Dark Trinity vs. The Dynamic Duo: The Fall of Batman and Robin Chapters 16-18
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Dark Trinity vs. The Dynamic Duo: The Fall of Batman and Robin

Author: Jay (Johnhorman)

Warning: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable.


Chapter 16

When Dark Trinity trapped and terminated Tarzan, they emasculated him before his execution. The Crime Lords of Gotham, in a last minute request dictated that Batman’s cock and balls must be part of his “after death” photos. They wanted the public and the crime syndicates of neighboring jurisdictions to see the great man totally intact. His cock would be harvested along with his balls after they were done displaying their defeated victim to the world.

If Mark had anything to do with it and the bids didn’t go too high, Batman’s balls would join Tarzan’s and Tarzan’s sons in his trophy room. With camera’s clicking and flashbulbs flashing, the photo-op lasted nearly 15 minutes… then all attention focused on the one remaining member of the duo. Robin used his toes to stay standing to keep the tension on his neck from tightening the noose. He was wobbling…, teetering precariously near collapse.

While Frank and Austin held the boy by each arm, Mark removed the noose from his neck, enlarged it and slipped it down under Robin’s armpits. He then signaled for the boy to be raised just off the floor. With a sharp hunting knife, Dark Trinity’s leader cut the lower part of the boy’s costume from his body exposing the beautifully shaped body of a very well proportioned male.

Leaning towards Robin’s ear, Mark spoke softly “In case you didn’t hear Batman’s last full sentence. This is what he said: `Robin….I will always love you!’ It’s too bad you didn’t let him know how you felt before he died. It’s really so very tragic… that he never knew!”

Robin openly wept—sobbing wracked his body. It was exactly what the evil leader wanted. He deeply believed that it was not enough to simply kill a man. He must be brought to his lowest level and allowed to suffer both emotional and physical pain simultaneously. Make that period of excruciating mental and bodily torture last as long as possible—then go for the kill.

Shepherd cupped the Dick Grayson’s balls in his hand and lightly bounced them, then squeezed them tightly causing Robin’s face to grimace in pain. Mark’s expression was malevolent and a definite indicator of potential sexual mayhem in the offing. Mark loved playing mental games with young men-evil mind bending games.

“I will pay $1,000,000 to fuck the Boy Wonder” shouted a voice from the back of the room.

All eyes turned and stared at the man making the offer. To all those who knew this arch criminal, it was no surprise when no one offered a counter bid. This man was not someone who crime lords “crossed”. The room grew silent as the head of Gotham Crime Syndicate nodded his acceptance of the bid. The man, exceptionally well built –with the signature shaved head walked to staging area and approached Robin’s exposed body.

“I want to breed Batman’s boy. I want to totally fuck the life out of him—can you make that happen at the appropriate moment?” asked the distinguished looking crime lord.

“Yes”, replied Mark with a smile brought on by the satisfaction of meeting a criminal legend.

“It will be a great pleasure to make that happen for you, Mr. Luthor!”


Chapter 17


Mark motioned for his ape-boy to kneel before Luthor to assist in the sexual preparation of the arch criminal for Robin’s rape. Luthor unzipped his pants and displayed a huge flaccid cock. The eunuch immediately went to work tonguing the shaft and licking the famed criminal’s balls. Within seconds the maniacal master criminal’s cock was rock hard and dripping precum. The son of Tarzan knew how to fluff a hot stud into action.

Luthor grabbed the young eunuch’s head and buried his cock in the beautiful boy’s throat. The boy deep throated the master criminal and took him to the edge of readiness. He willingly gagged and allowed full abuse of his oral cavity to gratify the legend before him. Luthor smiled down at the boy and quietly spoke to him:  “Suck it boy! You are the “spitting image” of your fucking failure of a father…… except…. you’re smarter than your dumb-assed dad. You have the street smarts to survive … I only met him once or twice, but damn, I’m so happy to sample his offspring’s talents. Too bad he isn’t here to see my cock in your mouth.  Why do I have a sense that you want Wonder Punk here to die as much as I? I have a sixth sense about such things. You do… don’t you?” questioned the impressively powerful looking criminal with a sly grin on his face.

To Luthor’s great delight, the boy then showed both his answer and new found affection for the evil crime lord by taking the entire cock down his throat and demonstrating the full extent of the talent he possessed.

Luthor looked at Mark Shepherd and said, “Mr. Shepherd… you know by now that I’m not here today by accident. Here is my offer to you and Dark Trinity: I offer you each 5 million to rid the world of Superman. You will have all my LexCorp resources at your disposal. In return, I get the mighty man of steel chained and helpless at my feet….and I get to keep your eunuch for the next month. Oh… yes … …and as a gift to my young cock sucker here… I want Robin to die by the eunuch’s hand…. I think it’s the least we can do. And… yes… you will get to keep Robin’s and Batman’s cock and balls for a collection I hear you are building … a collection I want to see at some time in the future. As a bonus…, when Superman lies dead at my feet…, his cock and balls too will be yours to keep.”

“Mr. Luthor, we have a deal. I can see that my young eunuch has taken some liking to you and your cock. It would be my great pleasure to place him in your “care” for the next month. Your offer of a contract for the extermination of Superman is hereby accepted… with one caveat. Superman’s heart must also belong to me in the end. Does that meet with your approval?” asked the leader of Dark Trinity.

“Your terms are agreeable and I accept them. WE HAVE A DEAL! replied Luthor as he pulled the ape-boy’s lips off his cock.

“Now, let’s rid the world of the last fucking member of the Dynamic Duo!”


Chapter 18


Much to everyone’s surprise, Robin began to make muffled attempts at speech through the ball gag which was still inserted in his mouth. It was an unexpected reaction from the young crime fighter and gained enough attention that the gag was removed and the Boy Wonder was allowed to speak:   “PLEASE… … PLEASE … …please… … don’t kill me! I’ll do anything … be anything … I’ll change… … I’ll work with you, not against you…… …I’ll become anything you want. I don’t want to die like Bruce. I beg you! I’M BEGGING YOU!!!! PLEASE LET ME LIVE!!!!”

Luthor gripped Robin from behind by his waist and pulled his ass to him … spread his cheeks and pressed his large thick cockhead against the puckered hole. He felt the boy gasp and a shiver radiate through the young hero’s body as the cockhead pushed through the ass rim. A blood curdling scream rang through the warehouse as the cock penetrated fully into the ass of the last remaining caped crusader. As Luthor rammed the Boy Wonder, his right forearm closed around the boy’s throat and neck- to arch the back for deeper access.

Mark Shepherd handed a surgical scalpel to the eunuch. Its blade caught the light and flashed a deadly gleam into the eyes of the blood thirsty crowd. The young ape-boy smiled as the point of the blade punctured Dick Grayson’s ball sack and then cut horizontally through the base of the sack, barely a centimeter at a time, until the testicles and their protective pouch both dropped into the eunuch’s waiting hand. He handed the scrotum to Mark for safe keeping.

A series of quick deep guttural gasps, followed by a severe jutting out of the upper chest indicated the extent of the pain. Ironically, there was only man in the room who knew how extreme the pain was… and he was the one wielding the blade. His sardonic smile and the intense gleam in his eye were evidence that he knew exactly how excruciating the experience was for the young hero. As the blood covered blade touched the tender underside of Robin’s cock, it began to slice into the grizzly tissue like cutting a rare piece of steak.

The eunuch loved watching the staff of Dick Grayson’s cock as it began to tear loose … …much like a tree that is being cut down begins to fall after a certain proportion of the total width is through cut. Robin was beyond pain… yet still conscious. The crowd loved it. Robin’s beautifully proportioned body gyrated with an almost dance-like motion. The body attempted to find space away from the pain being inflicted…but with no success.

Eventually the trauma of repeated rapes, followed by Luthor’s vicious tearing of the boy’s rectum took their toll. As the blood loss from emasculation further weakened the young hero, it was apparent that the Boy Wonder was on his way out. His beautiful blue eyes turned dim and rolled back into his head. Foaming drool dribbled from the corner of his mouth. He began to regurgitate blood and bile down the front of his smooth pristine chest.
Once the cock was severed and laid to one side, the eunuch delivered the fatal blow. He reached into the hole where the cock has just been and stretched his arm up and inside the ribcage. He wanted the boy’s heart. Eventually the fingers of his right hand cupped the vital organ, then grasped it tightly, and twisted it loose from its inner moorings. Pulling downward, he dragged the vital organ through the opening into full view of the assembled criminals.

The reaction of the crowd was nothing short of tumultuous. The sight of the still beating heart brought the assembled criminals to their feet and cheers of approval rocked the house. Luthor seeded the young hero’s ass at exactly the same moment that the heart appeared. He withdrew his cock and the still hard appendage dripped blood, further exciting the crowd. The eunuch, with his left hand, held the heart high in the air and with his right encircled Luthor’s cock and balls, supporting them for all to see.

The young hero’s body twitched and bucked as life left it. Even though his body wasn’t completely aware yet, …it was essentially dead and the defeated hero hung from his bonds like a limp rag doll…cock-less, ball-less and now life-less—-humiliated and conquered for all to see.. It was utterly perfect. Both members of the Dynamic Duo were dead! A unified cheer went up from the audience:  “THE DYNAMIC DUO IS DEAD!! LONG LIVE DARK TRINITY!!!!!”


To be continued…

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