Testing Superman Chapter 2
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Testing Superman



By Superman Fannn


Chapter 2



The Mighty Man of Steel was experiencing feelings like never before. Uncertain of his future with weaponry that could actually hurt him mixed with fear of vulnerability gave him a sick feeling in his stomach. Injured by bullets, electricity, shrapnel and gas combined with his inability to escape through the door, window or handcuffs actually made him tremble slightly as he stood there shirtless with both arms extended out cuffed by the unbreakable restraints. “Release those cuffs at once, soldier,” said the General to the muscular soldier. 

The soldier smirked as he sauntered towards the man of steel with key in hand. As he passed the General, he quickly jabbed a hypodermic needle in his neck and the General dropped to the floor. “What are you doing, Soldier?” demanded Superman. 

“You’re in no position to question anything I do, Superman.  You can’t exactly do anything about it now, can you?” answered the hulking soldier. 

“You see, Superman, I’ve been hired by Lex Luthor to assure that you will no longer meddle in his business and for the money he’s given me, I’m going to make sure I don’t fail,” the soldier continued. “When I get free from these cuffs, you’ll be sorry you ever crossed me,” Superman said. “And again I say, you, Superman are not in any position to make such threats,” repeated the soldier. 

Superman pulled with all of his strength against his restraints and they wouldn’t budge. He was determined to break free but was not even bending the chains that held him. He felt even more vulnerable standing there shirtless, wearing only his blue and red tights and boots.

“You’ll probably be surprised to find that those cuffs you are wearing are NOT made of the indestructible metal, Superman,” the soldier went on. “They are simply heavy duty chains that could normally be broken by you.” “That’s impossible,” exclaimed Superman. “I can’t even budge them.” 

“Here, I’ll show you,” sneered the cocky soldier. He took an extra length of the chain that hung down from the wall between his hands and began pulling it. His biceps bulged tight against his uniform shirt and the chain began to give way. In about 30 seconds, the muscleman was standing there holding two pieces of chain in his hand. Superman was stupefied. He had tried with all his might to muscle out of those chains to no avail. He wasn’t feeling the normal sick feeling he would get when exposed to even low doses of Kryptonite. “What have you done to me,” asked Superman.

The soldier replied, “It’s not so much what we did to you, it’s what we didn’t let happen to you. You see, the same professor that designed the unbreakable locking mechanism on the door also created the glass that is in this dome. You have been deprived of the yellow sun rays that recharge and give your body its super strength and unvulnerability.” 

“You must be crazy,” replied the Man of Steel. “There are no yellow rays at nighttime and I’ve never lost my powers then. In fact my last test for the army was at night time!” 

“That’s where you’re unclear Superman. The special glass not only blocks out the yellow portion of the ray but converts the light into red rays. We all know that when you are exposed to red rays, your powers are lost,’ fired back the soldier. “In fact, we’ve learned something else recently, Superman. It appears that the power loss from this type of exposure is more permanent than that of even Kryptonite. You are still a powerful being with abilities that escape most of us but once you have been here long enough to neutralize all your powers, they will be lost forever.” 

“I don’t believe you, Soldier. So why not just let me go and we’ll see who’s right,” answered Superman. 

“I could let you loose, Superman and I’m quite certain you couldn’t escape if you tried, but I’m not willing to take that chance right now. But I am willing to bet that your heat vision is now a thing of the past. I saw how you concentrated that steady stream at the locked door and when you focused a beam at these chains which you can’t break, it didn’t melt them either! I was counting on you using up those reserves on the door and it worked,” he chuckled. 

“We’ll just see about that,” said Superman as he focused on the soldiers chest. Fzzzzt…and nothing!  Superman was shocked. The heat vision that was a part of his life nearly as easily used as the act of breathing was gone. He blinked a few times and tried it again….and once again nothing. The hulking soldier began to laugh as did all of his henchmen posing as soldiers. “I guess you win this one,” said Superman.

“I win period,” said the soldier. 

He walked up to the man of steel and cocked his fist back ready to fire a powerful shot to the hero’s face when Jimmy Oleson jumped on his back. The soldier simply took the fist he had ready for Superman, held it up straight and fired the back of the fist into Jimmy’s head. Jimmy fell to the floor in a heap. 

“You arrogant, Bastard,” Superman yelled at the Soldier. 

“And what are you going to do about it, Superman?” he said amidst a chuckle. Superman looked to the floor. He felt shameful for not being able to help his friend. 

“I’ve been waiting all my life to do this,” said the soldier as he cocked back his right fist. He hit Superman whose head went flying to the side. The man who a few hours ago could catch bullets in hi teeth without as much as a flinch was sent reeling from a punch. Never willing to back down, Superman’s head flew right back with a look of fury. The soldier hit him with a left, and once again Superman’s head flew to the side and right back. “Perhaps I miscalculated how weak you should be right now,” said the soldier. “I thought two of punches from my mighty guns would have knocked you out.” The soldier struck a front double bicep pose and his muscles strained against the uniform. As he flexed even harder Superman could hear the sound of ripping cloth as the sleeves of the uniform began to rip to shreds just from his flexing. Superman from the beginning had noticed he was a big man, but it was not until he realized his vulnerable nature that he recognized how large he actually was. He, in fact, made Superman look small and this frightened the hero even more. 

“Time for night-night, Superman,” the soldier sneered as he took his large hands and wrapped them around Superman’s throat. Superman grinned momentarily thinking he could outlast the man’s hold by holding his breath. However, it wasn’t long until he felt himself actually getting light headed. He began to squirm and tried to pull out of the clutches of the soldier. He attempted one more shot of heat vision hoping that it somehow came back, but to no avail. His vision blurred and he faded into darkness.

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