The Last Kryptonian Chapter 1
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Hi, this is the first chapter of the Last Kryptonian. I have 2 versions of this story. The first version has only 8 chapters and each chapter is shorter thatn the same chapter of the second version, I think the first version was some kind of script.

I will post only the second version. This one has 2 more chapters and, according to the last chapter, a continuation was planned. In another story, I will look for this continuation but I am not sure if it was posted in the old groups.

The Last Kryptonian

Author: Wrstlr

Some editions by SuperheroFan

The following characters Superman, Clark Kent, Toyman, Metallo, Lex Luthor, Parasite and Jax the Last Kryptonian are the property of DC comics. No copyright is intended and this story is just an individual author’s fantasy.

Chapter 1: The Toyman’s maniacal Toys

In Metropolis:

It was a typical day for Clark Kent at the Daily Planet, no major stories were breaking and the time so his editor and Lois were constantly riding to complete things or retrieve things for him. Even lately as Superman his set of rounds was for pretty petty things like small robberies or gang shootings, just your typical everyday class crime for a hero of Superman’s stature.

It seems that Metropolis is peaceful for the time being, which gave him a lot of free time to himself. Even the Justice League had not summoned him for over a period of 3 months. Tonight, Superman begin to let his mind drift about nice self-rub down and relaxing shower at home. He also secretly was hoping to be able to go to sleep early since recently he has been having dreams of him and Lois making passionate love.

Superman was a relatively young man at the age of 25 and thoughts of Lois always got him sexually excited. He quickly finished his world rounds and flew home confident that all was safe.

Superman flew directly into Clark Kent’s apartment on the top floor directly into the bedroom area. He quickly removed his clothes and decided to lay down a bit naked before going into the bathroom for his hot shower. It felt invigorating to him to just open up his shades and lie on the bed to let the yellow solar radiation bathe him. He had no fear of anyone seeing him since his apartment was on the top floor of his building and no other high buildings were near him.

After about a period of ten minutes Superman got up and walked confidently to his bathroom and started the steam shower. Giving it a minute or two to warm up he strode into the stall and immersed himself into a relaxing blissful stream of warm water. Slowly he started to massage his full six-foot five-inch 250lbs of smooth muscle. He started by massaging his arms and legs then started to focus on his chest and abdominals.

Superman’s pectorals had nipples about the size of silver dollars and were always at attention when touched by his bare hands. He strangely found his own touch on these areas to be strangely erotic and make his soft cock of eight and half cut inches start to harden.

Superman started to push his hands further down near his waist and crotch when his cock reached its fully hardened length of eleven inches. He knew that he was going to have to jack off to relieve its tension which he usually did while envisioning Lois.

At the same time in orbit around Jupiter:

Jax had arrived at a good observation point of the planet earth and the exploits of this hero called Superman.

Jax, the ancient kryptonian, arrived about one earth day ago and in just these few hours of observation he saw nothing that really impressed him about this invader/Hero they knew as Superman. He sat in his quarters naked watching him fly around the world, at work as his alter ego, and even while at home relaxing and taking a shower. While taking all this in Jax would work on his plan of attack to destroy this member of the house of El. These thoughts while watching Superman on the monitor actually made him get sexually charged especially since he knew Superman was still a virgin and never had sex with a human which meant the kryptonian first and only sex Superman would ever have would be the death of him and with Jax, the only one who could have sex with a Kryptonian. These thoughts would make Jax stroke his semi hard 14.5-inch cock.

Jax would never cum though because he wanted to save every seed that he had for his encounter with this hero. The many things that ran through his mind just kept Jax glued and plotting the whole time while observing Superman. Then he noticed a quick change in Superman’s behavior which drew Jax’s attention.

In Metropolis:

Superman’s dreams are disturbed by an alarm going off at a Midtown Metropolis Bank which he picked up with his super hearing. He looked around and targeted the bank where the alarm was sounding and with a quick scan of his telescopic vision noticed the safe door was agape well after hours. He gave his chest a quick pat and rubbed his biceps thinking to himself that this should be quick and simple as he suited up in his skintight blue and yellow suit with red briefs. This will be quick and then I can get back to my relaxation he thought.

Now dressed back in his hero garb he turned and quickly flew off in the direction of Metropolis Midtown Bank and arrived on the scene well before the police and emergency crews arrived. The people in the immediate area were all panicked and afraid until they saw the familiar streaking form of Superman fly by and land outside the bank.

Amid all the chaos Superman heard a patron say that Toyman was robbing the safe of the bank and released a set of toy airplanes in the lobby. Superman has dealt with Toyman before and he was never any real threat to him so this should be quick and easy.

Once the Metropolis police came and cleared the around the bank from people Superman strides confidently into the main lobby. The planes that Toyman immediately turned and started firing lasers at Superman. Superman just shrugged off the lasers and shot out his heat vision to destroy the whole squadron of Toyman’s plane.

Superman continued to the safe where Toyman was loading up cash, jewelry, and rare items into his toy robot with a vacuum tube attached. Toyman expected Superman to make it to the bank vault with little effort and quickly turned just as Superman entered the vault. “Toyman, you had better stop this immediately and turn yourself in to the police before you get in any serious trouble.”

“Make me if you can you big lummox.” states the Toyman as he drops a bag of greenish marbles all over the vault floor. Superman just decided to hover above the marbles as they rolled in the safe so they seemed to be harmless. Toyman then pressed a button on his remote and the safe door slammed shut behind the man of steel sealing the two of them in the safe. Instinctively the Man of Steel turned to the safe door and tried to rip it off its hinges but the door would not budge.

“Something wrong you lummox, I see your muscles bulging but you just can’t seem to open up that door. Most have something to do with these large marbles that are on the floor. Oh yeah, they are green kryptonite you dummy and they are quickly draining your strength and ability to hover or fly. I can even see the sweat beading on your neck and forehead as you struggle with that door. This is just such a sight to see I can’t wait to see sweat even more you big lummox. You see I’ve been imaging for the longest time what I could do to you that would be the most humiliation you have ever faced.” Toyman says with a big grin across his face.

Back in the Ship orbiting Jupiter:

Jax is Superman and his encounter with the Toyman at the safe and notices that for some strange reason Superman seems to be getting weaker once the safe door closed and locked him in the vault. This is something that requires investigation further. He must continue observing this encounter.

In Metropolis:

Superman was beginning to kneel down in pain due to the kryptonite marbles while the Toyman opens up a previously closed safe deposit box which has a large bag in it.

“I created this bag of goodies with adult novelty toys made out of kryptonite for just this occasion and I plan to use all of them on you. Would you like to see them all you heroic cunt?” Superman could no longer hold the vault door and knees slowly buckled but he had to try and defeat this villain.

Superman turns to Toyman and states “You will not win this day or this way. I will defeat you” Toyman starts s stripping down to a leather vest with twenty kryptonite studs built into it and a leather jockstrap with studs of kryptonite enclosing the pouch and strap around Toyman’s waist. Toyman strides towards Superman with his bag of toys and Superman tries to back away but due to the kryptonite collapses to one knee. Toyman steps right up to Superman and sets the bag down and leans over and kisses Superman. “Time for you to meet my erotic side and the toys of your demise”

Jax’s ship:

Jax kept watching more and more as this so-called hero Superman from the house of El kept getting weaker and weaker. He started to see this all and was getting more and more turned on by these events. He even started to rub his naked chest and pecs while watching the scene. Jax’s cock was rock hard and at full mast by just watching this whole display and all he knew was that he needed to understand why this hero was so weak and why this was so erotic for Jax. He continues to watch.


The Toyman produces a pair of kryptonite hand cuffs and snaps them on Superman’s wrist behind his back while he was down on one knee. He then starts to lick the man of steels neck and caress it gently while tightening the cuffs. “Want to see the types of toys I’ve been making lately. They are in this bag right there except for those anal marbles I released earlier and the handcuffs which you have already seen. I am going to shove some of those marbles into your anus to loosen you up so I can fuck you. You will remain weakened while I explore all of your super muscular body for my homosexual enjoyment.“

Toyman then opened the bag and began to take out all of his adult paraphernalia starting with a pair of scissors with kryptonite blades, a fleshlight, a 10” dildo made out of kryptonite, a cream of some sort that supes could not recognize, 2 bottles of poppers one specifically identified for supes by having his logo on it, cock rings of various sizes, a penis and ball sack pump, a piercer and prince albert ring and nipple hoops for Superman’s pecs.

Toyman approached the man of steel with the vial of poppers marked for Superman and forced him to inhale the poppers, a human pheromone mixed with small dose of red kryptonite, which started immediately to cloud Superman’s mind. The combination of kryptonite and poppers was too much as Superman collapses on the floor. Next the Toyman took the cream substance and began to rub it all over supes costume, this has a small amount of kryptonite in it and also makes you suit more susceptible to being removed.

A strange stinging sensation makes Superman sweat even as the cream seeps through his costume and touches his skin. The Toyman pays special attention to Supes crotch region rubbing in the cream and bends over to lick his region making Superman’s cock become hard in his briefs. Noticing the bulge Toyman pulls Superman’s red briefs off putting them in the bag as a souvenir completely soaked and wet.

The Toyman then went and produced the scissors and began to cut away the rest of Superman’s costume starting with his rear end so he can shove in the first kryptonite anal bead. The pain from the violation of his ass makes Superman scream in pain. Slowly Toyman removes Superman’s boots and rest of his uniform showing Superman’s entirely naked smooth body except for the patch of hair between his pectorals and a treasure trail to his bush and cock. Superman keeps writhing on the floor in a combination of pain, confusion, and forced sexual excitement.

Toyman starts sucking on Superman’s feet licking the sweat off the bottoms and sucking each and every toe. Toyman starts kissing and licking up one leg to his crotch area and then the other leg followed by his arms, biceps and pits until they were soaked in Toyman’s saliva. Superman could not stop himself from getting hard due to this sexual assault to his body.

Toyman pinches Superman pectoral nipples making them raise up fully erect. Toyman deepthroats the full eleven inches of Superman’s cock for a few minutes before using the fleshlight on that wonderful piece of meat. The man of steel actually is pushed over the edge by all this sexual tension and starts to erupt cum into the fleshlight but his sexual torture is still not over.

Jax’s Ship:

Jax is still sitting in the ship watching the weak hero Superman be sexually assaulted and dominated and he is just pleased by what he is seeing. His own sexual excitement is coming to an explosive climax but he must refrain from cumming. He has determined though that he must capture this man that is doing this to the hero and learn how he did it. Everything that he was seeing done brought delight but Jax did decide though that no one will ever fuck this invader except for him.


Even though Superman has climaxed once already and it is contained in the fleshlight that Toyman is leaving attached to Superman’s still hard cock he is not satisfied. He wants to fuck this hero but knows he must loosen him up more first. Getting Superman up into a stance on all fours Toyman starts to lick and rim Superman’s pucker with the kryptonite marble in it.

Toyman uses his finger to shove it in further and add another one into his ass. Then he assists the man of steel in removing the two marbles only to immediately replace it with 10″ dildo of kryptonite which only makes Superman howl more. He shoves it all in at once with no mercy and starts to rapidly fuck the man of steel with it.

Superman never loses his hard on and starts to hump the attached fleshlight again until Toyman steps in front and shoves his nine-inch hard cock into the man of steels mouth getting it well lubed. Superman is full on both sides at this time. “It’s time you big blue lummox.” states Toyman as he pulls his cock and dildo out of Superman positions himself behind Superman teasing his hole with his fully erect cock. The tip is right at the opening when suddenly Superman passes out.

Jax’s Ship:

Jax is so enthralled by this defeat of the hero but is suddenly concerned when Toyman pulls out the dildo from Superman’s ass. He decides it is time for him to take action since only he is allowed to fuck Superman in Jax’s mind. He knows he can no longer seem to teleport like he use to but has learned that he can fly. He immediately leaves the safety of the ship to Superman’s location hoping he is fast enough to get there before the invader is violated. He arrives at the scene and rips open the bank vault door throwing it quickly to the side.

Toyman is startled by this presence and Superman just collapses on the floor without noticing this new intruder. In a superspeed rush Jax hits and knocks out Toyman, collects all his toys and him and flies back to his ship. This all takes less than 3 seconds for Jax to do. He locks Toyman into an open energy cell waiting for him to wake up and starts to examine the other things Toyman had.

Jax notices that the things actually are putting out a similar radiation to his own and that this may be what is affecting the man of steel. 20 minutes later Toyman becomes conscious again and see’s this magnificent being in front of him. He hears a message from the computer say not to worry. I am an ally but for now I must keep you in this cell but will explain soon enough.


Superman regains conscious without really knowing how long he has been out. He notices that the vault door has been completely removed as well as all trace of Toyman and his kryptonite toys. He also sees all the cash in the vault is missing as well as some boxes emptied. Knowing that he is naked and his costume seems to be missing he quickly streaks out of the vault as the police enter the building. Superman has a lot to think about now that Toyman has his suit, he has been raped, and has suffered defeat for the first time.

To be continued…

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