Tarzan’s Humiliation and Defeat by the Dark Trinity Chapters 4-5
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Tarzan Humiliation and Defeat (by Dark Trinity)

Author: Jay (Johnhorman)

DISCLAIMER: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable.

Chapter 4: Tarzan’s Worst Nightmare Begins

As his two buddies disappeared from sight, Mark knelt down and lifted the loin cloth covering Tarzan’s groin, curious to see what kind of equipment the mighty man had hidden there. Although limp and lifeless, at least 10 inches of thick cock lay nestled in the hairy crotch of the unconscious man. Reaching into his knapsack, Mark retrieved a syringe of liquid viagra. Tarzan barely stirred as the thin sharp needle pieced the flesh of his cock head and penetrated into the shaft.

Pressing the syringe plunger in slowly, Mark injected a full dose of the potent penile enhancer into the cock head and accompanying ball sack. He took his time watching the injection, enjoying the idea that the thin sharp needle was fucking the hero’s instrument of fucking- the idea of penetrating the “penetrator” was erotically stimulating to the imaginative leader. His own cock flexed involuntarily.

As he placed his fingers against Tarzan’s carotid artery, Mark could already detect an accelerating heartbeat. When he awoke, Tarzan would be displaying a huge hard-on— something he would find very disturbing in light of what he would see happening around him. Tarzan was about to enter a world of hurt and pain that before had been no more than nightmare material. This time it would be very, very real.

Mark held the Jungle Lord’s massive cock in his hand and felt it swell and harden with each passing second. He spoke to it as though it was a disconnected entity, capable of understanding spoken language:

“You will bring me a hefty bonus, my big friend. Soon I will free you from your owner and turn him into the fucking cunt he really is! You will have a new owner- a new master- a new purpose.”

As he talked to the cock, Mark smiled. Noting the growing moans of the unconscious hero, he savored the moment; but then began to secure Tarzan with strong titanium handcuffs and thick steel chains. A large ball gag was tightly strapped in place-he had no desire to hear Tarzan’s threats or accusations. When the time was right—the gag would be removed, but only to hear the hero’s screams for mercy. Eventually there would be other objects to insert in the mighty man’s mouth.

A steel collar was securely snapped around Tarzan’s neck; a strong rope noose was also tightened around it, and then thrown over a strong nearby tree limb. Slowly hoisting the deposed hero to his feet was a more work than Mark anticipated-the figure’s dead weight required Mark’s full strength. Care was taken to avoid cutting off Tarzan’s air supply or the blood supply to the brain. Mark wanted full consciousness for his captive.

Once the comatose figure was erect, Mark stood admiring his work. He attached a steel cock ring to Tarzans ball sack and carefully tested a remote control device which tightened and loosened both the cock ring and collar. It worked perfectly.

The approaching sound of rustling tree limbs and leaves signaled the arrival of Mark’s two accomplices. The men had done their jobs well. Austin was carrying Jane, naked and bound over his shoulder. The body was limp, probably due to the chloroform Austin used to finally subdue her. Jane’s long blond hair tailed out behind her as Austin carried her slim well shaped body effortlessly to the river’s edge

Frank dragged the teenage boy by the neck along the jungle floor. The boy was bound and his mouth was stuffed with a large ball gag, which had been tightly strapped in place. The young man’s muffled complaints were barely audible as Frank passed Mark. Frank tightened his arm around the boy’s neck, temporarily cutting off the boy’s air just to demonstrate dominance. Fresh slap marks were clearly visible across the boy’s face and bare ass. Fresh welts were beginning to appear across his well muscled buttocks.

Mark had given Frank license to beat the boy into submission if necessary. Frank took advantage of that permission to get a head start of his abuse of the young man. His enjoyment of his task was clearly apparent by the satisfied grin that spread across his face. The boy would face much worse than this as the day stretched ahead-much worse! Frank and Mark had plans for Tarzan’s offspring- plans clearly meant to mentally torture the jungle hero as well as sadistically punish this very appealing young man.

It was time for the production to get underway- for the men to earn their money. Austin tied Jane face up to a nearby log, her legs spread apart to reveal what until now had been reserved for only one man. Her skirt was ripped off to expose her nakedness, her firm breasts and crotch now open and available all for to see. Experiencing his wife’s body naked for all three men to lust over will be humiliating for Tarzan. Unable to speak, he tried to convey his heart-felt apology to Jane as he blamed himself for her situation. Tears welled up in the jungle lord’s eyes.

The boy was hung by his wrists from the same limb as his father, his legs also spread apart and his ankles secured to strong pegs driven deep in the ground beneath him. Frank positioned three fingers together and inserted them in the boy’s rectum. He signaled his perverse reaction with a low, animalistic groan of impending pleasure. The stage was now set and all players were now in place.

It was time to revive Tarzan, and begin the inevitable process of breaking his spirit and fully delivering the terms of the syndicate contract. Mark licked his lips in anticipation.

Chapter 5: The Beginning of the End

Mark pulled a full syringe from his knapsack and injected Tarzan in the upper right arm. The syringe held a strong stimulant and its affects were immediately observable. Within seconds, Tarzan roused and stared with a steadily growing rage at the dangerous threesome standing before him. Mark held the remote control in his right hand in anticipation of Tarzan’s first outburst. Austin and Frank firmly stood next to their personal targets-in readiness for any action that might be necessary.

As Tarzan began to struggle and lash out, Mark pressed one of the buttons on the remote control device causing Tarzan’s steel cock ring to contract and electrify. Tarzan’s rage was instantly transformed into a blood curdling high pitched scream which shattered the morning stillness. Intense pain coursed through his body until Mark released his pressure on the button. Tarzan’s body relaxed and his rage was replaced by heaving, deep gasps for breath.

Tarzan’s recovery was swift, however; and he soon began a new series of arm twists and leg flexes straining the chains used for his immobilization. Again Mark used the device and the mighty jungle Lord was shocked into submission. After several similar episodes, coupled with ensuing severe electrical punishment, Tarzan soon was drained of all resistance- the fight, at least for the moment gone from his well toned body.

He hung limp and exhausted by his wrists, legs nearly too wobbly to support his weight. Only his cock remained rigid standing at attention. Attention was exactly what Tarzan’s cock required- the effects of the erectile enhancer had grown to full effect. That rigid erection was a tantalizing invitation to Mark for what was to follow.

“Perfect! This is fucking perfect! I think it’s time milk the beast!” announced Mark with an amusing lift of his eyebrows.

Mark handed the remote control device to Austin for safe keeping and approached Tarzan. Staring directly into his pain crazed eyes; he clearly and forcefully dictated the rules that would determine the outcome of Tarzan’s next ordeal. Mark was firm and commanding, showing no signs of fear or intimidation. It was important to him to control the scene through every means possible.

“Listen up, Ape Man! I’m perfectly satisfied pressing a button and causing you pain until your mind is completely destroyed, but I think you want to stay in this world with your lovely family here in control of your faculties. Don’t fuck with me or I will simply sit back and watch your mind obliterated one step at a time. You need to do what I say…and exactly what I say or everyone dies RIGHT NOW! Understand?”

As if following a well rehearsed script, Mark’s two partners brandished two gleaming hunting knifes and approached the other two prisoners. They held their razor sharp blades in menacing fashion against the vulnerable throats of the jungle man’s family members. Tarzan nodded his acquiescence, knowing that he must obey. He had no choice….none at all!

I’m going to attach a battery operated pump to your cock in a few moments. You will allow yourself to become aroused and eventually climax into the device. My partner Frank is now placing a plastic bag over your son’s head. By my calculations, there will be less than 5 minutes of air in that bag. That’s how much time you have to produce cum. If you fail to do so—the boy will asphyxiate while you and your wife watch. It’s that simple. Cum for me or the boy dies!”

As Mark attached the small pump to Tarzan’s cock, Frank placed the bag over the young boy’s head and tied it tightly around the neck. After turning on the pump, Mark picked up a small video camera and began to tape the event. Tarzan’s embarrassment was evident-his demeanor somewhere between fury and intense hatred. Tarzan had no options left.

He closed his eyes and imagined himself in soft jungle grass with Jane. His cock responded and he could feel cum building in his balls. As the bag began to deflate around the boy’s head, breathing began to get more and more difficult. Tarzan tried to not watch his son’s predicament, knowing that it would interfere with his concentration. Panic, however; began to spread across the boy’s face.

Tarzan began to thrust his hips and accompanied by a audible expression of sexual relief, a thick load of cum erupted from his cock into the pump’s holding bag. Relieved, Tarzan opened his eyes and waited apprehensively for the bag to be removed from his son’s head. He was confused when no effort was made to make that happen. His head whipped from side to side for some sign that his son’s rescue was imminent.

The boy’s eyes were wide open and terror filled. The last remaining air would soon be gone and panic would to set in. The boy began to struggle for each new breath, his young chest and abdomen arching to claim what little air still remained. Frank reached out toward the boy and menacingly caressed his ass as he watched the boy thrust his body forward again and again in a vain search for additional air to breathe.

To be continued…

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