The Murder of Clark Kent Chapter 8A
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The Murder of Clark Kent by Sockrob


  Chapter 8: Examination Ch.8A: Dental Dams


Lex Luthor sat in the anteroom of Interrogation K. His highly polished black Feragamo shoes, propped up on the computer desk, while he watched the screen with glee as his  archnemesis was put through a very humiliating and demeaning doctor’s examination in the clinical bathroom next door.

After screwing Superman’s ass for some time with the enormous black fist shaped dildo, Dr. Schnell had moved on to other areas of the defeated alien’s anatomy. Superman now sported permanent nipple hardons similar to the one that jutted from his midsection. Luthor had watched as the sadistic doctor on his payroll had created those tit boners for the increasingly downfallen hero.

Dr. Schnell had bored with plowing Superman’s ravaged rectum with the fist shaped phallus. He rammed the long black arm all the way up the sockgagged, whimpering weakened hero’s ass and left it seated there. Then, the evil physician rummaged around in the drawers under Superman’s strapped down body until he found what he wanted to continue his torturous examination.

“Ahhh, here they are!”, the sadistic doctor exclaimed holding up what looked like a pair of small cock pumps, like the ones that Luthor had seen advertised for sale, on a less than moral website, that he often perused, when discreetly searching for, both devices of torment, and ecstasy. “These will make our Super patient feel even better!” Luthor heard the doctor say.

Then without ceremony, Dr. Schnell moved up along side Superman’s chest, which slowly moved up and down off of the prostrate’s position both from fear and anxiety. The doctor lay the pump-like devices down on Superman’s breathing torso and reached down with both of his rubber encased hands to the hero’s already sore nipples. Dr. Schnell used his craggly long black rubber fingers to tweak and twist Superman’s tits with as much strength as the old man could muster. 

Superman bucked in his bonds at this new torment. The doctor explained to all who looked on that, “Superman’s reactions to nipple play are further proof that this alien is not that different from humankind. Take away the hero’s super powers and what have you got. A weak shell that reacts as any human would. Hell, look at the increase in ejaculate exiting his dick shaft through his new catheter tube. And the way that his cock shivers every time I tweak his little sissy nubbins. That’s just what any man’s body would do in the same circumstance, although most men may not enjoy it quite so much, there Super sissy!” The doctor laughed as he twisted Superman’s tits harder and watched as the hero’s dick head burped more and more super cream. ” But my point is that these alien tits are connected erotically to that other appendage just like in human anatomy.” The doctor continued his pectoral assault on his super guinea pig.

Superman drifted in and out of what the doctor was explaining. He heard some of what his tormentor was trying to explain, but none of it seemed to make any sense to the former man-of-steel. Superman had always believed that his body was unable to react sexually or erotically in the same way that a human’s body would. With Lois his appendages had never been so aroused as these sadistic men hadcaused them to be. What could this all mean? Wasn’t he immune to such feelings and reactions? And if he wasn’t, did this mean that he truly was “Gay” in some alien sense of the word? Superman had never thought of himself in any terms of sexuality. He loved Lois as he thought he should in a sort of Superalien/human relationship. She loved him he knew, and just thought it his duty to respond in kind. It had taken him many many years to even accept that. Now everything seemed to be becoming foggy and garbled in his brain. What was happening? He just lay there in his bonds, sucking on Sgt. Walter’s dirty socks, his body reacting in ways that he had never felt, as his captor worked his weakened body and mind.

Dr. Schnell worked Superman’s tits expertly. The nubbins had already been worked up by the sergeant and his boys, so it didn’t take long for them to become erect and achingly sore. But they were not nearly as erect or sore as the evil doctor wanted them to be. He stopped working the reddening tits and reached for the pump devices. The doctor spead some type of green gel into the pumps tubular suction cups. Then he stood the cups up over the hero’s perky chest, on each nipple. Superman’s denuded body was just right for creating a perfect suction from the tubular pumps, as the doctor attached them to the hero’s distended nipples and connected them to the computer panel of the chair. With an air piercing whirring noise, Dr. Schnell started up the pumps. Attached to the chair’s mechanism the pumps began to suck at Superman’s chest with gusto. The doctor pushed some  buttons on the computerized chair and the pumps went to work in Superman’s pecs. Dr. Schnell left the pumps to do their work and said ” We’ll let those work for awhile and then I’ll show you gentleman how to keep Super sissy’s tits just as erect as his cock from now on!” He smiled down at the defeated hero and then shot that same smile toward Sgt. Walters.

Walters was so caught up in the cocksucker between his legs to even register the doctor’s smile. He had watched as Dr. Schnell hooked up Superman’s chest to the pumps, but hell, he’d worked a guys tits before. Nothing new there. He was much more concerned with making sure that he didn’t shoot his load down Officer Glavine’s throat too soon. No, the cop’s throat sleeve felt way to good to hurry things along.

The detective stood by watching everything with disgust and wonderment. He wasn’t as savvy regarding these sadistic goings-on as was his compatriot, the sergeant. Detective Carlilse was brought out of his stare by the doctor.                   

“Detective, you can help with the next part of my exam.” Dr Schnell informed. The doctor walked around beside Superman’s head once again and instructed the detective to stand on the opposite side of the hero. “Now good detective I am going to need a dental assistant for this next bit.” Dr Schnell said as he looked down with a huge smile into Superman’s bewildered pleading eyes. The smiling doctor patted Superman’s nylon stuffed cheeks as he began to unfasten the straps gagging the hero.

Detective Carlilse just stood by and watched ready to do whatever the evil doctor asked. Dr. Schnell finished undoing the black straps that kept Sgt. Walters rank socks buried in Superman’s mouth. Then he used his long rubberized fingers to pry open the weakened superhero’s mouth to extract it’s gag. Dr. Schnell used those same rubber covered digits to grasp hold of the toe end of the spitsoaked nylon wad and began slowly pulling the sox from Superman’s face. Superman’s throat muscles gave up their hold on the nylon and when the entire pair had exited the hero’s maw, Dr. Schnell wadded them back up and wrang out the juices directly into Superman’s still gaping oral cavity. The hero choked and sputtered as the fowl tasting liquid flowed down his battered throat. Dr Schnell laughed and graciously placed the wrung out socks across Superman’s nose. 

Then the doctor ordered Detective Carlilse to use his rubber gloved hands to hold Superman’s jaws open. As the detective did as instructed, Dr. Schnell went back to the chair’s accouterments, where he retrieved a dental mouth dam. While detective Carlilse held Superman’s mouth open, the doctor fixed the dental dam in place behind the man-of-steel’s teeth. The latex and metal dam had tiny clamps that the doctor used to affix it to the hero’s top and bottom teeth. It was hinged and had a thin rubber electrical hose that connected it to the chair. Once finished fixing the dam into Superman’s open mouth, the doctor hit a button on the computer screen. Whirring as it went, the dam began to force Superman’s mouth wide open. The doctor told the detective that there was no need for him to continue his hold on the hero’s jaws. “The dam,” he explained “will make sure that Superman’s mouth remains open and gaping for my examination of our subject’s oral cavity!”

The doctor handed a long thin shiny steel instrument to the detective. “Here , just keep suctioning the spittle that will ineviatbly pool at Supersissy’s throat as I continue, detective.” The doctor demonstrated with a second sunctioning instrument for Detective Carlilse, then put his away on the chair’s panel, retrieving another instrument as he did.

Reaching into a special drawer marked “DENTAL” ,Dr Schnell pulled a plastic sealed box from the chair. He placed it on a small swiveling table that he swung into place over Superman’s pump covered chest. The doctor-turned-dentist, pulled a surgical mask on over his rubber covered face. Then the sadistic german doctor, went to work in Superman’s mouth. With the dental instrument in hand he began drilling into one of the hero’s teeth. The super alien tooth was inpenetrable except for the fact that the dental drill that the doctor, turned dentist, used was tipped with a bright green drill bit. Dr. Schnell drilled through the tooth and then, with his assistant Det. Carlilse, suctioning upon request, the doctor screwed a tiny computer chip into the hole that he had drilled into the alien enamel. Dr. Schnell explained, to no one in particular, “This computer chip is embedded with a super high frquency detection devise. It will ensure that we know Superman’s location at all times, just in case, the sissy should beat the wrap he’s up against.” The german smiled wide again behind his dental mask. “It will also let us keep track of his every movement here in the jail and where ever he ends up. In addition to the locator, the chip is also equipped with a minute amount of our so-called hero’s feared kryptonite. And it has built in alarm sytems that ensure that it will remain where I have installed it. Should the big oaf try to remove it or tamper with it in any way the kryptonite will be stimulated in a way that will be most unenjoyable to our friend. I assure you that he will leave it right where I am putting it. Having the ore safely drilled into the do-gooder’s tooth will ensure that he will remain cooperative and docile for his stay in our penal institution.” The doctor laughed his evil laugh as he affixed a shiny green cap over the tooth that he had just implanted the chip into. “Suction!” he once again ordered of the detective.

Meanwhile inside the anteroom, Lex Luthor was on his cell phone. He spoke into the hand held devise with authority. “Yes be here on time. Superman will be ready.” Then after a pause to listen to the voice on the other end, Luthor said, “Ok see you soon, Mr Dalton. It will be a pleasure working with you. Superman needs the best lawyer money can buy, and why not my money.” Lex Luthor laughed a deep gutteral guffaw as he closed the cell phone. He went back to watching the further degradation of his captured enemy on the computer screen in front of him.

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