Superman’s Night in the Museum Chapter 3
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Superman’s Night in the Museum

Author: Lcross

Chapter 3


The local police precinct is zoo on Halloween; miscreants, freaks and lowlifes of all sorts sit handcuffed on long wooden benches awaiting their turn to be processed. Most are dressed in all sorts of funny or weird costumes donned to revel Halloween Night away. Some have bright colored spiked hair and wear leather collars around their necks; others have large gross looking tattoos all over their necks and arms accented with pierced noses, tongues and whatever. Hair fashions of all types abound: from cornrows to dreadlock to Mohawks. Expressionless uniformed officers mundanely escort handcuffed men and women, young and old, through the labyrinth of people assembled at the precinct. So amid the hellish din of loud shouts, ringing phones and intertwined heated arguments a tall young man dressed in a Superman outfit entering the station goes relatively unnoticed. No one pays much attention to Superman when he is hauled in to stand before the precinct’s desk sergeant. Muldoon steps forward and hands up a written report to his superior.

A rotund desk sergeant sitting behind a large oak desk set high on its dais with two large matching brass lamps with large lit white globes accepts the report. The overweight desk sergeant, sits centered between the globes labeled “MPD.” He looks down over the tops of his round glasses at Superman with his hands cuffed behind his back and remarks in a high pitched Irish accent “Well I’ll be….bright red boots and all the trimmings.”

Superman looks down at the toes of his big red boots in humiliation as if to confirm the sergeant’s observation. The desk sergeant sighs as he peruses the report.

“Do you still insist your Superman,” asks the plump desk sergeant.

Superman nods yes but remains silent with his head lowered staring at his boots shifting his weight nervously from boot to boot.

Will you give me your real name lad,” asks the desk sergeant impatiently as his desk phone rings? He ignores the ringing phone, “This report says the officers could find no ID on you. What’s your address son?”

Superman refuses to answer for obvious reasons. He must wait this out and pray his superpowers return sooner rather than later. In response he stares silently at floor below him.

The desk sergeant motions Muldoon over for a sidebar whispers, “Muldoon…take Superman over there or whoever he is to the old infirmary in east wing until morning; then we’ll transport him to Bellevue for a psychiatric evaluation.”

You’re not going to book him? And did you say infirmary? That outdated infirmary hasn’t be up and running in over 35 years – the east wing is deserted….scheduled to be renovated next month,” whispers Muldoon.

The desk sergeant adjusts his girth leaning forward a bit further continuing in a loud whisper to be heard above the din of the precinct’s chaos and the ringing phone, “No he’s not to be booked; the young man is obviously crackers and I can’t place him in the overnight general lock-up dressed like that; besides look around – I’m swamped here. And, FYI, the old infirmary is staffed this morning – part of a city grant – an executive pilot program.”

“What? The old infirmary in the east wing is open,” asks Muldoon incredulously? “….a pilot program….what nonsense….?”

“It’s not nonsense. I can assure you the infirmary is up and running. It is equipped with the proper facilities to house this nut case overnight. See a medical orderly named Harvey there; he’s waiting on you two. Stick with the orderly until he finishes…err…processing this masquerader and gets him secured for the night.”

“But I don’t understand…,” protest Muldoon.

The desk sergeant pulls away and straightens signaling the discussion is over. He shouts, “O’Neil: dismissed!” O’Neil shrugs and walks away from Superman towards the break room for some coffee and donuts. “Muldoon…I haven’t time to argue now…meet me at O’Leary’s later….I’ll buy you a whiskey or two,” offers the plump sergeant before answering his neglected phone in an annoyed tone,” 23rd Precinct, Sergeant O’Brien speaking.”

Muldoon shakes his head and backs away for the reception desk. “This way lad…let’s go.” Muldoon leads a sullen Superman by the arm towards the back of the station through the loud tangle of police officers and offenders. A rather bored looking officer unlocks a sliding steel bar door as the pair approaches. The attending officer rolls his eyes to the heavens at the handcuffed superhero as he is lead through the doorway’s steel frame. The door slams loudly behind them as they move into a brightly lit corridor with sparking clean floors and fresh painted walls. The din of the chaos behind Superman fades as the pair progress farther down the hallway.

“This way…down the stairs to the old east wing,” directs Muldoon as he guides Superman by the arm towards a deep stairway with worn steps that spurs off the wide hallway. The pair descends the two dozen or so stairs that open into a rather dreary neglected corridor with a high ceiling and shuttered steel doors on either side.  This corridor is far different from the main hallway. Its floor is dirty and the corridor is dimly lit; the walls are barren with shadows of pictures that once hung there. The hallway is completely deserted and is littered with old newspapers and discarded Styrofoam coffee cups.  Thick cobwebs fill the corners where the walls and ceiling join together. “Last chance son….give me your full name and address,” asks Muldoon.

Superman remains silent. Only the echoes of the pair’s boot steps pierce the eerie silence. “So-be-it lad,” sighs Muldoon.

Moments later they reach the end of the corridor; Muldoon steps forward and opens a wide door labeled in worn white letters: INFIRMARY set below a faded red cross. Muldoon pushes Superman through the door into an archaic medical facility.

Muldoon exclaims, “Well I’ll be…the infirmary is open!” The old infirmary actually consists of two rooms; one is brightly lit and its floor consists of black and white checkerboard tile.  Its walls are a dingy shade of white and are plastered with large ancient diagrams depicting various sections of the male human anatomy. The medical bay has one old style examination table with a stainless steel surface complete with a foot pump to raise the table as well as leather wrist and ankle restraints; set against a wall is a small wooden counter with large closed cupboards, with peeling paint, mounted above. Atop the old countertop is a dorm room sized refrigerator, sink, and an array of tall glass containers with rusted caps filled with cotton swabs, tongue depressors, elastic gloves, and long Q-tips. The infirmary’s second room is a padded cell – its interior viewable via a large observation window.

This morning or tonight, whatever, the infirmary has a staff of only one medical orderly as it does not normally see many patients. Well – the infirmary has not seen patients in decades. Behind a desk inside the infirmary is a clean-cut strapping young man with short cropped dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes. He has his legs up on the desk crossed reading a porn magazine. The strapping orderly wears a plain silver wedding band and has one dark green armband tattoo around his big left bicep. The young man is smoking hot and could easily make sick money stripping in one of Metropolis’s exclusive clubs or selling his ass to high-end male and female clients! 

“Yep…we’re open for business; the name’s Rick Harvey,” says the orderly cheerfully as he tosses the magazine down and stands up. “And this man needs no introduction…ha-ha,” jokes Harvey as he studies his new patient starting with his big bright boots and then upwards ending with the split curl across his forehead. Superman ignores the introductions keeping his eyes lowered as if fascinated with the checkerboard floor pattern.

The friendly orderly, about Superman’s age and height, wears white uniform pants with a wide black belt holstering a short stubby black billy-club.  He has on a white cotton tank top undershirt as his white uniform shirt hangs over the back of his desk chair. The tank top reveals a strapping chest and powerful set of arms with big biceps. Harvey’s large twin pictorials and abs are clearly outlined within his tight fitting sheer undershirt. “Excuse the shirt being off…it’s a little warm down here.

“I’m Officer Muldoon,” exchanges the officer. “How long has the infirmary been open,” asks Muldoon curiously.

“It just opened today as a matter of fact,” explains the young medical orderly.

“Strange they opened this old infirmary up in this end of the building – and the hospital so close by. Say I haven’t seen you around before. Are you new,” asks Muldoon.

“Yep…I just moved here from Gotham City, “explains the strapping orderly. “Well let me get to it and get this…err…gentleman ready for bed,” chirps the orderly. “As soon as he’s put away for the night you can be off and about your business officer.

Young Harvey moves toward a heavy door set next to a rectangular observation window. The orderly slides the bolt unlocking the door. The heavy door creaks loudly as the orderly pulls it open. As the door completes the arc of its swing it reveals an interior cell with thick grey padding lining the floor and walls. A heavy worn canvas straight jacket hangs from a hook on the padded side of the door.    

Meanwhile Muldoon unlocks the cuffs around Superman’s wrists and then holsters them. Then he draws his night stick as a precaution and moves off to observe.

The tall strapping young orderly faces Superman with a boyish grin and displays the heavy faded white canvas straightjacket. The front of the jacket is a solid piece of canvas with sown sleeves. A myriad of thick worn unbuckled leather straps hang in the back join the jacket together like a zipper. The orderly displays the immobilizing garment to his new charge announcing, “Your attire for the evening….ah… sir…ha-ha. But first… strip off that Halloween costume.” Superman stands bewildered rubbing his freed big wrists eyeing the worn straight jacket’s myriad of dangling leather straps and big buckles with apprehension.

“It’s for you own safety. You can take it off or I’ll call some of the boys and we’ll take it off you lad,” advices Muldoon lightly slapping his nightstick in his palm. Harvey sighs as he tosses the straight jacket onto his desk. His demeanor changes abruptly. Harvey grasps the thick handle of the billy-club at his waist with one of his big hands threatening, “I’m afraid it’s going to get rough for you unless you start to cooperate!” 

Superman sighs sullenly at the billy-club as he pulls his cape aside and takes a seat on the exam table; he draws up one leg and begins to shuck off his big red boots one by one. Harvey folds his big arms across his strapping chest shouting, “Hurry it up…Halloween is over and I’ve more important work to do before my shift is over!” Superman fumes at the air of sudden arrogance. 

When his big boots are off, Superman stands and unbuckles his yellow belt fishing it from the loops of his red briefs. Harvey snatches the yellow belt from Superman’s hand when it pulls free of Superman’s athletic waist and then tosses the bright yellow belt onto his desktop. Superman burns with humiliation as he slides his red briefs down his long powerful legs to his ankles and then shakes them from his legs.

The big orderly suddenly turns outright mean, “Turn around BOY,” demands Harvey in a stern voice.

“Take it easy. There is no need to be rude…”objects Muldoon.

Harvey cuts across Muldoon, “Don’t tell me how to do my job! Hey you! I told you to turn the fuck around. Are you stupid too as well as loony?”

Superman seizes with anger as he turns but he can do nothing until the effects of the Joker’s kryptonite potion wears off; until then he is at the mercy of this so called orderly! The orderly boldly reaches up under Superman’s cape and unzips the bright blue spandex jump suit. “Take it off BOY,” shouts the orderly sternly. Superman peels the big red and yellow “S” away from his strapping chest fishing his big arms out of the spandex sleeves. Then in one swift motion he bends over and slides the bright blue spandex suit down to ankles. “

Come on,” shouts Harvey as he manhandles Superman spinning him around 180 degrees. Before he can recover Harvey uses his big arms to push the naked young man down into sitting position on the chilly steel top of exam table. Superman’s bare buttocks slide on the smooth table as Harvey reaches down and grabs hold of the spandex suit around his ankles! Superman instinctively grabs the edges of the table for support. The big orderly boldly yanks the suit from both of Superman’s ankles in one swift action. Then he crumbles the bright blue spandex into a ball in his big hands and tosses the suit to the tile floor.

“On your feet,” orders the orderly sternly.

Superman rises sullenly to stand before the dreadful orderly wearing only his cape. Harvey sneaks a quick peek at Superman’s exposed junk and then pushes the big young man aside to stand behind. The orderly reaches up and roughly fishes Superman’s big arms from the cape’s shoulder harness straps. He pulls the harness down his bare arms freeing the cape from his torso!  Harvey tosses the cape onto the old exam table and then rounds Superman and stands before the naked young man.

“Open your mouth…cavity search,” demands Harvey. Dumfounded, Superman stands naked with his big arms at either of his sides and opens his mouth. The orderly pulls a small flashlight from his shirt pocket. He shines the light into Superman’s mouth looking for contraband. Satisfied the cavity is empty the orderly pockets his flashlight barking, “Turn around, grab the table, bend over and spread your legs wide apart.”

“What…,” asks Superman uttering his first word since he entered the police precinct?

“Now,” commands Harvey putting his hand on the billy-club holstered to his belt!

“Cavity search….standard procedure,” explains Muldoon sympathetically. “Do as your told lad.”

Superman’s face turns beat red as he faces the table exam table and bends over. He extends his hands outwards and grabs the edges of the steel table with his big hands.

“Lower,” commands Harvey in an imperious tone. Superman grabs the edges of the exam table tightly and bows lower like a peasant to royalty. The orderly lends a hand. He kicks Superman’s bare legs from behind until his appendages are spread as wide apart as possible.  “Now don’t move a muscle,” commands the orderly.

The handsome orderly takes his time. Harvey walks leisurely over to the counter against the wall running his big hand across his short cropped hair. There he unhurriedly washes his hands thoroughly in a small steel sink; Harvey slowly dries his big hands with a paper towel and then takes a pair of thin elastic gloves from a jar on the counter. Meanwhile Superman remains embarrassing bent over the exam table with his ass in the air and his cock and balls dandling between his spread legs.

Two loud elastic snaps fill the quiet infirmary as Harvey pulls a glove over each of his hands. Flashlight in hand he steps behind superman. “Lower your chest onto the table and KISS IT; then reach behind and spread your ass cheeks using both hands,” demands the orderly.

Burning with humiliation Superman obeys and lowers his well developed twin pictorial muscles and face to the stainless steel surface; he presses his lips to steel and then brings his big hands behind his broad back! He swallows hard as he uses his big hands to spread his ass cheeks for the orderly. Harvey grins as he peers inwards between Superman’s legs. He takes his time inspecting the young man’s butt cheeks that he will strap bright red and the cock he will suckle after he gets rid of Muldoon. Suddenly Harvey feigns a sigh of frustration; then he uses his license to inspect to use his free hand to grab Superman’s beefy ball sack; Superman grunts as Harvey roughly pulls downwards and then to the left and then to hard to the right to position Superman’s ass to obtain the optimal view! The orderly shouts as he pulls hard left “Spread those legs wider.” Superman grunts loudly as he tries to reposition his big legs wider apart.

“Harvey….is that necessary,” objects Muldoon from the corner.

“Do you want to do this,” returns the orderly as he yanks the ball sack harder making Superman grunt loudly.

Muldoon sighs but remains silent indicating no. After what seems like an eternity the orderly releases his iron grip on Superman’s ball sack and snaps off his flashlight. He pockets the flashlight and orders, “Stand up and turn around! Extend your arms before your chest!”

Superman releases his ass cheeks and raises his chest from the table. He straightens and turns burning with humiliation to face the orderly. Harvey ignores the naked man and moves away removing his thin plastic gloves. The orderly retrieves the straightjacket and returns to Superman; he holds the jacket out towards Superman spread open prepared to slip it onto to him. The jacket’s thick leather restraining straps dangle from the sown ends of the Jacket’s long sleeves and jacket’s bottom edge as Superman eyes the immobilizing garment apprehensively.

“Don’t you have a pair of pajama pants for the lad,” asks Muldoon in annoyed tone.

“Sorry….fresh out of pants,” lies the handsome orderly flippantly. “Put your arms out,” demands Harvey.

The big young orderly sighs asking, “Why do I have to keep repeating my orders?” Superman obeys albeit somewhat red faced. He lowers his head and holds his big arms out before him to be bound within the straight jacket. Harvey quickly slides the heavy white canvas sleeves up over Superman’s naked arms onto his broad shoulders.  The orderly, seemly very experienced in the art of male bondage, darts behind Superman and buckles the myriad of thick straps together that draw the jacket tight around the victim’s torso. Next his he grabs the straps attached to the sown ends of the long sleeves and draws them together behind Superman’s broad back. The orderly quickly cinches up the slack and buckles all the straps good and tight. Finished Harvey tests the leather straps roughly pulling hard on each strap, shaking Superman, to insure each is secured tightly in place.

With that Superman’s powerful arms are immobilized – crossed at the elbows atop his six pack abs below his chest. For good measure the orderly takes the restraining strap at the bottom edge of the jacket. Then he feeds a dangling strap between Superman’s powerful legs. The strap, actually two straps sewn to the front bottom edge of the jacket, join together a short distance below to accommodate Superman’s junk. The big orderly kicks Superman’s legs apart and quickly draws the single leather strap taut burying the leather strap deep between the Man of Steel’s ample buttocks. Superman swears under his breath as the big orderly cinches up, buckles and secures the invasive strap in place.  In response Superman instinctively twists his bound arms and shifts from leg to leg trying to become acclimated to invasive strap wedged between his ass-crack. He looks worriedly down the front of the old worn jacket towards the outline of his immobilized arms within the jacket’s canvas sleeves. He swallows hard and instinctively tests the jacket’s restraints twisting and pulling in place on his bare but finds his upper body is completely immobilized.

Harvey laughs aloud as the big young man futilely tests his handiwork. He goes to a cupboard and then returns with a thick manila colored plastic facemask. The “biter” mask (Silence of the Lambs) encases the face from the nose down. The mask’s mouth opening has a steel grill to prevent biting. Superman looks bewildered as the orderly boldly spreads the elastic straps and slips the worn biting mask over his face. He releases the wide elastic straps and the thick plastic facemask conforms tightly to his handsome face. The orderly moves about Superman’s head adjusting the mask’s wide elastic straps to position the grotesque mask correctly under Superman’s chiseled jaw. Finished he observes, “You’re not such a pretty boy now.”

Then Harvey looks with satisfaction upon the big young man he has immobilized. He clasps his big hands behind his back as he begins to circle Superman as he stands in place naked from the waist down. “Everything seems to be in order,” remarks the young orderly observing the outline of Superman’s powerful arms within the jacket’s sleeve that are bound crossed together below his big chest. Harvey passes behind Superman and nods in satisfaction towards the leather strap that is buried deep and wedged between the man’s ample ass cheeks. He casts his lustful gaze down the backs of Superman’s bare thighs to his twin distinctive calf muscles. He completes his inspection orbit and stands before Superman and looks the big man up and down.  He stares at the biter mask that obscures his angelic face with the exception of his deep blue eyes and distinctive split curl dangling in front of his forehead.

Satisfied his strapping charge is completely helpless Harvey barks pointing towards the open door to the padded cell, “Get your ass into that cell BOY. I don’t want to hear a peep out of you the rest of my shift or I’ll sedate you with a suppository.” Superman sourly obeys and moves barefooted into the padded cell. Once he is inside the heavy door immediately slams closed behind him. Subsequently he hears the heavy dead bolt slide shut locking the door.

Alone inside Superman finds the cell very uninviting; weak lighting from small lights mounted high above the floor provides poor lighting. As he eyes adjust he sullenly looks towards the large observation window’s mirrored surface. The orderly and others can look into the padded cell but the occupant cannot see out. Superman sullenly gazes at the reflection of a tall young man immobilized naked in a straight jacket and wearing a grotesque biter mask. Superman sighs away; he turns in place 360 degrees taking stock of his dreary accommodations. The floor and walls of the cell are lined with thick grey padding. He instinctively looks upwards. The wall padding ends ten feet above the floor giving way to smooth poured concrete. At 30 feet the walls join a concrete ceiling. Superman stomach flutters when he spies a black metal bar, designed to keep men’s legs spread apart. For at each end of the sturdy black bar is a thick leather ankle restraint. Presently the bar is suspended 20 feet or so above the floor by dual chains that connect above the center of the bar to allow rotation. Superman shakes his head in disbelief at the predicament he finds himself in. He curses at the bite of the jacket’s retaining strap wedged tightly between his buttocks. Despair and fear suddenly sweeps Superman leading to panic. Superman becomes suddenly frantic. The worn leather straps creak as and he vainly tugs at his bound arms beneath his chest and shakes his head futilely trying to dislodge the degrading biting facemask from his head. 

Meanwhile outside, “I’ll take it from here Muldoon. He’s secured for the night.”  Muldoon frowns as he holsters his nightstick; he looks apprehensively at Harvey and then through the observation window for a second and then he exits without a reply. When the door slams closed the medical orderly dashes to his desk. Harvey subconsciously sweeps the yellow belt covering his porn magazine off the desktop and onto the floor. He cock twitches and stirs as he gazes down lustfully at the image of a young naked man with a powerful build ball gagged and hogtied on his belly!

He turns the page and there is a large purple playing card between the pages of gay porn – the deck’s Joker card!!! The orderly turns the playing card over and smiles at the printed Swiss Bank account number and its PIN! “Easy money,” whispers the orderly. “With what the Joker is paying me I won’t have to work for quite a while.”

He walks to examine table and picks up Superman’s red briefs and sniffs them savoring Superman’s manly scent. He picks up one of the big red boots and stuffs the briefs into the boot. Harvey’s cock stirs as he sets the REAL Superman’s big red boot on the exam table atop the red cape. He retrieves Superman’s yellow belt and stuffs it folded in two into the other boot and then sets it next to the first big boot. The orderly picks up the spandex jumpsuit and unscrambles the suit so the red and yellow “S” is displayed before him. “To think I’m being paid for this! Fuck I’d suckle, strap and fuck Superman for free,” thinks Harvey as studies the famous trademark. “Who would have thought that crazy clown could render Superman….fucking Superman….utterly powerless? But here he is…the mighty Man of Steel…my fucking prisoner. Actually I still can’t believe this is happening. Fucking Superman is mine…at least for the next hour or so…and I get to fuck him…literally,” remarks the orderly as he decides it’s time to get things rolling.

He drops the spandex suit next to the other colorful components of the costume and moves to the observation window. He cock twitches as he studies the naked Adonis he has straight jacketed in the padded cell. He rubs the crotch of his white pants as he watches the young masked man twist and struggle moving about the cell violently to free him-self. “It’s useless to struggle Superman…but I love to watch you do it. Yeah…move that sweet ass for me! God…I do love muscles,” whispers Harvey hotly as he kisses each of his big biceps. “And we both have big muscles. Let’s roll,” laughs Harvey

He dashes to the one of the peeling cupboards set above the small work counter. He opens a door and selects a stainless steel mouth clamp with twin leather straps from a shelf. “Sweet,” whispers Harvey! He grins as gets reacquainted with the handy device. The device, a workable clamp, is used to pry patient’s teeth apart and hold the mouth open for medical procedures. But Harvey has a different purpose in mind for the instrument! His cock becomes semi erect as imagines using the clamp to hold the Superman’s sweet mouth wide open to receive whatever the orderly decides to put in it. He dashes back to the desk and tosses the mouth clamp down to the desktop. He reaches into a knapsack under the desk and eventually withdraws his hand wielding a thick piece of heavy black razor strap affixed to a thick wooden handle! He smiles as swings the punitive strap; it whistles through the air several times before Harvey drops the strap to the desktop; Harvey un-holsters his billy-club using one hand as he grabs the mouth clamp by its leather straps with the other. He grins wickedly as he dashes towards the door of the padded cell!


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