Batman Gets Laid
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 Fan-fiction for adult, mature readers.

Batman Gets Laid


By Cum, an unknown author; May 1998.

(Enhanced/expanded/adjusted by Rick Henry 05-2021;


Batman breathed in deeply, his massive chest filling with air. It was nearing morning, the night around him still cool and dark… hidden from the prying eyes of almost everybody. He sighed, almost bored. He was getting a little tired of the super hero business. There hadn’t been a major crime in several months, and the “little stuff,” didn’t stimulate much of his keener interests. Sitting alone by himself under the hidden, central overhang of a notable skyscraper, he decided to jerk-off because there was nothing else to do…. Well, he did remember his recent meeting with Superman, and how that always stirred his blood to total distraction. What an incredible man he was, even greater than his own impressive physique… what kind of cock could that superb alien have? Wondering how, what it might be like, to become intimate with him? But that wasn’t likely. Superman seemed to be a little goofy over that Lois, or so it appeared. He sighed. He even thought of Robin, but he was just a kid. Adorable, enjoyable, but still so young. Batman ached for a man, a real man, as mighty as himself—to take, and be taken by. Could it ever be possible?

Sitting down and laying his back against the wall, the caped-crusader massaged his tights where his thick balls and his wondrous dick were caged. Instantly, his rod began to harden against the uniform. The tights slowly began to show an impression, all the way up to and well beyond his navel. He fondled it more and more vigorously, squeezing, groaning, with his right hand. With his left hand, he slipped it up and under his tight-pressed uniform and rub-flicked at his hard, swelling acorn-sized nipples, ran his hand over his manly macho body, his 6-pack ridged abs, and rock-solid chest. The joy of his nipples put him close to the edge every time—. He yearned to suck them, if only he could. Have someone do them… him.

He then glanced around, sighed again, he was alone. Cautiously, he took off his boots and slowly shimmed off his cling-tight pants. Next came his bulky cape, cowl, then his shirt. He was soon completely naked. His rod stood at full attention, and his golf ball sized testicles withdrew, pulled up, hugged closer, tighter to his body with his arousal, (though it was still a hot summer night). He caressed his rod in his hands as it extended to its full 10 ½ inches. A superior tool… and started to slide on himself up and down. He decided it wasn’t good enough, what he wanted, so he bent forward and licked at it with his tongue. Still not complete enough. A mere tease! Tucking in his waist, under his ribs, he then easily mouthed in three full inches of his cock. The thick circumcised head was nearly all that he could handle, though he’d often managed more, down below the cut line. His rough-smooth tongue laved, relished, slathered all over himself. He could taste the incessant sweetness, the flow of his rich pre-cum. God, he was going to ingest his own cum in his mouth—how he loved the taste, how good it felt! He continued, lost in the rapture of his man-selfish joy.

Then, lightning struck. He felt a firm hand on his shoulder.

He froze in mid-suck: shocked. It was Superman. He hadn’t heard a thing!!

Batman turned bright red, instantly embarrassed beyond compare. But his flush did not show in the dark, it couldn’t. No one would ever have guessed, could never have known. Now it would be out!! Batman was actually a fag who sucked his own cock! Like a pubescent boy, falling in love with his own growing manhood…. His reputation was ruined, his character destroyed. And to have been “outed” by a fellow superhero—this was beyond horrifying!

Unless, for the sake of their reputations, the MOS would not likely broadcast it… perhaps ever after treat him with some aloof-like disdain. But the next moment was nearly as shocking!

Superman said it was all right. “Your uh, your… secret is safe—I always do myself, too!” (He was so big, who else could take him?)  He asked if he could join in. Batman couldn’t believe it, the man of his dreams wanted to jerk, and suck off next to him?!! He agreed, astonished… consented. Superman then took off his uniform in a flash and stood before him in all his glory. Superman, the prime example of manhood, muscle on muscle, perfectly formed—massively proud—stood with a flaccidly hung cock about 11 inches long, with a pair of tennis-ball sized balls to match. He smiled, then sat down up close to Batman, their hairy arms, legs, torsos, broad shoulders nearly touching. He then took his large right hand, and with a few easy tugs, pulled and slowly caressed his own impressive dick until it stood at attention: the mighty Kryptonian cock reached a height of 12 ½ inches, going up to the base of Superman’s massive pecs right to the thrust of his whopping big nipples… which must have been nearly 2 ½ inches long—and hard as the Man of Steel himself. Batman couldn’t resist, nor take anymore. Mesmerized, he urgently reached out, grasped Superman’s cock and started savoring it, feeling it. The Man of Steel surprised, eagerly allowed him. Then with his other hand, the Bat started caressing, massaging Supe’s glorious, heavy balls. They fit perfectly into his hand, and yet they overflowed it. Both of them immediately well-heated, they united, and kissed… their hands seeking each other’s glories, trading, savoring each other, hungrily. Breaths so rapid and deep, they almost fainted.

“My, my pecs, my big tits, my load-filled nipples… please,” Superman begged. Fondling at Bruce’s urgent own.

Batman eagerly pulled him closer, and began to chew on Supes overly erect nipples, huge monster olives (larger than his). The MOS moaned, arched… fully stunned… truly taken aback—unexpectedly overwhelmed, but enjoying it. Realizing, at last to himself, though never having been so intimate with another—admitting he was truly gay, now. No more pretenses. No faking macho-man hero stuff. Nothing whatsoever mattered: but to be with, and share himself with this other manly desirable hunk, the wondrous Batman….

How long he had taken of his own self, fantasized, agonized, dreamed, to be with another hung and muscular man… even ached that it could be Bruce—but never daring to think Bruce would have felt the same. He sighed to the pit of his soul. He leaned his head back, and groaned, gasping… as Batman pleasuring sucked, chewed his nipples, then gripped his cock mercilessly, with his two broad hands, capturing and torturing his mighty rod mid-shaft, still more than two inches protruding from either end where Bruce held him, the tip of his cock-head and the base of his long penis. Next, Batman lowered his mouth onto Kal’s huge primed manhood, the wondrous bursting glans, and laved over it, and sucked slowly and warm. Batman then took away his hands, kneeled over Superman’s legs. Then he lay down atop him with Kal’s massive cock still in his mouth, on top of Superman, his own lesser erect cock thrust between Superman’s legs. His mouth continued loving him, going up and down. Supe’s dick went in and out, in and out of Bruce’s lips, so smoothly, though he was far too huge to swallow completely. Both of them groaning. Writhing.

Then Superman readjusted himself, grasped Wayne’s juice-wet bat, and enveloped it completely in the cavern of his mouth… mutually 69-ing each other now. Bruce sucked him as deep into his throat as he could, and Kal-El was gurgling rapturously on his beneath him… was thrashing in helpless, conquered nirvana. Then Superman grabbed Batman’s bubble butt, reaching around, squeezing, tendering him, put his finger into Batman’s eager anus, and probed deeply, pushing his lover near the point of no return. Stimulated now, torqued and faster Batman sucked. FASTER, FASTER, trembling. Superman in him from both ends, he thought he would die. Supe’s wondrous finger in his chute, his magnificent cock in his throat. The Dark Knight now completely owned by the other, thought he could not hold back. 

Only then, suddenly Superman came. His eruption kept spurting and cumming and fountaining. He couldn’t seem to stop. He writhed in ultimate ecstasy, clinging to Batman, who had totally overcome him, allowed him. His essence wouldn’t cease. It flowed into Batman’s mouth. Batman swallowed, and swallowed, and swallowed the endless ounces of rich cum before Superman was finished. Yet it had seemed to have drained his super powers completely. He lay helpless in Bruce’s arms. And with no protest, because the Man of Steel’s cock was still eager and ready, though he appeared overly exhausted… Batman, not yet having climaxed, then turned the expended, weakened hulk of his muscled hero over so that he was face down. In total control, he reached under and grasped forwards at Supe’s thick pecs, and squeezed hard on the alien’s sensitive nipples, who moaned hopelessly… then down to his still raging cock. Superman tried to resist, knowing what was coming—but willfully surrendered when Bruce turned his head to kiss him, and whispered “I love you, I do—I always have,” into his ear.

The MOS, now man of putty, relaxed still more, pliable and conquered. And Bruce, with his right hand, grabbed hold of his just only hard ten-plus inch cock, thick and mighty, and thrust it lightly against and into Supe’s hole. The entrance was TIGHT. The squeeze was incredibly stimulating. Batman just held himself there for a couple of tense seconds, edging him, tauting, before he plunged in, startling and deep—yet gently ravaging Kal’s hole. The Man of Steel shuddered, he’d never been taken by anyone (other than his own). He almost screamed; and then begged: “All you are, yes; all you can…! Have! Take me, Bruce! I want you—. Have loved you so much, too…!” For him, there was really no pain, only joy, and such fullness… being ravaged, conquered, taken. A dream come true: an Earthling male of superb quality, muscle, and substance, and one he’d ever wanted—fucking him crazy.

They both moaned and cried out their ecstasy. Batman then reached around him and easily underneath started sweetly jerking over Superman’s mighty12 ½ inch rod. Superman was totally overwhelmed, weak as a kitten, yet tense as iron. Then, Batman hit his own point of no return… while rupturing Kal’s virgin prostate, and climaxed with an explosion of suns. Superman again was ripped out also, his mighty juice once more tapped, hopelessly ensnared, by and with Bruce… but in unison.

Long moments later, once their convulsions had subsided, Batman rolled slowly off Superman, and lay down on his back looking hazily at the stars, spent. Superman turned around also, and churning into each other, re-entwined. There was a vast pool of cum on the concrete where his mighty dick had burst forth. They looked at each other… smiling, rested a few moments, arms within arms, kissed deeply. Murmuring, each to each in their own way.

“This must be love… what it is.” And in less than ten minutes, their love still eager and hungry, they were stirred to re-begin… went at it again. This time, face to face. Superman sending Batman to heaven, when he reamed him, slow and deep, careful and easy. He knew he was incredibly big, did not want to hurt his lover, whom he was now into… loving, falling in love with. Batman, beneath him, totally enraptured, crying out, tears in his eyes: “Kal, oh, God, Kal… don’t ever—never stop! Please, please. All yours, all the way! Whatever, whenever you want—as much of me as you want. Me, of you… Forever. Don’t stop. Yours… all yours! No other. Always.”

His and Kal’s lips met, crushed, sealed; their essences mingled in an extraordinary again mutual explosion. Their hearts pounded into a calm, after-soothing unison. Holding, held. Unalterably, had become one….

The beginning of a beautiful relationship… neither one would ever let fail. They definitely knew. Hearts, minds, bodies—sexualities mingled. Had come home at last, to mate.

They kissed rapturously. Traded each other’s breath into breath. Heartbeats synchronizing. Fingers locked, palm into palm. The day slowly dawned….




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