The Murder of Clark Kent Chapter 7B
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The Murder of Clark Kent

by sockrob


Chapter 7: Batting Cleanup

7B: The Doctors In.


Sgt. Walters left his other two cronies alone in the bathroom with Superman. He padded on his skintight rubber soles out through Interrrogation K and around into the anterroom where Lex Luthor sat at Glavine’s computer watching the cleanup scene unfold via computer uplink.

“Good work, sergeant!” Luthor said as he swiveled the chair around to face the rubber clad Walters. “I’ve asked Dr. Schnell to join the party this morning. He’ll be here any time now. He’s one of my best doctors at Lex Corps. A german, who used to work for the german equivalent of our CIA. He has impeccable credentials and great tecniques for extracting the numerous samples from Superman that we require. He’s also great at forcing men to admit things that they never thought they would.” Lex Luthor smiled widely as if remembering a joke he’d heard. “Once I saw Dr. Schnell get a big tough muscular Army Ranger to admit that he was really a closeted fairy princess who wanted to dance the dance of the sugar plum fairies. It was pure genious. By the time he was through with that ranger he had the guy wearing a pretty pink tutu and tights and actually dancing. And the good doctor did it all without the use of any violence. He never struck the ranger once. I tell you he’s the best I’ve seen. If anybody can get that super princess in there to realize just what he really is it’s Dr. Schnell.” Luthor looked very pleased with himself.

“Well yes, sir, that’s very good. We’ve also got Superman’s new lawyer coming for a visit this afternoon. So we’ll get him all ready for that after the good doctor finishes up with him. And then we’ve got the super faggot’s new cell all ready for him down at the end of the hall here. I sure hope Superman likes his new cell mate. I know that the cellmate is sure gonna love that super cocksucker when he meets him.” Walters laughed at his own inference.

The two men just sat and chatted a few more minutes about the way their plan was evolving as they waited the arrival of Dr. Schnell. They watched on the computer screen as Glavine and Carlilse finished up their duties cleaning up the man of steel, inside and out. Carlilse was busy holding the bound and gagged superhero’s body onto the rod that was flushing Superman’s insides with chemicals. Not that he needed to, as Superman was tautly bound to the pole arm and leg, but the hero was doing his best to wriggle off of the rod. Carlilse thought that Supes might find just enough strength to manage the fete. Glavine looked at the sad figure of the former great muscular hero, now beaten and bruised, hooded gagged and bound,and realized that it was probably not possible for Superman to get away. He punched a few more buttons on the shower’s computer screen and watched as Superman’s ass  accepted the new mix of chemicals without release. Sgt. Walters had explained that the mix of chemicals had been expertly formulated by doctors from Lex Corps, just for Superman. They were a mix of alien drugs and minerals, and earthborn chemicals that together would loosen up Superman’s ass, further weaken him from inside and help to keep the man of steel continuously sexually aroused. As a matter of fact Superman’s engorged penis still stood straight out from his body and leaked copiously of super alien pre jism. The chemicals also aided in the cleanup process as the left over fluid drizzled from the hero’s ass down the pole and into the wide floor drain, taking cum, waste and some blood with it. Superman’s face was covered by the white rubber hood, but anyone looking on could clearly see that the man of steel was utterly defeated and in misery. A bit of the multi-colored chemical fluid dripped from Superman’s gagged mouth and stained the front of the white rubber hood. Glavine knew that he probably had the fluid level settings a little too high, and that Superman was very near the limit of how much of the chemicals his body could hold, but the technician was under orders, and feared retribution of failure. Superman continued to rotate on the rod up his ass as the rubber suited Carlilse held his shoulders and Glavine worked the computer panel.

Lex Luthor and Sgt. Walters watched from the anteroom. Luthor sat at the computer and Walters had now pulled up a chair behind him, watching over his shoulder. Luthor was beside himself with glee. The one thing he had worked for years to attain seemed to be coming to fruition. His most hated nemesis, that do-gooder superman was finally getting exactly what he deserved. Lex verbally showed his pleasure at the morning’s events. “Walters this is just great. I am very pleased with the way things are progressing. I always knew that Stuporman there was a closeted homo freak. With your help, I’m just proving it to the big ole nancy boy. I think from now on he’ll be much to busy to interfere  in my operations. Especially since we’ll be able to keep track of the super cocksucker’s every move now that he’ll be staying in our accommodations.” Luthor rubbed his fat hands together with excitement as he spoke.

When Luthor finished his gleeful praise of Sgt. Walters’ endeavors Dr. Schnell arrived on the scene. Two uniformed police escorts brought the old german doctor into the room. Sgt. Walters thanked the escorts and told them that he would take over their charge. He looked over the old german doctor with discriminating eyes. He remembered his grandfather telling him stories of the great war against Germany, where men just like Dr. Schnell had committed atrocities of biblical proportions.

The doctor, an older gentleman at 72 years old, walked into the room with amazing confidence. Dressed in a long white lab coat over a sharp black suit, he carried his slim, and trim 6’2″ frame with the stride of a much younger man. His hair was grey, he wore circular wire rim glasses and his nose was long and pointy. The doctor spoke with a very thick german accent as he introduced himself to the sergeant. “Hello Sgt. Walters, I am Dr. Schnell. Herr Luthor has spoken highly of your skills and techniques. I am sure that we can be great colleagues. After all our goals are the same.” He pushed out his wrinkled but fit hand towards the sergeant in greeting.

Sgt. Walters , Lex Luthor and Dr. Schnell spent a few minutes to get acquainted, all the while watching the computer screen as Superman’s morning shower was completed; and, the two policemen carrying out the task pulled him off of the shower pole upon which he had been bound and cleaned. Detective Carlilse and officer Glavine, in their head- to-toe full rubber suits, dragged the docile, chemically weakened, and now hairless-from his toes to the nape of his neck , super prisoner out of the shower. The men left the tight white rubber hood pulled down over Superman’s head, leaving the enfeebled hero blind and mute, with those alien looking hoses hanging from his white rubberized face. The officer and detective  hefted Superman up onto his toes and ,each grabbing ahold under a thick muscular arm, half dragged and half carried Superman out into the center of the bathroom where the dentist like chair sat. They plopped the defeated hero down into the chair and situated his hunky, bruised, hairless body along the chair’s length.

Superman moaned and groaned his discomfort as the two sadsistic cops manhandled him. His thoughts clouded his blindness. “Why was this all happening to him? Wasn’t he the world’s savior? Why had these officers of law and order turned on him so?” and worst of all, “What could possibly be next?” Superman’s debilitated mind raced. The episodes of the past 24 hours flashed through his thoughts behind the darkness of his rubber captivity. The filthy sox in his mouth, now filled with his own saliva, which churned up all the crusty funk that had been deposited into them by the evil sergeant who had worn them, muffled his cries for leniency and explanation.  His mind quickly flashed from his present predicament, to thoughts of his impending doom and then to any possible ways of escape. Over and over again the once mighty, level headed, man of steel went from fear, to anger, to frustration, and then to disbelief. Somehow his mind wondering thoughts took him from the pain and humiliation that his beaten muscular body was dealing with. Superman had never known such defeat. Not only had these, supposed allies, of his managed to weaken him in body, but were also psychologically wearing him down. And to top it all off, the sadistic Sgt. Walters had managed to sexually humilate and degrade the once masculine alien being.

As the lead conspirators watched Superman’s preparation, from their place in the anteroom, Dr. Schnell decided it was time to get to work. He spoke, in his heavy germanic accent,  “Ok gentlemen, vy don’t ve get thees show on zee road. Zuperman’s gonna need a thorough examination. It’s going to take a very long time. I am sure that I vill thoroughly enjoy every minute of it ! ” He smiled as he stripped off the white lab coat. Then the doctor peeled off his expensive black suit revealing his work uniform. When the doctor was done he pulled his long white lab coat back on over the shiny black rubber catsuit that had been hidden under the suit. Rubber covered his entire body from the neck down. Sergeant Walters made note of just how muscular the old doctor really was. For a man of his years Dr. Schnell was truly in fit shape. The evil sergeant also noticed that the doctor was nicely endowed sexually, as well. The outline of Dr. Schnell’s long thick cock was clearly visble behind the tight rubber crotch. The thing wasn’t quite engorged yet, but was an impressive sight all the same. Sgt. Walters was truly impressed. “Yes”, he thought to himself, “The good doctor and I will be fast friends. Of this I am sure.” He smiled and placed his arm over the old doctor’s shoulder as they made their way to more fun. “Oh, Supes!” he shouted, “The Doctor’s In!” They both laughed as they left Lex Luthor standing, also laughing, in the anteroom.

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