Superman VS. Tam-Rex: The Ultimate Conclusion Chapter 3
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An entertaining bit of fan-fiction, Superman being the property of D.C. Comics. Story for mature readers only, male/male sex freely depicted.

Summary: Superman fights to free the enslaved Tarzan: against the Teen Titan, Tam-Rex.


Superman VS. Tam-Rex: The Ultimate Conclusion. 

Revised by Rick Henry ( enhanced, embellished, and expanded 04-2021. 

Original Author: Ashtonjacobs123


Chapter Three: Finalizing Their Stories 

The next day Tam-Rex has the MOS brought into him, needs to review his trophy. Kal enters, hands still bound behind him, though ankles loose… still hardly able to walk from the depletion of his strength, semen, and milk… the unusual ripped fucking he’s had, making his insides still tender, nipples quite sore. Ego shattered. He stands wide-legged, the pendulum of his assets heavily uncovered, limply on display. His head slumped forwards, chin down. A picture of dejected, wilted captivity.

Tam moves forward from his throne chair, down to greet him; survey. Hand under his chin to forcibly look him in the eyes. The cowed MOS unwilling to do so. His scarred humility hampering his senses; still grappling with the horror of his having been defeated and enslaved; his great powers stripped from him, perhaps for all time.

“You’re looking well, Slut Boy. A little time, you’ll come around. Already the herbs and drugs at work in your system to make you less stubborn, compliant. Will only be given a liquid diet for several days to lock them in. Can’t refuse eating, when siphoned down your throat—like it not. Not bad tasting, either. Same process we did with Jungle Slut; only I’ve begun to wean him off of his. Have a job for you to do….”

The Man of Steel, still infused with shreds of arrogance, looks up and away, and says nothing.

“You’ll now be transferred to your cell. But first, a token or two of your new status.” He indicates a servant to bring them forth, a polished gold cock ring and a soft leather collar. The MOS sees them, and stiffens more upright, his body language in automatic protest. Tam steps very close to the nude paragon of 250 pounds of muscular magnificence, and takes two dry hands forwards, the ring in one. Very softly he then clasps one hand under the heft of Superman’s avacodo like balls, at his notable cock root (not unlike his very own, still amazed at the so near duplication of their largenesses), and cleverly fastens the thick gold circlet securely around the base of his captive’s genitals.

“The gold, of course, to enhance the beauty of them, like mine… as well as to reinsure the continued extinguishment of your strengths.”

Superman gives a sharp, deep groan: “Uunn-unnHHhhh!” Sounds of mingled resistance and despair. Unable to also help the feel of the teen’s hands, granting him a surge of sexual thickening in his cock. Tyro-Tam telling him, “Only I, even if your hands were free, have the ability to unlock you. Or you’ll rip those magnificently potent jewels off, trying… no matter how strong. Secrets of conquest, my pussy.”

The hated words, reddening his face. And while the great Superman (or was, quailed), Tam took his hands up carefully, seeing the obvious long hang of his   pendulous limp udders, and ever so lightly touched them. His cold hands feathered a few miniscule flicks at their corrugated ends, watching in amazement how they near instantly began to fill and erect up and forwards, the skin smoothing out like silk. “Ummh—umnnhh. UU-unnhhh!” The alien’s involuntary moans and arousal impossible to contain, much to his chagrin. His juice-filling shafts thrusting out with their swift urgency, to be given… taken.

But the young blond ignored them. Instead, took the short leather collar, and to the MOS’s horror began to fasten it around his neck. “No. NO, Please…!” he cried. To no avail. As his cock lost its thickness, his nipples their fullness, drooping down from his pecs as before… although end-tinged a bit with his wet. And the collar was fastened.

“The ring in the back, will be chained from above, to keep you upright. Hands behind you, still. Feet shackled. No ability to take yourself from either your breasts or your balls—to possibly, remotely, ever “restore” you. Even a little. Not sure how that will, or if it would work anyway. Kept away from the sun, too. Until I decide otherwise. Though the cock ring should keep you well-contained, as mine did in the arena—even from not too close a distance.”

The alien’s heart went cold with despair as he was led away. Truly, all was lost. He had no chance. Unless—if Batman knew, would he dare to come? Or Thor, or Aquaman? Wonder Woman? Surely this teen couldn’t defeat them all. Their strengths and skills far different from his; yet him, having been the mightest, at that! But, too simply ensnared by the simple deception of his own home planet’s minerals used against him. Whereas they had nothing of the sort to be used to take them down. The smallest glimmer of hope pricked within him, he plodded on darkly to his cell.

                              *                              *                              *

Three days later, Tam-Rex entered his cell. A large cot had been placed there to the side, Superman could not perceive why, since he was bone and sinew tired from being forced to be upright; the chance of them allowing him to rest on it seemed nil. This time when he spoke, the MOS seemed far more mellow, more accepting of his presence. The drugs having made him far more pliable, compliant. Less macho….

Tam-Rex placed a firm hand on each side of his cheeks, his muscled body warm and hard against his captive’s. Kissed him deeply, mouth to mouth. The alien’s eyes went wide open at the instant, then closed… succumbing to the warm enveloping lips of his owner, welcoming his tongue into his mouth. Beginning to breathe deeply. And when Tam’s firm fingers found the base of his nipples, and played them forwards in soft, long, slow strokes… reached the mushroom-like crowned ends of them, held, and squeezed, rolled them over and over sporadically, five seconds apart… the MOS’s cock erecting in a full blown frenzy, moaning: “Oh, Tam, Tam. Tam! Master…!” he knew he had him.

“And you have long dreamed, yearned for our union again, have you not… my  big muscled, cock-starved Slut Boy… macho Super Pussy?”

His fingers never relenting from those beginning-to-flow alien thick udders, the MOS going near ballistic with arousal, arching, weaving, desperate to break his bonds.

“Oh, Master, Master, Master…!” nearly too heated to speak, already ready to erupt.

“How about a proposal of mine? To please us both?”

Anything, anything! You in me again, taking me… want to give. Oh, to feel the wonder of you, once more. Forever, for always. Master, yes, yes!

“I’m going to release you. Why we have the cot. To be able to make love, face to face. At last. Me, in you. While you fuck yourself between the cleft of your pecs, tuck your chin, put your mouth over your glans, and drink again from your restoring essences. While I am deep inside you, loving you. And me, taking the milk from each of your male teats, one at a time. And we burst our joy together. For hours….”

“Oh, Master, Master!—Tam, Tam! My God!! My Lord!!” Nearly unable to believe it. Not only the impossible wonder of experiencing such sexual joy with his conqueror, but to be able to possibly regain some of his faded strength—his Kryptonian powers, desperate for renewal. (If the “gold” had not already destroyed them permanently.)

“But there is a stipulation. I have a job for you to do.”

“Anything, anything! Your wish is my command, my promise.”

“Scout’s honor?” with a grin.

“All I am and have, yours,” so overjoyed with renewed hope, he was stunned.

“Indeed! Your fantastic body. The mass. Your cock, your ass. Your tits, your milk. Your semen. Your very breath! Mine, I know.”

“Yes, Lord, yes!!”

And so it was. Once freed, the larger MOS wholeheartedly locked his Master in his arms, carried him to the cot, then lay down beside him, mouths first priming each other’s huge members as much as they could, in an as-if-starving mutual sixty-nine, coming almost instantly, each into each… before Superman then submitted willingly to him, laying back, still in a raging heat. His monster nipples, one each being taken by himself and by the other—Master’s cock deep inside him, his own monster phallus filling his mouth and throat as much as possible between his own breasts, while his thighs were curled back high and wide, his Master coring him. In another world. And shot a half-pint of his jism into himself in almost no time. Oh, the richness, the wonder, the abundance. For the first round…. But they kept going and going and going. Three hours later, exhausted, they fell asleep in each other’s arms. No thought of trying to escape entered Kal’s mind. He wanted only to be with his young Master. Adored him. Was falling love…. (It was almost mutual—.)

Only when they awoke, stretched, smiled and a light meal was served them, Tam finally told him: “You are to break Tarzan’s neck. Bring his head to me in your hands.”

The MOS’s mouth fell open.

“I have no need for him any longer. You are his replacement. Besides, he’s far too inadequately endowed. And getting old. If you don’t, you may be the one next, after I procure Batman. And if he’s not hung better than Jungle Slut, then maybe you can snuff him…! Maintain your position. You are my adored favorite, beyond Boy. Who will always have a place with me. Then, you. Unless you wish to be permanently extinguished. A gold collar around your neck till it’s done.”

A long silence preceded his answer. Knowing he must, or die.

“When?” he said.

“Tomorrow morning. He’s been off his suppressors long enough. He will know you. Which gives you easy access. Will think you have come to rescue him…. You have. And back to me here, by noon. No later. Or the collar will be yours, indefinitely.”

“My Lord,” he lowered his head.

“Why I allowed you a renewal of your strength. Use it.” Then left.

                              *                              *                              *

He must not think. A man he once loved, and who loved him. Still did, actually. He figured that would be the best way to do it. Least painful…. He is given back his cape, to cover himself more completely, to move throughout the village easier… beneath it, only a royal blue thong, one of the king’s own, among the few things adequate for his size, and a pair of sandals; as well, a sturdy knife, sheathed at his waist.

Tarzan had now been removed to a small hut. When they saw each other, there was a brief startled pause, the King of the Jungle crushed into his opened arms, like glue, hard and warm and desperate, and so lovingly. It had been what, four years, at least.

The naked Jungle Man’s head on his shoulder, at his neck, savoring every huge inch of him, a life raft which had fallen from heaven. “I heard you were here. I knew you would come.” Seeming much the same, a bit lesser primed in physique, but undeniably still beautiful as a near perfectly formed man, his mind not exactly sharp, but clear. They kissed deeply, normal as breath and air, holding onto each other so indelibly, it was impossible for them not to be aroused; remembering the past, the skin to skin now moment. “You’re so beautiful, Kal. Still. Beyond earthly.”

The Man of Steel had to hold him back, at arm’s length a moment. The both of them thickening hard as rocks, Tarzan’s unrestrained and ready.

“I only have a couple of hours. A way to get you out of here. We must be careful. My, my powers have been compromised. Some magic they have, here. But there is a way.”

“With you, there is always a way. And into my heart…. Boy betrayed me.”

“I know.”

“But, he’s young. I forgive him. Seeing as how he was unable to resist such beauty as his chosen new king—also impossibly endowed. Like you…. I understand. Youth must mate its own, to be truly happy.”

“It… would have been nice, if he had been wiser. More considerate. Perhaps part of the king’s evil has rubbed off on him… been ingested, with his seed?”

“Possibly. Do we have time?” His erection as urgent as his hope, already pouring forth his pre-essence at their nearness. “I crave to have you, feel. Touch.”

“Me, too.” Superman shrugged off his cape and sandals, slipped out of his thong. Cock more bold than any tree of the jungle. Tarzan fell to his knees to take him in. Which was far simpler, easier to do now than years before… having become used to the other giant phallus in the land, his Master Tam’s. Though still, to deep-throat such as the Man of Steel would unalterably take years of practice, if possible at all. And the little or much he could was more than sufficient; the Man of Steel suddenly weak in his knees. The wonderment of being with someone who truly loved him…. It had been so long, so long. He moaned involuntarily. And was pierced with sadness.

Then Tarzan did what no one on earth had ever done before (besides his own self… which Kal had so achingly remembered, forever and ever). Placed his hands wide, one on each far side of the MOS’s huge pecs, and squeezed them together, closing Kal’s gloried, dripping teats against each other, taking them both into his mouth at the same time: the MOS was hopelessly undone, his milk being suckled and drained from him in unalterable ecstasy. Instantly subdued and submissive. And they were soon down together, doing each other with such sweet abandon, Kal never wanted to wake up from this dream. He allowed the in-his-eyes-always King of the Jungle to take him, fuck him so wonderfully. He came and came, the Jungle Lord drinking from all three of his founts, over and over, while he fucked him. Superman stun-fucked completely. Deep-greived in his heart, what he must do.

After they rested a bit, it was drawing time; the moments fleeing, the sun rising higher. Steeled in his mind, the task at hand. “Rather than face to face,” he said (knowing it would be unbearable to do so), “I want to take you from the rear.”

The willing Tarzan more than enraptured to please his savior, dropped knees to the floor, thrust his torso across the bed, gluteals ready for the assault he knew was coming, a cock like no other’s (than Tam-Rex’s), only this one was a form of true loving congress, not ravagement. The Man of Steel was so gentle, so caring, so wonderful going into him (of course, now so much easier than those far long years of before, having been long since indoctrinated otherwise, by the teen tyro, his Master) —the warm mass of his taker, filling him to God’s kingdom on earth: oh, the joy of it! Their grunts rising, bodies blending, striving, sharing, giving, taking. “Ahhh-yaahhh! OHH, ohhhhhh!! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Unh, unh, unh, unhhhh!! Ohhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!”

From behind, slow-thrusting, his one hand at his waist, other at his chin as he turned his face slightly back, kissing him incessantly as best he could, “Tell me, tell me, when you’re ready to come. Don’t withold. Let it go. All the way.”

“Oh, yes! Oh, yeah! Kal!! Close, close, ohhhhh!! Yeah-aaahh—AAAHHHHH!!!!”

He felt Tarzan’s body jerk, bolt with his ejaculate. In the midst of which, he sharply, strongly, before the thought could reach his brain what was happening, with both his hands suddenly then, twisted the Jungle King’s chin and face swiftly, more harshly towards him, and snapped his neck—semen still coursing from his thickly endowed cock, and the whole of his ever finely muscled body spasming, then going limp and lifeless under him. Letting him go. A sweet-fitting, merciful end for his royal friend.

He pulled out of him, unfinished; his erection wilting quickly. Cleaned himself.

He would have cried, but didn’t dare. That would mean too strong a reality. It was too horrible and simple to contemplate. It was either him, or himself that could be saved. He’d chosen. (And Tarzan as king had long been dethroned anyway; he was finished. Nothing could have restored his former status or reputation. He’d been truly long gone. Dead; was over.) He kissed his still wet, drooling lips—reached for the knife….

                              *                              *                              *

“Well done, my Pussy Mouth. Well done,” said Tam-Rex. “And now for your further reward.”

Knowing they would be, pictures were taken; his red cape swirled judiciously half around and off his shoulders, covering only one side of his massive chest, one tell-tale large teat hanging crudely, the bold pack of his blue thong on display, handsome unmistakeable face… Tarzan’s head in one of his hands, fingers knotted in his hair, the eyes soft-closed at his side.

“They will see this and know. Must come quickly, or lose the both of you. Batman, I’m sure will be the first to attempt such foolishness…. Put that thing over there.”

The caped figure set the bloody trophy aside where indicated.

“How did you do it?”

“I… tried to be kind. Swift.”

“And now, for your reward.” Tam-Rex came close to him. Firmly grasped him by both of his long-soft nipples, pulling him forwards, began those incredible slow-squeezes, on his instantly once more filling teats. Immediately, helplessly moaning with arousal. “Suck me, Superman. Suck my cock! My young hot seed, your older man’s reward!”

Murmuring, “Master, Master…” the MOS dropped to his knees. “Had you done this to me when we first shook hands in the arena, I, I would have been helplessly yours in a moment. No Kryptonite needed. My greatest weakness. Instant conquest, though no one but me knew that. Took an incredible chance that such would never happen. More vulnerable than you could have imagined. The swift taking of my tits, if ever exposed. Or my balls.”

“I sensed it, within my own. Mine tingling wildly at the sight of you. As if to be mated. Wondered. But the game needed to be played. To make it official. And your fucking, legitimate. Hopelessly cowed…. OPEN—suck my king’s cock, more equal than yours! Seeing you are the first on your knees, the more dominant one above.”

The alien opened his mouth wide to encompass the broad-rich glans, a struggle yes, though long used to his own… and then the torturous length of the shaft, going in further and further, slower and slower to fill him, more than he ever could have taken of himself—and suddenly now was being more and more thrust cruelly into him, deeper and deeper!!—oh!!! NO! NO!! NO!! More deeply than he ever could have imagined!!! Eyes shocked white-wide!! A fence rail in his throat! Strangling him!!! The young blond’s hands firm and forceful, unrelenting behind his neck, his head, truly—was murdering him!! The MOS in pure terror, no longer able to breath, Tam’s kingly cock-meat lodged deep into his esophagus right to edge of his lungs: grunting, moaning, striving desperate to escape. To no avail, strengthened though he was, the gold Kryptonite ring crushing against his nose depowering him. Knew his life was over…!

 Futiley making sounds for mercy, trying to pull back… his senses fading, exploding stars behind his eyes, hands urgent to save himself clawing uselessly, an inexorable black curtain which descended…. Falling forwards, limp. Tension instantly out of his arms, shoulders, pecs, lats, legs. Thighs and calves still curled under him. He was gone!!

The once-mighty Superman extinguished. The quiet mass of him at Tam-Rex’s feet.

                              *                              *                              *

When he came to, he was in a semi-sitting position against the bed, one strong hand pressed firmly behind his neck, pushing, holding downwards, another hand lifting up under one his big muscled pecs… one of his huge udders in his mouth, its hefty shaft from which was automatically nursing, though nearly unconscious. He stirred into alertness, tried to speak, his mouth full of his own precious essence-nectar, could not, the savoring of himself so desperately needed, not to mention “intoxicating” him as normal—always got him a little high, the richness of it.

“Thought this would be the best way to bring you around. Your own juice, give you a chance to restrengthen yourself.”

“Yu, you almost killed me…. Could have,” he murmured.

“I know. But, you have too much cock to waste. Still want to enjoy it. Not many so big, anywhere.”

Thor, I heard. Not sure—his balls, even bigger than mine.” he offered. “Trade off…?” Wanting his other teat to draw from. Excited at the prospect, regaining much of what he had lost. His own body, he knew, able to restore him to some level. Urgent to do so. But must do this cleverly…. Could he yet save himself; dupe his young Master somehow?

“Yeah, and when I “crush” them, I’ll be crushing him as well. He’ll die, instantly,” considering…. “Must be wonderful. Feeling, taking the flow of yourself into yourself. Like when we suck our own big boys, right?  Hard as a damn redwood, too, already, aren’t you….”

Superman could only nod. “.. . Causes me to come. So quick and easy. Don’t, please, let me—don’t cause me to waste it?”

“Why should I allow that? What if you get too strong, try to overcome me?”

“I have an idea,” the Man of Steel said. “But I will need my strength. How to snare Batman.”

“Oh? I’m all ears. May let you do that. Tell me.”

“You won’t even have to fight him. When they see the “pictures” of Tarzan and me at the Justice League, he, as the ruling member now, will be here in a matter of days. Very simple. When he stands before you, you on your throne, and he issues his macho challenge, which he will—then, the ground beneath him will suddenly collapse, unexpectedly. He will fall into the net rigged below. You will quickly haul it up. While he valiantly struggles to free himself, or before he can find anything in his utility belt to aid him—which I don’t think he possesses—you close in and taser him swiftly in his testicles (though he’s probably wearing a guard), then the back of his head. He will be “out” quickly. Then you strip him completely, bind, and lock him in the low-body cage like you did me. After three days of no food, only water, you will bring him to me, also naked, in another very small steel cage. He will be completely mine by midnight. And yours by dawn….”

“And just in time for the grand festival, the rare Sacrifice of the Blood Moon! When we will remove his head!”


It sounded like a betrayal. But the alien was thinking far ahead. If he could regain his strength enough not to be debilitated by the gold cock ring, once he and the Bat were locked in together… he then could very possibly could fly them out of there, cage and all—far beyond Tam-Rex’s powers. It was a most desperate ploy.

“But it would be best Master, if you remove this gold from around my genitals. I should appear quite “whole” to him, only nude… knowing my powers have been undoubtedly compromised, so as not to alarm him of our plot in any way. He is still  quite wily; has skills even I never learned.”

“Beautiful, beautiful! I like that. I like that, alot! You will fuck him out of his mind when with you—then with me, I will de-nut the proud fucker before the festival… keeping him in a state of horrified conquest, until the final blow. So dispirited, he won’t even think of trying to escape! Mourning the loss of his manhood. Hopelessly crushed: big Eunuched-Hero—Dark Knight destroyed!”

The Teen Tyro getting hard thinking about it. Dominating older, much more seasoned men…. Oh, the power he would wield. Taking them all down: those fucking Justice League wimps! Asserting himself as “THE ULTIMATE MAN,” Earth’s greatest cock, greatest power!

And faster than he thought he would, Tam moved quickly to disengage the shimmering ring from the aroused might of the Man of Steel’s package… yet, of course, still wearing his own. Being in such close proximity, there was no question the alien could ever use his once full might, even if he possessed it, to overcome him.

 Superman felt a tremendous wave of relief, a surge of hope, unparalleled since his captivity. And then another stroke of genius came over him.

With Tam-Rex, being in a such an exuberant mood, he knew he might be susceptible. Could possibly use his very “youth” and immaturity against him.

“Master… have you never yearned to take your own nipples? They are quite large, succulent looking, they must be rather full with your own nectars.”

“And they are! I’ve tried. But I can only use my fingers, to pleasure myself. My neck… too short and thick to reach them; have not yet learned how.”

“Yes, it takes time and practice. You wouldn’t want to damage the discs in your neck. Though many large breasted women easily do. I—very fortunate—have a longer neck, exceedingly long teats, and am naturally quite flexible. But I could help you.”


“That we bend our heads to the side when close; you suckle one of mine, while I suckle one of yours.”

“No—oh, no! No one touches them but me!”

“But it would be quite pleasurable. Can’t you imagine?”

“Never. No one takes my tits! Not even Boy. I don’t allow that!! But you, pussy fuck, that you are… natural, I imagine. Like a cow, a woman’s, so big-loaded.”

“And you, Master, are you not a ‘pussy fuck,’ yourself? Craving a man’s rod within you as I do?  Especially one as fine as mine, like yours?”

Tam-Rex was getting exasperated. “But men with men—a different matter. And none of this queer woman-shit, sucking each other’s tits, something entirely different! Not something men do.”

“Unless they crave it, have large one’s to share with…. Or like ours now, Master—rising so hard… ache for me to be inside you. Crave it so much. One big as your own, which I have. And I, as your servant, wish with all my heart, to give you such joy.”

Superman moved softly close to kiss him. The youth already primed, allowed him… was suddenly tongue deep in his mouth, swirling, making love-wanting sounds, arms tightening around each other. Superman then more boldly than before, laid the young muscle god backwards on the bed… and ever so slowly and purposefully mounted him. The youth submitting, eager to have him, moaning as he slowly slipped his largeness into him.

Ahhh-ahhhh-ahhhhh!! Yes, my Slut Boy, please your Master. Yes, yes, yes! Oh, my big Muscle Fuck, yes, yes, yes…. Fuck your Master, fuck him, suck—!

And deep inside him, impaling him with his Kryptonian wonder, the Tiburrian king helpless and weak beneath him, Superman struck. With the young king’s glorious, ridge-swollen glans fully in his mouth, he then plunged his forefingers into both of his Master’s bloated grape-sized nipples at the same time, and swirled the tips of them, deep-hard into the muscles of his pecs. The blond muscle god ululated aloud, and instantly shot his semen in a blast into the alien’s mouth, thunderstruck… the alien’s fingers immediately wet-drenched with the Teen’s pulsing tits. Then still in him, drinking his cock-load, he pulled out a moment, the youth’s legs and thighs spasming hopelessly, writhing, groaning; and with his mouth began to suck the juice from the boy’s sweet-loaded teats, one by one. Who thrashed beneath him, demanding he stop—utterly desperate to not be taken—howling: “NO-NO-NO-NOHHH!! STOP STOP!!!!” Until in but a few seconds more, cried out, “Ohhhh, Ohhhh, OHHHHH, OHHHHH!!!!  Please, please. Take them, take them, take them!!!!” his juice rivering out in torrents as he spasmed, shot his semen again, and continued to spurt. Again, and again. And then completely went limp, body-shocked, having fainted away. A huge mass of conquered muscle, his expended body helpless, his big boy’s chest heaving slow and deep, legs and arms falling aside depleted of will and strength. 

Superman could have killed him then, even if still crippled by the young man’s controlling cock ring, which was still keeping most of his powers at bay. But he couldn’t. The youth’s beauty was so staggering, and having already plundered the Man of Steel himself out his mind, in such an also unlike he’d never known before ecstasy—could not. In some strange way had fallen in love with him. Wanted only to hold him in his huge arms, caress him, protect and shelter him in the quiet of his helplessness. Yet he  did not refrain himself from contining to savor the dual-rich milks of his king’s breasts, as long as he could. Knowing even this was helping re-strengthen him, as well… the damage which had been done. The youth’s own hormones a true aphrodisiac and potent source of recharging him. Could actually feel it, was certain something wonderful had happened. The Tiburrian’s nectars he’d now ingested, powerful indeed. Realizing the two of them were more than well alike, something in their foreign physiologies than gave them supernatural strength. Could truly feed from each other. (As if on his own planet, could possibly have mated with another male Kryptonian: their milks, seeds, love… joining for “life?”)  

When he came to, Tam-Rex was between furious and in a tempered awe. “What have you done?!! What did you do?!  You had no right, no permission!!”

The Man of Steel sheepishly replied. “I yearned to please you, Master. More perhaps than you may ever have known.”

“Damn, oh, damn! NEVER do that again! NEVER!  Or I will have you beaten to within an inch of your life! Do you understand, you Slut?? You fucking SLAVE!!??  I can’t be put in that position again!! It weakens me too much!!” And then in shock that he’d actually said it—admitted to having such a vulnerabilty—(so much exactly like Superman’s own, how he could be so easily conquered!)—he abruptly shut up. “You pleasured me, indeed,” softening. “But never, my big Muscle Fuck, never do that again, unless I request it. Understand?”

“Yes, Master. Yes, my Lord. Never.”

“And now, to your new cell, which I have prepared for you.” And casually, Tam grasped one of his huge udders, pulled him forwards, and led him down another hall, not relenting on his grip, which was unpleasant, hardly not at all arousing, and took him into another 10 x 10 enclosure. There was no outside light allowed in, a small hole in the floor for his wastes, and a small cot crammed over to one side.

“But, but I thought you were going to allow me more freedom? That if I followed your request…”

“Oh, this is just temporary. Something I have to test out, Slut Boy. Hands out!”

The cuffs were fastened to his wrists. In bewilderment, and a growing alarm, the MOS was feeling something very wrong was happening. Did not expect to ever be restrained this way. At worst, perhaps set loose in a modest cell, unfettered. But now, the cuffs were fastened to some sturdy chains, which were wall fastened to the left and right of him, with also cuffs placed on his ankles, and secured also. Must he be forced to “stand” upright? This truly was torment. And then the chains were pulled tighter, stretching his arms more up and up, and to his sides. Something in his stomach churned anew.

How could this be mercy? What kind of test?

Tam-Rex then stepped back still facing him. Picked up an extraordinarily bright, silvery shiny bar from a side-shelf on the wall. It was like half a pipe, split down the center, with a notable convex inner curve, about four inches wide, ten inches long. Just held it in his hand, tapping the side of his thigh with it. Superman felt terribly uneasy about it; was this some kind of dildo, something his Master was going to use on him? The hard metal not appearing to be anything welcome or desirable.

“And now, oh, “Great Champion of Justice, Incomparably Mighty One Among All Men”—wondrously horse-cocked, and giant-titted among Earthlings—I give you your last chance. Having ingested both your seed, and mine, were allowed to take of your own breast nectars—and even mine (while I was unexpectedly unconscious)—you should now have regained a good deal of your former strength, or otherworldly powers… not counting the restraints still near you from my cock ring.

The smirking Teen, as if become another person entirely, much like he had been when they first met… not the endearing one in his arms, earlier—paused, gloating.

“Yes, I took a great, great chance. To see if this could be so. Therefore, “Superman,” if you can set yourself free from these restraints, you are then free to go…. I will not be able to hold you—your innate powers proven greater than mine.”

The Man of Steel looked at him with a startled array of both hope and trepidation; could this be so? And if free, there was still the gold Kryptonite ring to deal with, which his Master was still wearing. Couldn’t he then once more wrestle him into submission… with or without his powers? A crazy idea. What then? But what did he have to lose? If set free, he could leave this place immediately—distance himself from any debilitating effects of it. Be once more the true Man of Steel!!??

Only sadly, he suddenly remembered there were pictures, evidence of him having been defeated. His head could not be held up anymore as being “undefeated,” or “invincible.” He had been taken down. And fucked like a common whore for the whole world to see!! Tossed around like a rag doll by his very own cock!! And by a mere boy, at that!! Not a cheery thought; he would be a laughing stock, even if he could fly—. Might, might even have to sheepishly retire. Could never be called Superman, again. Embarrassed to ever show his face in public anywhere.

“Go ahead. Try. Let me see you.”

And then once more empowered, Kal began to flex his mighty arms, pull and strain at the chainwork holding him. He tried and tried and tried, but his great muscles though practically swollen to bursting could but only the merest begin to see any separation of the links, which must have been made of titanium, or some other stronger material than steel. His breath was strained, the veins on his forehead throbbing prominently.

He flexed again. Feeling them give just a little. A surge of hope swelling within him. More, more, yes, his strength was catching hold. Felt power course through him.

“Well, hell, Super Man—I can see something is happening! Why not go for your heat-vision? Those laser-burners of yours?”

Yes, yes—that was it! Try that!!

With a immense surge of superhuman strength, and concentration, he slow-focused his vision towards the chains. At first nothing. And then, a thrill in his stomach when he saw at last the piercing red rays beginning to project from within him. Alive, alive! They were generating!

“Harder! Harder! You’re doing it!!” came the seemingly distance voice.

With all of his will, he thrust them forth. Sharp rays of incisional cutting began to shear at the metal, he could tell they were piercing through. He focused harder!


Tam-Rex had held up the silvery, convex bar—reflecting the power of his focused laser-ray vision back into his own eyes!! Searing his corneas into instant blindness. The pain like hot pokers. He sagged in shock from his chains.

“My eyes, my eyes, my eyes—my, my—!! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO-NOHHHHH!!!!”

On his handsome face, two scorched holes where his eyes had been. Writhing in beyond pain, super-shocked, wailing to his core. Completely destroyed within.

“My eyes! My eyes! Oh, my eyes! You… you, have—have murdered me!!” No tears possible; but his whole soul and being shook with sobs.

“Not quite. Just decommissioned you, permanently. No flying like that now, is there? Even if you could. Or ever.”

My—Oh, holy God!! You, you promised….!” Completely undone. Hanging from his chains in quivering shock; the might of his body, warm jello.

“Don’t believe you have enough tit-juice or semen… to fix that. Do you, Fuck Slut? Anyway, tied like that, can’t reach yourself. Soon won’t matter, anyway.”

“Why, why?!” still in broken disbelief. “You promised!!”

“I lied.”

“Oh, why, why, why!! Tam, my Lord… I-I almost, could have loved you….”

“A lot of good that would do. Nonetheless, I still have your big cock to enjoy, when it pleases me. Only—.” he paused a moment. Judiciously, for effect.

“Only in the morning, you’ll be castrated. And your tits removed by evening.”

A horrified gasp from the Man of Steel. All that was able to come out of him.

“And at the festival, once Batman has arrived. Bound, and taken care of as you suggested—we’ll remove his head. And yours, shortly after. Should make a nice triangular display for the Justice League. On stakes: Tarzan’s, yours, his. I don’t think any more will come running. Except that stupid Thor, maybe.”

Superman slumped silent, and finished. What was there to say? His core melted. Sightless!!!! What he had vaguely dared… all hope—beyond lost….

Tam-Rex tossed the silver bar aside with a clatter, and quietly left. The silence was deafening.

                              *                              *                              *

It had been done. Even freed from the Kryptonite, no more needed; the avocadian heft of his testicles removed, the thickly long pendulum of his cock still evident, though useless… the seared gashes on his proudly muscled chest, where his prized udders had hung, been erected, and horned-from, now gone: and with the milking of them ceased, his inner sources of productivity drying up from curtailed use—there was no ever chance of his regeneration. Eyes now nearly as blank as his mind. Merely awaiting his final hours. Sight forever such a gift, without which all was a continual blackness. His life-giving resources removed.

A week passed. Yet time itself had come to a standstill.

And then a visitor, why, he didn’t know. He heard the noise, sensed their breathing…. Maybe feeling some remorse, it was Boy. Who told him, maybe trying to be wicked, nasty, rubbing it in—quicken, remind him of his approaching finale?

“The Bat got here three days ago. Took him easy as pie, your suggestion. Only it was Tam, not you, who had the honors. Fucked him screaming out of his mind with that big dick of his…. Who would have thought, such a macho man, crying his head off, during and after. Then, this morning, when we nutted him. Screamed and begged like a little girl, not to. Made him eat them, later…. Forced them down his throat. Finally accepted, stopped gagging. Chewed them like a champ. Should have done the same to you. Only Tam wanted them for himself. Said they would give him extra strength. Who knows…?”

“Why? Why tell me…?”

A bit of a silence. “Maybe because… Tarzan and you, the one’s I once admired more than any in the whole world. And then, you both had feet of clay. I know you fucked out each other once; I was pissed when I heard about it. Vowed revenge. Then my turn came. But still, even through it all, remembered how fine Tarz had treated me; and I got fuck-minded by Tam and his enormous cock. Us being near the same ages, wasn’t hard—wanting someone near like myself. Fucking handsome dudes, aren’t we?  Only he has the bigger hammer. And strong, wow, strong as hell. But not exactly the nicest guy on the block.”

“But you love him—?”

“Well, maybe. You can call it that. Sure does have a fuck pole compared to none. And a mean streak, wide as an airplane hangar.”

“And, what he’s done. Why?

“To like you, the Bat?”

“Us. Yeah. For what? We tried to do right, in a darkening world.”

“What is ‘right?’”

“Maybe… to help people. Not harm them. Save them from themselves, even.”

“Well, Tam and the Tiburrians plan to take over the place.”

“Is that good, better than things are?”

“Who knows?”

“If you have any heart left, Boy. Consider carefully. What’s been done, what’s happening. You alone could maybe save the planet. Is destroying the Justice League, or any of us “do-gooders” something so wonderful; we, who tried to stop evil, before it consumes us?  But instead are being consumed by it. Is that a good thing?”

“… I, I don’t know, anymore.”

“And after you’ve eliminated Bruce and me, then what? How many more?”

“You’re already no longer men!  Fucking eunuchs! Much less defeated heroes.”

“If you have any heart left. You could be king.”


“Bigger cocks are not always attached to the best men.”

“Yours sure didn’t save you, did it?”

“And mine was a gift, which I tried to use wisely. Nor could my strength.”

“Even Samson got fucked—. So?

“My parting gift. Listen wisely. Bruce and I cannot be saved, the Blood Moon Eclipse Festival is tomorrow. But afterwards, the festivities—ply him with him wine. Play him well, you know how susceptible he is to flattery. How handsome he is, how even as he is the bigger cock, still loves to be taken by you…. You know how to please him.

“And then when you are in him, really deep, he on his back, and know the rush of his seed—forcefully latch onto, and suddenly take the milk from his nipples. Oh, he will demand, and cry out for you to stop; but do not heed him. Press in, harder and harder, he will very quickly be unable to stop you, powerless while you suckle from him, drawing out his strength. And when he comes, do not relent. In the throes of his ecstasy, he will grow weaker and weaker, keep taking the nectar from his breasts. The fount of his semen. Take him!! Over and over and over! He will become weaker, and you stronger and stronger. Will come and come, until he is exhausted, depleted, will faint away. Then you must hastily bind him. Have him gagged, so he cannot cry out for help….

“And for days and days continue to harvest from him. He will plead, he will try to fight, toss, struggle to escape. But be firm. Unrelenting. Soon all his strength will be yours. You yourself will enlarge, be stronger, mightier. In your genitals and your musculature. His own Tiburrian physiology being worked against him. Until he fails, and you have emerged the conqueror. Then still bound, have him enclosed in one of those low-cramped cages. And in full daylight, have him dragged out across the square—proclaim yourself the NEW KING. And have him dropped into the lake.

“You will be king, then. No question. His evil curtailed.”

                              *                              *                              *

Superman had no way of knowing what would transpire, if anything. All he did know, was hearing the plaintive wails of the once mighty Batman (the cherished muscle friend he had unwittingly led to his destruction), nearing extermination. How he boyishly cried out for mercy, for salvation, until his head was macheted off from his broad-shouldered, already detesticled body. Amidst the loud cheers and tumult of the crowd. And then minutes later, how he himself, on his knees, bound ankles to forearms behind him, was bent backwards across the block, dark-socketed face tilted up and back… never able to see, but perceiving the rise of the blade before it descended upon his once invincible body—was instantly plunged into utter darkness. His massive muscles twitched a bit, his body kicked uncermoniously aside.

Tam-Rex sighed, the blond, young warrior king full of himself. “Best cock I’ve ever had. Sadly. Way it goes…” shrugging. After taking the heads of the heroes, and planting them on their individual stakes, side by side. Proud-raising his arms in victory, showing himself side to side. Bared, big wide-curved chest, thick nipples boldly protruding. Grinning ear to ear. Not a clue—never knowing his was next.

For later, when Boy’s sharp fingernails finally dug deep into the ends of his arching, fully laden teats, while shooting his cum—Tam-Rex’s shocked eyes opened wide, in a desperate gasp, his nectars also simultaneously erupting… truly then as good as dead. Though it took a few days. And oh, how he whimpered. How he begged. His lesser-cocked paramour dethroning him. Taking his milk, his semen, his  … very breath. Betrayed! Bound and gagged, he couldn’t do much of anything, nor cry out for help—scared out of his skull. His bright amber-jeweled eyes gradually losing their luster, dulling. Moaning and terrified… soft-pleading outward and upwards helplessly, when at last he was caged…



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