The Conquest of Lois Lane and Superman Chapters 83-84-85
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The Conquest of Lois Lane and Superman

Story by Wellsny44


Chapter 83


Superman followed Lois and Charles out on to the veranda at poolside. Night had fallen and a soft, seductive tropical breeze carried the scent of night-blooming jasmine to his nostrils. The defeated hero was pliant and willing. Charles Bryant had trained him well in the art of pleasuring male flesh. So complete was his sexual conversion that Superman actually was excited about the prospect of being with a man other than Charles. Or even two other men. He felt excited and sexy in the lingerie and makeup that he had been dressed in. He wondered if the man or men would want to make love to him or would he be told to make love to them. Either way the conquered superhero felt a tingle in his cock. A cock hardening and straining against the silken captivity of the thong confining his manhood. A golf cart was at poolside and Charles got in and gestured for Lois and Superman to join him. Lois got in the rear seat and Superman sat next to Charles Bryant. The electric cart began it journey down a long path to a bluff overlooking the sea. Then Charles left the path and journed about a quarter mile to what appeared to be a guest house just over a rise and not visible from the main house. Superman remembered seeing the house when he had flown in and had scanned it with X-ray vision and saw nothing unusual. Charles pulled up to the house and turned the cart off. Superman could see the house was dark. No lights appeared within. The Man of Steel wondered to himself whether this could possibly be Club L.? Charles got out of the cart and said to both of his captives, “Come. Let’s go inside and find a light. Lois, you might like what you see here.” Superman and Lois followed Charles through the unlocked front door and entered the guest house. It was very dark within and Charles finally said, “Here we are, found it. Let me light the candle.” He struck a match and touched it against a candle in a wall sconce. The light flickered and Charles moved to another which he also lit. As their eyes grew accustomed to the dim flickering light Superman finally saw what awaited him here. Standing quitely against the walls were leather-clad men. Not one or two but perhaps six, seven or even eight. He felt cold panic and fear in the pit of his stomach. He could see that these men were looking at him with desire and lust in their eyes. Suddenly he felt very small and weak. Dressed totally as a provocative woman in sexy undies, seeing the raw need in the faces of the men, one word stood out in his mind. It screamed to him: “Gang-bang.” Superman panicked and bolted for the door as fast as the 5 inch high-heels would permit. It was too late for The Man of Steel. A powerfully built man had moved to block the doorway. Superman tried to get past him but the man, bare-chested with two wide, black leather straps criss-crossing his mighty frame, just grabbed him in an unbreakable grip and held him immobile in his arms. The Man of Steel felt other men closing on him. Powerful hands and arms lifted him off his feet and carried him irrestibly toward the center of the room where a raised bed was positioned. Straps, slings and bondage equipment was there too. “No. No please,” he cried out to the men. “You can’t do this to me. I’m Superman. I’m Superman.” His cries and pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears as the ruthless men sought and found the flesh they desired. Knowing hands slowly undressed Superman, exposing him to their hungry eyes. Superman, in one last desperate attempt to avoid his fate, cried out to Bryant. “Charles. Help me please. Not this. I’ll do anything.”


Chapter 83A


Charles Bryant ignored the pleas of Superman for help. He had set the humiliation of Superman in motion and he intended to savor the moment. Instead he drew Lois Lane over to sit next to him on a butter-soft, black leather loveseat for two. Lois sat next to Bryant, their shoulders touching but she was oblivious to his nearness. Her attention was riveted to the incredible scene unfolding before her eyes in the dim light of this huge room. Her husband, The Man of Steel, World’s Mightiest Man, Superman, had been carried across the room by 6 leather-clad men and dumped onto a huge raised bed. Several other men could be seen in the dim light standing and watching. Superman struggled against the men but to no avail. Each powerful hand he shoved away was replaced by another. The hands searched, finding clasps, ties, clips in the lace and satin that encased Superman’s muscular body. Still, the defeated superhero struggled on. Until he reached the limits of his ability to resist. He fell back on the bed exhaused by his struggles. He had tried desperatly to resist the rape that he knew was coming. Across the room Lois watched one of the men looming over her husband. He seemed to be in command. He wore a studded black leather collar about his neck. Black leather bands criss-crossed his muscular, hairy chest. Another studded belt embraced his lean waist. Lois saw that the man wore a black leather cod-piece concealing what looked to be a huge cock. The man grabbed and ripped apart the feminine finery the Man of Steel was clad in. Without ceremony, his powerful, scarred fists grabbed the lace and silk and ripped it from his defeated foes body. Superman lay there panting, looking up at this new conquorer. Lois felt a hot flash of desire for this ruthless leather-clad dominator of her husband. The fallen hero, lay on his back, now wearing only the garter belt and nylons. Everything else had been torn off him and thrown on the floor alongside of the red higheels he had worn. These men, Superman realized, were anxious to get at his perfect body. His mind acknowledge his situation. The men would have their way with him. With or without his cooperation. Why not cooperate and make it easier, less painful and over quicker? The old, tired cliche appeared in his thoughts as he lay there: “When rape is inevitible why not relax and enjoy it.”


Chapter 84A


Charles Bryant drew Lois down next to him on a comfortable love-seat in a dark corner of the room. The better to enjoy the upcoming show. The only light being that that of several flickering candles illuminating the incredible scene unfolding before their eyes. In the center of the room, on a raised dias, the worlds mightiest superhero was confronting his fate. Superman’s pleas to Bryant had been met with silence. Surrounded by leather-clad men he had been carried by the grimly silent men to the center of the room. Each man was dressed in bizarre but eroticly studded leather and metal outfits. No two alike. Slowly the lace and silk undergarments that Superman wore were pulled apart. His perfumed, scented, hairless male body was exposed to their lustful eyes. Some of the men were eager to get at the fallen superhero and the sounds of rending and tearing silk and satin filled the room. Finally the Man of Steel lay helpless, looking up at the men, fear in his eyes. His Victoria Secret undergarments shredded and tattered, barely clinging to his once undefeated muscles. Now only a wispy silk thong covered his manhood from their hungry eyes. He still wore the garter belt and dark nylons. He lay there on his back, legs slightly parted and knees raised, panting fearfully. Unaware as he looked up at his captors that his nylon-encased thighs and the thin wisp of silk covering his large manhood were further inflaming the passion of those about to sample everything this defeated hero had. “Please, don’t do this” he whispered weakly, knowing as he did so that it was of no use. Knowing that these ruthless men would take all he had left to give. All that Charles Bryant had not already stripped from him. Across the room Lois Lane sat curled up close to Bryant. Her eyes smoldering with lust as she prepared to enjoy the spectacle of her husband being forced to service all those men. Her fingers had already sought out Bryant’s cock through the thin slacks he wore. Lois could feel it hardening and that further excited her. She worked her fingers on the buttons of his silk shirt exposing his powerful chest to her hand. “Oh Charles,” she panted, “Do it now. Tell those guys to fuck him. Make him suck them off now. Charles, you teasing bastard. You have me so terribly hot I can’t stand it.”  Lois franticly found the zipper to the slacks and exposed Bryant’s dripping cock. She immediatly went down on him, eager to suck him. “Christ, what a whore!” Bryant wondered to himself, as he watched Lois’ head bobbing up and down, moaning with need and desire. Bryant looked over and saw the men were about to begin the final breaking and conquest of Superman. The defeated, humiliated Man of Steel, glanced over and saw Lois face down in Bryant’s lap. But had no time to relect on it. Two powerful hands grabbed him by the hair and a hard cock was pressed against his lips.


Chapter 84B


Charles Bryant could feel the inevitable results of Lois Lane’s oral skills, her head moving up and down as she serviced him. Out of necessity he stopped her from bringing him off. “Not now Lois,” he whispered to her, “I’m saving that load for your husband’s mouth. Now come up here and lets just watch and enjoy Superman being raped and sodomized by my men.” Reluctantly Lois ceased sucking on his cock. She sat up and snuggled closer to Bryant. His arm was across her shoulder as both began to observe what was taking place in front of them. The Man of Steel lay on his back pinned by one of the leather clad men. The dark haired man wore only a pair of black leather chaps which completely exposed his buttocks. The chaps were laced up the side of the mans legs exposing small patches of flesh up the length of his muscular legs. He knelt over Superman pinning him, one knee on each side of his head. The man sat on the defeated heros chest and slowly undid the ties covering his crotch. Finally his cock fell out, fully hard. It rested on the side of the defeated heros cheek. Superman moaned piteously knowing what was coming. The dark haired man grabbed Superman roughly by his full head of hair, positioned his cock against the once invincible mouth and pushed forward. With a weak groan of submission arising from Superman’s throat, the hard cock disappeared into his vulnerable mouth. The leather-man gasped aloud with satisfaction as the wet hotness of the superheros mouth worked its magic on his throbbing cock. He began a slow, sensuous, rhythmic fucking of that mouth. Content to build slowly to his climax. Meanwhile two of the other men pulled Superman’s nylon-clad legs apart and attached an 18 inch spreader bar which they fastened about his ankles with leather restraints. Now each ankle had a leather restraint on it in addition to the metal cuff containing the shards of kryptonite which kept The World’s Mightiest Man permanently weakened. The fallen hero’s cock was now exposed and available to the men. On the other side of the room a highly aroused Lois Lane whispered to Charles Bryant, “Darling, these men are magnificent. Where did you ever get them? How did they get here?” Lois was unable to pull her eyes away from the erotic scene. Bryant replied quietly, “The men are mine from the ship. They’re part of my crew. You see Lois, when you have a few loose billions to play with, you can afford to search the world for just such men. I’ve made each of these men a millionaire and I have their loyalty. Extravagent Perhaps. At this rate I’ll be broke in 1500 years.” Now Lois understood more clearly the raw power of Charles Bryant. It excited her sexually. She returned her concentration to the scene before her. The first of the leather men had reached the point of climax. He raised up on his knees and cried out passionatly as his cock erupted in his prisoners mouth. He kept his cock in Superman’s mouth as his load spent itself. Superman did not struggle to get away. He just accepted the cum, moaning softly and continueing to gently suck the cock which pinned him to the pillow. One could not be sure if the moans signified passion or pain. Or both.


Chapter 85

The leather-clad man having cum, was finished with Superman. He let his softening cock slip from The Man of Steel’s mouth. Wet with cum and Superman’s saliva, the cock glistened seductivly in the flickering candlelight. The man moved off of Superman to the side of the dias and immediatly he was replaced by another muscular, nearly naked man wearing a criss-cross leather harness across his powerful chest. The man was very aroused and he roughly pinned the defeated hero down. Kneeling over Superman’s face, he brutally grabbed the rich, thick head of black hair and shoved his hard cock forcefully into the helpless mouth. “C’mon bitch,” he snarled passionatly, “suck my cock.” The man began savagly fucking the helpless heros mouth as he thrashed weakly beneath him. Yet another of the leather studs roughly tore away the thin wisp of silken thong covering Superman’s manhood. That man immediatly sucked the superhero’s cock into his hot mouth. Across the room Charles Bryant observed sharply. The cock of the defeated hero still had not grown hard. It was still semi-soft. “Very soon my defeated lover,” Bryant thought to himself, “soon you will respond and before my men finish with you, you’ll pant and plead for more. You can’t escape your destiny Superman. You’r doomed to be my sex toy, my slave.” Several more of the leather men closed on the fallen hero. Each knelt on either side taking the defeated heros hands and wrapping his fingers around their hard-ons. Starting him jerking them off. Still another man pulled the spreader bar higher and began to finger-fuck his exposed ass. The Man of Steel was fully compromised by five of the men who were battering him sexually. The only sounds were of Superman in distress as the five men battered and abused his captured body. There was nothing gentle in the demeanor of the men. They sought release and Superman was going to provide it. They were rough, brutal, passionate and mostly, urgent. One after another the aroused men reached their point of no-return. One after another the men found Superman’s mouth and climaxed. Each man savoring the moment as they destroyed any last vestige of pride or dignity remaining to the defeated hero. They made certain that every last drop of their cum had wet Superman’s lips or mouth until finally the last of the 6 men moved away leaving a totally vanquished former-hero laying flat on his back. His mightily muscled body streaked with sweat. Nothing was left of the silk, feminine undergarments he had worn save the black silk thigh-high stockings. His long, thick cock had still not grown fully hard. It was semi-hard and not what Charles Bryant wanted to see. The superhero lay there lost in his own thoughts, the taste of cum in his mouth. The thoughts that came to his mind shocked him: “The men ruined my lipstick, my makeup. I wish I had those beautiful things on again to please the men.” Superman wondered why none of the man had fucked him although his ass was completely available. Was he disappointed? As those erotic thoughts intruded into his shattered mind, ever so slowly his cock lengthened and grew hard. In moments it was fully erect and twitching with need and desire. Superman had crossed the threshold. He wanted more. More abuse, pain and much more cock. Charles Bryant, ever the sexual gourmet, saw the transformation and whispered to a panting Lois Lane, “Watch now, it’s his moment of truth. He wants more”


To be continued …


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