The Murder of Clark Kent Chapter 7A
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The Murder of Clark Kent

by Sockrob  


Chapter 7 Batting Cleanup

Chapter 7A: The Cleanup Begins


Sgt Walters stepped into the small restroom facility off of the back of Interrrogation K. He adjusted his eyes at the bright contrast of this space. Unlike the dim green glowing interrogation room, this bathroom was bright and medical looking. Along the wall to the left was a wide shower stall with a set of glass doors that swung out into the space. Across from the shower was a white porcelain pedestal sink and low flow toilet. A rectangular mirror bolted to the wall over the sink. A wall of white cabinet doors rose from floor to ceiling along the back of the space. The entire room was tiled with bright white ceramic tiles, from floor to ceiling. The floor sloped slightly inwards toward a wide six inch drain plug. Standing on wheels, which were aquipped with breaks and currently locked in place, was a dentist type recumbent chair. Bright LED lights shown from recesses in the white tiled ceiling. Hoses and cords fell down around the chair in the center of the room, over the drain. The chair’s arms held control pads with buttons of varying styles and colors. The chair was chrome with leather straps along it’s high back, seat and leg rests.

Sgt Walters noticed Officer Glavine standing inside the shower working buttons on a brightly lit computer terminal on the nozzle wall. Over the computer screen, which technical officer was busily programming, hung various nozzles, spigots, hoses and knobs. The sergeant spoke to the busy technical officer. “Hey kid, you about got that shower set up for our super sucker?”

Officer Glavine punched in a series of lighted buttons and said, “Yes Sir. This is almost ready for Superman. I wouldn’t want to be him, though. Some of this shit, is gonna make him wish he’d never come to earth.” Officer Glavine looked over at his sadistic superior, who was busy checking out some of the chair’s functions.

“Well kid, I hope you’ve got it all set just right, because if it ain’t you might just find yourself on the cleaning end of some of that shit!” Walters smiled at Glavine with that dastardly grin, that the young officer had come to fear. The sergeant was holding up some sort of tool that resembled a short pistol with a spinning brush attachment. He kept hitting the trigger device and watching as the brush hummed with the noise of a dentist’s drill and spun wickedly around on the end of the tool. Then Sgt. Walters set the tool back in it’s place on the chair’s armrest and strode over to the wall of cabinet doors. 

The sergeant opened the upper doors of the cabinet and pulled out what appeared to be some sort of rubber garments. He threw a set to the younger officer who was exiting the shower. “We’d better get ourselves ready now, kid. These suits will protect us from the effects of all of these chemicals. Lex Luthor’s guys have concocted up a whole batch of nasty chemical cleansers and dipilitories for our alien prisoner. They say that it wouldn’t do us well to get them on our own skin. Never know what kind of nasty alien viruses and shit that Superfag might give us, as well. So we’d better be safe. Ok?”

Officer Glavine shook out the rubber clothing that was thrown to him. It consisted of a single garment, very thin but strong, black rubber. The garment was designed to cover it’s wearer’s entire body from head to toe. Glavine noticed that the sergeant was already stripping off. He followed suit. Soon both men were buck naked, and began pulling on the rubber body suits.

When the two conspirators were finished donning their new clean-up uniforms, each was totally covered in a thin skin tight layer of black shiny rubber. The only openings in the suits were slits for their eyes, nostrils, mouths and penises. The rubber form fitted to each man’s body as if it were made for him. In fact it was. Black rubber totally encased the two police officers. The shiny material covered each toe and finger of the men’s hands and feet, it fit skin tight over each man’s crotch and cupped their balls. Sheaths ecapsulated both of the cop’s now erect dicks. The ends of these sheaths were fitted with slits so that the wearer could still utilize his member. The zippers at the back of the suits were covered with flaps of shiny black rubber so that anyone viewing the wearers of the suits would think that the rubber was actaully the wearer’s own skin.

The rubberized form that was Sergeant Walters reached out and grabbed ahold of the other rubberized man’s hard rubber sheathed penis. Officer Glavine winced at being stroked by his superior once again. He kept his hands at his side and allowed his new master to feel him up. He knew it would do no good to complain. As a matter of fact he was scared that any defiance would bring swift retaliation, of the sort he was not ready for this early in the morning. The sergeant stroked his junior’s pecker for a few seconds and then said “Ok, kid, let’s get this show on the road. Shall we?” Not letting go of Officer Glavine’s cock, Segeant Walters led the younger officer out into Interrogation K, to retrieve their super prisoner. 

Upon re-entering Interrogation K, Walters and Glavine found Superman still on his knees at Detective Carlilse’s crotch. The detective had long since shot his morning wad down the super alien’s throat. He had been enjoying Superman’s tongue, washing his cock and balls. Superman had tried pleading with the detective. The dejected superhero had thought that of all of his captor’s Detective Carlilse would surely be the one with the most sympathy. He was wrong. The older detective had had enough of Superman’s interference in police matters. Besides, for some reason, the super faggot had some sort of sick aura that made Detective Carlilse’s crotch twitch. Just like most human men, even the straight ones, Carlilse couldn’t resist the urge to bust a nut down Superman’s cocksucking pipes. Just listening to the kryptonite weakened super freak beg for leniency caused Detective Carlilse’s loins to stir even more. He slapped Superman across the sides of the face and ordered the dejected hero to worship his cock and balls like the alien was sent to earth to do.

Superman heard the door open behind him but did not stop his chore to look around. He meekly continued flicking his filthy tongue around the detective’s crotch. Sgt. Walters padded on his rubberized soles over to Superman. He grabbed a fistful of the crotch licking hero’s sweaty cumsoaked hair and pulled Superman’s head back. Superman got his first view of the two rubberized conspirators. Shock pierced Superman’s bloodshot blue eyes.

Sgt. Walters spoke to his prisoner. “Hey, Supes! Like our new uniforms. We’re gonna be using some real nasty chemicals to clean your alien ass up, so we thought we’d be safe. Hope you like em.But then, who cares what you like from now on, huh? ” The sadistic Sergeant used Superman’s hair to drag the weakened hero over to the table by the sling that Superman had spent the night in. He roughly situated the kryptonite addled hero’s body over the table on it’s back. Superman’s legs and arms hung down over the metal table.

Then Sgt. Walters reached down and fiddled with the stretcher locked around Superman’s aching balls. He unlocked and unstrapped it. Then he sat it down on the table next to Superman’s head. The glowing rock in the “S” symbol caught Superman’s eye and sent a new wave of fear and panic through his beaten body. He flinched as Sgt. Walters unceremoniously yanked his blue tights down and off of his lower body. The sergeant explained, “Superfag, you’ll have to be totally nude for this next part of your interrogatuon, my boy! We’ve got to make sure that you aren’t hiding anything anywhere now don’t we. I know that we already checked once during your booking, but we can’t be too cautious when dealing with such a super murderous freak as you, now can we? Besides, since you’re gonna be staying with us for awhile, until your trial, we’re gonna have to start taking care of you now aren’t we. Part of your care will involve keeping you clean. Even though your new duties will include a whole lot of dirty, nasty shit, we still have to clean you up every now and then. So to do that you’ll have to be naked. You aren’t shy now are you, fucker? Hell you’ve already sucked all of our cocks. No reason to get all timid on us now, bitch. It’s all for your own good, Superfag. Trust me!” The evil sergeant smiled down at his captive.

Now Superman lay atop the metal table weak, frail and totally naked, save for the wide leather collar locked around his neck and glowing green with it’s krytonite encrusted “S” shield. Up the super stud’s devirginated ass still plugged that long phallic shaped rubber cock with it’s kryptonite ring. Superman’s tits were still clamped with nasty alligator clips. The weakened hero had no feeling in those tits anymore. Sergeant Walters decided to change that fact though. He reached up and released both clips from the hero’s chest. Superman let out a shriek as the blood tried to rush back into his distended nipples. Sgt. Walters took hold of the red tortured nubbins in his rubberized fingers and twisted. Superman bucked and flayed about under the sadistic sergeant’s grasp. “You can’t do this to me!” Superman meekly whimpered. Walters just laughed and held on to the punished hero’s tits. He used one rubberized hand to torture Superman’s tits and the other to fondle, caress and slap around the hero’s still engorged penis and stretched, tormented balls.

Sergeant Walters let Superman twist around under his grasp for a few minutes and then pushed the whimpering, weakened hero to the floor. “You’re pathetic Superfag. You ain’t nothing but a weak ass pancy bitch. Your days of prancing around like the hero are over, my boy! We’ve got the goods on you now. We’re gonna let the world see you for who you really are, an illegal alien, murdering, cocksucking, pantyhose wearing pervert!”

Superman fell to the floor and balled up in a fetal position. Sergeant Walters kicked the hero and said, “It’s not time for a rest, big boy! Get your faggot ass up on your hands and knees and crawl to the bathroom, bitch.” Superman weakly raised himself up shakily onto his hands and knees. The hero began a slow painful crawl towards the restroom, Sergeant Walters kicking the dejected hero with his rubber encased feet the entire way.Halfway to the bathroom door Superman passed a puddle of spit, cum and sweat. The evil sergeant made the hero stop and lick the filthy fluids from the floor before trudging on. Sergeant Walters saw another puddle of funk and stepped in it with his rubber soled feet. Then he made Superman lick the filth from his rubber covered feet.

Finally they reached the restroom door. Officer Glavine was there to open it and Sgt. Walters kick walked Superman through the threshhold. Detective Carlilse was inside the restroom finishing his rubber suiting.  Sergeant Walters reached down and once again grabbed himself a handful of the crawling hero’s funk slicked black hair. He used his grasp on Superman’s hair to thrust the weakened superhero into the wide shower. As Superman tried to keep up with his captor and scurry into the shower, the evil sergeant grasped the wide flanged end of the butt plug shoved up the hero’s ass. The plug popped free of Superman’s ass with a loud “Plop” as the hero’s battered body slammed into the shower head first. Superman scampered towards the back corner of the shower and cowered up against the white tiles. The hero’s once proud muscular body shook and ached. Superman had to get a grip he thought. What was going on. He’d never felt so weak, so drained, so emasculated. He was sure that this new episode could only get worse. He watched as Sgt. Walters punched a sequence of brightly lit buttons on the computer screen in the  shower. Superman was startled by the sudden intrusion of a rod that began protruding up from the center of the stalls floor. The rod slowly rose revealing itself to the captive superhero. The first ten inches of the rod consisted of a shiny chrome phallic shaped dildo. The wide corona head of the dildo had small holes along it’s piss slit. The chrome dildo was affixed atop a long chrome rod which rose and stopped at  precisely the level of Superman’s crotch, had he been standing there. Which is exactly where the evil sergeant ordered the cowering superhero to “move his sissy ass”. 

Superman looked aghast at the sadistic sergeant pointing to the ominous looking phallic device that had risen from the shower floor. The sergeant patted his rubberized foot authoritatively as he waited for his captive to follow his command and straddle the chrome rod. Superman did not make a move to obey his tormentor. Sgt. Walters shouted,

“Look you super sissy cocksucker! Get your sweet ass up and planted on this chrome rod, NOW! Or so help me god, I’ll plant your ass on it myself. And trust me Superfag, If I have to do it for you. you won’t like it at all!”

Superman reached behind him gingerly and touched his trembling finger to his own swollen asslips. He had never felt such pain. He was shocked to feel that his ass was still gaping open even though the plug that he had been forced to wear for the past many hours was now gone. He felt the left over dregs of his last ass fucking. Cum oozed from his open rectum. The hero wretched at the thought of his anal canal being turned into nothing more than a stretched out vagina. The memories of each of his ass rapes flooded back into his mind. And now this evil police officer wanted him to stretch his raped anus over that thick chrome penis sticking up from the floor. Superman looked at the object of intent. The small holes along the chrome thing’s slit caused Superman to shudder. But Super man saw no way out of his predicament. He looked up at the impatiently waiting Sgt. Walters. Superman feebily rose to his knees and made his way over to the protruding rod. Sergeant Walters just glared at Superman, as the hero braced his shaking hands against the back wall of the shower stall and tried to raise his body up to it’s feet.

“Wait just a minute, Superfag! ” The sergeant halted Superman. The sadistic police man placed his rubberized foot against Superman’s swollen balls and said, “Maybe you’d better lube that thing up a bit before you sit your pansy ass down on it, pussy!” He grabbed another handful of the hero’s sticky hair with his rubberized hand and guided Superman’s mouth over the chrome dildo’s bulbous head. “Slobber some lube all over that cock before you shove it up your cunt, sissy!”

Superman found himself once again with a mouth full of hard man dick. Only this time it was hard because it was made of shiny chrome. Sgt. Walters held the hero’s head onto the metal cock until he was satisfied that the super cock sucker had deposited enough saliva around the dildo’s shiny metal head. Then the sergeant pulled Superman’s head up off of the metal rod with an audible suction. Sgt. Walters easily spun Superman’s large muscular body around so that the hero’s new gaping cunt lips were positioned over the waiting chrome dildo. Superman didn’t even wait to be told to lower himself onto the spit slickened pole. The totally emasculated, demoralized former hero began slowly lowering his own ass onto the metal phallus. He winced from the cold of the metal ass it touched his swollen ass lips.

Sergeant Walters laughed out loud as he watched the once mighty crime fighter sitting his ass down on the thick metal dildo. “Damn. your a hungry little cock whore aint you Superfag. I didn’t even have to tell you to begin to swallow that dick, up your cunt. Your hole’s only been vacant a few minutes, maybe even seconds and you can’t wait to get it full again can you sissy?”

Superman shuddered and bristled as he lowered more and more onto the cold spit soaked metal 10″ dildo. His ass still gaping from the rubber kryptonite ringed butt plug, gave lttle resistance to the shiny new intrusion.The hero tried to adjust himself onto his new rapist by pulling back off a little. Sgt. Walters would have none of that. The sergeant placed both of his rubber covered paws onto Superman’s shoulders and pushed the hulking superhero down onto the rod. “Come on, super sissy! You know you want that whole ten inches up your man hole!” He yelled for assistance. “Detective, get in here behind the super freak and help me hold the fucker down onto his new butt buddy!”

Superman groaned and moaned his displeasure.”Nooooo! Please, it’s too much. My poor ass can’t take it without the kryptonite ring!” The hero screamed and begged for the one thing he knew could kill him.Then as detective Carlilse took up position behind the man of steel and helped the sergeant hold the hero down on the rod of chrome and steel, the sergeant barked at Officer Glavine. “Glavine get the fucker’s feet settled in!”

Officer Glavine began hitting buttons on the shower’s comuter screen. Superman was standing with his feet on their toes,pushing, using the height to keep the invading rod from sinking further into his anus. As the technical officer hit the correct sequence of buttons two rods began breaking through the floor of the shower at Superman’s feet. The rods began to encircle the hero’s ankles and then decend back into the floor. As they receeded they forced Superman’s feet flat against the floor of the shower and pulled them out away from the rod onto which the hero was becoming impaled. Soon Superman had all ten inches of the chrome cock embedded up his ass cunt. He couldn’t pull himself back off of the cock as his feet were held tight against the shower floor by the titanium rods that had risen up and captured them. The hero tried to sqirm and adjust to his new ass fucker. He whimpered and groaned. He begged to be released. Release was not to come. 

Sgt. Walters stood back and admired the squirming impaled superhero. He reached out and slapped at Superman’s still erect penis. “Shut the fuck up, ya pervert. You must love having thick rods shoved up your butthole. Look at that deformed thing between your legs, faggot. It’s harder than ever and still producing an ever flowing stream of alien fuck juice.” The sergeant slapped Superman’s hard penis back and forth. “I knew we could get that cunt of your’s to accept cock without that K-ring, bitch. You just sit there and enjoy, while we get this shower going!”

Superman watched as Officer Glavine hit a few more of the buttons on the shower screen. Then he felt it. The chrome rod filling his ass was cold, but the rush of fluid that streamed from the holes in the dildo’s piss slit was even colder. Superman screamed and struggled against the new flood invading his body through his anus. “Oh krypton, Nooo. Please stop it. Pleaseeeee!” Superman begged as cold fluid rushed up into his innards. But, squirm and struggle as he may, Superman could do nothing about his current situation. 

Sgt. Walters grasped Superman’s jaw with both of his rubber encased hands and held the hero’s mouth shut. “Shhhhh! Now stop this instant, sissy! That fluid is going to clean you out and make that ass pussy of your’s much more compliant for taking nice big juicy man cock from now on. It’s full of all sorts of wonderful chemicals designed by Lexcorps just for you! It’s all for your own good Supergfag! You want a nice clean fuckable pussy don’t you?” Sergeant Walters smiled at the superhero who was visibly shaken and in pain from the chemicals being pumped into him from the metal cock shoved up his ass.

Then to the rubber encased detective the sergeant said, “Hey detective, get the asshole’s hood out of the cabinet so we can get his shower started, will ya?” Detective Carlilse went to retrieve the requested item from the cabinet out in the restroom. He returned with a white rubber hood which he and the sergeant roughly pulled over Superman’s head. This hood had no holes in it at all. Instead two hoses protruded from the hood’s nostrils. These hoses were thrown up and over the shower doors so that the hero could breathe without getting any fluids from the impending washdown into them. Before the men forced the skin tight white rubber hood down fully over Superman’s chin, Sgt. Walters produced that filthy pair of cop socks that he had forced into Superman’s mouth so many times before. He shoved them back into the protesting hero’s mouth and then pulled the skin tight white rubber hood down over the impaled hero’s chin, effectively gagging Superman once again. 

Before the tormentor’s started Superman’s morning shower, Sergeant Walters slipped behind the muscular weakened hero and with Detective Carlilse’s help forced Superman’s arms into a long white rubber arm binder sack. First they used wide rubber straps on the inside of the sack to bind the superhero’s massive bicep muscles together tightly behind his back. Then they did the same with his lower arms and wrists. And lastly they pulled the tight white rubber sack up and over Superman’s bound arms. The sack snugly fit over the hero’s shoulders. Then to complete the binding, Sgt. Walters ran the last strap from the rubber arm sack down through Superman’s legs. He wrapped the strap around Superman’s still distended hanging ballsac a few times and then pulled it over and fastened it to a d-ring on the rod that held the dildo onto which Superman was impaled. Once again Superman was ass-stuffed, tightly bound, gagged hooded and in misery.

The three men stepped out of the shower and Officer Glavine reached in and punched in the code that started the shower going. All sorts of different colored fluids began pouring down on the impaled superhero’s body from numerous showerheads, nozzles and spigots throughout the shower. Sgt Walters, Detective Carlilse and Officer Glavine watched as all of the hair on Superman’s body vanished down the showers drain. They watched as the chemicals washed away the top layer of the superhero’s skin, leaving Superman with a light pink pigment all over his now very very tender and raw body. They watched as the floor where Superman’s feet were held fast, rotated, so that every inch of his body was cleansed and depilloried. The rod onto which the prisoner was impaled did not rotate, however causing Superman to rotate on his own spit, like a pig at barbecue. Every so often one of the men would enter the shower and rub some of the chemicals into Superman’s body with their rubber covered hands. The men could hear Superman’s moans and groans from behind his white rubber hood and sock gags. 

While Detective Carlilse was inside the shower rubbing some of the chemically tainted waters into Superman’s bald crotch, Sgt. Walters spoke to Officer Glavine. “Ok kid, let those chemicals work on the super freak for about thirty minutes then you can get in there and finish up by making sure the fucker gets a nice rinse off inside and out. Then call me so we can get Supes set up for his Doctor’s visit. I’m gonna be just out in the other room. I’ve got a meeting with Mr. Luthor this morning to bring him up to speed. I think I’ll just stay dressed like this until you boy’s get done with Superfag. I have a feeling that I’m gonna need this suit while we move on through the rest of today!” Sergeant Walters smiled his evil smile from behind his rubber mask. He patted Officer Glavine on the rubber behind and left the restroom.

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