Tarzan’s Humiliation and Defeat by the Dark Trinity Chapters 12-13
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Tarzan Humiliation and Defeat (by Dark Trinity)

Author: Jay (Johnhorman)

DISCLAIMER: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable.

Chapter 12  Raping Tarzan- The Curtain Begins to Fall

Tarzan was still hanging from the tree limb, muscles battered, and his torso sagging under its own weight. Broken bones in his legs prevented him from standing upright.—knees too damaged to assist. It was hard to tell whether Tarzan’s suffering was coming more from physical abuse or mental torment. The combination of the two had transformed the once strong, confident jungle fighter to a hollow shell of a man. Once formidable, he was now completely vulnerable.

Tarzan struggled to stay conscious- trying to hang on to bare threads of awareness. Hardly noticing the removal of his butt plug—he did however notice a growing pressure against his ass hole by something much larger and more solid than the plug. It was Mark’s magnificent cock, a cock so fully engorged that the thick bulging veins feeding its rigidity were clearly visible encircling the member’s girth and length. It visibly throbbed with desire—craving its long promised home inside Tarzan’s beautiful ass.

Mark’s cock was perfectly positioned and poised to take the ultimate prize. In his mind, the sexual penetration of the jungle hero’s ass was analogous to storming a rampart, battering down the main gate and seizing a citadel inside. Mark intended to claim Tarzan’s ass, mark his territory, and generously share it with his loyal accomplices. Then, like in medieval times, he would “lay waste to the fertile land” and make it forever devoid and unsuitable for life.

For Mark, raping Tarzan was the ultimate sign of humiliation and conquest. He had long savored the tenacious resistance of Tarzan’s sphincter, but he was well prepared to use all necessary force to prove his dominance. Mark wanted to violate….to assault… to break through that tightness he was experiencing and occupy the treasure house within.

Mark had taken great pains to lay groundwork for this long anticipated rape. Everything that had been done mentally and physically to Tarzan was in preparation for this moment. He had prepared his castle gate well for entrance. Tarzan’s will to resist rapidly faded …soon to be all together gone. What little “fight” that still remained could only serve to arouse him more and further tantalize his precum slickened cock.

Mark pushed through the resistant muscle with one solidly confident, self determining thrust and entered that place he had been seeing in his mind’s eye for a very long time. Tarzan pushed back but could not muster the strength to prevent the inevitable. The stronger, more virile man prevailed and invaded virgin territory. Mark proved to be in all respects the better man! He now freely violated the invincible. His impressive cock robbed the mighty jungle hero of the last vestiges of his dignity and self pride. It was worth all the waiting.

Using every muscle at his disposal, Mark violently took Tarzan’s ass… his power…his personage. With each strong thrust, the conquered hero became less of a man. His masculinity was stripped from him by another man’s cock. That masculinity had long defined the powerful jungle lord’s identity. He was now subservient in every respect to a greater and more powerful individual. The mental effect on Tarzan was stunning and devastating.

Tarzan’s identity was decimated by this sexual act. He was being fucked like a woman…up the ass…by his captor and conqueror. At the exact moment of entry, Tarzan became Mark’s bitch. The mighty had fallen. The stronger man had not just won… but had taken EVERYTHING of worth from his opponent. Humiliated and dejected, Tarzan now wanted only one thing—-to die, but that would be while in coming.

Mark’s rape of the deposed hero was fierce and complete. It lasted well over 10 minutes and was so awe inspiring that his buddies could only stare in admiration. Mark breathed a huge sigh of satisfaction when his massive load of semen shot into the doomed man’s fuck hole. His two partners were already lined up to take their long awaited turns in breeding the late great Tarzan.

Mark’s conquest of Tarzan’s ass was not just pure sex. For Frank the breeding of a powerful opponent was the last step in claiming the “gold ring”-the ultimate trophy of trophies. He hadn’t simply raped a strong man’s ass. Mark had stripped the mighty Tarzan of his humanity and will to live. This was not about defeat. This was about bringing down the mighty and bringing about an adversary’s ultimate end.

Chapter 13 The Finale

Frank and Austin had other things in mind besides ordinary rape. As Frank spread the ape man’s ass checks and entered him to the hilt, Austin went about adjusting the nearly comatose man’s body for best viewing on camera. It was important to have a good video record of this stage of Tarzan’s ordeal. Contractual requirements must be met to guarantee maximum fees.

Arms and legs which had been previous bent in odd directions must be twisted back into their original position. Bones would require cracking and muscles stretched beyond their normal range for the body to be deemed suitable once again for filming. When Tarzan entered the final stage of torment, Austin wanted all the right camera angles in place.

With each forced repositioning, Tarzan screamed out in pain again but his weakened state altered the timbre of the screams. They were now much lower and seemed to come from his very soul itself. His massive body spasmed and trembled as arms and legs were brutally returned to their previous placement. The administration of pain caused astounding things to happen to Tarzan’s ass rim. With each surge of pain, Tarzan’s ass rim spasmed and clenched Frank’s cock, milking it of its creamy contents.

So wracked by pain was the captive hero that he involuntarily pissed all over his legs and feet. The pungent stench of urine permeated the air, mixing with the already present aromas of blood and sweat. Austin arranged Tarzan like a human puppet-pulling and pushing body parts into just the right pose for best viewing. He aimed and set the camera on automatic and began the process documenting the end.

The plastic tube inserted by Mark into Tarzan’s urethra became temporarily dislodged-making it necessary for Mark to once again work it up the piss slit of the helpless captive. Soon blood became pooling underneath the dying man once again. This penile blood letting was excruciating for Tarzan-his bladder , already damaged was now re-pierced by the invading tube.

Austin was a sociopath who thoroughly enjoyed his work. He loved watching pain take its toll on a man. He reveled in taking what was once beautiful and systematically destroying it through well conceived physical abuse. For him it must be gradual and cumulative. There was order and planned intent to torture. It wasn’t about killing someone. It was ALL about wearing them down—an inch at a time until there was nothing left. Tarzan appeared to have drastically aged during this day of use and abuse-visual proof of Austin’s skill at his art.
Frank’s cock reached orgasm in Tarzan’s ass and his cum joined Mark’s to further mark the territory for the victors. As he withdrew, Austin, displaying a massive erection spread the dying hero’s ass cheeks once again and penetrated. Tarzan continued to resist and even after two earlier assaults tried in vain to bar entry. He was simply too weak to fight. The men were surprised that their captor would still have enough stamina to even make the attempt.

Austin audibly gasped at the overwhelming warmth of the cavity as he entered it. His cock was greeted on the inside by a flood of mixed man cum. It was an exquisite sensual experience. With each new thrust of his hips, thick cum sprayed out of the ass rim in all directions. He was relentless as he pounded Tarzan’s ass, feeling the tip of his cock inflict both pain and additional damage on the rectal wall.

Unlike his two predecessors, Austin was loudly verbal:

“HOLY SHIT!! I’m inside the Mighty King of the Jungle! Where is all of that “might” now, you fucking pathetic excuse for a man? How dare you call yourself a REAL man? You’ve failed on all fronts, Tarzan! As a mate, you failed to protect the woman who loved you. As a father, you were miserable fuck-up! Your son will spend the rest of his existence servicing our cocks because of you and your fucking meddling where you didn’t belong!

“You don’t REALLY deserve to live …DO YOU? Fuck you, Tarzan and fuck everyone you love. Now we’ve all three made you our bitch! Take my cock, bitch! If I could kill you with this cock I would. You’re lucky that’s not part of the plan, YOU FUCKING STUPID APE SHIT! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!!!”

Austin blew an enormous load into the defeated man’s ass while violently bitch slapping the back of his victim’s head repeatedly. Tarzan’s brain reeled under the onslaught. When Austin was done, Tarzan’s head remained leaning against his right shoulder—eyes staring blankly into the jungle undergrowth. It was quiet now…very quiet.

While his buddies enjoy their personal displays of male dominance over Tarzan, Mark carefully searched through their stash of equipment until he found what he needed.

To be continued…

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