Tarzan’s Humiliation and Defeat by the Dark Trinity Chapters 10-11
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Tarzan Humiliation and Defeat (by Dark Trinity)

Author: Jay (Johnhorman)

DISCLAIMER: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable.

Chapter 10: The Breaking of a Hero

Frank handed the camera to Austin and commented, “It’s my turn now… let’s see how Tarzan handles this!”

As Austin filmed, Frank approached the young boy hanging inverted from the tree limb and cut him down. The boy scrambled to get to his feet but Frank was too fast for him. A quick kick to the back of the head brought him down. Frank throttled the boy from behind and slowly maneuvered him directly in line with his father. He motioned for Mark’s help…and like a well rehearsed scene, while Frank held the boy from behind Mark buried his fist deep in the boy’s gut. As the boy doubled over, Frank attempted to drive his huge dick up the boy’s tight virgin ass.

“He’s too fucking tight,” Frank complained.

No matter how hard he tried, Frank was unable to shove his huge mushroom shaped cock head through the boy’s ass rim. Frustrated, he withdrew his cock from the boy’s ass and quickly retrieved a switchblade from his backpack. With Mark’s help, he bent the boy over and spread his ass cheeks wide apart. Using the knife with the skill of a surgeon, Frank slit both sides of the ass rim, using no more than 2 strokes of the blade per side. As blood began to flow from the hastily made cuts, Frank rammed his huge cock through the enlarged opening to its new home in the boy’s ass. The warm blood created a pseudo lube for the massive cock as it plowed into the deepest parts of the boy’s rectum.

“Oh yeah…now we’re in business. This is BEAUTIFUL. AHHHHHHHHHHH absolutely beautiful!”

The boy wailed a long, never ending scream of pain and it echoed through the forest.

Frank climaxed on his 8th stroke, the combination of blood and cum so great that it squirted out the sides of the boy’s ass with each additional thrust. The mixture flowed down the inside of the boy’s thighs –in some bizarre way marking Frank’s new boy territory.

Mark was relentless in pounding the boy from the front, further driving the boy backwards onto Frank’s still rock hard cock. As Tarzan watched, Mark’s punches worked their way up the boy’s torso …dangerously close to vital organs. It could a “point of no return” for the boy if Mark continued. Any farther damage into the region of heart and other organs and the boy could succumb.

“TAKE ME! KILL ME! LEAVE THE BOY ALONE!” screamed Tarzan as Mark ceased his pounding and stared defiantly at the bellowing ape man.

“Your time is coming, Tarzan— patience… patience …we aren’t done with the boy yet,” Mark snarled, his words showering the boy’s face with spit.

“My buddies and I made a decision early on. Your boy will not be killed. We will allow him to live. However….it is the consensus of the “committee” that your seed line should be eradicated. There must be no more little Tarzans running around the jungle. Yours is one genetic line that the Syndicate wants GONE….YES, GONE FOREVER.”

Sensing the true meaning of Mark’s words, Tarzan begged, his voice pathetically weak: “Please… no… no …I’ll do anything! Not that! Please don’t hurt my son! Please…I beg you!”

Mark reached down and encircled the boy’s young cock and balls with the fingers of his left hand. He tightened his grip and pulled the sex organs away from the boy’s body. Placing the blade of the knife under the soft flesh of the ball sack, he slowly sliced upward, noting Frank’s huge smile as he did. The soft young flesh cut easily and a beautifully shaped, nearly hairless ball sack, testicles still intact, was sliced through. It fell to the ground with a soft thud.

“NO!!!!NO!!! PLEASE! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Tarzan screamed. But the deed was done.

The boy’s cock was next. For a boy of his age, the cock was nearly perfectly shaped. It reminded Mark of Michelangelo’s “David”-exquisitely tapered with a beautiful head that would have beckoned young women if it had been allowed to remain in place. That must not be allowed- there was no other decision to be made. It had to come off.

Mark placed the thin blade under the base of the cock and pressed his thumb downward from the top. The blade readily cut through the soft outer skin and then with additional pressure severed the meatier part of the organ. It was as easy as dicing a large, thick carrot. The cock sliced off cleanly at its base leaving an opening that beckoned to a different gender with far different sexual tastes.

The boy began to convulse as blood poured from the open wound. Mark positioned his cock for entry and began to fuck the new cunt created by his handiwork. The boy was now sandwiched between the two virile studs. They would breed him simultaneously, matching their pace and progress toward orgasm until they flooded his insides with their cock juices.

Mark pinched the boy’s nostrils shut and covered the boy’s mouth with his own. He could still detect the salty lingering taste of Franks earlier cum load in the boy’s mouth-and found to his surprise that it aroused him. It triggered his orgasm and he flooded the boy’s frontal hole with cum. Frank bred him from the rear at exactly the same moment.

Mark, a huge fan of breath control, began to suck out what little air still remained in the boy’s lungs—he wanted to hold the boy’s life in his hands. He needed to be the determining factor in the boy’s continued existence.

Mark continued sucking air from the boy, exhaling it through his nostrils and preventing any new air from entering– until the boy’s eyes rolled back in his head and his eyelids began to flutter. The young body convulsed for a full 2 minutes before losing consciousness. Both men were exhilarated.

Frank dragged the boy away to complete the “pre-ordained” experience for the new eunuch. They weren’t done with the boy. They were far from done…and they certainly weren’t done creating Tarzan’s further mental anguish.

Chapter 11: Raping a Hero’s Mind

It was now time for some serious “in your face” talk with the primary subject of this intense bounty hunt. Mark faced Tarzan, lifted his drooping face by the chin, stared deeply into his dark eyes, and then spoke in a clear, commanding voice:

“Shortly, you will hear your son scream. Don’t worry—Frank isn’t going to kill him, but the boy will undoubtedly wish he was dead. The open wound left from the removal of your son’s sex organs will need to be sterilized and cauterized or he will bleed out. His emasculation was complete but the follow-up is very crucial to his survival. Frank has done both procedures many times- picked up the skills while fighting with mercenary troops in Uganda.

Your boy will survive…, but in the life-long capacity of male fuck slave. He no longer has the ability to breed—just to be bred. We made sure of that! As a eunuch he will serve the needs of sex crazed men who enjoy ravaging the body of handsome, well built boy-types. His two cunts will receive countless cum loads. His mouth will suck countless cocks. He will swallow gallons of bitter man juice over the coming years. His tongue will lick and suck the ass holes of a multitude of sex starved men.

Each of the three of us will keep him in our service for four months of each year. He will be there for our personal sexual use, the use of our friends and any visitors who has the money to purchase his services. He will be a continuing source of income for us –a `cash cow’ available for only the wealthiest of our colleagues. I’m going to enjoy having him at my `beck and call’. You know, I have come to grow quite fond of his mouth and ass….and I’m sure when his new boy cunt is healed, I will love using it too”

Mark’s monologue was suddenly interrupted by the pitiful screams of Tarzan’s son—long shrill screams that accented and punctuated the skilled bounty hunter’s oratory. The boy’s continued wailing indicated prolonged pain. Frank was using heated metal rods to cauterize the newly made pelvic opening. A boy pussy was being formed where the boy once sported a proud set of balls and cock. Frank was especially careful not to allow the boy lapse into the `comfort and relief’ of unconsciousness.

The boy was suffering severely during the cauterization and the sound of that excruciating pain made Tarzan weep openly -his crying evolving into full blown sobs which shook his very being. Undeterred by his captive’s grief, Mark continued his detailed account of what was in store for Tarzan’s beloved son. Each new detail cut away at any remaining desire Tarzan had to survive. Mark REALLY LOVED whittling away at a man’s hope. It would soon be gone—totally gone and in its place only despair.

“Now …where was I? Oh yes… and when he loses that “new boy luster”, I personally will administer his `final fuck’. It is my right as victor—defeating a legend has its spoils—and this is one I will look forward to collecting on. I wish I could tell you that his end will be swift and painless, but we both know that won’t be the case. It will be part of your defeat, Tarzan—-an important part of your conquest.”

The screams suddenly stopped. The boy had lost consciousness. Frank reappeared with the naked boy draped over his shoulder. The smell of burning flesh soon reached the men’s nostrils. Mark snuffed the aroma and smiled at its affect on his cock as he noticed it twitch. The boy was still very alive and the bleeding had all but stopped. Despite the ordeal, the boy was still strikingly handsome. His youthful good looks and chiseled physique would make him a lucrative commodity for the trio of assassins. Frank leaned him against a tree and secured him to it with handcuffs and chains.

“Damn…I forgot to include Jane in my description of what was in store for your family members. We have been negotiating with one of the regional tribal leaders for his help in poaching activities. Your bitch has been promised to him. Offering her as his concubine sealed the deal the syndicate has been trying to procure for some time now. She will serve him, bear children for him… and when too old to please him… become his plow mule in the fields. So… you see… it’s all arranged….all planned.

And Tarzan …you are responsible for it all! You were so very arrogant as you thwarted the syndicates attempts to expand and control the ivory market in this region. You thought you were invincible. And now …look at you! Look at what you have brought upon those who love and depend on you for their safety. You failed to protect them. Your hubris has brought you down and EVERYONE you loved. Think about it! Think about what you have done, …what you are responsible for… and the pain and hurt you now have brought upon your house. THINK ABOUT IT!”

The sight of a defeated hero hanging, broken and empty from the tree limb provided the perfect back drop for a well deserved rest period. All three men were in need of food, drink and an opportunity to rebuild cock strength for what lay ahead. To insure that Tarzan did not have a resurgence of energy, Mark worked a thick plastic tube into the conquered jungle king’s piss slit.

With a strong whack of his palm, Mark drove the tubing through the urethra and into the bladder above it—puncturing the bladder wall and producing a steady flow of blood from the penis. With this degree of blood loss—there would be no renewed energy for the fallen hero. He would continue to weaken. The men could now relax and refresh themselves before the final curtain fell on this pathetic relic of a man.

To be continued…

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