The Murder of Clark Kent Chapter 7C
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The Murder of Clark Kent

by Sockrob


Chapter 7 Batting  Cleanup

7C: Batting a Grand Slam Homer


The rubber clad Doctor and Sergeant entered the small bathroom torture chamber where Detective Carlilse and Officer Glavine were still busy arranging the once proud hero even more uncomfortably strapped down to the ominous dental/barber type chair.

“Make sure that he’s absolutely immobile, Glavine! ” Sgt. Walters barked, “Or  we may have to put you in that chair” he grinned at the younger police man. Sgt. Walters saw the raised brow that Dr. Schnell reacted with, and gave the old doctor a sinister wink.

Dr. Schnell immediately understood the newness of the control that the sadistic sergeant had over the junior police officer. He shot a wide knowing grin back at Walters.

His secret congratulations were accepted with honor by the sadistic sergeant who thought that “maybe there is quite a few things that the evil Dr. Schell could teach.”

Dr. Schnell was standing next to the prone, strapped superhero’s white rubber encased head. He had the long hoses that protruded fromthe hood in his hands examining there usage. The evil doctor decided to let Superman know that another human was on the scene to cause the alien distress. He used both gloved hands to squeeze closed the ends of the hoses, thus cutting off the airflow to the defeated, weakened super, alien, crime fighter.

Although Superman’s vision was blocked by the rubber hood,  he could sense the doctor’s proximity. When his airway was blocked, he knew that the man was there, but not what the  doctor had in mind, or even that it was the evil doctor. It could have been any human for all Superman knew. With the hoses clamped shut, it only took seconds for the hero’s weakened lungs to empty. Superman gasped for air and fought against the straps that held him in this new despicable position.

Doctor Schnell said, “Just wanted to see just how weak the super alien really is. Looks like he’s still got a bit of fight left in him, you ask me. But not to worry, we’ll soon take care of that!” He let go of the hoses, and laughed as Superman wheezed and gasped to fill his battered lungs with life flowing oxygen. As he did and managed to fill his lungs again, he had flashbacks to a time when his body didn’t require earth’s oxygen to subsist. He somehow remembered a time when he was very very young, perhaps a newborn, a time when Krypton’s gassy air was the life sustaining element that filled his lungs. Now he found himself, for maybe the first time, longing for his, long-lost, native planet. He had a sinking feeling that this planet’s open armed welcome, here on his adopted Earth, had come to an end. He’d always known that there were those human’s out there that had misguided predjudices regarding  aliens of any kind. But, he had no idea that they would turn out to be fellow crime and evil fighters. Tears once again welled up in the disheartened former hero’s eyes , behind the tight rubber hood covering his, once adored, features.

Now Dr.  Schnell, standing beside the prostrate hero’s  naked crotch, reached down and swiftly swatted at Superman’s still erect, leaking penis. “I see our cocktail is working just like I presumed it would on this pansy ass alien!” , the evil german doctor spat in his heavy accent. “I knew that I could find a way to bring this supposed super freak down  for Luthor if given the time and resources. It had taken me many years and millions of Lexcorps’ money but I’d say we’ve accomplished quite a lot, wouldn’t you dear sergeant?” the doctor threw the question to the sadistic sergeant.

“Yes, sir, Doctor Schnell. You and your boys have come up with a whole lot of nice little contraptions and cocktails that Superfag has no answer for. I’m sure that the pantyhose prancing boy scout, there, had absolutely no ides that this was coming.  His days of glory stealing  interferance are over for good thanks to men like us!”

Both men laughed as Detective Carlilse joined them beside the strapped down hero.Officer Glavine cowered in the corner next to the low flow toilet, awaiting instructions from the superior conspirators.

Superman lay oblivious to the conversation above him regarding his down fall. He could  only make out the voices in garbled tones around him, behind the white rubber hood robbing him of his senses. He wouldn’t have heard it anyway, as he was once again in  deep meditation, trying his best to come to grips with his current predicament. The man-of-steel couldn’t quite wrap his drug addled and restless mind around the consequences of the situation he found himself in. Never had he been faced with crises of this magnitude. And, although he’d come to find that his alien mind had come to believe that he was in love with the human female, Lois Lane, Superman had never really given a second’s thought to the organ between his muscular legs. It just was’nt something that concerned him. Sure Lois had found pleasure in that appendage, but; Superman, himself had only obligingly gone along with her sexual needs. The alien kryptonian could take it or leave it. Now, however, that betraying appendage seemed to be the center of the super hero’s world. It seemed, to Kal-El, that his penis had become the center of his universe. It was the only part of the defeated hero’s body that had anything left in it. And, what was in it, was still leaking out of it in copious amounts, humiliating the weakened hero, as he knew how morale humans regarded the intimacy of their own nether regions. But, Superman, reasoned, these men that he was currently being introduced to were some of the most immoral he’d ever come in contact with.

Bringing the mind wandering super alien back to his current crisis, Sgt. Walters unceremoniously snatched the white rubber hood up and over the astonished hero’s head with a quick yanking motion. Dr. Schnell had informed the others, “Well let’s get this dog and pony show on the road, gentlemen. I have a lab to run, and this part of my duties,this so called Superman, is becoming troublesome at best. I so tire of hearing of his fame and glory. Soon his name will only be spoken to convey failure and disgust.”

Superman blinked as the bright lights above him flooded into view. His once perfectly quoffed black locks now stuck to  his head in patches, sticky and full  of sweat cum and all  manner of other human bodily fluids.. The signature curl that used to hang wistfully down his handsome forehead now plastered askew on the side of his reddened face. Superman’s chapped and broken lips clenched around the filthy black nylon toe of Sgt. Walters’ sock that peered out from where the rest of the pair currently resided. The once proud hero’s facial expression told of his anguish and despair.

Dr. Schnell reached up the strapped hero’s torso and grasped the toe of the slimy sock with his forefinger and thumb. He used it to wrench Superman’s head left and right against the head rest where the alien’s uncovered head now rested. The doctor had anticipated that the sock would come free from Superman’s face. But, due to the weakened hero’s lack of muscle control, Superman’s lips remained clamped shut and the doctor was able to use the toe of the sock as a kind of mini-leash. Dr. Schnell laughed and said, “You must really like those rank nylons in your mouth Superfreak!” He grasped Superman’s jaw with his other hand and wrenched the enfeebled hero’s mouth open. He stuffed the toe of the smelly sock into Superman’s mouth making sure to push the entire nylon wad as far back as his old skinny, rubber covered,  fingers would allow. Superman gagged as the filthy spit-soaked nylon intrusion made it’s way down his already sore throat. The doctor, along with everyone else in the room, laughed again and he replied, “I guess I’ll save your mouth ispection for last Superman. Let you enjoy yourself on those nasty nylons while I check out the rest of your alien anatomy.” The sadistic doctor used his old wrinkled hands to clamp Superman’s jaws closed around the further gagging foot cloths.

Dr Schnell then grasped the ends of two thick black straps that hung down fromthe headrest. He pulled the longest one up and over Superman’s cracked dry lips and tightly buckled the gag into the buckle on the second strap.The black leather bit visciously into the super hero’s already bleeding lips.

Then Dr. Schnell began his physical examination of the alien subject. He started at Superman’s wide masculine feet, which were clamped at the ankles into two wings protruding from the chair’s seat.  These wings resembled the braces of a gynecologists examination table. Unlike those stirrups though these were easily adjusted  from the chair’s computer panel. They could be stretched wide, raised high, lowered all the way to the floor or closed tight against one another. For the doctors inspection of Superman’s feet he pushed a few buttons on the brightly lit computer panel until the hero’s outstretched feet were at crotch level and about a foot apart. The doctor grabbed a long slender silver tool, connected to a long rubber hose, from the chair and  pulled the thing down over the strapped down alien’s bare, battered feet. He poked at Superman’s feet with the pointy end of the silver tool for a few seconds and asked, ” Has someone been practicing bastinado on our muscle bound stud’s feet?” His  wide grin towards Sgt Walters expessed his satisfaction at the torture practice.

Sgt Walters answered, “Yeah Doc, thought it might tenderize the young stud’s big muscle bound feet and teach him to stay on his toes. After all he’s only got those pretty blue pantyhose to prance around in. And we don’t want him stepping on anything that may do those big old clods of his any damage, do we?”

“Oh, don’t misinterpret my question sergeant. I approve whole heartedly.” The doctor stated, pushing the pointed end of the silver tool into a long puple bruise created by the beating that the detective had administered earlier.

Superman grunted his discomfort into the gags holding his head to the rest. Dr. Schnell ran the tool along the bruise and pressed harder, outlining the sensitive, dark purple scar.

Then the sadistic german doctor reached up and grabbed an attachment for the tool and after affixing this new torture device to the long silver tool, went back to Superman’s vulnerable, strapped down feet. “You want our hero to remain balanced on his long muscular toes, sergeant? I’ve got just the thing. This is one of my very own inventions. I think you’ll like it.” The doctor pressed a button on the side of the new attachment and a very loud whirring noise began to echo in the small sterile room. The doctor used the tool on Superman’s tough heels beginning with his right and moving to his left. Superman bucked in his bondage as the doctor worked the tool all over  both of his super tough heels. The tool punched in and out of the hero’s tough skin like a tatooist’s tool.  After a few agonizing minutes the doctor smiled and exclaimed “Superman won’t be putting any weight on those heels again without excruciating  consequences!” He pressed a few buttons on the chairs computer panel. Superman’s feet raised and spread wide for all to see. that is except Superman himself. Detective Carlilse, Sgt. Walters and even an inqisitive Officer Glavine moved around so that they could see what the doctor had done to Superman’s feet.

What they saw only left them all with questioning wonderment splashed across their faces. Superman’s alien tough heels were covered in shiny green points of light. The doctor explained. “As you’ve probably already noticed, Superman’s alien Kryptonian skin is very strong. Much to tough for most things to penetrate. But as you know there is one element that will penetrate the alien muscle stud’s hide. That’s right kryptonite. My little tatooing tool here has shot thousand s of tiny kryptonite needles into Superman’s heels. If he lowers the weight of his super muscular frame down onto them, I assure you he will immediately perch himself back up onto his toes just like , how do you say, a ballerina.” Everyone laughed as the doctor demonstrated by running his rubber gloved fingers along Superman’s heels, eliciting howls of pain from the strapped down super hero.

Detective Carlilse and Officer Glavine kind of felt a bit sorry for Superman. Glavine actually voicing his thoughts, “Damn the super masculine hunk will never be able to walk like a man ever again. He’ll have to prance around up on his toes like a sissy the rest of his life.” The detective added “Yeah, I’d hate to have to tiptoe every where I had to go, especially here around all these criminally insane bastards in the jail. His ass is going to be perched up and on display for them all the time. Supes I wouldn’t want to be in your shoe…. Oh I guess you won’t be able to where shoes anymore either. Damn, you’re one screwed superhero.” The detective kind of grinned at the thought. then he asked, “Doc, will he be able to get back into his tights? He’s got to wear something, even here in the jail. ANd he will  have to wear something to trial at least.”

Dr. Schnell answered the detective’s inquiry with, “Oh yes, dear detective. Superman will  still be able to wear the tights provided him. The pins are very very small and will barely penetrate the fabric, but if he puts any pressure on them he’ll know they are there. ANd I suggest he be made to wear tights that cover them so as not to announce to the world that Superman has any reason, other than his sissyhood, to be prancing around on his tippy toes.” He giggled. “And the level of kryptonite in his new tatoos is just enough to cause excruciating discomfort. Not enough to kill him.”

“But to move on. Let’s see what other appendages we can work on, shall we?” Dr. Schnell abruptly changed the subject, wanting to move his examination along. He pressed some buttons on the computer panel and Superman’s legs spread even wider. The doctor stepped between the hero’s wide V shaped thighs, and grasped ahold of Superman’s engorged penis and tortured low hanging balls. He gave an energetic tug to the defeated superhero’s scrotum with his left rubber covered fist while stroking Superman’s long, purple hard-on with his right. To Superman’s further displeasure, the cock-of-steel spurted and burped another wad of alien semen onto the doctor’s rubber glove. Without missing a beat Dr. Schnell let he penis go allowing it to continue standing at full mast from the bound hero’s crotch. He nonchalantly reached up over Superman’s torso and wiped the ejaculate across the defeated hero’s face. Then he grasped the bulbous cockhead just under the crown and milked another spurt from the wide open winking alien cock slit. “How long has his penis been in priapism?” asked the german  doctor.

“The super faggot threw a boner during my initial search, and he hasn’t lost it since!” Sgt. Walters answered. “I think he kinda has a crush on me, Doc.” The booking sergeant grinned.

“Has he been leaking semen all this time?” Dr. Schnell wanted to know. “Because for a human this would not be a good thing, but I guess for an alien like Superman, who’s been such a goody two shoes for so long, it could probably be very healthy, no?”

“Yep, Doc! The super fairy’s been spurting like a fountain since yesterday. I guess he’s got a bottomless supply of super junk in his trunk. The fucker must really like all the attention we’re giving him!” Sgt Walters reckoned.

“Well I think we should not waste any more of the alien’s super fluid. I’ll have to do something about preserving this mess.” The doctor let go of Superman’s penis and balls. He reached over Superman’s outstretched leg and perused the panel of tool attachments on the chair. Finding what he was searching for the doctor, pulled another long silver tool from the chair’s tool panel.

The new tool that Dr. Schnell pulled from the chair was long and silver with a head attchment on it. The attachment looked kind of like an ice cream scoop. It was shiny silver and worked like the ice cream scoop in that in that it opened and closed similarly. The tool was attached to the panel with a long rubber hose as were most of the chairs utensils. The scooped end of the tool was just a little larger than the man-of-steels bulbous dick head that the doctor was once again kneading, with his rubberized, left hand now as he held the tool in his right. When the doctor was satisfied with the shiny cockhead’s fluid flowing level, he placed the scooped attachment over Superman’s penis crown. He flipped a lever on the wand of the tool with his thumb and another loud whirring filled the room. Dr. Schnell worked the scoop around Superman’s sensitive leaking dick head for some time and then withdrew the tool. Placing the tool back into it’s place on the panel, Dr. Schnell inspected his handiwork. Superman’s penis head was now covered in a thin layer of black rubber. The rubber melded into the hero’s bulbous cockhead and a seamless crease was made under the head’s corona. The rubber covering was complete. The leaking was being contained within.

Sgt. Walters spoke up, “Is that thing going to stop  him leaking or is it just going to  fill up and turn into a big baloon on Superfag’s dick?” The Sgt. looked puzzled.

“Give me time, good sergeant. I am not quite finished yet.” the doctor cautioned. The rubber covering was already starting to baloon out fromthe continuos ejaculations from  Superman’s rod. The doctor reached for another tool. This tool was the same tool  that the doctor had used earlier on Superman’s feet. Only this time the doctor used the pointy tip to puncture the rubber cockhead covering just at the super dick lips. Immediately the rubber split open and super semen spewed out over the black rubber covered cock head. It dribbled down over the rubber and onto Superman’s denuded  crotch. The doctor grasped hold of the super pole again and pressed the pointy tipped tool down into Superman’s piss slit. Superman grunted hid disapproval into his sock gags as Dr. Schnell pushed the toll further down into the hero’s rock hard penis. Dr Schnell felt the tool hit bottom and he began the whirring noise again. He twisted the tool around inside Superman’s erection for a few minutes, then he began slowly pulling the bright silver tool back out. When the pointy tip of the tool exited Superman’s cock lips it pulled a thin rubber catheter hose with it. The hose began deep in the hero’s cock root and continued up through the shaft and out. Dr. Schnell pulled the tool away from the dick head about two feet then he switched it off. He pushed another switch on the tools arm and the rubber hose was sliced off. The german doctor reached down and attached another tip to the tool. This tip he carefully inserted into the opening created by snipping the end of the hose. He switched on the whirring tool again and after a few minutes pulled it away and shut it off. The hose now had a kind of nozle attached to the end two feet away from Superman’s dick. As if working like a surgeon doing major surgery, the doctor grabbed up another tool. This tool resembled a common hair dryer, but much smaller. More whirring and a few more minutes and the hose and the rubber crown covering were fused together seamlessly. Dr. Schnell checked his work. He rubbed his own rubber gloved fingers over Superman’s black rubber covered penis head, checking to make sure that the rubber was flawless permanently part of the hero’s engorged penis. The black rubber was now a skin tight covering  permanently affixed to Superman’s body. When satisfied with his work, the doctor picked up the hose and waited while the super ejaculate made it’s way up through the hose and into the  nozzle. When the alien semen reached the end of the line it began seeping out of the hose nozzle just as it had been oozing from Superman’s dick lips. Dr. Schnell draped the long rubber catheter up along Superman’s torso and laid it’s nozzle under the hero’s flared nostrils.

“Sniff up some of your own funk, while I get something to collect this super nut fluid, Superman.” The doctor bent down and opened a drawer on the underside of the chair. He rummaged around in the drawer for a few minutes and retrieved what he’d been searching for. He stood back up with what appeared to be a rubber bladder shaped like a runner’s fanny pack. It had a long rubber strap with a locking buckle attached.

Sgt Walters we’ll have to strap this on him after the examination is over and he’s unstrapped from the chair. For now we’ll just let it lay aside. This rubber bladder will collect all of this alien semen that he’s producing. I am sure that there are countless uses for the super fluid. The hose and rubber covering should have no effect on Superman’s priapismic, how do you say, boner. And I am sure, that with the chemicals that have been introduced to his krytonian system, flowing through his entire alien bloodstream, that super dick of his will stay erect and productive for quite some time. We may have to repeat that complete shower he had in a few days to make sure but, all we are doing here is experimental  now isn’t it. After all we only had a few menial samples of the kryptonian’s DNA to work with before yesterday. Now we have the whole guinea pig himself. There are many tests and experiments that me and my team will have to perform to make sure that all is kept in order now.” The doctor lectured. He’d waited a long time for this and he wanted everything perfect.

Continuing the doctor instructed,  “This bladder will have to be emptied when it gets full. But we musn’t waste one drop of his super semen. I don’t know how long his alien testicals will be able to produce for us. So every drop is precious, for now.” The nozzle can be attached to the bladder or dettached for special occations when the stud’s nut juice is needed for other things.” The doctor demonstrated how the nozzle worked with the baldder, giving the sadistic sergeant a wink and a nod. The german doctor knew that there would still be times when Sgt. Walters or someone else would want Superman’s spunk for other things, but he wanted them to know just how valuable the alien’s super gism was.

Dr. Schnell hooked the nozzle to the fanny pack bladder and laid the bladder on Superman’s chest just below the hero’s massive pecs. He continued with his examination. He batted Superman’s raging hard manhood and said,  “You americans have a sport called the baseball, no? This thing is as big as one of those tar filled bats. I know that filling the bats with tar is illegal but this bat is definately illegally tar filled.” He laughed at his own attempt at sports humor.

Sgt. Walters and Detective Carlilse got the joke and laughed with him. Kind of. Officer Glavine an avid Yankee fan, didn’t see the humor and stayed quiet. He was feeling more and more sorry for Superman. But, he reasoned, as long as the sergeant was busy with Superman, at least he was safe.

Sgt. Walters noticed the trepidation in his new plaything and decided to act on it. Glavine should have stayed in the corner by the toilet, but even there he was not hidden from Sgt Walters. The sadistic sergeant was now a bystander, watching as the german doctor took over Superman’s torment. He was getting bored quickly. this wasnot good for the young technical  officer. Sgt Walters snapped his fingers at the younger man and brought him out of his sorrow for the tortured hero. He motioned for Officer Glavine to get over to his side on his knees. Glavine did as he was told finding himself kneeling at the sadistic sergeant’s side. Sgt. Walters told the younger man that all of the doctor’s examinations was making  the sergeant horny. he pulled Glavine’s face into his crotch and ordered the technical cop to get his cock out and service it.

Dr. Schnell had moved on to the next phase of his exam. He noticed the activity at the foot of the examination chair and smiled at Sgt. Walters as the sergeant rammed his dick down the throat of the whimpering Officer Glavine.

Dr. Schnell had meantime began sliding two of his rubber encased fingers into Superman’s anal passage. The hero’s rectum, only yesterday still cherry, now sucked at the evil doctor’s rubber clad fingers against Superman’s own will. The asshole only recently vacated of intrusion, after the detective and Officer Glavine yanked the hero off of the impaling shower pole, had somehow regained some of it’s previous tightness. The amazed doctor commented, “I thought you said that Superman’s hole has been plugged since yesterday evening, sergeant?” Dr. Schnell peered over at Sgt. Walters, now on the receiving end of a blowjob given by the young technical officer. “This hole is as tight as a newborn pussy. But that’s ok. We’ll take care of that soon enough too.” The doctor pulled his fingers from Superman’s quim and stooped down to the drawer under the chair once again. “At least his new pussy walls have been nicely coated with those chemicals that will now allow penetration without added kryptonite help. I made sure to concoct a very special cocktail of chemicals, including miniscule dosages of our alien  interloper’s hated green foe. The concoction also includes high doses of the chemicals that we have already realized will keep the super freak sexually excited and spewing semen. Then there are the mind numbing drugs that we hope will keep our guest feeble minded enough so that he hasn’t any chance of using his super senses to figure a way out of his current predicament.” Dr. Schnell continued his conversation, to no one in particular, as he rummaged around in the chair’s toy drawer.

Superman was once again off in dreamland, within his own mind. He didn’t even register what the german doctor was saying. He felt the doctor’s prying rubberized fingers invade, root around and then exit his violated rectum. But his mind was still wondering how all of this was even possible. And worst of all how long would this nightmare last.

Once again Superman’s tormentors brought him out of his daydreaming. This time it was the evil german Dr. Schnell who revived the hero’s psyche. The doctor had retrieved a tube of grease from the drawer. With Superman still in deep reflection, the doctor covered his rubber covered glove with a copious amount of the fowl smelling grease. He lubricated the opening to the superhero’s anal passage. He pushed his greasy fingers inside the passge again and lubed it up good, too. Then bringing the weakened daydreaming hero out of his reverie, Dr. Schnell began inserting a huge fist shaped arm long dildo into Superman’s hole. When the fist, the size of a grown man’s hand popped past the hero’s sphincter muscle, Superman screamed like a banshee into the gags muffling his voice. The scream, although muted, echoed from the small sterile bathroom’s walls. It sent chills up the young cocksucking technical officer’s spine. Detective Carlilse standing next to Superman’s head, the closest one to the sorce of the scream, stepped back on his rubberized heels with a start from the sudden shriek. Sgt. Walters, excited by the noise coming from deep in the the man-of-steel’s gullet, shot his load down the unsuspecting young technical officer’s throat. Dr. Schnell just continued feeding Superman’s ass with the dildo fisted arm.

Superman tried to buck and twist away from this newest intrusion. The strong strapping bonds of the evil doctor’s examination chair held tight. Dr. Schnell had the bat sized forearm of the ramrod embedded past the elbow in the anquished hero’s chemically accepting quim. He began rotating the thick dildo. Dr. Schnell once again made reference to America’s favorite summer game. “Superman, I’m just swinging this bat in your ass as a warm up yet. I’m still standing at the on deck circle. Isn’t that what they call it?  I’m getting ready to , how do you say, hit a grand slam home run. Right out of your battered new cock hole ball park! I guess one would say that I’m batting cleanup today!” The evil old german doctor giggled at his americana humor. “Hell I think that a proper game of ball lasts nine innings, doesn’t it sergeant?” He and the sated Sgt. Walters howled with laughter as renewed fear, mixed with hatred, sweat and tears, flooded over Superman’s strapped down facade.


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