The Murder of Clark Kent Chapter 6C
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The Murder of Clark Kent

by Sockrob


Chapter 6. Preparations

6C Getting Ready for Cleanup


Sergeant Walters pulled his  oversized pickup truck into the garage of his downtown brownstone. Looking over too the passenger floorboard at the dejected technical officer cowering in the well of truck’s cabin, wiping the newest creamy white  ejaculate from his face, the sadistic sergeant ordered the young man gruffly to get out of the truck. When the younger man didn’t respond fast enough for him, he reached over and grabbed a handful of the young cop’s mussed hair. Then he dragged Officer Glavine out of the vehicle and down a short flight of stairs into the home’s basement. a few steps before the bottom landing, Sergeant Walters kicked the young officer in the ass with his booted right foot. Letting go of the younger man’s hair, the sergeant watched as officer Glavine tumbled down into the basement dungeon. Walters followed his charge down the stairs. Once there he demanded his new houseguest’s clothes. “Get those duds off, boy. I’ll throw them in the wash for you. You’ll need to wear them tomorrow to work, and they’re pretty dirty from all the fun you’ve been having in them.” Sergeant Walters smiled his evil grin down towards the frightened officer sprawled on the basement’s concrete floor.

When Officer Ted Glavine was totally naked before him, Sergeant Walters, grabbed the young police man’s uniform and threw it on the floor at the base of the stairs. Then he ordered the now kneeling naked officer to crawl over towards a shower stall at the rear of the basement. Sergeant walters spent the next hour and a half showing his young charge the art of proper prisoner cleanliness. Then when the kid was clean enough for his standards, the saidistic sergeant kicked the crawling naked, but now clean, inside and out, cop over to a small kennel like cage in the center of the basement. The sergeant strapped the young houseguest into a thick black nylon and spandex straightjacket type shirt. He pulled a thick black spandex hood over the young man’s head after shoving a rank pair of dirty socks into Officer Glavine’s mouth. Then with the shackles clamped together behind the young officer’s back in a hogtie position, the sergeant pushed Officer Glavine into the small cage. After securing Officer Glavine in the cage for the night Sergeant walters retreated upstairs to his own bedroom for a much needed sleep.

Meanwhile Supernman lay silent and still in his captivity in Interrrogation K. The latest video bombarding his senses showed a bound young studly muscle man serving his master by tongue washing the leather clad master’s black socked feet. Superman had been forced to watch scenes like this for the past several hours. His brain was also being flooded with instructions from the elders of his own lost homeland of Krypton. They were, over and over again, stressing orders for him to watch and learn from the videos that he was being shown. They were telling him that these scenes were the proper way for him to serve mankind. They were cross with him for the way he had been spending his time on Earth so far. Men deserved more than he had been giving them. This was his destiny. Every once in awhile the electrical shocks would torment Superman’s weakened muscular body. The hero would stiffen up as the electricity shot through his balls, tits and ass. He could not move to shake the clipped wires loose though. The bondage was too tight. As he watched and listened, Superman instictively found himself sucking on the sock wrapped rubber cock in his mouth. He washed his tongue across the fowl nylon. Every once in awhile he would catch himself and quickly stop swabbing his tongue around the sock covered cock. He would cry new tears of shame and disgust at catching himself falling for the forced brainwashing. 

DA Cartwright watched Superman from the other side of the video screen. Through the shadowy pictures of the young muscular slave and his master, Cartwright watched the immobilized super hero. The young counselor was tired. He just wanted to sleep. This was not the idea he had, when he signed on to Lex Luthor’s scheme, to bring down the man of steel. He was all for getting the do gooder, fame steeling alien out of his way; but, losing sleep for the bastard was not his idea of revenge. He was a young growing stud who needed his rest. Looking at the object of his frustration brought a smile to his face, though. He saw Superman’s wide open eyes  filling with tears as the “hero” was forced to watch the humiliation before him. The hero was fending off yet another jolt of electrical current. Cartwright saw his own drying semen splattering the rubber hood covering Superman’s face.

Cartwright was a young man. At 36 he was the youngest DA in the history of Metropolis. He owed it all to his mentor Lex Luthor of course. When he’d ran for the office, he had no idea that Superman would be such a thorn in his side. Then he had been forced to deal with the nosy intruding alien crime fighter, since winning election and taking up office in the Hall of Justice. Cartwright’s blood boiled as he thought of how Superman got all of the acclaim that he had rated for reducing crime in the city. Now, however, with Luthor and the other conspirator’s help, Superman would soon be out of his hair forever. This brought a warm settling feeling all over the young DA as he stared at the unmoving bastard before him. The young DA had at first been repulsed by the way that Sergeant Walters and the others had planned to break the boy scout. But then, when the hero’s downfall began, for some unknown reason, Cartwright found himself becoming increasingly excited about the whole ordeal. Cartwright had always considered himself somewhat of a ladies’ man. He was handsome, rich and smart. He had never had a homosexual tendancy in his young life. That is, until he saw Superman’s glorious muscular body splayed out in all its glory before him. This only enraged the young DA more. An idea came to Cartwright.

The young DA entered Interrogation K once again. It was about 4:30 AM. Noone was around. The whole floor had been deathly quiet for some hours. He made his way around the hanging superhero. Cartwright took up a stance between the spread legs of the prostrate, hanging body before him. He could tell that Superman knew he was there, but the hero could not even move his head to look and see what he was up to. The brain addled superhero soon found out just what his nemesis was up to.

Cartwright reached out and grasped the flared head of the wired, krypton ringed, butt plug rammed up Superman’s ravaged ass. He twisted the dildo around and around in the defeated hero’s rectum. Then he began fucking the long phallus in and out of Superman’s hole. Cartwright smiled widely as Superman’s body began to quiver. The hero was still bound so tightly to the sling that he could not squirm much, but his body did shiver and quake at the new intrusion. Cartwright played the plastic cock in and out and around Superman’s raped ass for a few minutes. Then he jerked it all the way out. Superman’s new pussy spit a few gobs of jism out along with the dildo. Cum began to seep from his abused asslips.

 “Oh no, Supes! Can’t allow you to expel all that nice manjuice now can we?” Cartwright said as he unbuttoned his expensive suit trousers. He pulled the green rubber kryptonite ring from the head of the dildo and slid it over his own dick head.Then the Metropolis DA guided his already throbbing penis into the gaping asscunt strapped down before him. With one strong thrust he seated his engorged fuck rod to the hilt in Superman’s ass. “Yeah!” The DA moaned as his cock slid into the well lubed hole. Then Cartwright grasped Superman’s thick blood-drained thighs and began throwing a rythmic fuck to his enemy. Superman began to moan and groan behind the gags filling his mouth. Cartwright moaned and groaned his ecstacy. He beagn to sweat profusely as he rode the man of steel. He was amazed at how the ring of krypton seemed to give his penis extra energy. He fucked like a stallion.

Cartwright was caught up in the eroticism of his ride. He did not notice the entrance of the two police officers. The officers stood aghast at the sight before them. One of the officers, who Sergeant Walters had asked to check up on the 13th floor, Officer Dan Jenkins, made a noise as if to clear his throat. “Ugh Ugh Ugh Ugh Ugh!” 

Cartwright was brought out of his ecstatic fucking by the interruption. However, the DA did not stop his intercourse. No, he was too into it to let these interlopers discontinue his fun before he came to a bone shuttering climax. He just quickened his pace. Then to the officers’ astonishment Cartwright stiffened and began shooting thick streams of hot man juice up Superman’s new cunt. He pulled out and shot a few more jets of creamy white ejaculate all over the bound hero’s tights covered crotch. Then breathing hard from his exertion, Cartwright huffed, “Either of you want sloppy seconds?” He laughed as he pulled the ring from around his cock and putt away his tool. Doing himself up, Cartwright said, “You boys enjoy the show? It’s all part of this prisoner’s interrogation.He’s a very special suspect.”

Coming out of his shock, Officer Jenkins said, “It’s quite alright, sir! Sergeant Walters sent us up here to check and make sure all was going ok. I see you have things well in hand. I guess.” The officer looked a bit confused but meekly went on. “He said that things might appear to be a little unorthodox. But he left explicit instructions that we were not to question anything. Just make sure that you were ok and forget everything else that we see.” Both officers seemed uncomfortable, but unconcerned for the prisoner’s well being. ” The sergeant said that this was a very special needs prisoner; and, knowing Sergeant Walter’s, like we do, we really shouldn’t be so amazed to see this kind of thing going on.” Officer Jenkins swayed nervously back and forth on his booted feet, as he watched in wonder as the DA replaced the green glowing ring back over the head of the phallic shaped, thick ass plug. The other officer, Mike Reynolds, didn’t say a thing, just shook his head in agreement with his partner. Sergeant Walters had hand picked the two officers for this duty. He had spent many hours in his basement dungeon teaching them the fine art of discretion. Both young officers knew much better than to question any order given them by the sadistic sergeant. They both belonged to him, lock, stock and barrell. They were only two, of many of Sergeant Walters stable of obedient police slaveboys.

Cartwright told the officers that everything was fine, as he stroked Superman’s throbbing, leaking  erection. Before the DA replaced the plug in Superman’s nasty leaking asshole, he strode over to the table near Superman’s head and picked up the water jug containing the erectile brew. He poured some of the doctored water into Superman’s gaping fuckhole, then quickly shoved the dildo plug back home and strapped it in.  Superman grunted into his gags as he adjusted to the, now familiar, plastic cock up his ass and the new sensation of the cold water coursing through his rectal canal. Just then another jolt of electricity shot through the wires attached to the hero’s erotic zones. Superman screamed into the gags filling his mouth. The onlookers only heard muffled cries emitted from the prisoner.

The officers told Cartwright that they had brought him some fresh coffee and donuts. They had placed them on a table in the anteroom. “Good I’m famished!” Cartwright exclaimed. “A good fuck always gives me the munchies.” He smiled at the officers. Was he becoming as sadistic as the booking sergeant? He wondered. The three men exited Interrogation K, leaving Superman to his lessons.

 Officers Jenkins and Reynolds visited with the DA for a few minutes, sharing the donuts and coffee with him. They made small talk, but never questioned the counselor about the actions they had witnessed, or the muscular blue tights clad prisoner, sling bound in the other room. Then they left Cartwright alone again on the deserted floor.

Things went uneventful for the next few hours, until Detective Carlilse came in about 8 AM. The detective found DA Cartwright surfing the net on Officer Glavine’s computer. Superman was still wide awake and now watching the video of himself being taken by Lex Luthor as the others performed the humiliating acts that they had performed on his strapped down body earlier. The super alien’s cock was still throbbing, leaking and bone stiff.  The detective and the DA sat and chatted awhile until Sergeant Walters  strode in around 8:30 with Officer Glavine in tow.

Glavine perked up at the sight of the coffee and donuts on the table before them. He was hungry; and, the coffee would certainly help, as he had had a terribly sleepless night inside the cage in his new master’s dungeon basement. Sergeant Walters didn’t give the technical officer time to stop for a cup of coffee. The sergeant ordered Officer Glavine over to his computer. “Get to work, kid. You know what you’ve got to do. We need to get Superfuck ready for the next part of his comeuppance.” He glared at the superhero still tightly bound to the sling on the other side of the wall. “Get everything set with the computer and then scurry your pretty little ass on into Interrogation K. Daylight’s wastin’! He patted the officer on the man’s still sore behind, as the technical man passed him on the way to the ordered chore. Segeant Walters felt the base of the plug that he had shoved home into Officer Glavine’s hot cock oven, when he patted the officer’s bottom. He smiled at the officer. “You don’t have time to stop for a coffee break. There’s plenty of work to be done.” Sergeant Walters on the other hand poured himself a hot steaming cup and picked up a donut from the table, where the two patrol officers had just minutes earlier come by and restocked. He sat down to give morning instructions to his team of conspirators.

“Cartwright, you’d better get on home and get some sleep. You look like shit warmed over. I guess you had a good night keeping an eye on the cocksucker of steel. Bet you kept the fucker great company, didn’t you?” The sergeant looked at the DA with a reassuring glance, as if to say, “I know what you did while we were gone and it is ok!” 

As a matter of fact the sergeant did know because he had a computer downlink installed at his house, where he could monitor every action from Interrogation K. The same kind of link was installed at Lex Luthor’s. Sergeant Walters was curious to know what the boss was going to think when he saw the footage of the young DA rutting around in the super faggot’s new pussy ass.

Sergeant Walters looked again through the window towards the super prisoner in Interrogation K. He could now see Superman clearly, as Glavine had stopped the video program that had been brainwashing the sling bound hero. Superman lay motionless, staring wide eyed towards the one way window, not knowing that the sergeant was on the other side staring back at him. Sgt. Walters noticed the watery glaze over the former self assured crime fighter’s eyes. Superman’s eyes were not only watery with tears of shame and regret, but they were also red and bloodshot from the hours of video watching. Although the super hero had gone long hours without sleep before, his krypton weakened, drug addled body had never gone so long without the warmth of the yellow sun. In times before, when he had been subjected to the green life sapping ore, he had always managed to fight long enough to get away and regain his strength, either by finding his way to the rays of the sun, or weakly flying towards it. Now he just lay, sling bound and growing weaker by the hour. The only strength he seemed to have was being concentrated in his nether region, every little bit of his energy seemed to be sucked right into his engorged semen leaking penis. Superman didn’t know how much longer he would be able to hold out. At least they had stopped bombarding his senses with those lurid sexual scenes. The elders were still lecturing away though. 

Sergeant Walters was brought out of his daydreaming by the arrival of Officer Glavine beside the imprisoned hero’s body. The sergeant had been so deep in thought watching the super captive that he hadn’t even noticed the officer leaving to go next door. Now he watched as Officer Glavine went to work releasing Superman’s legs from there shackles up on the sling’s chains. As the officer unhooked the clasps, Superman’s meaty, muscular, blue-tights clad, lifeless legs sank like stones from the air. The blood immediately rushed into the hero’s lower extremities. His blue nylon stocking feet slammed into the hard floor. Superman winced from the pain of both actions. Glavine got down off of the chair that he was standing on, in his stocking feet. He moved the chair closer to superman’s crotch and began retrieving his own boots from where they hung from the super prisoner’s gonads.

As Officer Glavine released his boots from the pulley, DA Cartwright left the floor. Sergeant Walters told Detective Carlilse that it was time for them to join Glavine in the interrogation room. “Well, ya ready to get this show on the road, man. You can help the officer get Supes, down out of bed, and ready for a nice cleanup. I ‘m going to take the head end, while you guys get him down. I can’t wait to see what he looks like behind that hood this morning.” The sergeant smiled wide. He and the detective got up to join the cleanup. 

When the sergeant and detective entered Interrogation K. Glavine was sitting in the chair lacing up his boots that he had retrieved from their place of torture. Superman was getting some feeling back in his tighted legs and feet. The still bound hero was shaking his legs up and down on their stocking tiptoes. his legs were so long that they fell over the bottom of the leather sling, but not long enough to lay flat on the floor. His long blue nylon toes just touched the floor. He danced his large stocking feet up and down trying to make the blood flow back to normal levels. His big meaty, highly arched feet still ached behind the tights from the bastinado he had endured earlier.

Sergeant Walters walked up beside Supeman’s rubber enshrouded head.He noticed the cum caked on the hood. He smiled. He remembered watching the video of Cartwright spooging on the hooded super cocksucker’s face. He grabbed up a pair of rubber medical gloves from the table and donned them over Superman’s eyes, so that superman could see him putting them on. Then he began rubbing his latex gloved hands all over Superman’s rubber covered head.  He hunched over the hero’s strapped head. Evilly smiling down at his prisoner, the sergeant carefully rolled the rubber hood up and over Superman’s gagged mouth and nose. He rolled the rubber up onto the bridge of the captive’s nose, so that superman could still see him. Then the sergeant began playing with the captive’s gag. He pushed with extreme force against the base of the cock gag. Superman winced and moaned from the pain that the gag administered as it pushed further against his sore lips and gums. The bulbous sock covered head shoved it’s way further down the hero’s throat. He gagged and sputtered trying to take air in through his uncovered nose. Sergeant Walters heard the hero inhale deeply. He hunched over and hawked up a large goober of phlegm. The gooey spit hung from the sergeant’s mouth and then trailed slowly down until it fell with a splat directly into Superman’s right nostril. The grinning sergeant repaeted the act over Superman’s left airhole. The, now genuinely frightened, superhero inhaled in the thick stringy mucous. While the hero coughed and hacked it back out of his nose, the sergeant placed his latex gloved hands over Superman’s nose and whispered, “Take all that muck in, Superfuck. It’s man fluid. You know it’s your destiny to take as much man juice into your worthless body as you can. Don’t you dare expel anything a man so generously gives you, boy!” He glared down into Superman’s watery, bloodshot eyes and smiled. “You should thank me for being so kind, boy.” Then when he felt Superman give in and breath in all of the filthy mucous with a loud gurgle, the sergeant let up off of the captive alien’s airway. Sergeant Walters laughed as he continued to unstrap Superman’s head and remove the rubber hood. 

As the sergeant tormented the man of steel over the hero’s head, the detective and Officer Glavine each released one of the hero’s shackled arms, with the same reaction that had taken place at his feet. Superman’s useless limbs just hung down over the sling, the blood rushing back into them. His fingers tingled and ached from the pain.

Detective Carlilse started to remove the electrical wires from Superman’s body, while Officer GlavineWorked on the straps that held the superhero’s body to the bed of the sling. Sgt. Walters spoke up from his place hunched over Superman’s now free, flushed and sweaty head. “Detective, leave those tit clamps where they are, just remove the wires. And leave the ball stretcher and dildo plug alone as well, for a few more minutes at least.” The sergeant was drooling spittle from his mouth down onto Superman’s rubber chafed face. He looked down the hero’s battered torso toward Superman’s rock hard, still leaking, erection. “Superfag, you really have quite a problem between your pantyhosed legs there, don’t you? That clit of yours has been hard since we met. Are you trying to tell me something, boy?” The sergeant mocked Superman’s betraying excitement. “You know, bitch, they say you’re supposed to see a doctor if you have an erection that lasts more than four hours. It’s called Priapism or something like that. Kinda unhealthy for a human. But I guess you kryptonians are different, huh? Looks like you boy’s can keep a hard leaking rod between your legs for quite a long time. You must really be getting off on the way we’re treating you. See I told you this is what you were sent here for, alien freak! The more cock we throw you the harder you get. Hell you must have grown a full inch since you lost your cherry. And that monstrosity in your pantyhose hasn’t stopped spitting alien juice either.” The sergeant laughed. “But seriously, Superfuck, I’m worried about how long your fuck rod’s been boned. I guess we’ll have to get a doctor up here to take a look at it. Wouldn’t want anyone to think we ain’t taking the best care of the world’s finest crime fighter. Even if he is also the world’s newest criminal.” Sergeant Walters stepped around beside Superman and stroked the hero’s leaking cock through the hero’s blue cumsoaked tights. He looked over at Officer Glavine and said, “Go get the bathroom ready, while the detective and I get Superfreak up on his pantyhosed toes.” 

Officer Glavine scurried off into the adjoining bathroom while Sergeant Walters and Detective Carlilse helped Superman down off of the sling. Once they had Superman out of the sling he tried to stand and fell flat on his face on the hard floor. Sergeant Walters lunged out with his booted foot and kicked the fallen superhero. “Well, freak, if you don’t want to stand you can crawl to the potty!” As Superman rolled over onto his side on the floor, the sergeant kicked him again. “Get up on your pantyhosed knees, bitch. I’ll be damned if I’ll carry a murderous bastard like you to the can!”

Superman was still gagged with the fowl tasting sock covered mouth plug. He didn’t care about that though. He’d had enough of this evil police officer’s disrespect.He reached down deep into his soul, through the pain and humiliation, and found the strength to voice his displeasure at the way he was being treated. He made sounds with his vocal cords to let his captors know of his vexation. The words that the hero meant to convey only came out as garbled mutterings from deep in his throat. The fact that Superman still wore the wide leather posture collar, over the thick kryptonite bejeweled prisoner collar didn’t serve to help his cause any. They just muffled his angry cries further. He continued to moan his disagreement as he hawled his sore and battered body up onto it’s blue tights covered knees.

 “I think the pathetic creature is trying to tell us something!” Detective Carlilse exclaimed to Sergeant Walters, with a jab of his right corfram shoe to Superman’s ribs.

“Yes, it sounds like Superfreak wants desperately to get something off his mind, sergeant.”, the detective went on, grasping a handful of Superman’s sweat soaked hair and yanking the hero’s head back.

“Oh I bet I know what the super sex crazed freak wants! ” Sergeant Walters said glaring directly into Superman’s defeated piercing blue eyes. The sergeant had already started to unzip the fly of his uniform trousers. He fished his lengthening penis through the fly of his BVD’s and shook it in front of the kneeling superhero’s gagged face. “He’s hungry. He probably wants to show us what he’s been learning all night. I bet he’s learned how a growing stud like himself needs to to eat meat a whole lot more. Let’s find out.” The sergeant began to unbuckle Superman’s gag. 

As soon as the clasp was released from the gag strap behind Superman’s sweaty head, the hero summoned enough strength to push the fowl sock wrapped rubber dildo plug out of his mouth. He immediately felt a sting of excruciating pain as his lips and jaws lost the support that they had become accustomed to. The fullness of the gags had actually set in on Superman’s muscled face. Now that the muzzles were gone the hero’s jaw muscles couldn’t react quick enough to there expulsion. His cracked and chafed lips ached from the burst of fresh air that swept over their open wounds. This upset Superman immensely as he had hoped to be able to now voice his displeasure and demand better treatment. The pain was too much. All he managed were some weak, feminine whimpering sounds that made his captors burst with laughter and glee.

Superman, dejected by his interrogators’ jovial response to his obvious pain, tried his best to regain his composure. His try was in vain. He really didn’t have the time required, in his kryptonite and drug induced state. Sergeant Walters saw that the man of steel was still fighting his new situation with every thing the hero had left. He wasted no time in continuing his dominance over the weakened superhero. The twisted sergeant crammed his stiffening member into Superman’s aching opened mouth, before the super crime fighter had the chance to close it. Superman defiantly did his best to spit the intruding cock out of his mouth. When his sore orifice didn’t comply to his brains request to expel the invader, the disgusted hero tried to shake his head or pull away from the sergeant’s penis. The wide posture collar wouldn’t allow enough movement in the man of steel’s neck to shake off the cock. Sergeant Walters noticed immediately what Superman had in mind and reached behind the hero’s head with both of his gloved hands and, entertwining his fingers, pulled Superman’s face up snug with his course hairy crotch. Sergeant Walters’ cock gave a lurch and lenghthened to it’s fullest as it slid down Superman’s protesting throat. Once more Superman found himself with the familiar tatse and fullness of the fiendish sergeant’s throbbing, leaking member invading his oral cavity.

Superman reached up and tried to push Sergeant Walters off of his face. The sergeant held on. He looked over to the detective for help. Detective Carlilse knew exactly what to do. He moved over behind the kneeling superhero. The detective grasped Superman’s muscular upper arms and with one quick jerk he wrenched the man of steels arms back behind the hero’s wide back. He held them there, pulling them unhealthily close to each other as he did. Superman did not have the strength to fight off his captor. His arms ached in this new position, but try as he may he could not pry them from the detective’s grasp. He could not get away from the sadistic sergeant’s newest rape.

Suddenly, a great flash of memories flooded Superman’s brain. His vision became clouded with these vivid pictures. He once again heard the elders of Krypton reminding him of his “true mission” on Earth. Before he could think to stop it, his tongue betrayed his rebellion. It began sliding along the bottom of the swelling cock filling his mouth. The hero’s throat muscles started a methodical sucking of the bulbous dick head that divided them. His jaw muscles, although moments before they could not help him, now began sucking and milking the sergeant’s cock. Superman could only think of the explicit instructional video that had played over and over on the screen before him as he lay bound in that sling. He tried his best to fight the visions, to drown out the elder’s voices. But, it was no use. Superman sucked Sergeant Walters’ cock. All the sergeant did to help was hold the hero’s head onto the throbbing, leaking member, and groan his appreciation for a job well done. Superman did the rest. He sucked and tongued the cock he was being offered, just like he had been instructed to do. He breathed through his nose and allowed the penis to fill his throat deeper and deeper. He used his strong throat and jaw muscles to push and pull the pole back and forth over his tonsils and tongue. In and out of the back of his throat, Superman worked the sergeant’s pulsing member. Finally, after some fifteen minutes, Sergeant Walters’ gonads gave up the battle to keep their juices. With a flood of fury the sergeant shot his morning load down Superman’s inviting gullet. He held the hero’s head on his cock and enjoyed the super throat muscles in action for a few minutes more, until his cock had spurted his balls entire built up volume of semen. Then the spiteful sergeant let off of his grasp on his bitch’s head a little and pulled his cockhead up out of Superman’s throat. He stopped, resting the cumsoaked head on the superhero’s now dormant tongue. “Clean it off for me, cocksucker!”, he ordered, with a smile. Superman wanted to spit the fucker out, or bite down as hard as he could on the vile, disgusting rapist. But he did not. The man of steel tongue washed the cock that had just shot another hot creamy load of semen down into his belly.

Sergeant Walters smiled down at the kneeling dejected cocksucker before him. He let Superman wash his cock off for a couple of minutes then pulled all the way out of the alien’s mouth. Then to Superman’s surprise the sergeant’s cock gave a little pitch and began pissing. The strong steady flow hit Superman straight in the mouth before he had a chance to react. But when he realized what was happening, the already disgusted hero clamped his sore aching lips together. The salty piss shot against his closed lips, causing excruciating pain, and Superman opened his mouth to scream. Sergeant Walters took his cue and slid his cock head into the open orifice offered him. He leered down at Superman, “Just hold the head in your cocksucking mouth, bitch. I don’t know what alien diseases your fuck throat could have given me. They say it’s always a good idea to take a nice healthy piss after fucking something that you aren’t familiar with. Since that was such a fullfillingly deep face fuck that I just threw you, Superfag, I don’t want to take any chances, now do I?”

Superman felt the tears of shame overwhelm him again as he closed his lips around the sergeant’s cock head corona again and let the man relieve himself down his throat. The stream of hot acrid urine stopped and Superman was relieved that it was over, or so he thought. Sergeant Walters had just cut the flow off long enough to pull his dickhead out of it’s urinal long enough to finish his kidney emptying all over the man of steel’s astonished teary face. Then the evil sergeant said, “You’re getting pretty good at that Superfag. But I’m sure you could do much better. We’ll have to make sure you get a lot of practice. Detective, you wouldn’t mind a good morning cock sucking, now would you? Supes here will gladly oblige , I’m sure. ” The sergeant backed awy to make room for the next face fucker.

As Detective Carlilse took his place in front of the kneeling cocksucker, Sgt. Walters said, “Go ahead use him as long as it takes. Enjoy that hot super pussy throat. And Superfag, you just keep your pathetic arms behind your back while the good detective makes good use of your services, or I’ll have to use those nasty handcuffs again. You don’t want that do ya? No, You just concentrate on giving the detective the best blowjob of his life.” Then as Detective Carlisle worked his throbbing penis into the man of steel’s face, the sergeant said, ” Detective, I’ll be right back, gonna check and see how the kid’s coming with the bathroom.”

 Sergeant Walters stepped over into the adjoining bathroom and left the detective alone to enjoy his first rape of their super prisoner. Detective Carlilse began a very rythmic face fuck of the obliging Superman. Superman kept his arms behind his back as ordered and just as his body had done with the sergeant, it once again gratified the detective’s lustful needs.

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