Superman Meets Ike Paris Chapter 4
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a continuing story by Superman Fannn


Chapter 4


The 3 men stood in awe gawking at Superman’s full package.  Superman stood  with a somewhat shamefull look on his face.  “Well, you see…as with any uman man my body produces something similar to Testosterone.  My super will normally helps me control erections, ejaculation and so on brought on by my kryptonian testosterone.  The exposure to the Kryptonite in the bullet hasdecreased my super will, causing the erection,” explained Superman.  “Now that I’m no longer feeling the effects,” Superman said looking down.  He attempted to will his cock to go back into a flacid state.  For a moment, nothing happened. More fear coursed through his mind.  Finally, the erection began to decrease.

“OK, Superman…if you don’t mind we can continue,” said Cam.”Our next demonstration for you is breaking through the cinderblock walls we have created.”  “It’s always been exciting for me as I’m sure it is for the these three men, to see you burst through a wall.”  “Well, Cam,” Superman began.  “That is unless you are not feeling up to it old man,” Cam taunted.  “Of course, I feel up it it, Cam,” Superman answered with a slight sneer.

Superman was concerned.  His power of flight was comprimised, a hollow point bullet had brought him to his knees.  His x-ray vision was severely comprimsed and he hadn’t even tried his heat vision or his super breath.  Could it be that the powers siphoned off of him by Ike were permanently gone?  Could each demonstration of his powers be making him weaker?  He wasn’t sure, but he couldn’t back down now.  Superman had his pride and even though he and Cam were friends, Superman knew that Cam envied him and would take some sort of sick pleasure seeing him fail.  The hollow point bullet had proven that.

“Well, gentlemen, here goes,” Superman said in a booming voice.  He backed upa few feet, took a few steps heading for the wall.  Superman had only once encountered a metal cube that he couldn’t break through and the professor who designed that wall had been dead for years.  It was his exposure to that wall that made him discover that he could seperate his molecules and pass though a wall without destroying the wall itself.  It was that technique that allowed him to get away from Ike earlier that day.He aproached the wall with much less than his normal super speed.  Upon contact with the wall, Superman went flying backwards and landed hard on his ass.  The men gasped.  Cam smiled.  Superman stood up slowly, rubbing his hands and chest which were sore from thecontact with the wall.Lying again, he said, “That kryptonite must have effected me more than I thought.  Did you have it placed in lead, Cam?” Cam answered, “Superman…It’s time to come clean.”  “You and I both know there is no kryptonite in that bullet.”  “Perhaps you are just becoming a normal strong man in your old age.”  Superman glared at Cam.  “Cam, I don’t think you want to start an argument you can’t win.  We’ve been friends for a long time and I’d hate to see that friendship end because of your sarcastic nature.”  “I’m not being sarcastic, Superman…I’m being realistic.”  “I always knew someone like you was too good to be true and that your powers that you were handed would someday fade.  The yellow sun of the earth can only power you for so long.  Eventually even the best rechargable batteries die.”  “I had to work for all my life to create my body and increase my strength and yours was just handed to you.” 

Superman couldn’t believe his ears.  He knew Cam was always envious of him but  never knew he was so bitter about his abilities.  I saddened the man of steel  but also angered him.  He let out his rage by blasting a bolt of heat vision  to the cement wall.  The wall heated up (not as quickly as normal) and then burst into bits, leaving pieces of hot cinder block skattered about the room.Superman grabbed his eyes and cried out in pain. 

The four men just looked at Superman in shock and disbelief.  “Superman,” said Vinnie, “I didn’t realize that the use of your heat vision caused you pain.  Are you all right?”.  Superman removed his hands from his eyes.  His vision was blurred.  He tried to refocus by using his x-ray vision and discovered that power was now completely gone.  He could feel he was very week.  He saw a super heated piece of cinder block on the floor beginning to burn through the wood floor.  Instinctively, he focused his super breath on it and blew.  Nothing more than a minor breeze came from his once super lungs.  Blake ran over with a bucket of water and put out the hot piece of rock. 

Superman looked shamefully at the four men.  “I guess I owe you all and explaination.”  “I guess you do,” replied Cam.  “Earlier today, I was tricked into visiting a gentleman I thought was dying,” Superman began.”He asked me to perform some demonstrations for him as his dying wish.”  “He claimed he was gay and had never had a relationship.  As I am invulnerable, he asked if he could feel a real man.”  “I reluctantly agreed and when he came close to me I felt strange.”  “It turns out that a man named Ike Paris turned out to be the son of The Parisite.”

Blake interjected, “But Superman, you’ve encountered the Parisite before but your power loss was temporary.”  “I know,” answered Superman, “but something is strangely different this time.  Perhaps it is the fact that Parisite was born to a human mother.”  “I have to get to the professor, though, so I can figure this out.

Vinnie asked, “So are you telling us you just now feel like a norman human man?”  “Yes, Vinnie,” Superman answered.  My x-ray vision is completely gone.My invulnerability is nearly gone as far as I can tell.  The pain I experienced using my heat vision pretty much confirms it is gone and my strength is gone as I embarassingly demonstrated with the cinder block wall.  “The guard who welcomed you here upon your arrival told me about your rough landing, too, ” Said Cam, “So I’m sure your power of flight is gone too.”  Superman raised his hands above his head and leapt a little in the air.  He hovered for 3 -4 seconds and came crashing down. The three men looked at each other and grinned.  “Thank you Superman, for your demonstrations.  You know, prison has become somewhat of a Fraternity for the three of us.  We feel you’re one of the brothers now,” Micheal said.  “Get ’em boys!”  Vinnie grabbed Superman around the chest in a powerful bear hug.  Blake grabbed  Superman by both legs and Vinnie yelled, “Pants Him!!!!”.   Blake grabbed Superman’s red trunks and Blue tights at the waist and pulled them down, revealing Superman’s enormous cock and balls.  “Whoa… still looks pretty super down here”, Blake said.  Superman’s cock began to grow after feeling the air.  Superman begged, “Men, please.”  He struggled to get free.  “We’re just initiating you into our fraternity, Superman!  No harm will come of it!”  Superman interjected, “You don’t understand.”  ” As a Kryptonian, my organsms are much more intense and can be dangerous.   My cum flies with a very powerful force.”  “Nonsense,” said Cam who was watching from the corner.”  You just told us, and demonstrated, I might ad,  you feel just as weak as the rest of us.” 

Blake began stroking Superman’s now rigid cock.  It had grown to it’s normal size and evidently wasn’t effected by his power loss.  Blake had to use both hands to jerk it.  Superman struggled against the muscle men who tightened their grips.  Superman and his two captors grunted and struggled against each other.  Muscles strained, sweat poured as the powerful men seemed to enjoy their perverted wrestling match.  As Superman almost came to orgasm, sirens sounded and almost immediately, a crash was heard.  The men stopped their jestful assault on the man of steel.  Superman was laying in a pile of sweat,his cock twitching for release.  When the dust cleared, Ike Paris stood before them.  He chuckled, “So this is what the great Superman does for fun.  You ready to be finished off?”  He struck a double bicep pose which caused Superman to moan, his body jerked.  Ike focused a low intensity beam of heat at the head of Superman’s cock, causing it to erupt like a volcano.

Superman’s deep moan turned into a cry as he screamed, “FUUUUUCCCCCKKKK. Kryptonian cum fired from his cock like a machine gun, hitting Cam square in he chest and knocking him into one of the remaining cement block walls. The three inmates were also hit with cum as Superman writhed on the floor. Wherever his cock pointed it shot.  Several hit Ike which didn’t seem to effect him at all.

“I’m sure you realized that using your powers one last time makes you lose them completely.”  “And I’m sure that super brain of yours made you think I  was gaining them.”  “Well, you’re right Superman”  Your last remaining super power was your super orgasm.  And now that is mine, too!”

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