Allure of Kryptonite Chapter 3
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Allure of Krytonite

Author: Lcross

Chapter 3 Act One 

The phone next to Clark’s bed is ringing. Superman, still prone on the bedroom floor shakes off the last effects of the now encapsulated kryptonite and looks wearily up at the digital clock…903 PM. He has fallen asleep for a several hours! Dazed, he awkwardly pulls up his red briefs before he stumbles clumsily up onto his red boots. He gropes through the darkness dragging his red cape towards the ringing phone and answers shortly, “Kent speaking.”

“Hi Clark, sorry to call so late,” apologizes Inspector Henderson. Superman turns on the light near the phone.

“I was up…it’s OKAY,” mumbles Superman sleepily as he looks down his costume at his soiled “S’ and unbuckled yellow belt and disheveled briefs.

“The reason I called is because of the name you gave me to check out. I put feelers out and got a hit from a tipster just minutes ago. Indirectly I was told a Mr. Ricky Harvey can be reached at 337-5689. No other information…”

Superman cuts across. “Got it; thanks inspector…I’ll check it out next week,” fibs Superman suddenly cheerful.

“Say are you OKAY Clark. Perry says you haven’t been to work much since Halloween….,”asks Henderson.

Superman cuts across anxiously, “I’m fine inspector….just the….err… the flu. Thanks for the info…Happy Thanksgiving.” Superman pushes the disconnect button without waiting for a response. He spins around, his crimson cape fluttering, on the soles of his big red boots holding the cordless phone in one hand while running the other big hand nervously through his dark curly locks of hair. It has been several weeks since Superman’s ordeal in the infirmary. It was hours before his powers returned last time and he was able to escape the police precincts’ old infirmary. He still has dreams nightly about his erotic captivity and subsequent rape.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and Superman has been despondent since the Halloween encounter with Harvey. Superman has sought for weeks, unsuccessfully until now, to find Ricky Harvey! He has been wholeheartedly willing to take Harvey up on his offer to explore his submissive side further!  This is the first hopeful lead he has had in tracking down Ricky Harvey! Superman sighs as he contemplates calling the number.  But the truth is that Superman is now like a moth drawn to a flame! To Superman’s consternation his sexual interlude with Harvey awoke an intense streak of gay submissiveness that had remained dormant and buried deep within Superman’s sub-consciousness his entire life! Now that streak has been awakened. Women no longer interest Superman that much. The feelings and intense desire for Harvey quickly clouds his better judgment. He can’t concentrate on work. He has not dated in weeks. Suddenly Superman is completely willing to submit to his dark desire to be dominated and humiliated by the muscle top Harvey! Now that he knows how to contact Harvey Superman becomes instantly helpless to his dark sexual appetites! He impetuously decides to call Harvey who is obviously in cahoots with the Joker! Superman fully realizes it is surely a prelude to another diabolic trap set for Superman! But Superman cannot resist the opportunity to be with the erotic Harvey again!

Superman swallows hard as he adjusts his re-stiffening cock beneath his unbuckled belt in the confining spandex briefs. His cock twitches wildly as he dials the phone.  The phone rings three times and then a strong masculine answers, “Hello.”

Superman hesitates to answer. The thick soles of his boots tap the hardwood flooring and his cape billows as he paces in front of his bed. “Hello,” again speaks the unmistakable clear strong voice of Rick Harvey!

“Hel…lo,” stammers Superman shyly suddenly ceasing to pace.

“Your call came up as restricted. You didn’t say much that night at the infirmary but I recognize your voice,” replies Harvey coolly. “What can I do for you this evening Superman?”

“I’d…err…would like to meet…you….please…somewhere…,” stutters Superman awkwardly.

“The old stage theater near the Metropolis fairgrounds. Right now Superman,” demands Harvey in character before the line goes dead!

Seconds later a red and blue blur raises high above the lit cityscape of Metropolis. The full moon is rising above the dark horizon as Superman streaks westward toward the city’s outskirts to keep his tryst. In a matter of seconds Superman has crossed the expanse of Metropolis and reached its western boundary and the city’s fairgrounds. The Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving finds the sprawling fairgrounds disserted. The ground’s labyrinth of narrow winding side streets that lead to the fair’s midway are empty as are the dark and shuttered barns, buildings and concession stands. 

Superman touches down lightly on the edge of the fairgrounds near the Center of Progress Building. His destination – a familiar old 40’s style theater now used to show movies and enact armature plays during the fair that lies across from the grandstand within sight of the midway. His crimson cape follows Superman down and settles in behind him brushing against top edges of his red boots. Strangely, in contrast to rest of the deserted fairgrounds, a fleet of shiny black limousines line both sides of the street in front of the small theater!  Several large catering trucks are parked in an alley adjacent to the theater.

A bewildered Superman looks apprehensively up at the theater’s overhanging marquee. It is a trap! The Joker is using Harvey as the bait! Superman sullenly reads the large red printed letters: THE JOKER IS WILD. Beneath it: STARRING FRANK SINATRA. Superman looks towards the theater and concentrates intending to x-ray the structure’s interior. To Superman’s consternation no image forms in his mind’s eye!

Self doubt and fear sweep over Superman! He instinctively dashes between two stretch limousines towards the shuttered ticket booth, his cape billowing and big boots pounding the dark damp pavement.  He stomach flutters as he instinctively slinks within the shadows of the theater’s darkened vestibule. Superman backs up against one of the faded movie posters plastering the entryway’s walls pressing against the wall. The theater’s paint must be lead based!  I’m to go inside blind!  His presses his red cape back hard against the wall as he throws back his head and clenches his fists tightly. His handsome head rolls side to side, his blue eyes closed, as he exhales loudly contemplating the impending danger that surely awaits him within the old theater. I can leave here now and fly to the farm and spend the holiday as planned. I can run! Forget crime fighting, the Joker, Luthor and the other super villains that want to destroy me… and…Rick Harvey. RICK HARVEY…I can’t forget Rick and the unquenchable dark appetites he has awakened within me! I can think of no one else! I’ve never felt that way before about anyone! I could crush him and the others in this theater like insects and be done with all this….BUT…I can’t’ bring myself to do it! I want… Harvey to accept me as his…partner admits Superman finally after weeks of denial!

Superman’s lower lip quivers as he opens his blue eyes. He lowers his gaze down his chiseled chest encased in bright tight blue spandex beneath a red and yellow “S.” He stares at the sidewalk thinking: kryptonite; it makes me powerless! But Harvey does not need kryptonite! I am already powerless against his charms! Superman sighs loudly in the shadows and makes a grave decision: if Rick wants Superman to enter the theater…SO BEIT!

His cape billows grandly behind as he resolutely moves away from the vestibule wall with determination. Superman boots echo within the wide vestibule as he approaches the theater’s array of glass doors. He pulls one of the handles and finds it unlocked. Superman looks out towards the dark deserted streets comprising the darken fairgrounds to the disserted midway. He notes the silhouettes of the Ferris wheel and roller coaster melancholy; glumly Superman turns and pulls the door open and willingly takes the bait! He walks into the trap the Joker has surely prepared knowingly. Superman passes through the door and into the darken entryway that leads to a small brightly lit lobby. Superman stops and looks pass the deserted concession booth towards a set of wide carpeted stairs that lead to a balcony. Two brass posts support a suspended sign with black printed letters: RESERVED.  Superman eyes the balcony staircase wearily before making his way towards a set of double doors leading to the theater seating. Superman pulls open one door and peers in finding the seats all empty. Superman slowly makes his way down the carpeted aisle separating the long rows of empty theaters seats made of black wrought iron and worn red cushions with gold embroidering.  Superman stops midway in the wide aisle and looks apprehensively towards the brightly lit elevated stage, it’s tall deep purple curtains closed, looming before him.  He stares at the stage curtains nervously until he begins to feel like he is being watched. He spins, crimson cape fluttering behind his broad back, 360 degrees craning his neck in all directions anxiously examining his venue. The house lights are down yet he can make out a large balcony set high above the theater seating; the balcony’s lights are extinguished obscuring the seating but there are numerous shadowy figures moving about holding the glowing ends of burning cigarettes and he can hear the sound of ice rattling in cocktail glasses.

Suddenly a spotlight illuminates from the projection room beyond the balcony. It circles the theater seating rapidly before shining directly onto Superman. The soft excited din of loud whispering drifts down from the darkened balcony to the theater floor below as Superman’s young powerful figure is clearly illuminated for the unseen audience above.  Hushed gasps of amazement spew from the hidden audience as they leer down at the tall strapping man. The excited din of hushed whispers rises and drifts down from above in response to the appearance of a very familiar tall figure with well defined muscles that are clearly outlined within the tight confines of his bright spandex costume. Superman instinctively stares upwards towards balcony giving the spectators a frontal view of Metropolis’ mighty Champion.

For within the cone of piercing white light stands the unmistakable tall figure of Superman dressed in his bright colorful trademark costume. Superman is a striking figure to say the least. The twin peaked edges of his big red boots rise to the sides of his knee caps. Bright blue spandex rises out of the tops of those boots encasing his long power thighs that give way to a pair of crimson red trunks. A yellow belt encompasses the Man of Steel’s athletic waist. A red cape drapes his powerful shoulders and hangs behind Superman brushing the backs of his tall boots. A large red and yellow “S” is set atop tight bright blue spandex that conforms to his sculpted, powerful chest and muscular arms. The handsome champion with angelic facial features and bright blue eyes beneath a distinctive split curl dangling across his forehead looks upwards apprehensively at the obscured audience.

Suddenly Rick Harvey appears from behind the drawn stage curtain and shouts “Pay no attention to them Superman…it’s me that brought you here this evening…they are here to….observe only…for now.”  Superman’s crimson cape flashes within the confines of the circular spotlight as he whirls around and faces the stage. As his cape settles in behind him Superman’s mouth drops open; his cock stirs and twitches hard within the tight confines of his spandex trunks as he gazes upon an erotic Ricky Harvey. The young infirmary orderly is transformed! The bland white uniform is gone! This evening Harvey is dressed in tight jet black leather pants that cover the sides of his big black polished engineer boots. Dark sun glasses that obscure his bright blue eyes are set below the bill of a black leather policeman’s hat. One of his black gloved fists is wrapped around the handle of a thick black wand resembling a policeman’s nightstick with a noose on one end. The strange black wand is holstered to a wide black police style belt tightly encompassing Harvey’s athletic waist. Harvey is shirtless – his strapping torso, that rivals Superman’s, dripping with powerful muscles, is harnessed in a four strap leather harness buckled tightly around his young powerful upper body.

Harvey studies Superman intently lowering his gaze from his distinctive split curl set atop bright blue eyes to the bright red and yellow “S” emblazoned on his powerful chest to the toes of his bright red boots.  “I knew you’d come running to me when I whistled Superman,” shouts Harvey. “I imagine at first you could not bring yourself to admit that deep down you liked the helplessness you first experienced on “the Lightning.” And the time you spent with me in the infirmary removed all doubt. B&D is your greatest sexual desire. Addicting isn’t it?”

“Yes it is,” whispers Superman as he instinctively starts to crane his neck back upwards towards the obscured audience. “I SAID pay no attention to them Superman! They are here to witness to a momentous event.  You are like a moth drawn towards a flame Superman! Your irresistible dark appetites drew you here this evening despite the great danger posed to you! However Superman, if this is not the case you me leave now with apologies from my employer – the Joker. He won’t trouble you further….his interests lie in Gotham City.”

Superman fiddles rubbing his hands together nervously and shifting his weight from one big boot to the other as he rolls over Harvey’s words and their implications in his mind. I am free to leave! He could wake up tomorrow on Thanksgiving Day at the Kent farm and this would all be just a bad dream! But Superman does not leave – he simply can’t. Like a student before a headmaster awaiting his discipline, Superman continues to stand facing Harvey in silence. His intense sexual arousal and his dark desire to experience more B&D drain away any remnants of common sense and pride like a flushing toilet. Thus mighty Superman lowers his head and clasps his big hands together behind his back atop his crimson cape – an acknowledgment that Harvey’s insinuations are quite true!

The din of whispers from the audience rises higher in anticipation as mighty Superman unbelievably acquiesces!

“OKAY then…come up on stage Superman,” barks Harvey.

Resisting an urge to look back towards the balcony Superman obeys and move nervously towards the brightly lit stage. The spotlight follows the strapping figure’s billowing crimson cape, adorned with a yellow companion “S,” as Superman slowly mounts the side steps to the stage. Excited whispers from the darkened balcony filter down to stage below as Superman makes his way across the stage to Rick Harvey who awaits him center stage.

Superman stops and stands before Harvey with eyes cast downwards and his powerful arms hanging limply at either side. Harvey smiles and boldly flicks a piece of crusted cum from Superman’s “S” symbol on his chest before roughly shoving Superman around on his boots to face the balcony. The scene on the small stage is erotica. A handsome leather master confronting and easily dominating a brightly dressed powerful buff superhero using only his sheer will. Harvey smirks at Superman who could easily rip the theater from its foundation with his bare hands standing submissively beside him. Harvey continues and gestures with one hand. The tall stage curtains part withdrawing to either side of the stage.

The mere presence of Harvey seems to arouse Superman! Superman can smell Harvey’s leather attire – its erotic aroma makes his knees weak and stomach flutter! He dares to steal a look at his new master as his cock begins to stiffen – its large outline rising above the waistband of his yellow belt! The sight of Harvey’s powerful bare chest harnessed in wide leather straps make Superman quiver as if he was exposed to kryptonite. Superman steals yet another glance to further study Rick’s shirtless strapping upper body and his big bicep as it flexes while motioning to the moving curtains. 

Noise from the balcony breaks Superman’s from his trance and he looks instinctively beyond the parted stage curtains. The opening curtains reveal a large white concrete square block sitting in the center of the stage. Stenciled in faded black letters on the large cumbersome block is the inscription: 2400 LBS.  At either side of the stage are two strange cone projectors set atop metal tripods trained center stage.

Above the enormous block is a set of heavy suspended chains connected to an all too familiar steel spreader bar with ankle restraints! Its sinister purpose is quite apparent to Superman! Other suspended chains run vertically from the hoist apparatus and are attached to large steel mounts secured to the stage floor. A steel cock ring attached to a single chain dangles below the spreader bar!

Suddenly the lights dim on stage and a hidden screen lowers on stage. Surveillance footage from the old police infirmary begins to roll on the stage screen. The footage date scrolls: 11-1-10. The security camera is aimed at the police infirmary’s observation window and locked door. Not long into the film loop a motor shatters the observation window and then crashes onto the infirmary floor spraying broken glass everywhere. Superman swallows hard when the cell door crashes down to the floor and a naked man, Superman, steps out of the observation cells. Laughter from the balcony ensues as Superman kneels down and begins jacking off spewing, “Harvey! Harvey!”

The clip fades to black before the stage lights come up. The laughter continues until Harvey raises his hand and barks at Superman, “Pick up the concrete block boy.”

“NOW,” barks Harvey! Superman breaks his red faced stare as the vacant screen rises and disappears; he is somewhat startled but recovers and instantly obeys. Superman’s big red boots echo through the empty theater as he walks across the stage to the concrete block. Superman’s big bicep bulges impressively within the bright blue spandex as he grasps the block’s steel handle embedded in the top of the chunk of concrete. Superman braces his feet and then using only one hand Superman effortlessly lifts the block off the stage floor. The wooden floorboards groan and before creaking loudly in protest as he extends one muscular arm upwards suspending the heavy block above his head like a toy!

Harvey shouts, “Behold….he’s no imposter in replicated costume…He’s the real deal!” More gasps from the audience as Superman stands easily supporting the cumbersome concrete block over his head.

“Set it down out of the way of the apparatus,” barks Harvey. Harvey instinctively moves away as Superman spins on his big red boots and totes the big block effortlessly to the rear of the stage. There the Man of Steel gently sets it down clear of the chain apparatus. Superman returns to Harvey and stands meekly beside his new master!

Then Harvey addresses the audience, “Distinguished gentleman….behold. I present to you the mighty Man of Steel, Superman.”

Harvey turns and shouts an admonishment to Superman “Why are you standing in your master’s presence Superman!” Rick snaps his figures and then points his index finger down towards the stage floor.

Superman looks up at Harvey and swallows hard. The darkened balcony filled with shadowy figures whispers excitedly anticipating the forthcoming submission! Superman’s mind races; he could simply fly away or crush Harvey and everyone else in this old theater like a bug – smoke the place with his heat vision burning it to ground leaving no traces! But Superman’s lust for Harvey is too powerful. Instead, incredibly, Superman’s polished red leather boots creak softly and his crisp bright spandex rustles as he obeys and falls down upon his knees before Harvey on stage!  His crimson cape pools over the heels of his red boots as Superman drops his powerful arms to his sides and lowers his head in submission to Harvey. There is loud thundering applause from the elevated balcony when Superman finishes positioning himself on his knees at his master’s feet!  Harvey raises his hand for silence. The applause abruptly ends. Only the sound of an occasional ice cube dropping into glasses drifts down from the vantage point above the stage.

Harvey slowly withdraws his metallic wand from his utility belt. He places the wand’s flexible noose over Superman’s head and down around Superman’s strong neck. Hushed excited whispers drift down as Harvey carefully tightens the noose around Superman’s’ neck like a collar! Superman instinctively begins to raise his big hands to the noose in protest but then reconsiders and lowers them.

Harvey turns and addresses the audience again holding the wand like a leash, “He can bend steel in his bare hands and leap tall buildings in a single bound – he is faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive – BUT – here he is gentleman – for your holiday entertainment – the mighty Man of Steel – Superman – up on stage – down on his knees before you!”

Another roar of applause ensues as Harvey tugs on the wand tethered to the noose around Superman’s neck. Superman does not protest. He follows the tug of the leash and rises up off the heels of his boots erect on his knees. Above the applause Superman stares down helplessly at the outline of his stiff cock above the waistband of his red briefs –wedged beneath his bright yellow belt.

“On with the show!” shouts Harvey above the continuous applause. The applause mixed with laughter grows boldly louder as Harvey tugs the wand and makeshift leash. Instinctively Superman falls forward onto the palms of his big hands. For starters Harvey leads Superman crawling about the stage. His bright crimson cape drapes his powerful frame as his hands and knees slide across the stage floor. The toes of his big red boots scuff the floor as Harvey looks behind towards Superman following him like a dog. He notes with pride the companion yellow “S” embossed on the back of Superman’s cape.  The letter “S” – familiar symbol of the most powerful man on Earth – SUPERMAN – and he has him crawling on all fours! 

Satisfied he has demonstrated he is the undisputed alpha male on stage, Harvey suddenly tugs the leash making Superman heel; he raises his hand and addresses the audience. The applause stops and Harvey shouts, “Behold your city’s fallen champion!”

Thunderous applause ensues yet again as flashbulbs suddenly ignite from the balcony capturing Superman’s subjugation! Harvey leans down using his free hand to grab a fistful of Superman’s hair; Harvey pulls back and upwards forcing Superman’s face towards the multitude of flashing cameras. Superman who could easily crush Harvey like a bug does not protest. Unbelievably Superman remains submissively down on all fours draped in his crimson cape.

In time Harvey releases Superman’s hair and gestures for silence again. The theater becomes deathly silent. Harvey reins in the wand making it taut and demands, “Lick my boot Superman.” He steps in sliding the big toe of one black engineer’s boot forward. Harvey mocks the hapless Superhero, “If you want to taste the candy between my legs you must earn it by polishing my boot with your tongue Superman!”

The shadowy figures quickly rush excitedly forward and line the length of balcony’s long rail. Loud rude explicative’s hail down from the balcony as Superman, his powerful torso and upper thighs draped within his cape, slowly lowers his head between his powerful arms. When Superman’s face is hovering inches above Harvey’s boot his sticks out his tongue. “Look at that!” “I can’t believe it!” “He fucking owns Superman!”  More flashes ignite from the balcony above the stage. Superman can see his pathetic expression reflected from the toe of Harvey’s polished black boot as his tongue begins to sweep over the toe of Harvey’s big polished boot. Strangely Superman becomes even more aroused as he continues to lick Harvey’s big boot with his tongue. He can smell the erotic scent of leather and shoe polish. Pre-cum actually forms on the tip of Superman’s cock as his tongue swirls over the cool smooth black leather. Harvey shouts down, “Harder slave…I want to feel your tongue against the leather toe.”

Superman obliges! Superman adjusts his stance on his knees and grabs the ankles of Harvey’s boots with both hands! He lowers his face and licks the boot’s leather toe harder and harder!

Harvey watches from above as the mighty Man of Steel, his powerful is body shrouded under his crimson cape, licks his big boot! He holds the wand tethered to the flexible noose around Superman’s strong neck like a royal scepter.

Suddenly Harvey interrupts the bootlicking superhero. He withdraws his boot and places his other big boot atop Superman’s back atop the cape’s companion yellow “S.” Harvey rudely drives his boot down hard pushing Superman’s big chest and legs to the stage floor. Superman does not resist! Rick reels in the wand’s noose making it taut as he applies his weight to Superman’s broad back using the yellow “S” as a doormat. Harvey keeps his big boot planted on the yellow “S” symbol affixed to the back of Superman’s crimson cape pressing the companion “S” on his chest into the stage floor! He pulls back on the wand applying pressure to the noose around Superman’s neck forcing him to raise his head backwards displaying his sullen expression to the audience. Tears well up in Supermans eyes as loud applause and laughter rein down from the balcony above.

Harvey shouts to Superman, “Time for a short intermission Superman.” In one swift action Harvey twists both ends of the wand in opposite directions using both hands. The noose encircling Superman’s neck immediately turns bright green! The noose severs from the wand as Harvey steps away from Superman. Superman screams drawing his big legs underneath his chest. His bright blue eyes glaze as he comes up onto his knees. His broad back snaps back arching backwards. Superman violently drives the fingers of both hands under the bright green noose! Superman slams backwards onto his back atop his crimson cape. Harvey watches in wonder as his slave extends his legs and then rolls over and over across the stage in pure agony across the stage! The bright green noose instantly erases Superman’s mighty powers inflicting incapacitating jabs of aching nauseating pain. Now Superman cannot leave the theater. The cruel green kryptonite noose burns Superman’s neck and fingers as he futilely struggles trying to free his neck of the noose. Superman continues rolling on and off his crimson cape until his powerful torso is wrapped tightly in a crimson swaddle. Superman crashes into the base of one of the metal tripods topped with a metallic cone. There he lies wrapped in his cape with his booted legs set wide apart. He desperately grasps at the glowing noose lying in the shadow of one of the lethal kryptonite projectors that will be set upon him in a matter of minutes. Seconds later Supermans’ fingers loosen from the noose as he slips into unconsciousness.

Harvey holsters his wand and the tips his leather police cap to a suddenly silent and awestruck audience shouting, “A short intermission before Act Two.”  


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