  Meekly, hoarsely, he whispers at Boy between gasps of shuddering arousal, “please,unnnh,. Gawwwwd, Help,.gunnnnh, m m meeee, Unnnnggggh!”

Tarzan’s young lover bends over, a quizzical smirk on his beautiful young face, grabs the broken, cowed Jungle King quite roughly by his matted dark locks, yanking poor Tarzan’s head up.

Boy, snarls in a low, husky voice down at the simpering, once indomitable Tarzan, “you are a spineless, fat old man, ya worthless slut! King my ass!” Tam-Rex beams at the snarled words from Tarzan’s supposedly loyal and devoted “flavor of the month”, whispers back, “well spoken, my fair haired one, couldn’t have said it better myself.” Boy merely nods, a slight smile playing on his beautiful young face, while poor, beaten down Tarzan snivels shamelessly, tears streaming down his face and mixing with the sweat, spittle and trickle of blood on his chin.

Then, with Boy, still with a cruel grip on his damp, disheveled black hair, guiding him, the defeated hero has his face lifted, tongue darting out obediently as Boy guides him to the damp, musky bare skin of Tam-Rex’s crotch.  Slavishly, with Boy guiding him along, the broken, completely submissive Jungle King servilely laps his tongue over the steamy surface high up and inside Tam-Rex’s big muscled thigh, licking his bull balls, obediently lapping the base of incredible thick rod while the imperious Teen Tyro Rex sighs appreciatively and lustily pumps his powerful hips against Tarzan’s bobbing head.  All around the pit Tarzan’s legions of followers wail in despair and shock at the sight of their beloved, and once indomitable, King slumped on his knees and suffering the humiliation of paying homage in such a way to his young superior.

Many are also screaming obscenities at Boy, calling him a traitor and worse; but he merely smiles, content in his knowledge that he has the strapping young blond as his defender and protector.   At some point, as Tarzan finishes up his total crotch worship, his slavish tongue even licking up the salty wetness from  Tam-Rex’s prick, when Tam-Rex backslaps him to the ground, he slams himself down on the prone defeated body, he turns him over his belly, and with a brutal swift motion he slams his 12” cock inside the virgin ass, up to his big bull balls.  Tarzan’screams had frozen the jungle in fear before, but never as this time. A scream of  the deepest horror, the most unbearable pain and of ultimate defeat. Tam-Rex fucks him hard in the most rude way possible, it is a fuck of man-domination, the winner fucking the looser,  he fucks Tarzan over and over like a wild beast, when at last Tam-Rex reaches his powerfull orgasm, filling the battered hole with his powerful man-juice, he collaps over the half-conscious moaning Tarzan.

Tam-Rex gains his feet, his mighty long fat prick stright in his full glory, dripping cum and blood.

Boy grabs Tarzan by his raven hair and forces him to his knees and orders him to clean his Master’s cock, the once might warrior begins to lick it. At length, Boy releases his grip on Tarzan’s hair and the rag doll former hero falls back limply, moaning softly.  Disdainfully, Tam-Rex nudges his dark haired boy toy’s legs out to wide spread-eagles, then sits right down over the unmoving Jungle King wringing poor Tarzan’s arms back over his head before sitting back, luxuriating in the total dominance he now holds over the pitifully cowed and broken creature beneath him.  Tam-Rex lounges almost languorously atop the helplessly supine body of the fallen hero. He laughs at the sick look of defeat, clouded by perverse arousal, in the formerly fearless blue eyes that stare back at him, poor Tarzan gazing up at his powerful young Master with unmistakable slavish adoration now. All of the fight has long since gone out of Tarzan’s straining body.  Now, totally defeated, indeed both physically and emotionally conquered by a far greater force than he could ever again hope to be, he is a helpless prisoner, himself, Tam-Rex’s meek and submissive plaything.

To emphasize his total triumph, Tam-Rex leans over and mashes his lips against Tarzan’s bruised mouth. There is no eroticism in the kiss. It is purely a token of savage, total dominance by one man over another. The once proud warrior and hero known as Tarzan meekly endures, his aroused body responding unavoidably to the tongue probing kiss, while Tam-Rex kisses the helpless Jungle King long and hard, until Tarzan’s head is whirling and his enflamed balls are ready to explode.

Tam-Rex sits up now, wiping him mouth lustily. “Well, Junglefag, to put you out” Tam-Rex props the glassy eyed warrior up against the earthen wall of the small battle pit, about to deliver the final savage blow in this brutally one-sided beatdown.  Poor Tarzan weakly, plaintively, asks, “who are you? how can you do this to me? I’m Tarzan “, then gasps and cries out sharply,  his defeated body shuddering, while hot sticky fluids gush from his big cock just before Tam-Rex’s pillaging fist rocks his head back, turning out the lights on the hero’s long doomed fight and vaunted crime fighting career.  

As Tarzan’s beaten body twitches spasmodically beneath him, the unconscious beauty’s blue eyes rolled back in his head, Tam-Rex sneers down at the pitifully beaten creature at his feet and snorts “I am Tam-Rex, Master of the World; thanks for asking, SLUT! And you, my dear, are far from King anything at the moment; hah hah!”

With the vanquished Jungle King still unconscious on the arena floor, the conquering blond Teen Tyro Rex parades around the ring, glorying in his overwhelming triumph.

Then, with the assembled warriors and villagers gasping in shock, Tarzan’s imperious young conqueror turns, facing the crowd, and Tam-Rex goes over to a weakly moaning Tarzan now, who is still spread-eagled on his back, but slowly coming around; while the ever attentive Boy, kneeling between the defeated hero’s backstretched arms, coyly tugs and tweaks at his still swollen and rock hard cock with one hand while gently slapping the pitifully beaten raven haired man across the face with the other hand.   Tam-Rex motions Boy back with a sly smile and a wave of his hand, then straddles Tarzan’s limp body as he stands proudly over the vanquished Jungle King.  The ravishing young blond reaches down, grasping the only remaining item still wrapped around poor Tarzan’s otherwise stark naked body, the glittering gold chain.

Displaying incredible arm strength, and anchored by those impossibly defined, rippling strong legs firmly planted on the ground, with one hand the mighty young warrior pulls on the golden chain, lifting the defeated, stripped naked hero up off the ground.  One feet.. now two feet in the air, arms and legs dangling down lifelessly, head thrown back to reveal that beautiful face now pale and smeared with foamy spittle and blood still running down from his gaping mouth. With glazed over blue eyes staring vacantly out at the swirling sea of faces around him, the former Jungle King is a pitiful sight, hanging upside down beneath the steely, raised arm of his young conqueror, his savagely beaten body twisting tortuously. Slowly turning around so all can see the ravaged wreck of their long revered former king, Tam-Rex, haughtily addresses the rabble:

“Fellow warriors, men of the villages, this is what your so-called king has been reduced to; isn’t she lovely? HAH! he is a fat old fag, a feeble warrior pretender who really wants nothing more now than to be my horny little SLUT TOY full time, as you’ve already seen” A weak little gasp and moan escapes the dangling dark haired man’s spittle caked lips now as the edge of the gold chain digs painfully into his neck, replaced by a whimpered cry of anguish as the ever diligent, Boy, now clearly fully allying himself with the new warrior champion, flashes the flared crop end across one of Tarzan’s thighs and hisses, “silence, SLUT!”.  Tam-Rex looks approvingly at his comely blonde assistant, then continues:  “yes, he is nothing but a horny little slut, and disobedient at that, as you have just seen.” Then, to Boy, “Thank you, my pet, for handling that untidy bit of business.” Addressing the rabble again, Tam-Rex continues, “the miscreant will begin his training forthwith; but let me remind all you men that this pathetic creature dangling here, that you once called Tarzan, King of the Jungle, is a fraud, always has been. He IS NO WARRIOR! nor is he any kind of a king! Far from it; he is corrupt,  spineless, too utterly weak in both body and spirit to call himself a warrior, or most laughable, a DEFENDER OF JUSTICE. What a crock! There is no justice in the world, except as it is to be defined by me from here on out. For I am TAM-REX OF TIBURRA, Master of this lowly, wretched slut of a man you see here now, and soon to be MASTER OF THE WORLD! Nothing, nobody, can stop me, for this is my DESTINY!”

With that, Tam-Rex callously drops the dangling dark haired man once known as Tarzan, laughing haughtily as the broken man clumps to his back on the dusty ground, his ravaged body twitching and jerking spasmodically.  Then, hauling the feebly moaning dirt and blood specked creature up to his knees by grabbing a big chunk of his matted dark hair, Tam-Rex snarls huskily, “Service me, BITCH! Start with my balls; clean it up, all of it, with your tongue, stupid; do it NOW!”

While their fallen king is on his knees meekly, obediently, but, tellingly, urgently running his tongue over his young conqueror’s big balls with what looks like slavish adoration, Tam-Rex calls out one more time to the anguished throng, “My People, meet JUNGLE SLUT! Ain’t he a piece of Work? Hah hah!”

Now, with poor Tarzan, or rather Jungle Slut, slavishly lapping away at Tam-Rex’s huge bull balls, many of ‘s most loyal Tarzan’s friends line up for a ritual parade of honor past their new Champion and presumed soon-to-be new King, each pausing to plant a kiss on Tam-Rex’s incredible long cockhead as sign of submission before dutifully pledging their allegiance, as per the warrior code, to the stunning blond.  The last of the warriors parading by to pay their respects is Boy, who is held tenderly by the powerful Teen Tyro Rex in passing before Tam-Rex,  mostly aloof and regal to this point as Tarzan’s former charges have offered their congratulations, uncharacteristically returns Boy’s kiss with a tongue probing, passionate embrace of his own before releasing the lovely blond.  

Then, Tam-Rex is off, looping a leather cord around the subjugated Jungle Slut’s neck and dragging the cowed, completely submissive dark haired man off on all fours for a night of partying and revelry with comely warriors now courting his favor in Tarzan’s own quarters, now of course claimed by the new warrior king.  And for likely a lifetime of devoted worship by his famous new slave to his new Master, the Towering Teen Tyro Rex of Tiburra.The worship and devotion continues unabated throughout that night as a matter of fact, with the former renowned hero once known as Tarzan, now dubbed Jungle Slut,submissively offering his strong male body for the wanton pleasures of Tam-Rex and a at least a dozen of the blond’s favored new attendants, the comely blond Boy prominent among them, in an fleshy orgy that goes on for hours. Finally, inevitably, Jungle Slut, all used up, collapses in absolute sexual exhaustion and lapses into a deep slumber that will last for nearly two days.

When he wakes up, he will be in the Slave Quarters in Tam-Rex’s sumptuous private villa on Tiburra. And life will never again be the same for Jungle Slut or his former comrades and subjects in the jungle, not to mention the so-called outer world.Tarzan, Lord Greystoke, the Jungle King is no more.  What remains in that muscled body is too pitiable to describe; for, although the exterior power remains, inside is but a broken shell of a once great warrior.  As for the young blond warrior, Tam-Rex, new Warriors champion and king, he has never had a hornier or more devoted servant than this raven haired creature he now owns.  Life is grand on Tiburra, for some at least, and Tam-Rex, Towering Teen Tyro of  Tiburra, is just getting warmed up.


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  1. Who wrote this story? I've searched high and low, can't find who original author is. Also, the only trace I have of this was Tam-Rex vs. Superman… a story which I embellished and rewrote on my own, and hope to post somewhere, but not without original author's permission or agreement. Would love to hear of further news regarding this. Not to mention, I'd love to get my story illustrated… anyone up to the idea?

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