The Murder of Clark Kent Chapter 6B
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The Murder Of Clark Kent

by Sockrob


Chapter 6- Preparations

6B- The Watch Begins


The conspirators gathered in the anterrom of Interrogation K. They could see their super prisoner tightly strapped into the sling in the other room, through the window that was now showing the hero the fine art of boot service. On this side of the screen the men saw through a faint shadow of the full high definition picture that was bombarding the man of steel’s vision onthe other side. Although Superman’s head was covered with the rubber mask, Sergeant Walters saw in the defeated hero’s eyes that he still had a bit of determined defiance left. Superman would not be an easy straight stud to break. But he would break, by god. Hell the sergeant had already taken his mouth virginity and Lex Luthor, himself, had relieved the alien of steel, of the virtue long hidden between those magnificent muscled ass cheeks, under those pretty blue tights. But yes, the sergeant realized, Superman’s mind was not going to fall as easily as his physical body had. Even though the kryptonite was addling the hero’s brain, weakening it more than it had ever been, long periods of this new treatment would be necessary. 

As Detective Carlilse, DA Cartwright and Sergeant Walters took up seats aimed Interrogation K, the sergeant explained how the next hours would go. “We’re gonna have to leave him hooked up like that for quite awhile, guys! So we’ll have to set up some kind of watch system here. It wouldn’t do our plans any good to have anyone snooping around here and finding out about our little reprogramming process.” He pursed his lips, deep in concentration for a few seconds. Then he went on. ” Cartwright you can have the first watch. you are the youngest of us three so we’ll start with you. Just make sure that Supes stays awake and takes in everything that he’s being shown. Don’t let anyone into Interrogation K. There are very few who have access to this floor so that shoudn’t be much of a problem. The chief does have access though so if he comes up here keep him out of that room. He’s been told that Superman is being interrogated and held here, but that everything is under complete control. so I doubt he’ll come up. But if he does just make sure he doesn’t see superfag like we have him. I don’t care what you have to do just do it. I have instructed a couple of officers to come up and check on whoever is on watch here thoughout the night. they’ll get you coffee, let you get a potty break or get you anything else you may need. You’ve got the good officer’s computer there to keep ya company. Just don’t fuck around with anything that he’s been working on regarding the super freak’s confession. ”

Sergeant Walters looked around at Officer Glavine who was  busily working to create the mentioned confession of the man of steel. “How’s it coming, kid?:” he asked the technical officer. Officer Glavine, startled by the sergeant’s question, now scared to death of his superior, answered, “Fine sir, almost got it all done.”  “Good, let’s have a look!” Sergeant Walters stepped over to the computer.For the next few minutes they all gathered around the computer and watched the video confession that Officer Glavine had pieced together. It showed a weakened, half naked, muscular Superman seated at the table in Interrogation K. He was dressed in only his blue tights and a modified orange jail uniform shirt. Superman was sweating buckets. He appeared to be tired, nervous and a bit confused, but otherwise coherant. The black and white grainy video showed Detective Carlilse questioning the accused super detainee. The audio was clear and easily understandable. The detective started off by explaining why Superman was dressed like he was. He told the camera that the hero had been booked for the murder of Clark Kent and that Superman had been apprehended at the scene of the crime. He explained that the jail did not have a uniform that would fit the man of steel so one had been modified for him. He explained that Superman had already been booked because he had already confessed to the murder. The detective asked Superman a battery of questions regarding Superman’s wearabouts before, during and after the murder of Clark Kent. Superman explained that he had been at the Metropolis landfill and what he was doing there. Then the detective asked the hero why he had been in Clark Kent’s bedroom. The response would surely cause an uproar in the courtroom, when the case got to trial. Superman explained in a downtrodden somewhat, depressed voice that he had gone there to kill Clark Kent. Detective Carlilse told the hero his theory on the motives for the murder. He told the super hero that he believed that he was jealous of Clark Kent. The newspaper man had Lois Lane’s love, a normal human life and that Superman wanted everything that Kent had. Superman, on the video, looked like a child caught with his fingers in the cookie jar. He confirmed the detectives suspicions. The detective asked the hero how he had committed the murder. The dejected hero answered that he had beaten the man to death with his super strength. When asked by his interrogator if there was anything else that he needed to add, Superman, on the video, answered with a trembling voice that yes there was. He had violated Mr. Kent in the way that he knew any human male would have detested, he raped Clark Kent’s ass. The concocted videod confession lasted about 45 minutes. It would surely put the crime fighting, justice seeking alien superhero away for the rest of his life, which would be forever. Nothing appeared to be coerced or beaten out of the superhero. 

When the show concluded, Sergeant Walters congratulated the technical offoicer on his good work. The sergeant was rubbing Officer Glavine’s left shoulder. “Good work, kid!” He stated. ” That’ll put the simpering, sissy, super cocksucker right where he belongs! Hell you’ve captured him looking just like a crazed, murderous punk.”

The men stood around a few more minutes discussing the concocted video confession. Then Sergeant Walters said to Officer Glavine, “Well kid, let’s get out of here and go get you settled in to your new digs. I’ve got just the place for you in the basement at my house.” He shot a shit eating grin down at the seated technical officer. Officer Glavine just looked down at his naked lower body and sighed. “Better put your pants back on before we leave though, son. Don’t want to frighten anyone else on our way out of the station do we?” The sergeant patted the officer on his naked behind as the young man stood up. Officer Glavine found his discarded uniform trousers and pulled them up his naked legs. He didn’t even bother with the torn spitsoaked underpants. When he went to look for his boots he remembered that they were hanging from the emprisoned superherro’s nuts. He asked, “Should I get my boots from the interrogation room, Sir?” 

Sergeant Walters answered, “No, boy! Leave them where they hang. If aybody questions why you’re walking around in your stocking feet just tell ’em that your boots got pissed on by an out of control prisoner and you’re drying them out. Not far from the truth anyway!” The sergeant laughed , looking at the boots hanging from Superman’s extended balls, through the video playing on the screen, which showed a young bound stud being pissed on by a muscled leather master.                                                    

The sergeant and technical Officer left the floor and Detective Carlilse, said his good nights to the DA. Then Cartwright entered Interrogation K for a quick check on his super charge. Superman hung motionless in the sling from the dark lead ceiling. Cartwright was again amazed at the sight before him. the most powerful being on earth lay powerless and defeated in front of his eyes. The, heretofore goody two shoes, hero was being forced to watch the most erotic, sadistic pornography known to exist. Superman, the bastion of wholesome, clean, crime free living had no choice but to watch every disgusting, obscene, bawdy act played out on the screen in front of him. 

This whole episode was disgusting and obscene to the young DA. He knew upon meeting Lex Luthor, some years ago in Smallville, that the older man hated Superman. He learned to hate the crime fighting do-gooder as the years progressed as well.  After getting his law degree and moving to the city, he saw how Superman always stole the true glory from the men who deserved it. Men like himself, the good Detective, the somewhat unbearable but definately result driven, Sergeant walters and yes even Lex Luthor. Mr. Luthor was just misunderstood, Cartwright thought. He really only wanted what was best for the city’s citizenry. He felt kind of sorry for Superman, not because the  man of steel found himself in this predicament, though. No, Cartwright felt sorry that Superman was oblivious to his disgressions. Couldn’t the alien see that his fame and popularity had gone to his head. He never even gave human law enforcement their just due, anymore at all. The muscle bound, egotistical, simple minded idol took all of the accolades and honor for himself. Cartwright was glad to see the limelight loving puff bag taken down a few pegs. He just didn’t like being part of all this sadistic obscenity. He was from a very conservative family. His father, rest his soul, would roll over in his grave if he saw the things that Lyle had been made to do earlier.

But for some unknown reason, Lyle Cartwright had felt very very turned on by the degradation of Superman. Even now as he stood watching the unmoving hulk before him, his prick twitched and grew in his pants.  What the hell he thought. It was all Superman’s fault. He was not gay, but somehow the big galoot caused emotions to stir in every red blooded human male. “Damn, you!” Cartwright spat at the hero who could not hear a sound except the moaning stud, from the video playing out in front of his eyes, and the Krypton elders’ voices. 

Cartwright moved over next to the hanging prisoner’s rubber clad head. As he did, he released his throbbing erection from it’s confines. Cartwright’s hard-on popped out and slapped Superman across the right rubberized cheek. Pre-fuck oozed from the DA’s cockslit and dripped down the side of the rubber hood covering the hero’s face. Cartwright grasped his leaking erection firmly and began jerking it over Superman’s rubber covered face. The DA cursed and moaned until he shot a warm thick load of creamy white jism all over his hated foe. Some of the cum shot up Superman’s nostrils through the small holes in the hood. Superman snorted and huffed trying to eject the vile man fluid from his airway. Cartwright just laughed, put away his softening tool and exited the room.

Meanwhile Sergeant walters and his new houseguest had made their way down to the sergeant’s pickup truck. Sergeant Walters opened the passenger door for Officer Glavine causing the younger technical officer to redden with shame at the thought of being treated like the sergeant’s bitch. Segeant Walters slammed and locked the truck door with the electronic lock. Then he made his way over to the driver’s side and climbed up behind the wheel. He started the truck and drove out onto the street from the underground garage. When they stopped for a red light at the corner outside the police station, the sergeant spoke to the officer. “My house is only a few miles away, kid.” He reached over with his right, black leather gloved paw and caressed Officer Glavine’s neck. 

Officer Glavine reddened more as the man who had taken charge of him fondled his neck like he was some sort of female companion. He couldn’t look over at the sergeant, so he deverted his gaze downward into the well of the truck. He wiggled his black nylon stocking toes and tried his best to think of anything except what he knew must be on the sadistic sergeant’s mind. At least the station had not been to busy as they made their way down to the garage. He’d only had to explain his lack of outer footwear to two other officer’s. He hoped that they had bought his explanation, but knew that they probably thought he was some sort of freak, for running around the precinct in his black nylons. Just then the sergeant brought him out of his thoughts. The other man grasped the officer by the nape of the neck. The domineering sergeant pulled the shocked officer’s head down into his lap. “Make yourself useful while we make our way home, will ya stud?” The sergeant’s cock was already pressing against his uniformed crotch, trying to break free. Officer Glavine let out a shrill mouselike squeak as his lips crushed against the sergeant’s stiffening rod. He was further embarrassed as the sergeant held his face against the boned crotch and said, “You sound just like all the other whores that have come eye to eye with my meat, boy. Don’t feel so embarrassed, they all shriek like little girls too!” He laughed at the officer and ground the younger man’s face around his still growing erection.

“Go ahead let him out, kid. You can’t very well satisfy him with him all cooped up in those trousers. Now can ya, punk?” Sergeant Walters ordered. Glavine went to pull down the sergeant’s zipper with his hand, The sergeant slapped it away and said, “Use your teeth, bitch. Keep those hands behind your back where they belong, or I’ll cuff’em there!” The disheartened officer did as he was told. He clenched his teeth around the zipper pulled it down, and then used his tongue to release the sergeant’s hardened member from behind the man’s underpants. As soon as the white underpants were moved out of the way, Sgt. Walter’s cock, as if it had a mind of it’s own, sprang up and slapped the officer’s face with a loud whap. The force of the blow brought tears to the technical officer’s eyes. Sgt. Walter’s went on, “Go ahead and make him happy, kid. I’m not one of those guys that has little names for their penises, but if you feel the need you can just call him Sir. And right now I think you know what he wants , so get to it, bitch.”

 The light had turned green already. Sgt. Walters looked up and realized that he’s been sitting at a green light and  hit the gas. The young officer face down in the sergeant’s lap opened his mouth to gasp at the sudden movement. When he did, the quick movement of the truck forward sent Officer Glavine’s face into the sergeant’s crotch with a jolt. The sergeant’s cock buried itself into the warm inviting mouth of the young officer. Sgt. Walters placed his right gloved hand across the back of the cocksucker’s head and guided it around his throbbing member. “Come on, bitch use your tongue like a good little faggot! Make your new master happy. That cock owns your throat for the near future, kid. Sorry but that’s just the way it has to be. You’re gonna be staying with me for awhile , so when we get to the house we’ll get ya cleaned up and settled in. Iv’e got a nice cage, with a warm doggy blanket down in my cellar with your name on it, stud. It’ll be just fine for you. Can’t very well have my junior submissive’s sleeping up in the house with me now can I.” The sergeant explained the officer’s situation to him as Glavine, once again, sucked cock. “You pay attention to the cleaning up process, kid. Tomorrow, we’re gonna have to clean up the fag of steel. I’ll expect you to be a big help with that. That uppity super freak has caused me to get dirty enough already. You and those others can do the dirty work from here on out! ” Sgt. Walters drove through the darkened quiet streets towards his house,. his cock buried in a warm throat and a self assured smile plastering his work worn face.

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