The Last Kryptonian Chapter 8
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The Last Kryptonian

Author: Wrstlr

Some editions by SuperheroFan

The following characters Superman, Clark Kent, Toyman, Metallo, Lex Luthor, Parasite and Jax the Last Kryptonian are the property of DC comics. No copyright is intended and this story is just an individual author’s fantasy.

Chapter 8: Superman Rejected or new-found love?

Metropolis Dr. Hamilton’s Office:

After Superman recharged from the events with Metallo he flew directly to Dr. Hamilton’s office concerned about any lingering damage that may have occurred from green kryptonite radiation being entered into his body and organs directly.

When Superman arrived, the doctor was already prepared and waiting for his arrival. “I am glad to see you but I thought that you would be here much sooner. Are you ok Superman?” Dr. Hamilton inquires.

“I seem to be ok doctor but find it is taking me much longer to recuperate when kryptonite is administered directly into my body and organs instead of slow absorption through the skin. Can you please take a look and just verify that there are no lingering effects? I also would like for you to check my brain activity because sometimes I do not seem like myself anymore as if another presence is there.” Superman requested of Doctor Hamilton.

“I will give you a full exam as you requested Superman but understand I will not have the full results for at least a couple of days. Let us begin with the physical and then we will do a brain scan on you.” Doctor Hamilton states.

For the next couple of hours, the Doctor gives the hero a complete physical with X-Rays and MRI’s specially designed to work on Superman. The whole time Doctor Hamilton just has to admire and get aroused by the magnificent hero nude in his office while being examined but restrains from taking advantage of the hero.

“Here are the physical results Superman. Currently you are in good physical shape but I have to inform you Superman, prolonged exposure of green kryptonite internally will shut down your organs and heart eventually unless immediately removed. In short direct absorption could kill you. “Doctor Hamilton warns the Hero.

“I also have noticed that when you cum from these attacks your absorption of the radiation is faster because your immune system is drastically weakened. I have taken a couple samples to check and see if we can find an explanation of this condition. Your sperm count is growing back to normal levels but I fear what may happen if you were somehow completely drained of your sperm. Lastly, I have noticed a bit of strange energy in your body chemistry. Your cells seem supersaturated with yellow sun radiation which has made you stronger, faster, and even some unknown effects that have yet to manifest fully it seems. So be prepared that you may have something new occur when you least expect it.“ The rest of the evening the two men put Superman through various scenarios physical and mental to scan his brain activity.

“Ok we are done with the tests for now. I will have the full results from these brain scans in about 3 days for you. Go home and get some rest because I am sure you are going to need all you can get tomorrow.” Doctor Hamilton recommends.

“I am sure you are right Doc. I am sure lots of people will have questions after the scenes they have been exposed to involving me and yet I do not know how to answer them.” Superman says candidly.

Jax’s Ship:

Having retrieved Metallo and returned to his ship Jax started to ensure that all the revenge squad was asleep and resting before he retreated to his own personal quarters. Jax himself wanted to examine what exactly happened to his by the Revenge Squad when they ravaged him sexually.

He reviewed the tape of the encounter and saw that they had tried to trick him with the red kryptonite to make him more susceptible to their advances sexually. While he found this made him more erotically sensitive physically he now knows that this is a weakness that he must overcome and control quickly. He also noticed that he seemed to have the same protective field in his DNA like Superman which protects him from actually being fucked or having someone unload in his ass without his approval and acceptance. He knew his kind had this capability before but had never had to use it and wonders if somehow maybe physically him and the hero Superman might be genetically linked.

He opens the memory crystal with the holographic Jor-El who appears ready to answer questions. “I want to know all about your species and how you and my kind are linked?” Jax requests. The memory crystal starts to display charts and the holographic Jor-El speaks in Kryptonese how Jax was not the first of kind that they had found. They had another test subject which they captured and put in stasis to experiment on. Most of those tests were used over generations to merge the two species in hopes of preserving the ancient race but only some of their DNA was able to merge together. Their higher functioning brains and technological expertise, the ability to create force fields to protect themselves from most any kind of harm or direct assault and the ability to communicate telepathically were the only ones that they had been able to join successfully between the two species.

Unfortunately, their original test subject died before they could do more tests. When Jor-El found Jax it was his intention to reopen those tests. These facts enraged Jax to know that all they were going to do was use him as a test subject and his hatred towards the family of El grew so much that with his strength the memory crystal that held Jor-El shattered just after it was revealed that he created a computer called Brainiac which housed all their notes on these tests but that it was stolen from them, or so they thought. Instead it was Brainiac that brought about the explosion of krypton in the first place.

So now Jax had a second enemy that he must seek out after his ordeal with Kal-El. Jor-El hologram faded from view as the crystal shattered never to be used again. An enraged Jax laid down in his bed and fell to asleep for the night full of hatred at the family of El.


Superman arrived back at the apartment he occupied as reporter Clark Kent and quickly walked into his bedroom chamber to recite the day’s events into his diary. Superman recited the whole events into the diary with a concluding statement, “I no longer know exactly who or what I am. I seem to be 5 people in one and each one has their own personality, agenda, and sexual attractions that until such time we can all co-exist, if at all I must decide who is needed the most right now. With that said I am going to resign effective immediately from the Daily Planet until such a time that I feel I can handle the responsibilities that Clark Kent has there as well. End notation.” Clark Kent then gets up and walks to his bathroom, showers and freshens up.

Twenty minutes later he walks into the kitchen, pours himself a drink, takes a pen and paper and writes two letters. One to Lois asking for her to meet him as Superman tomorrow as well as one to Perry White announcing his resignation. He then lies down on the couch and drifts off to sleep questioning his decision but resolved to see their intents through.

Superman flies to the Daily Planet building at 6 am and drops the letters off at each of their desks before flying off on his daily rounds of the planet. Unknown to Superman the resignation letter would never reach Perry because Jax had already dropped the Parasite off and he intercepted it and wrote a new letter that he but on Jimmy Olsen’s desk instead.

Parasite then went downstairs and took over the Security Guard waiting for Perry White to come in for his day at work. Perry arrived at the Planet at his punctual time of 6:30am and shook hands with the Parasite/Security Guard and quickly collapsed faint from the touch.

The Parasite had now taken on the disguise of Perry ready to do his work in furthering the public decay of Superman in the eyes of the public. Stashing the body of Perry is a storage room on an empty floor of the Planet building Parasite headed up to the main reporter’s floor to await the arrival of them and give them their new assignments.

Promptly at 8:05am Perry White, who is actually the Parasite posing as him, calls the reporters together for their assignments, “This is your assignment folks, I want anything and everything that has to do with the former hero Superman. Nothing is off limits or out of bounds. The juicier the story the better after the actions we all have witnessed the past few days I think the world is questioning their trust and belief that they had in this so-called do-gooder. Tabloids have already begun to speculate and since we have always been the source for facts about this hero we owe it to our readers to expose the truth about him.” Parasite holds up a tabloid with Superman spread eagled nude with the headline, “Hero or Homo? Do you trust him now?” The meeting then adjourned and Lois got at her desk to see the letter Superman left for her.

Opening the letter, she reads it “Dear Lois, I need to speak with you about what is happened the past few weeks. If you will meet me at your apartment at 2pm today I will give you the whole exclusive story. Superman.” Lois puts the letter in the trash and leaves the Planet building to prepare for her interview with Superman.

Jimmy Olson also arrived at his desk and saw a letter waiting for him. When he opened it up though he could not believe what he was reading. “Dear Jimmy, I know that you have feelings for me and I would like to discuss them with you. I want to be with you with all my heart and soul. If you feel the same way meet me here at the Planet Building at 9pm on the empty 5th floor. Your secret admirer.” So, Jimmy made plans to meet on the floor at 3pm as requested.

JLA Watchtower in space:

Knowing that the entire Justice League except for Superman were dealing with a Nova in the Spider Nebula that threatened millions of alien lives Lobo was able to gain access to the Watchtower with little resistance, especially since he had been inside before and the League always thought of him as being noble even if he was a bounty hunter and never a threat to them.

Once inside he quickly disabled all security systems and alarm notifications to make it like the tower was vacant upon their return. With this advantage Lobo could easily shoot each of them with the Starro mind control starfish that he had captured and then usher them off to the Slavers trading post as per his new employers’ instructions.

While he would prefer to take them down individual he knew that he did not have enough time and he was being paid well to do this quickly. Just then a message came in to the watchtower to be forwarded to Superman letting him know they were done and would be back at the watchtower in about 8 hours.

Lobo just sat in the control room awaiting their arrival. Quietly he hoped that they would put up a fight and resistance once they saw him. Lobo did not want this to be that easy.


Superman was making his normal patrol around the earth and trying to help out any situation that required it, which was plentiful today thanks to earthquakes, volcanoes, and sea pirates trying to overthrow shipping vessels. The thing that disturbed him the most was the reactions of the people when he approached after saving or assisting them. Instead of their usual admiration and thanks they pulled away and tried to distance themselves from him. It was as if they were disgusted by his presence now even though he still was trying to play the role of their defender.

Many times, as he would fly away and leave he could hear the people talk about how they had lost respect for him, or calling him homosexual or other derogatory terminology. Superman had never experienced this kind of mass disrespect before and it actually was affecting his confidence as well as questioning himself and his own actions anymore. Everywhere he went and everyone he met just seemed to pile making him sometimes turn into that more savage, aggressive persona or mild-mannered Clark Kent type persona that just retreated from confrontation.

Instead of working to repair his image in the public eye the multiple personalities that were coming out more frequently were causing him more harm. He honestly hoped that his interview with Lois would set them all at ease. Finishing his rounds, he arrived back in Metropolis about an hour before his interview with Lois so he decided to finally take a look and see just how bad his reputation was hurt by the events of the last few days.

He went to his Clark Kent apartment and turned on the TV news and all he saw was stories about him that were highly negative in nature. One story in particular even was asking the public if they still considered him a hero or a nuisance that needed to leave earth permanently. The early results favored the second option by a large margin. Superman needed to get himself together and quickly in order to earn back their favor and this interview with Lois was going to be the start he hoped.

Superman then noticed that there was a message on Clark’s answering machine and he hit play, “Mr. Kent, I know you and Superman are close and I need him to come to the Daily Planet building on the 5th floor at 4pm because Parasite is going to be there and is planning to kill any of Superman’s supporters left in hopes to completely annihilate his reputation. If he wants any hope to save them he must be there to stop the Parasite.” Now knowing this information Superman knew that he would have to show up to protect what friends he had left. Superman took off flying for Lois’s apartment for his exclusive interview with her.

Jax’s Ship:

When Luthor awoke the next morning he immediately went to the computer and pulled up the recording of their latest session with the behemoth Jax and Revenge Squad. While watching the tape the other members of the squad awoke and joined him in watching the scene. After the video completed it was Toyman that spoke first,

“Luthor, I know you think that by draining him of his cum his energy fades. So far though there is nothing that we can do which helps us to force multiple orgasms out of this behemoth. I have a different idea if you are willing to listen to me.” “What you propose?” scowled Luthor knowing that they needed a new approach.

“Well as you can see Jax is sexually more aroused and sensitive to touch when under the effect of the red kryptonite. What if we used that to our advantage by making toys from it to use as well as building a yellow sun radiation beam that we could activate to supercharge Jax. This might cause the behemoth to overload and erupt so much ejaculate at one time that we may achieve weakening him.” Toyman states.

“Brilliant. I think you may have something there Toyman.” Luthor exclaims with glee.

“You guys build the beam and the cock strap and dildo of red kryptonite to use. I am going to focus on the computer more, just yesterday I was able to access the navigation controls and hopefully soon I will be able to take control of this Ship.” They all agreed and started on their tasks.

Three hours later they had finished with their projects just as Jax entered the chamber. He took his normal chair and started to review what was happening on earth with the other three watching him intently with smirks all on their face. This time the Revenge Squad was certain that they would weaken and take control of this behemoth alien named Jax.


Mr. and Mrs. Kent had been watching the events of the past few days and all the negative reporting that was happening regarding their son. Being unable to contact him they decided that he was in need of their support real desperately that they immediately began to pack up their bags and head to Metropolis to assist their son in any way possible.

Over the past week to ten days, after exposure to white kryptonite, they had never felt better physically and even mentally they were more focused on tasks than normal. They knew now more than ever if they could help their son this was the time and Metropolis was the place so they packed their truck with belongings, reserved a hotel, and headed off to Metropolis. The drive would take about 12 hours but they were up for it because they knew they were needed.


At exactly 2pm Superman showed up on the terrace of Lois Lane’s apartment as he had said in his letter to her. She was waiting for his arrival sitting at the patio chair that she kept there for her own convenience. The two exchanged pleasant greetings to each other before a brief period of silence was passed between the two of them.

Nervously Lois asked, “So Superman why don’t you tell me in your own words what has been going on with you these past few weeks?” and clicked on the tape recorder. Thirty minutes passed while Superman basically made a tape-recorded statement for her detailing everything about his alien heritage, how his kind seemed to be indifferent with either sex when it comes to sex, that they had multiple personalities, and that his recent defeats were due to the villains being able to take advantage of these flaws.

He wanted to assure the world that he was still the hero they admired and adored and that he would overcome these defects as he put it so that they could not be used against him in the future. Upon completion of his statement Superman turned to Lois and noticed her crying her eyes out.

“And what does that say about us. How am I ever to trust you now knowing that you can be aroused sexually by both Men and Women? How am I ever to truly love you?” Lois says between tears.

“Lois I am so sorry I never meant to hurt you in any way but for the time being I feel that the world needs to know exactly who and what I am and I need you to do that for me.” Superman approaches and lifts her up in an embrace. Lois just pounds on his chest crying and sobbing for a good thirty minutes more in such a confused state.

“I hate you, I love you, I hate you, I don’t know anymore. I need some time to think about it all. Please just leave me alone for now and maybe in the future we will be able to work it out.” Lois pleads breaking his embrace finally and sitting back down.

“Lois, you know I will always care for you. If you ever need me you know how to get ahold of me. I will always be there for you.” Superman states turning to leave Lois to her own thoughts.

Jax’s Ship:

Jax and the Revenge Squad watched the exchange between Lois and Superman and realized that their plans had been working perfectly. Jax finally realized that now Superman was fully aware of all his 5 personalities and that they were in conflict with one another.

If he could not come to terms with them on his own Jax had a method to ensure that this so-called hero would unite them all before their encounter and Kal-El’s ultimate surrender to him and eventual death. Superman though must face the full rejection of Lois afterword’s though, willingly or not she would reject him publicly by the end of the day that was assured.


The 3pm hour had struck and Jimmy Olson, late as usual, was on his way to the fifth floor to meet his secret admirer. Upon his arrival via the stairs Jimmy opened the door to the floor and started to explore room after room in hopes that his admirer was still there. He eventually opened the door to an old conference room and to his eyes he saw it was filled with lights, camera’s mounted on the ceiling, a large video screen showing gay porno, some leather paraphernalia, and at the far end of the table Perry White naked in his five-foot ten inch two hundred thirty pounds of fur covered flesh watching the movie.

Jimmy closed the door behind him unsure of exactly how to proceed since this was his boss when Perry motioned for him to come in and ordered him to strip bare. Unknown to Olson was that this Perry was actually the Parasite looking like his boss. Jimmy actually stripped and took a kneeling position in front of Perry.

Parasite bent down and started to French Kiss Jimmy slowly absorbing his essence and memories again. Slowly the Parasite directed Jimmy to his cock and started to insert it into Jimmy’s willing mouth and let him suck him off for about 10 minutes. Parasite looked and saw that Jimmy’s own cock of 8 full inches was completely hard and starving for attention but now was not the time to take his seed.

He wanted to play and understand more how someone like Jimmy could be so fond and hooked on Superman. Moving Jimmy up to his pectoral region the Parasite had Jimmy nibble and suck on his nipples while starting to finger fuck the handsome smooth twink. The Parasite began to absorb more of Jimmy’s fantasies and realized that he always wanted to be a submissive to a powerful dominant and that is what attracted him to Superman.

In Jimmy’s eyes Superman was the ultimate Alpha male for him and was his buddy who he secretly hoped to be partnered with. With about fifteen minutes left before Superman’s scheduled arrival the Parasite had Jimmy stand up and started to suck the boy off. It was only a matter of about 2 to 3 minutes before Jimmy was unloading his sperm down Parasites throat.

Just before he passed out Jimmy could have sworn he was looking at himself. Parasite now had the full essence of Jimmy and was ready to use it against Superman. Quickly he gathered up the limp remains of Jimmy and threw him in the empty office where he threw Perry White earlier.

Returning to the conference room the Parasite then sent Lois Lane a message via email to come to the Daily Planet fifth floor for the ultimate story of her life. It would take her about 30 minutes to arrive and by then she would open the door and see a fully obedient Jimmy being dominated by Superman sexually. Parasite Jimmy waited the last few minutes knowing Superman would be punctual as always and arrive at 4pm. He never even made any clothes just sat back with the remote watching the gay porn on the screen until Superman arrived.

At 4pm precisely Superman arrives on the 5th floor of the Daily Planet building and heads directly to the conference room where he hears the noise coming from. Superman quickly smashes upon the door with little reverence and stops immediately when instead of the Parasite he sees Jimmy at the head of the table watching his entrance and the gay porn. Instantly the cameras activate and start to broadcast the room once again for the whole viewing world to witness what was happening.

JLA Watchtower:

Arriving back at to the tower the members began to funnel into the control/conference room to all exhausted due to the major traveling and working that they had done in the Spider Nebula. One by one as they entered they felt something hit them in the face making them fall to the ground.

None of them suspected what had happened or that Lobo was shooting them with Starro mind control starfish. With each member instantly incapacitated Lobo decided he was going to have a little bit of fun with them all including the women and have them all do a strip show for him for a couple of hours. They all obeyed with no resistance available to them and oblivious to the alarm going off alerting them that Superman was in peril. Lobo had his prey and they were his to enjoy for a few hours before hauling them off to the slave trading post.

Jax’s Ship:

The Revenge squad watched the Parasite completely absorb all he could from Jimmy Olson in anticipation of their own activities with Jax. Certain this time they would succeed Toyman opened the box of Red Kryptonite under Jax immediately upon Superman’s arrival at the Daily Planet and entering the conference room. The effect of the radiation was instant on Jax in that he started to rub his chest, arms, legs, cock and balls in his leather jock strap and getting lost in the feelings of his body.

Luthor then engaged the Yellow Sun radiation beam directly onto Jax’s chest and the excitement level of Jax flashed a slight surge through the room. He was absorbing the beams radiation so fast it was like he was drinking the radiation in directly while sexually exploring himself. Metallo even opened his kryptonite heart chamber feeding Jax more radiation all the while. Before the action even started on Earth, Jax had opened his jockstrap and was furiously jacking off his fully erect fifteen-inch cock and within a few strokes was spewing rope after rope of cum all over the ship.

Metallo and Toyman then made a quick approach and started to assault Jax’s body never allowing him to rest keeping him hard and erect while the activity on earth started between Parasite and Superman.


Parasite Jimmy noticed Superman enter the room and pressed a button on his TV remote which quickly switched away from the porno to the video recordings of him and Metallo from the first time. Without allowing Superman to say a word Parasite approached and embraced the stunned Superman in a sensual embrace leaning up and kissing his sensual lips.

“Hey there Stud, your boy is ready for you.” Parasite states while planting a kiss directly onto Superman’s darting his tongue in and out. Superman is so caught off guard and aroused he has no recourse except to return this wonderful French Kiss from Jimmy.

Superman’s different personalities began to tussle in his mind for control until Parasite prods his more forceful, commanding side out by stating, “I want to wear your suit and have you use me like what happened to you in the video. Will you do that for me?” The video was at the point where Metallo was pummeling Superman and stripping him by tearing at his clothes. Superman noticed this and stripped out of his costume handing it to Parasite Jimmy who put it on. The costume was way oversized and very loose on Jimmy Olsen’s frame but it excited the Parasite to even be wearing Superman’s outfit in any manner.

Leaning in to Superman’s ears Parasite Jimmy says, “What would you like me to do? SIR.” I will do anything you ask.” “Superman’s response is the force his foe down to his pectorals and shove them as hard as he can into the Parasites mouth telling him, “Start with these then move your way down. Boy.” Parasite playing the part takes the directions from Superman for the time being knowing that eventually it would be him as the dominant. He sucks on Superman’s nipples even biting them every now and then stretching them out at much as he can.

Moving from one nipple to the other doing the same procedure he feels Superman’s hands push him down to the ground and slap his 13” cock all over Parasites face. The video screen switches to where Superman was being whipped by Metallo in their second encounter and following the video Superman grabs the whip off the table instructing Parasite Jimmy to bend over the table.

Parasite does this with no resistance and feels Superman yank down his own red tights exposing the bubble butt the twink boy Jimmy Olson has. Superman starts to deliver lashes to that bubble butt when to their surprise the door opens and Lois Lane appears. She can’t believe her eyes at what she is witnessing of Jimmy Olson being whipped and assaulted by a sexual deviant Superman.

“So, this is what you get off on. I never want to see you again you pervert.” Lois screams walking back out the door slamming it shut. Lois is so hurt she has no idea this whole scene was arranged and planned out for her to witness. In the moment for Superman to notice Lois and hear her words Superman changed personalities to the more defender mode and stops mid strike of the whip on Jimmy’s ass turning to pursue Lois to try and explain.

Seizing this opportunity, the Parasite quickly bear hugs Superman from behind latching onto his cock with one hand and nutsack with other quickly giving him the upper hand in the situation by draining Superman’s energies. “You are mine now Superman and you will do exactly what I say.” Parasite whispers into Superman’s ear no longer wearing the disguise of Jimmy Olson. Slowly Superman is turn around and ordered by Parasite to start working on Parasites own nipples and give his chest a full tongue bath all the way to his cock and balls.

Parasite never breaks direct skin contact with Superman the whole time the hero is bathing his purple skinned hairy bulky chest area with his tongue slowly pushing the hero to the floor.

Since he has now absorbed enough of Superman’s essence he grows his own cock to match Superman’s own as well as his nuts and lays the sack of the balls on Superman’s face for him to lick. Superman actually starts to take in the nuts one at a time completely helpless to the events going on at the moment. Superman sucks on the Parasites nutsack for five minutes before being lifted up enough for his mouth to be directly in front of Parasites cock.

With one solid thrust Parasite forces past Superman’s weak resistance and all the way in to the hilt. Constantly the Parasite thrusts in and out of Superman for about 10 minutes before laying the two of them down on the table and taking up a 69 position. Parasite and Superman are sucking each other’s carbon copy cocks for almost a full hour before the two of them simultaneously climax into each other mouths.

While this climax weakens Superman even more it actually energizes Parasite who keeps on fucking Superman’s mouth getting well lubed before he decides to fuck Superman. All the while he is face fucking Superman he has well loosened up his ass in hopes to fuck it.

Parasite pulls out of Superman and repositions him bent over the table with his ass spread out and about ready to fuck his puckered ass. He knows it would only take a few strokes upon penetration for him to climax again but almost as soon as he starts entry the Parasite is flung across the room breaking down the wall behind him while climaxing all over Superman’s ass and backside.

Superman himself actually collapses on the floor just as a torrent of cum and piss flood from his own cock between his chest and the floor spreading out beneath him as he passes out.

Jax’s ship:

While the main event between Parasite and Superman was happening on earth the Revenge Squad was working solidly on Jax keeping him in sexual bliss and hard the entire time after having just cum from jacking himself off just a few minutes before. Toyman actually goes to work on Jax’s ass with the new Red Kryptonite Dildo while Metallo face fucks the behemoth in the Chair. Luthor keeps the yellow sun radiation beam focused on Jax the whole time while Metallo fills him with his own radiation from his chest and cumming down the behemoths throat a couple times.

Toyman keeps anally fucking Jax with the dildo during the whole encounter on earth. Closer and closer Jax is building towards a second climax and soon is starting to spray cum all over the ship chamber sending Metallo and Toyman into their own climax’s which join his own. All three of the participants now seem completely spent except for Luthor who notices that Jax’s radiation seems to have faded while Metallo and Toyman have passed out, closing Metallo’s heart chamber.

Quickly turning off the radiation beam Luthor also locks the red kryptonite chunk and dildo in their lead containers. He sees that Jax is exhausted from his multiple climaxes but is still conscious. Figuring that this was their best opportunity to seize control of Jax Luthor being to tease the now open asshole of Jax with a couple of fingers into his pucker trying to keep him stimulated and building towards a third climax. Jax himself notices that his is a bit weaker after this last assault on him by the Revenge Squad and tries to resist Luthor’s advances but due to extreme radiation loss he is too weak to resist his fingers and eventually

Luthor shoves his fist and arm all the way to the elbow into Jax’s ass. Jax still remains hard the entire time building towards a third climax when Luthor pulls his arm out and decides to line up with his own 11” cock to enter Jax’s ass. Instantly though when Luthor thrusts he is flung away and knocked unconscious while Jax disappears from the ship appearing in space directly absorbing radiation from the yellow Sun again. Jax while weakened significantly was able to use his transport ability to escape the onslaught from the revenge squad. It only takes about 2 to 3 minutes for him to fully recover and he transports back to the ship to notice the revenge squad has all passed out.

Taking no chances, he throws all the members into their cells and energizes their bars while he takes off towards earth to retrieve Parasite. Pausing for just a minute the still hard Jax decides that he needs to pee and decides to unload his torrential piss all over the passed-out Superman before gathering Parasite and flying back to his ship. The other members are still sleeping so Jax puts the Parasite in his chamber and activates the energy bars before retiring to his own chamber to absorb additional radiation from his own radiation lamp.

JLA Watchtower:

Lobo has been watching single member after single member come up and give him a striptease show for his immense pleasure. Lobo has actually stripped his leather vest and denim shorts to jack off to each and every show from the Justice League members. Numerous times this space bounty hunter climaxed watching the members of the Justice League completely remove their outfits for his pleasure following his instructions and the rhythm of the music Lobo has piped in from the JLA computer systems.

His favorite members seemed to be Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Batman, and Hawkgirl. Martian Manhunter and Flash though seemed to be exciting but just on the same level for Lobo not even causing him to climax during their shows. Now all six members of the Justice League are standing naked in front of Lobo when he realizes it is time to leave for the slave trade post. He instructs the members to dress and encases them in a bubble for transport.

With them all in their costumes he leaves for the trade post to collect his bounty by selling the brainwashed justice league members to the slave traders. He expects at least 10 million credits per member.


Superman awakens once again to see himself lying in a pool of cum and piss but this time notices that his backside is soaked as well indicating another presence was in the room and relieved themselves on him. Unfortunately, the Parasite is no longer in the room and all the videos and equipment have stopped working as Superman gathers himself.

The stealing of his lifeforce has left Superman in a weakened state like before but he still has the ability to fly and some super strength so he flies off completely nude in hope to find Lois and explain what happened in the conference room. Unfortunately, in his weakened state he has no X-Ray vision and is unable to see her and he flies from location to location in search of her.

After about 30 minutes he gives up his search and returns to his apartment to shower and refresh from his ordeal. He takes a shower and cleans up before walking into this living room and turns on the television. The local news once again is all about his encounter with the Parasite but still is highly negative even as they declare that he seemed to survive. Just as he Is about to turn the television off he catches a quick glimpse of him passed out and a dark figure relieving himself on his backside.

This humanoid being is very large in stature at almost a full nine feet but it is so quick and so dark nothing else is able to be made out. This appearance confuses Superman so he starts to see if this presence is seen in either of his last two encounters and when he reviews those videos he is unable to see the presence. Unsure what to make of this Superman begins to drift off into sleep due to fatigue and weakness from being drained by the Parasite.

To be continued…

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