The Last Kryptonian Chapter 9
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The Last Kryptonian

Author: Wrstlr

Some editions by SuperheroFan

The following characters Superman, Clark Kent, Toyman, Metallo, Lex Luthor, Parasite and Jax the Last Kryptonian are the property of DC comics. No copyright is intended and this story is just an individual author’s fantasy.

Chapter 9: Dr Hamilton and Lex Luthor reveal the true Kal-El to the himself.

Jax’s Ship:

The following morning the Revenge Squad members awaken to find themselves locked up in their energy cells. One by one the woke up and began to talk about what happened between them and their success in actually being able to weaken their own captor Jax. The Parasite even was impressed at the success that they had achieved and in the hopes of being able to exploit this to their advantage in seizing control from the behemoth alien.

They now knew that if they overloaded the behemoth with radiation while keeping him in a state of sexual ecstasy that he could be weakened by multiple cumshots during a session and when weakened they could then hopefully manipulate and control him by only allowing him to recharge with sun or kryptonite radiation by their allowance and control. They would claim that what happened yesterday was an accident and that it would never occur again if he would trust them one more time and that they still wanted to be a part of his plan to destroy the hero Superman. It seemed to be a genius plan for them.

Luthor also informed the other members that he now had access to some pilot controls for the ship that he could use when the time was right. Jax himself had woken up and was reviewing things in his mind about what happened to him via the Revenge Squad. It didn’t take a genius to realize that he was right to not fully trust them but his endgame was about to happen so if he could keep up his act for a few more days he would no longer require their assistance and happily dispose of these crooks.

Unfortunately, through his carelessness they learned that he could be weakened severely for a period of time. So, they were not going to get the chance to use that weakness to their advantage. He decided it was time to go in and play his part for the others and transport Luthor to earth for Superman’s final preparations before their own encounter.

Walking into the main chamber Jax noticed that the other four members were awake as well. He let them weave their tale about what happened as a mistake and then backhandedly accepted their excuses.

For safety sake though he informed them all though that they would remain in their cells until he returned after dropping Luthor off on earth. Opening Luthor’s cell Jax grabbed him and off they flew to earth. In just a matter of seconds Jax had dropped Luthor off at his lab to prepare for his encounter with Superman.


Superman slept the entire night in the living room instead of his bed like normal. When he opened his eyes though he noticed that he must have had some type of nightmare since most of the room seemed to be damaged or destroyed. Pillows were ripped to shreds; the coffee table was smashed into pieces and his more signs of damage were present all over the apartment.

Whatever caused the nightmare he could not recall hoping it was nothing serious. For safety sake using what powers he had at his disposal Superman quickly sped through the apartment cleaning it up and putting things back in order. While this usually took a matter of seconds to do for him this time it took over 20 minutes.

Just as he finished reassembling his coffee table and sat down his phone rang, “Clark Kent here,” Superman still playing the part of his alter ego.

“Clark, Are you ok son?” Mr. Kent said on the other side of the phone. “You mom and I are on our way over for your support and assistance. And don’t you try and tell us you don’t need us. We know better and besides I have something from home that you need to check out. We will be there in about 15 minutes.” Superman started to feel a bit better as he set the receiver down in its base knowing his parents where there and wanting to help in any way they could.

Across town Lex Luthor was back in his office lab and working on his plan for his encounter with Superman. This time Luthor actually wanted to humiliate the hero without kryptonite or anything like that. His research revealed some interesting theories by a Doctor Hamilton that worked for Star Labs. Lex also noticed that Dr. Hamilton’s projects that he was working on were funded by Lex Corp. He decided it was time for him to meet with the good doctor and see if he was interested in exploring his theories about Superman in reality.

Doctor Hamilton seemed actually a little too eager when Lex Luthor called him asking to discuss his theories with him. They agreed to meet in two hours to discuss the matter. Jax decided that instead of risking his own safety with the other members of Revenge Squad during this encounter he went to Superman’s old Fortress of Solitude to watch the encounter as well as prepare it for when Superman was dropped off back here to face himself as their final step before the two Kryptonian’s faced each other.

Jax fixed up one of the Superman robots to fly to the ship and ensure that the other members of the revenge squad were taken care of as well as being watched with instructions to instantly incapacitate them if they tried to escape or interfere with the remainder of the plan. Then Jax removed its morality chip to ensure that there was not potential of his orders not being followed and sent the android to his ship.

Clark Kent’s apartment:

Mr. and Mrs. Kent arrived at Clark’s apartment a little later then they said because they got lost from the hotel to the destination due to the two of them arguing with each other about the best route to get there.

Clark was happy to see them both and have their shoulders to lean on for support. The three of them discussed every single detail of what had occurred over the past few weeks to the best of their knowledge and with their support Clark finally came to the conclusion that he needed to focus more on being the hero Jor-El intended him to be.

While his adopted parents supported his decision they also wanted tried to remind him that even hero’s need a break from the world from time to time and either he would need to restore his fortress or build a new hideaway from the world where he could escape from time to time and not to forget about them either, like that could ever happen.

About 6pm on the first day the three of them were together Clark felt his powers fully restored and decided to take his parents out to dinner at a local restaurant. The three of them started to walk to the restaurant when they passed a nearby newsstand that had just received the print of the Daily Planet. All three of them were shocked to see the headline story was written by Lois Lane and titled,

“Why we are better off without Superman.” The whole story took up three full pages of the paper and was a litany of the many reasons that Metropolis was worse now due to Superman’s presence including details about his increase presence of powered and heavily armed villains, his own sexual deviations told is every sordid detail that could be presented, and how a hero could never have time for any kind of relationship with anyone due to their own conduct code and screwed up priorities. To Clark this felt like the ultimate betrayal from a loved one that he could never get over but yet he deserved every criticism that she mentioned in the article. This only made him more resolved to decide to be just one person, the mild-mannered Clark Kent or the hero of the people Superman, if he could regain their trust.

For the next two days the three members of the Kent family did everything they could be there for each other and avoid any mention of Kal-El or Superman. They hoped an absence of his presence as Superman would let things die down in the world while he made his decision. The plan seemed to be working as each progressive day the media coverage died down about Superman. On the third day together, Clark received a call from his good friend Doctor Hamilton asked him to come by. Clark agreed to meet him at a different location then normal that was specified by the Doctor.

Luthor’s Office and Laboratory:

Doctor Hamilton met with Lex Luthor to discuss his personal theories about how Superman obtains his power and abilities and how they could be neutralized so that he was nothing more than a normal human being physically.

Doctor Hamilton revealed that the yellow sun radiation is how he gains his superhuman abilities and that if you could keep him from absorbing this radiation he would be a normal man in all aspects except for his exceptional brain.

Luthor tried to probe more into this but Doctor Hamilton was very resistant to a direct approach for this information, so Luthor coyly agrees to help the Doctor create a red star radiation chamber for them to entrap Superman in.

During its construction Luthor continued to work on the Doctor to learn more about Superman’s mind, including some drugs in his drinks to lower his mental resistances. Two days in the build mid-afternoon the Doctor started to talk about his sexual fantasies with Superman revealing that he was bisexual and had frequent fantasies about a loving sexual interaction with Superman.

This signified to Luthor that his conditioning of the Doctor was taking effect and he decided to press about Superman’s brain again. This time the Doctor revealed to Luthor that Superman’s kind was many personalities in the same body that ideally should work in unison with each other but for some reason they were all separated and fragmented in Superman’s body switching control depending on the situation they were faced with.

Hamilton also accidentally let it slip that the more sperm that Superman had extracted the more he was vulnerable to disease, damage, and possibly even death. If all his sperm was expelled or killed Superman would virtually die as well being unable to heal or restore himself. Luthor decided to take advantage of this and see if in the process of depriving him of the healing radiation he could turn Superman into either his slave or possibly kill him and create a mind-controlled clone under his power.

Finally, the Doctor mentioned that he had also found a way for the Parasite to live without having to be fed on energy each day, the secret was to turn his skin into living solar panels that could absorb any type of solar radiation creating food/energy for him. Luthor sent one of his henchmen to Doctor Hamilton’s lab to steal this formula since he needed Parasite for his future plans. On the third day they knew that the red sun radiation chamber was complete and Doctor Hamilton made the call to Clark Kent asking him to send Superman to meet him there.

The chamber itself looked like a darkened office with only a couple exam tables in it for their usage. The plan was for Superman to arrive and be put through some physical tests of strength and abilities which would wear him down before being asked to enter the chamber where they would examine him one last time before releasing their findings, but instead they would seal them in there and in his exhausted state and deprived of yellow radiation they would ravage the weak hero like in the Doctors fantasies. Luthor then reassured the Doctor once they were done living out his fantasies Luthor would open the doors and release the hero, which was a lie.

Jax’s Ship:

The android Jax sent had arrived at his space ship and made sure that Metallo, Toyman, and the Parasite were taken care of by feeding them and keeping them locked in their cages. He deprived them of all videos of what was happening or any kind of interaction with the ship or each other during these three days.

On the third day though something went wrong with the android and exploded leaving them trapped in their cells and unable to do anything or have any idea of what was happening on earth. Parasite even started to feel weak and ill since he had not been feed any energy yet that day and the health alarms started sounding as the day continued on with no one taking care of his needs.

Fortress of Solitude:

During the three days at the fortress Jax had completely rebuilt a new crystal computer for record keeping, a new bed chamber for himself, and new shower facility with pheromone spa and whirlpool. He also created a lab and computer bank that he could use to become the new hero of earth and possibly entice the computer Brainiac to search him out instead of the other way around. He also created a birthing chamber to raise the new child he hoped to have once he had been fertilized with Superman’s sperm which could be done since their DNA’s were similar and his submission to Jax would signify that he was worthy to fertilize Jax before being filled with Jax’s own cum shot and held into Kal-Els body which would lead to his death.

The computer then alerted Jax that Superman was on his way to meet Luthor so he went to his throne that he created and watch the activities transpire. When the time was right Jax would fly in and ensure Superman’s safety by bringing him here to the Fortress. Then he would transport Luthor to the Ship and engage the auto pilot which was programmed to transport its occupants to the slave trade post where he originally met was to be sold himself by the seeders.


The appointed time for Superman to meet Doctor Hamilton was quickly approaching. Clark and his parents had finally worked out a plan that once Clark received Doctor Hamilton’s report they would proceed, to share his secret identity with the world, as well as his much of his heritage as they could before all three would disappear from the earth forever.

They had come to a decision that the world could well survive without Superman but that they needed each other even more now. So, after his announcement Clark would fly off with the Kent’s into space and disappear to a remote location where they could live a natural life with no fear of discovery from anyone human or hero. Clark walked into his bedroom and opened the secret closet which had his last costume in it. Clark hoped that this would be the last time he would ever need to don this costume in public ever again. This time though Mrs. Kent added a new touch to the costume, a kryptonian emblem that was inscribed on the original ship that Clark Kent came to earth in.

They were unsure of its meaning until Clark translated it for them saying it was the symbol for protect which was completely appropriate for time. The symbol was a six-sided crystal with two circles inside of it. This emblem was put on his cape in place of the familiar S that was always there.

Clark took one last look into the mirror and flew out the window to his appointment with Doctor Hamilton. The Kent’s sat down and waited for the return of their son preparing themselves for their revelation to the world. Superman flied low through the city heading towards the location given to him by Doctor Hamilton.

As the public saw his streaking form most of them chided and booed his presence but Superman did his best to shut them out. Arriving at the location specified Doctor Hamilton was waiting at a mobile outdoor laboratory he had created ready for Superman’s arrival. Greetings were exchanged and then Doctor Hamilton lead Superman over to the Computer to reveal his findings from Brain tests as well as physical tests.

Doctor Hamilton informed Superman that the yellow sun was the source of his powers, which Superman already had figured but that the reason he kept passing out when having sex or jacking off was because all of his energy was stored in his body by his sperm which constantly traveled through his blood. The Brain scans also showed that instead of being a mature adult human Superman had the mental development of an immature teenager. Today’s tests were going to see just how much Superman could expel of his energies before being vulnerable or sustaining damage.

Having Superman flex his biceps Doctor Hamilton takes out a syringe coated with just enough green kryptonite to pierce his skin and inject a couple nano bots to monitor his vitals while going through the tests Doctor Hamilton planned. The second one was explained as a tracking device for Doctor Hamilton to track Superman during the tests but in actuality was meter designed to ensure that Superman was using more energy than he was absorbing before they put him in the red radiation chamber.

“Now for a warmup I want you to run 100 laps around the planet at your fastest speed. No flying running.” Doctor Hamilton ordered and Superman sped off. Hamilton’s instruments showed that Superman actually was faster than the speed of sound when he ran and expelled energy faster than he absorbed it. This proved to doctor Hamilton that his nano bots were functioning perfectly.

In a matter of three minutes Superman had completed his laps and showed a sign of some fatigue which slowly began to fade as he rested so Hamilton had him start the next task of strength test to see how much strength he could sustainably push against before becoming energy deprived. The machine started at 100 metric tons and went up exponentially from there. At about 3000 metric tons Superman’s strength and the machine were evenly matched so Hamilton raised it up to 5000 knowing that Superman could take it but that it would make him expel more energy.

The end of this test actually showed that Superman was down on energy by about 40 percent but upon release was quickly recovering at about 2% a second. Hamilton then asked Superman to destroy a set of 100 targets fired at the same time before they reached the ground without leaving the spot. Superman frequently did this about 20 times before he started to miss over the next three volleys of targets using either heat vision, cold breath, or his electric bolt vision.

His energy showed that he was only at about 30 percent energy now which Hamilton felt was significant enough for the next stage of his test the red radiation chamber. Noticing that Superman was well fatigued Doctor Hamilton lead the weaker Superman into the chamber telling him to lie down on the table and not to worry about the red lights.

Superman agreed and lied down on the table still feeling the fatigue but immediately tried to jump up when he noticed the doors to the chamber close behind the Doctor and his new assistant Lex Luthor. The lock on the doors latched in place upon their closing sealing the three men in the chamber. “What are you up to Luthor” Superman shouted at the sight of his enemy while getting up from the table. “I am just assisting the professor to test his theory about you being as week as a mortal human when you are deprived of the rays of our yellow sun here and also to prove to you exactly who you truly are.”

“There is no kryptonite in this chamber and it will open automatically one its own after 2 hours. Feel free to try and open yourself though if you can.” Luthor gloats. Superman walks up to the doors which are sealed at a strength of 3000 metric tons but is unable to tear them open like normal. The most he can do is slightly bend the handle with his full force which almost completely drains his energy to just strong enough to equal being a human male football linebacker athlete.

“Congratulations doctor it seems that your theory was correct about how he receives his powers. Now how about us testing out the remainder of your theories. Let’s start with the one that Superman has the mentality of a human teenager. Doctor Hamilton lets Lex Luthor take the lead as the two men strip down to their briefs to reveal their full bodies to Superman as well as challenge him in various ways to reveal his personalities. I know when push comes to shove Superman uses brute force to prove himself first.

That seems to be his savage personality but just to confirm I will have a contest of strength against him. Wheeling quickly towards the hero Luthor lands a solid kick to Superman’s abs knocking him backwards off his feet. Instantly Superman goes on the attack trying to unleash attack after attack on the foes in front of him with no specified target area just hoping to knock them out. In his weak state though his blows still pack a punch but not enough to achieve the goal that he hoped for.

“Well there is one, Let’s see what else he has. Luthor pushes the weakened hero onto the table and fastens him to it with just plain rope and cuffs. He then sets the key for the cuffs 10 feet away and gives him a challenge to remove his own restraints. Superman struggles with his restraints for a few seconds before he suddenly stops. His eyes seem to dilate a bit more as if in intense thought when he sees that Luthor left his suit coat under the key 10 feet away. Moving himself to a position where he could reach the jacket and roll it towards him with the Key on him. Calmly he reached and manipulated the key so that he could release the cuffs and restraints calmly extracting himself from the table.

This seemed to be the thinker general persona that Luthor believed he had encountered before. Next test that the two men presented was a vial which they told Superman would restore enough of his energy if he drank it to allow him to force the door open, they would not say anymore and just set the vial there. Despite the numerous questions presented by the hero they stayed quiet. Eventually Superman just said “Hell with it. I gotta get out of here.” He picked up and swallowed the contents. It had a sweet test with its yellow coloring but went down easily enough.

Walking to the doors Superman tried to open them again but still was unable to even budge them. “and this must be the adventure/danger seeker that emerges in a desperate situation for him. Now let’s see if he is truly the narcissist that you believe him to be.” Luthor hit a button on his remote and image after image of a fully naked and nude Superman were displayed throughout the chamber.

Hypnotized by the site of his nudity Superman offered no resistance while Doctor Hamilton removed his costume piece by piece to reveal his nakedness. He directed Superman onto the table to lie down and began to massage Superman’s fully muscled body while he watched the screen in various states of nude excitement. Superman began to moan with pleasure while the Doctor rubbed him down. Now let us see if he is excited by men, women, or both sexually and Luthor pressed a button which started a straight porno flick on the viewers in place of his own image nudity.

Superman actually watched the full 20 minutes of the porn scene but had no noticeable reactions to the stimulation of the scene. The next scene that came up was a scene with two men who start of cuddling, kissing, and massaging each other. The change in demeanor in Superman was almost instantly noticeable to the two other men as he began to get a hard erection from watching the scene and rubbing his pectorals sensually making the nipples stick out like little rods.

Seeing this display the Doctor removed the briefs that he was still wearing and walked up to the mesmerized hero and planted a deep wet kiss directly on his lips which the hero reciprocated in kind. This time the Doctor had Superman lie down on the table on his back and the Doctor brought out a small vial of baby oil massaging his full smooth chest all the way down to his hairy bush and fully erect 13” cock standing up like a pole at full mast. The Doctor starts off working on the hero’s nuts by oiling his hand up and massaging the sack slicking up the balls rolling them around and gently tugging them from time to time eliciting moan after moan from Superman.

Doctor Hamilton then starts to tease the tip of the hero’s cock with his oiled fingers paying particular attention to the slit and glans area. Starting to work up and down the shaft actually is enough to send Superman to his climax shooting ropes after ropes of cum all over the two of them. This time though after Superman subsides from cumming his cock goes soft and the computer shows that his energy levels have dropped significantly to about 15 percent.

All the rest of the hero’s vitals are stable so the Doctor moves on to his next act in getting Superman aroused again and starts to lick the hero’s cock and taking it into his mouth getting him hard again in a matter of minutes. The Doctor works on his cock for a full 30 minutes with Superman just completely under his sexual direction. Feeling it is time for his appearance Luthor sheds his own briefs to reveal his own 11” cock fully erect and walks up behind the Doctor. Luthor grabs and Doctor around neck and cuts off his air flow while he tries to suck on the hero’s cock causing him to choke.

“You are now both going to do what I order you to.” Luthor instructs cutting off the Doctors airflow. Superman pleads for Luthor not to hurt the doctor and use him instead revealing the personality of the protector which Superman is known for. “We have all the time that we want and I plan to extract your full load of sperm with the help of the doctor here.” He is going to continually suck you and each time you are about to cum he will pull away and place this vessel on your tip funneling all your cum into this container where I will store it for my own private usage.

Once I remove all your sperm even when back in the yellow sun you will not be able to regain your powers and you will be my sex slave for the remainder of your miserable life. The Doctor resumes his sucking of Superman’s cock and Luthor penetrates and fucks the doctor’s ass at the same time. The three of them are closing approaching their climax but the heat that is created in the chamber has risen to such a level that they are pouring out sweat due to the sexual intensity in the chamber. The three of them can’t even say a word as they begin to shoot their loads, Luthor in the doctor’s ass, The doctor sprays all over the floor and Superman unload in and all over the Doctors mouth and face. All three men in the chamber pass out after their climax.

Fortress of Solitude:

Jax watched the whole encounter with the three men in the chamber and enjoyed the show that was presented. Having the kryptonite toys that he brought with him he had the longest edging and masturbation session ever without cumming, wanting to build an exceptional load to kill Superman with when the time was right. Noticing that the three of them were closely reaching their climax Jax streaked towards their sight ready to abduct Luthor and take him back to the ship.

Hijack Superman back to the fortress where he would be forced to face himself in every personality this time and mature which would be required in order for him to suffer an ultimate defeat. Arriving and the chamber just as the three men are releasing their loads and passing out Jax rips the door to witness the spectacle of this scene.

Realizing that he only has a matter of minutes to take care of Luthor, Jax snatches him up and quickly snatches up Luthor’s body and transports him back to the ship and engages the auto pilot system to take the members of the Revenge Squad towards the trading outpost. Jax makes a quick stop at his quarters and picks up all the kryptonite sample containers that he has obtained while on earth to go with the toys he has at his disposal except for the black which one which no longer has any radiation signature. He departs the ship just a Superman begins to Stir in the red solar radiation chamber.

Superman opens his eyes and gets a quick glimpse of this behemoth in front of him before feeling immense pain and passing out again. Jax throws Superman over his shoulder flying the two of them to the Fortress of solitude and lies Superman into an empty chamber.

Turning on his yellow sun radiation lamp Superman begins to stir after a few minutes exposure and slowly open his eyes. Jax is standing a fair distance away and says “Now it is time for you to unite and become one.” While unleashing a blast of Black kryptonite radiation into the chamber flooding it into darkness enveloping the entire chamber and its occupant.

Jax’s Ship:

Luthor awakens to find himself back on the ship and in his chamber with the energy bars up. He can feel that the ship is moving somewhere but he had already prepared for this situation. “Computer run program Lifesaver.” Commands Luthor. The ship immediately powers down all systems except for life support and lights just drifting helplessly in space.

Luthor had at least been successful in getting this program to operate in the alien system and knew that he could operate the navigation of the craft after making a few modifications. In the near future Luthor believed that he would have full control of the ship. But this was enough of a start for him for the time being.

To be continued…

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