The Final Conquest of Superman Chapters 13-15
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The Final Conquest of Superman

The Man of Steel Faces His Most Powerful Adversary – Dark Trinity

Author: Jay (Johnhorman)

 DISCLAIMER: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable.

Chapter 13

Though surprised by the unexpected arrival, Mark and his buddies greeted Luthor with sincere and well deserved respect.   As Luthor entered, he was followed by a number of scientists and technicians….equipment was carried in and added to the already elaborate set-up present in the warehouse.  It was clear that Luthor had a definite plan for the helpless superhero.

“Prepare Superman for my cock!” commanded Luthor.  Two of his stronger assistants grabbed the weakened superhero and dragged him to a set of chains.  Attaching one set to the hero’s ankles and then attaching a hoist chain to that—they pulled the inverted crime fighter off the floor until he hung with his mouth at crotch level and his ass in perfect position for fucking.  Kryptonite chains were used to secure Superman’s wrists behind his back.

“Mr. Shepherd….once I am deep in our prisoner’s ass, I want you to have the privilege of face fucking his mouth.  I want to see the effects of both loads at once on our super-bitch. When your cock has been satisfied…your partners in crime can deposit theirs as well.   Make sure our boy, Olsen ‘s mouth is working Superman’s cock and balls.   I want him to have a ring-sized seat.”

With that proclamation, Luthor poised his hot cock against Superman’s hole and rammed it full force into the helpless hero’s rectum.  The hero gasped but seem to accommodate the large cock readily….but  within mere moments, as enriched kryptonite precum began to ooze from the arch enemy’s piss slit, things changed.  

Luthor’s cum was fortified with new highly charged kryptonite…and even small amounts caused excruciating pain.  The widened eyes of the once great hero and ensuing full body spasm attested to the degree of pain being endured.  Superman was in the throes of the worst pain imaginable. Sweat poured from every pore and the helpless hero’s body shivered violently.

Seeing his arch nemesis writhing in agony was what Luthor had waited all of him life to see.   He breathed in deeply to relish the power he was feeling over an opponent who for so many years had thwarted all attempts to be captured and subdued. He ached to dominate his captive’s ass and reduced him to a quivering cunt before him.  With every deep, ass ripping thrust, Luthor’s orgasm threshold heightened—years of hate boiled to the top as the arch criminal ravaged the defeated hero’s body with his power driven cock.

The master criminal had plans for his captive—-new plans for this now mortal prisoner into which a mighty cock now rammed again and again.  Luthor grunted and moaned as he approached orgasm.   Superman’s ass was everything he had anticipated and hoped for—the perfect succulent ass hole for fucking.  He was relentless in his assault on Superman’s ass, his cock continuing to swell and expand to enormous size as he tore into the already ravaged rectum.

Mark’s cock fully raped the hero’s mouth, enjoying the pleasure of seeing a once magnificent man, completely subjugated by men, now superior in every aspect to him. Little time passed before he dumped a hot copious load of kryptonite cum into the hero’s stomach. This was followed by first one and then the other members of Dark Trinity

The concluding load was delivered by Lex Luthor himself, effectively reducing the Man of Steel to a convulsing, mass of muscle.  One of Luthor’s assistant placed a stethoscope against the hero’s chest over his primary heart and announced:

“He’s in a state of fibrillation but his second heart is holding!”

“Good, we don’t want him dead…I have plans for our prisoner….big plans!” stated the criminal mastermind as he withdrew his still dripping cock from the half dead hero.

“Walking around to Superman’s head and face, Luthor grabbed a handful of the hero’s hair and pulled his face even with the still throbbing cock. Placing the cum covered cock against the handsome man’s lips he spat out the words,


With barely enough strength left, Superman opened his mouth and took the weapon of his own destruction into his mouth and began to obediently lathe the magnificent dick with his swollen tongue.

Chapter 14

As Luthor’s own men dragged Superman’s pain wracked body back to the metal holding chair and positioned him once again above the thick kryptonite dildo, they secured his head restraint and fully strapped him in.  As the once mighty Man of Steel was pushed roughly downward on the pulsating kryptonite dildo, he screamed out in pain.  Luthor spoke to the members of Dark Trinity:

“My scientists have ascertained that Superman’s cum has amazing curative power.  A serum distilled from his semen can cure most major diseases.  A derivative of his semen can slow and even reverse aging.   It is the miracle drug of this millennium.  It’s unfortunate that the world will never know about this amazing discovery.

I intend to totally control this substance…selling it only to high bidders and making sure that only those who follow my lead in this world benefit from the affects of this drug’s awesome power.  That power will belong to Lex Luthor and ONLY Lex Luthor.   My scientists did discover one unfortunate aspect of Superman’s cum—it can’t be synthesized.  A constant source of the semen must be maintained. 

Therefore, my plan to kill the Man of Steel is altered.  I will, however; eventually make him wish he was dead.   He will be nourished and maintained much in the fashion that a farmer cares for a cow.  He’ll be kept securely bound and milked frequently to replenish my supply of super cum.   I will make sure that he is supplied with sexual stimulants intravenously and when not being raped to orgasm…he will be dildo raped to ejaculation every minute of every hour of every day for the rest of his natural life.

His skin will be permanently sealed to prevent any return of his super powers.  For all practical purposes, he will remain a normal man until he dies.  I will use him for my amusement beginning today.  As a first step I want to see just how many pure loads of cum I can get out of him before he cums dry.  I think you can assist me in that experiment.

“Before we ‘hump” Super-slut dry, however; I’d like you to watch something.”

Luthor’s technicians stretched Superman’s cock out to full length.  From a tiny vial, they produced an insect-like miniscule robot.  It was shaped like a microscopic scorpion and moved on its own.  They positioned it at the hero’s piss slit and it entered on its own.  As soon as it was inside the weakened captive’s, his body began to gyrate and twist.  Paralyzing pain raced through the once powerful man’s body as the small robotic device slowly made its way through the penis and eventually to the ball sack where it attached itself to both testicles.

Superman screamed an unending hideous scream until a huge ball gag was rammed into his mouth to stop the sound.  Tears of pain screamed down the abused man’s face.  Sweat covered the still impressive muscles that adorn the former hero’s body. As Luthor activated the robotic device, the defeated hero’s mood abruptly changed and low animalistic growls began to emerge from his throat

Luthor spoke, “The kryptonite dildo in his ass and my newly invented robotic testicular parasite will keep Superman’s body in a constant state of sexual overstimulation for the rest of his useful days.  Watch and test him out yourself.  His demeanor will now slowly change as he begins to breathe more deeply.”

Luthor’s words came true as Superman began slow undulating motions with both his hips and mouth. Saliva began to dribble from his mouth through the sides of the ball gag still in place.  Low moaning sounds emanated from deep in his throat.  There was a new “sex-starved” look in the hero’s widened eyes.  You could see actual movement within his huge ball sack of the pulsating testicles as they produced more and more cum for the still “super” cock to ejaculate..

“Now, feel free to remove the ball gag and use his mouth.  I think you will now find a submissive man who has no will to resist and only a desire to suck and be fucked.  His animalistic sexual nature has now won out over the sterling image of the perfect role model he had presented over the years.”

Mark placed his cock against Superman’s beautiful lips and swooned as the former hero greedily sucked the huge member inside and became to fellate him with a new vigor. The sensation was exquisite.  Luthor had transformed his former nemesis into a sex slave without parallel.

Chapter 15

Superman was rapidly becoming an excellent cock sucker. His nimble tongue and lip talents created an instant rise in Mark’s cum supply. As the superhero’s tongue flicked in and out of Mark’s piss slit, he felt a wave of jism surge into his engorged member….a growing climax approached like a tsunami—threatening his ability to hold back and control the ejaculation.  Suddenly, almost without time to mentally prepare, Mark shot a thick green load down Superman’s throat, He took a deep breath, withdrew his cock and wiped the excess saliva and cum unceremoniously across Superman’s face.

Mark then stated emphatically:

“I had hoped to watch you kill the super-bitch….but the thought of him languishing in pain and being used for the rest of his life makes a good substitute…as long as all three of us can return periodically and re-experience his mouth and ass.”

Luthor responded, “Of course….you and your partners would go to the head of the line…

“Before you go, however; enjoy the show….sit and watch what our permanent prisoner has in store over the next decades or more.”

Luthor motioned for his technicians to begin their work -the suction hose was re-connected to Superman’s cock, electrodes were semi permanently attached to his nipples and a control box for the testicular parasite handed over to Luthor for use.    Luthor turned the prostate stimulating dildo up to full and raised the activation level of the robotic device embedded in the hero’s scrotum. 

As kryptonite generated current surged through his pectorals, the now defeated mortal began to orgasm again and again—-his chest heaving and back arching with each surge. Cum freely flowed into waiting containers.  Luthor personally attached a mouth stretcher to Superman’s face and watched as his men lined up to use it.

The once magnificent crime fighter was now reduced to a sex craved cock sucker …and he would spend the rest of his natural life taking it down the throat and up the ass.  Luthor and the members of Dark Trinity smiled as they watched the continuous infusion of man cum into Superman’s outstretched mouth…and the gushing outgoing flow of cum from his throbbing cock into first one and then another container for distillation and storage.

“Mark, Frank, Austin……THIS is what the mighty Superman has in store for the rest of his life.  As a parting gesture of long term friendship, I provide for each of you a sample of our hero’s cum-serum.  There is enough for the three of you –to keep your healthy and age-less for some time.  There are still some significant crime fighters that need to be eliminated.  The crime world will need your services. I like your style, men.

There will be a time in the far future when I will personally end the life of my former enemy and you will receive my personal invitation to attend the ceremony.   It will be the event of the century—one not to be missed.  Believe me when I say that he will perish with my cock deep inside him…and his last cry will be for mercy.”

To be continued…

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