Superman Meets Ike Paris Chapter 3
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a continuing story by Superman Fannn


Chapter 3

Standing before Superman were three of the most muscular and well put together men he had ever seen. Cam, a professional bodybuilder, was dwarfed next to these three men. Superman found it hard to believe these were the same three men he captured and jailed just 3 years ago.

Superman knew he had to be sure to keep up a good front for these men who obviously admired Superman even though he was the one responsible for jailing them. He still felt weak but was doing all he could to hide it. He thought to himself that even in a weakened state he was much stronger than even the most muscular and strong human villians he encountered in the past. Wrestling and arm wrestling weren’t as much a concern to him as were the knives and guns that were present. Is it possible that in this weakened state he would be vulnerable to weapons??? His mind was racing as he watched the three massive men approach him.

The first man to re-introduce himself to the Man-of-Steel was Michael Hutchins, a thief who eluded police with quick and very slick escape moves. Michael was formerly a high school gymnast and Superman remembered he dabbled in wrestling. His years in prison and in the prison gym made Michael a mass of muscle but by his walk, Superman could see he was still quite spry. “Superman”, he started, “This might sound strange but I just wanted to thank you for catching me and putting me in this place. You have truly turned my life around.” Superman replied, “I can’t say it was my pleasure as I don’t get enjoyment out of putting people away, but I’m so glad it had such a positive outcome for all three of you men.” Superman couldn’t help notice that Michael’s arms and chest appeared even larger than Superman’s superior physique. Michael outstretched his hand and shook Superman’s hand with great vigor. Superman could actually feel the pressure as Mike squeezed his hand.

Next to shake the Man-of-Steel’s hand was Blake Winfrey. Blake was an African American who used to be known for his strong arm robberies. Blake was well put together when Superman jailed him but nothing compared to his physique now. Blake was incredibly handsome and had a smile that melted most hearts. Finally Vinnie Acevedo, gave Superman’s hand a firm shake. It was apparent to Superman that his presence there was greatly appreciated and for a moment he had acutally forgotten about his power dilemma. Was it possible his powers were finally returning or was he just on a natural high knowing his assistance in these criminal’s capture had put them on the right path. Either way, Superman was relieved.

Cam broke in and said, “I know the three of you are thrilled that Superman is here, but as I told you before, in the event an emergency comes up, Superman will have to leave. So in order to not inconveniece Superman, perhaps we should get started.” “As you know, Superman,” Cam continued, “these three gentleman are being rewarded for their model behavior, and as their reward, they chose meeting and learning more about your incredible powers.”

Superman said, “I’m extremely pleased with all of your acheivements and am glad to be here.” What would you like to know or see first. Michael chimed in, “For the past year, I’ve been undefeated in arm-wresling here in the facility. I know that I could never beat Superman, but I was hoping you would humor me and arm-wrestle me. Quite honestly, I’ve been undefeated so long, I’d like to know what it feels like to lose!” Superman was relieved. An arm wrestling contest he confidently felt he could win even in a weakened state.

“Sounds good to me,” Superman stated. “Let’s get to it!” The two mammoth figures walked over to the arm-wrestling station and placed their elbows on the table. They grasped hands and waited for Cam to give the “go-ahead”. “Ready, Set, Wrestle!” Cam bellowed. The men looked each other for a brief second and smiled before they began putting on the pressure. Superman was a little reluctant to pour on the power at the beginning not wanting to humiliate Mike in front of the other men. However, to Superman’s surprise, his arm started to be put down. The other three men smiled thinking that Superman was just humoring Mike. He wasn’t humoring him. The sheer strength of this musclebound man was enough to rival the power of the great Superman. Superman began to “pour it on” to the best of his weakened ability and was able to get Mike’s arm back to an upright position. His mighty biceps bulged in his blue spandex suit and his muscles actually quivered as he continued to put the pressure on Mike’s arm. After about 2 minutes he finally was able to get Mike’s arm down. Mike smiled at the man of steel thinking how nice it was that Superman didn’t just humiliate him by putting his arm down as he knew only Superman could. He thanked Superman and noticed a bead of sweat on his forehead. “Superman, you’re sweating!” Mike said. “Of course, I’m sweating Mike….You put up a great fight,” Superman said with an wink. He was trying to make the men think he actually willed himself to sweat. That WASN’T the case at all. He actually almost lost that match to Mike. The men all laughed as Superman wiped the sweat from his forehead. “It worked,” he thought.

Superman’s concerns were growing by the minute. Not only had he almost lost that match, but the feeling of nearly being overpowered aroused the Man-of-Steel as he felt his semi erect cock begin to grow beneath his tight uniform. He only hoped it wasn’t noticed by the men. “Something is terribly wrong with me,” he thought. “I’ll have to visit the professor as soon as we’re finished here and it can’t be any too soon.”

Moving on, he asked, “What’s next?”. “I’ve always been extremely intrigued with your invulerability. Can I ask you a few questions about it?” inquired Blake. “Of course, fire away!” Superman replied. “We all know that bullets don’t harm you, but have you ever encountered a weapon that was able to hurt you?” Superman replied, “Weapons are becoming more and more advance and yes, certain weapon’s that I’ve been exposed to have created uncomfortable situations for me, but nothing that I can’t quickly recover from!” Blake continued, “So when I unloaded my pistol on you all those years ago, you actually didn’t even feel them?” Superman replied, “Sorry to disappoint you, but they had no effect whatsoever.” Superman smiled. “Back then, I was disappointed, but today I’m thankful,” Blake replied. Blake had the most masculine and rich baritone voice that Superman had ever heard and his smile was getting to the Man of Steel. His now semi-erect member was growing again. “I read an interview where you claimed that you actually are able to re-direct the riccocheted bullets off your body as to not harm innocent by-standers. Is this true?” Superman replied, “It is true. I began experimenting with this years ago and discovered that my enhanced vision ability allows me to know where the bullet will hit and by flexing the muscle in a certain way I can redirect the bullets to not hit someone.” “As there is no discomfort from a bullet, would you mind demonstrating this for us?” Blake asked. “Well….”, Superman’s mind scrambled, “There is always danger involved and I’d rather not….”. Cam interupted, “Superman, we’ve built a bullet proof glass case with targets for you in the next room. Knowing you, I’m surprised you haven’t used your x-ray vision and already know that!” Cam smiled at the man of steel. Although Superman had known Cam for many years and had a great relationship with him, he always felt Cam envied Superman’s powers and even got satisfaction when Superman had any trouble accompishing a feat.

“Now Cam, I’ve been in this prison enough time to know that I don’t need to X-ray each room as I pass through. Your security is top notch!”, Superman replied. In actuality, he probably would have known it was there but since his run in with Ike, it truly was an effort to use his x-ray vision. He hadn’t even tried his heat vision and was reserving doing so in the event it would drain him any further. Superman nonchalantly glanced to the room and x-rayed the wall. Rather than the crisp image he was used to he saw only shadows of the items in the other room. Then the x-ray faded to nothing. “Hmph,” Superman said audibly. “Is there a problem?”, Cam inquired with a slight sneer? “No…no problem,” Superman replied. I just remembered another commitement I have tonight.” “It’s early in the afternoon, Superman,” Cam interjected. “You don’t have to leave already, do you?” Cam said as he flexed his muscular chest and arms in an atempt to get a rise out of Superman. “Of course not,” Superman responded. “Let’s step into the other  room.” Superman thought to himself that he just needed to indure any pain caused by the bullets and not show the men his discomfort. He was confident the bullets wouldn’t cause any permanent damage.

Cam picked up the pistol that Superman saw coming into the room. In the other room with the glass enclosure stood the guard who witnessed Superman’s rough landing earlier in the day. Cam indicated that as the men are still technically incarcerated that the guard would be the only one who could fire the weapon. Superman stepped into the glass enclosre and noted the targets that were scattered throughout the bullet proof glass enclosure. He stood with his hands on his hips, his most famous Superman pose and instructed the guard to fire when ready. The first shot hit Superman in the abs. It was then when he realized that all of his enhanced visual powers were comprimised as he was unable to tell exactly where it would hit. The bullet bounced off his hard abs but missed all of the targets. Superman also felt the sting of the bullet but smiled through it. “Have to be ready for the next one,” he thought. Cam commented, “Musta’ been distracted…Try another one.” This really irked Superman knowing Cam’s innocent but annoying competitive nature. The second bullet hit Superman on the right bicep. This time he was ready, flexed and hit a target. However, it wasn’t the target he was aiming for. He was thankfull for the glass. The third bullet hit is left pec and Superman was once again ready for it and this time actually hit the target he was hoping for. The warden aimed and fired his 4th bullet. The bullet hit Superman square on the right pec and the pain from this bullet was incerdible. His left hand instinctively reached up and held his massive pec in his huge hand and his face grimiced in pain. The mountain of a man fell to his knees and Cam shouted, “Stop firing to the guard”. Superman stood back up and glared at the warden. “Think quick,” he thought…. Kryptonite…blame it on Kryptonite!!!” Superman was extremely embarassed at the way he actually lost his powers and couldn’t bring himself to tell these men who admired him so much. “Cam, please remove this slug from the cell,” Superman yelled urgently as he fell back to his knees. “There must be krytonite in the bullet and it’s weakening me…” Cam ran in and picked up the slug and took it out of the room. “Superman, I’m sorry, Cam said as he came back into the room. Some of those bullets were confiscated from criminals and I placed a hollow point in the gun to see if you felt it.” Superman just glared at Cam. Superman knew there was no Kryptonite in the bullet but the hollow point bullet itself really hurt the normally invulerable man of steel. Still on his knees, Superman pulled his hand away and saw that the bullet ripped a hole in his uniform as his power loss must be effecting the aura that protects the suit. And, to his surprise he could see that his skin was actually burned by the bullet.

“Men, I’m afraid I’m going to have to call it quits for today,” Superman apologized as he headed for the door. “Whatcha talkin ’bout Supes,” Vinnie asked. “We’ve read everything there is out there about you and know that you’re gonna bounce back in no time. It was such a small piece of Kryptonite and for such a short time…. By the way, maybe you should start wearin’ a jock under that thing. That monster looks like it wants out.” Superman looked at this massive Italian stud and wondered what his next exuse would be….

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