The Final Conquest of Superman Chapters 7-9
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The Final Conquest of Superman

The Man of Steel Faces His Most Powerful Adversary – Dark Trinity

Author: Jay (Johnhorman)

DISCLAIMER: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable.


Chapter 7

The comatose hero was summarily bent over a table…his ass cheeks spread, the butt plug unstrapped and removed. A thick green lubricant was then worked into his anal cavity.  Lifting the mighty Man of Steel by both arms and legs, he was slowly lowered onto the dildo embedded in the steel chair.  The kryptonite implant entered, fully penetrating the hero’s ass.

Superman’s arms and legs were locked to the arms and legs of the chair and his head strapped rigidly into place.   Electrodes were attached to both chest nipples and a sturdy kryptonite cock ring tightly attached to his huge ball sack. An ominous suction hose was placed over the head of his now flaccid cock and attached to the first in a series of containment vessels. This was a well planned scenario.

To insure cooperation, viewing screens were activated, some taking videos of the scene, other ready to show remote locations. As a surge of electrical current pulsed through wires to Superman’s nipples, the hero startled awake and a pain induced consciousness was achieved.  The once all powerful superhero was now awake and becoming acutely aware of his precarious predicament. As his body began to react to pulses of nipple arousing current, the kryptonite dildo began to push in an out of his rectum…encountering his prostate with each thrust.

One of the remote viewing screens began to show Perry White through the scope of a sniper’s rifle as Mark lifted the chin of the captive hero and spoke directly to him:

“Superman, I want you to listen carefully to what I say.   If you fail to follow my directions to the letter, or show anything BUT cooperation, I will give a signal which, when received by a hired hit man, will result in your friends, one by one dying.  It’s that simple….obey or their deaths will be on your head.  Do you understand?”

Superman nodded and spoke: “Who hired you? Why are doing this?  When I am free…I’m going…to….”

Mark pressed a button and the sniper aimed and fired…and a video screen was filled with the sight of Perry White’s head exploding.  The sight was so sudden and abhorrently graphic that the superhero was caught off guard—completely unprepared.  He struggled to rise in the chair but the restraints were more than effective.  Mark grabbed Superman by the throat and while holding him, back handed his face again and again.

“Now, listen to me, you pathetic excuse for a man! Without your powers you are less than a man—any one of the three of us could bring you down.  You are no longer in control.  You will do what we say now. Two of your best friends are now dead because of you…do you want to add to the number?”


Chapter 8

Superman was stunned!  Mark had just said two…what did he mean by two?  Mark watched confusion cloud the hero’s facial expression. It pleased him.  He intended to keep the hero “off balanced” and play on his confusion…then turn it to his advantage by deriding the Man of Steel’s ability then adding to a list of the hero’s failures, a list that soon would begin growing exponentially.

Mark continued,” Oh yes…two of your close friends are now dead.  You just watched Perry White die….and Lois Lane was killed earlier today in the crash of the helicopter you tried and failed to rescue….not to mention a number of tourists on board.  I’d suggest you follow orders unless you want the list to continue to grow.”

“Oh, no….not Lois and Perry…oh …no….no…NO!  WHY….why…why….DAMN YOU…WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?” questioned Superman, his voice choked with the pain of loss.

“We are doing this because…we are getting paid handsomely to do it!  But…to tell you the truth…I’d do it for free!  It’s time someone brought you down…and I and my buddies in Dark Trinity are just the ones to do it. Now…unless you want another death on your conscience, shut the fuck up, lean back and let the sensations you experience produce their natural outcome.”

With the turn of a dial, the thrust rate of the dildo increased and the current flowing to the hero’s nipples doubled.  Superman was more agitated than aroused.   The only evidence of stimulation was the hardening of Superman’s huge cock.  Mark motioned for the machinery to be turned off for the moment. 

He retrieved a syringe and hypodermic needle-made of that tell tale green metal and filled it with a strong mixture of Viagra and several exotic aphrodisiacs. He tapped it to make sure the contents filled the syringe to the max and pressed the needle into the ball sack and testicles of the superhero.

The once mighty hero screamed like a woman—a high pitched shriek evoked by pain so intense that it must have been beyond anything the captive crime fighter had ever experienced.  Even though he nearly passed out, Superman’s cock instantly sprang to attention and began to ooze thick mucus-like pre-cum.

Mark made sure that the suction tube was securely in place, and then signaled his buddies to restart the nipple and dildo stimulation. He leaned back to watch the superhero involuntarily progress toward orgasm. With an ejaculation still in doubt, Mark activated a remote camera focused on the head of Jimmy Olsen. Superman knew what that video meant and what was at stake.  He finally gave in to the sensations and began to emit low continuous moans.

Mark turned the power up on the nipple stimulators and increased the tempo of the dildo.  He enjoyed watching the “sterling” hero and role model for young children everywhere in the throes perverse sexual ecstasy.  The scene was being filmed and would eventually be used to make every parent in the country rethink hero status for the Man of Steel. Just to make sure the scene was complete, he motioned for Austin to unzip his fly, pull out his engorged cock and place it against Superman’s lips.


As the superhero’s body began to enter a state of sexual frenzy, he took the sinister mercenary’s cock down his throat.  Superman’s mighty body began to buck as his own cock exploded with gushing hot, thick white cum.  It was a powerful fountain of semen that filled the suction tube and entered the containment vessels.  Superman’s cock continued spewing stream after stream of cum…in what seemed like an unending orgasm.

Austin’s cock shot its own load of kryptonite cum down the hero’s gullet at exactly the same time. As the deadly cum entered his stomach, Superman’s eyes widened in pain and he struggled to stay conscious.  Frank took Austin’s place and within seconds deposited a second kryptonite load in the hero’s gullet. 

The once mighty hero’s chest arched in a painful spasm as his eyes rolled back into their sockets.  It was at this point that Superman lost consciousness once again…but not before depositing a full gallon of super cum in the first vessel.


Chapter 9

A courier appeared within minutes to pick up the collected cum sample and quickly delivered it to a team of scientists at LUTHORCORP.   Analysis would be completed soon – Mark was anxious to hear the results.  During the wait there was plenty of time to further demoralize and dehumanize Superman.  The leader of Dark Trinity had one goal—deliver the superhero to Lex Luthor, broken and devoid of self worth. 

To insure compliance, the three members of Dark Trinity applied another full body covering of the skin sealant to guarantee no more than normal human strength for the now exhausted superhero.  Mark’s cock once again sprang to attention as he thought about the next few hours and what was still in store for Superman before handing him over to the evil Lex Luthor.

The trio of mercenaries allowed the hero to remain unconscious no more than 1o minutes.  It was during that point that they watched the bruises and abrasions sustained earlier by Superman fade and heal.  His body still retained incredible recuperative powers.  Whatever harm he endured could still be erased by his Kryptonian make-up.  This made Mark very curious.

Surely Lex Luthor was as aware of the curative powers of this man.  Mark wondered aloud:

“It’s going to be difficult to kill this one…and make him stay dead.  Luthor has made it abundantly clear that he’s the one who wants to do the deed.    I’m very anxious to observe his technique and enjoy the final moments of our captive hero’s existence.”

Superman’s eyes opened.  He was alert and immediately attempted to break his wrist bands. The three men placed their hands on his shoulders, pushed him back down and increased the voltage on his nipple clamps.  Superman grimaced and stopped resisting.

“Superman…Superman….when are you going to stop struggling and accept the fact that this time you have met your match?  Earlier when you misbehaved, I threatened to end the life of your good friend Jimmy Olsen.  You obeyed and I kept my word—look to your left.  I brought him here so he could be close to you.  But…now you have ruined things again by resisting and as you know by now, there must be consequences.  My good buddy, Frank here really likes young men—especially boyish ones like your friend, Jimmy.

“This is what happens when you resist,” Mark said gesturing across the room to a perverse scenario about to take place.

Jimmy Olsen, who had been captured earlier and delivered to the ware house, had already been stripped. He lay tied in a leather sling, looking terrified at what was about to happen.  Frank smiled as he stroked his huge cock to full erection.  Olsen’s ass was wide open and available—legs spread apart and the young man desperately pleading for release.  As Frank’s huge cock pressed into the young boy hole, Superman fervently pleaded for his friend’s safety…but to no avail.

“Please, Superman…please…don’t let them do this.   Make them stop! MAKE THEM STOP…PLEEEEEEEEESE MAKE THEM STOP!!!!!!!!!!!”

There was no stopping Frank as his long thick cock rammed the young man’s hole relentlessly.

He reached up and under the pain-filled man’s arms and encircled his pectorals, pulling them up to severely arch Olsen’s back and allow full and total penetration.  Frank loved the silky smoothness of the virgin hole—his cock throbbing toward an intense orgasm.

To be continued…

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