The Last Kryptonian Chapter 5A
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The Last Kryptonian

Author: Wrstlr

Some editions by SuperheroFan

The following characters Superman, Clark Kent, Toyman, Metallo, Lex Luthor, Parasite and Jax the Last Kryptonian are the property of DC comics. No copyright is intended and this story is just an individual author’s fantasy.

Chapter 5A: Invasion of Superman’s Secure Fortress and Safehold


A fully naked Superman arrives at his childhood home of the Kent’s ranch in Smallville with a sleeping parent in each arm. He feels fully recovered from the events in Luthor’s laboratory but is still concerned about the events that happened to him as well as the health of his adopted parents. When he last saw them, they looked extremely ill with high fevers, sores all over their bodies, severe red skin like it was on fire, and labored breathing.

After the encounter the Kent’s though actually looked like they were fully healed of any of the symptoms that he saw last. They actually even seemed to be healthier than normal for their age. Arriving at the farm Clark put each of the Kent’s into their bed and rushed out to the barn where the ship he arrived in was buried under and he kept his own personal bedroom and mementos from his adventures over the years.

He was in the process of putting on a spare Superman costume and loading a set of his alter ego Clark Kent’s clothes into his cape pouch when he started to feel a rumbling through the barn coming from the chamber where his ship was stored.

After getting dressed Clark opened up the hidden entrance that only a kryptonian could which allowed access to that chamber and saw the cabin of portion of his ship well lite up.

Looking inside he found two new crystalline objects that he recognized as memory crystals which his father had created and sent with him as a baby. In order to view these crystals, he must take them to his fortress of solitude out in the arctic circle. First though he needed to assure himself that his adoptive parents were ok and healthy.

He walks back into the house and gives them a scan. To his surprise he finds them both at optimum health. Even his mother’s asthma, and dads broken bones have completely mended. While outwardly they still showed their age, it seemed as though internally they had bodies of young adults. The only other oddity that he was able to see was that it seemed they now had a strange white radiation glow that could only be seen with his special vision. While this was concerning to Superman it did not seem to be harmful in any way and all their organs gave this glow with no ill effects it seemed. Superman stayed with them at the house until they woke up and came down to the living room to find him there.

He asked them about what they remembered and all they could recall was taking a ride with Luthor to Metropolis and being put in that room. The plant in that room was in full bloom when they entered and shortly thereafter seemed to spew a dust cloud that filled the full room and that was the last they could recall.

Satisfied that they were ok Superman informed them of his plans to go to his fortress for a couple of days and then he would be back to check up on them both.

A quick detour though to Luthor’s lab came first to see if he could recover that plant for study. Upon his arrival there and entry of the room he noticed that the plant was completely withered dry and dead. Superman still grabbed the plant and flew off to his Fortress of Solitude for a complete analysis of the past few days events.

At the farm one of the probes that Jax had been monitoring Superman with stayed to record all the information it could and relay it to Jax about the Kent’s, the mementos that Clark had accrued and even a full analysis of the rocket that Kal-el was keeping hidden.

The second probe followed Superman as was instructed from Jax since it was first sent to earth.

Fortress of Solitude:

Arriving in the Artic Superman goes and retrieves the key for this fortress of solitude. This actually was a key in shape but his crystalline structure was over 20 feet in length and weighed over 200 tons in weight so only Superman could lift the key up and unlock the entrance to the Fortress.

Upon opening the entryway, the key would then return to its normal position ready for its next usage. The entrance hallway of sold crystalline structure is an impressive mile in length with many little antechambers available for storage of any types.

In just the three years that this structure has stood though only one of the antechambers seems to have an occupant which is Superman’s pet dog named Krypto, a dog saved by being injected by Superman’s blood. Krypto is about the only alarm and security system that the Fortress requires.

Nothing living had ever gained entry into this fortress in its existence, until today. Superman walks slowly down the hallway into the main facility chamber where his crystalline computer, experimental equipment, holographic viewers, and a single chair sit. This main chamber is located in the center of the complex with 5 other antechambers along its circular perimeter. In one of these antechambers Superman stores the artifacts that he accrued over this time on earth and in the local galaxy from various races. He also has a lead case where he stores all the kryptonites that he has ever been able to recover and lock away for safe keeping.

Only he can open this case by his own genetic material, either a lock of hair or drop of blood is enough. A second antechamber is his own private bed chamber and sanctuary. It connects directly with the neighboring chamber where he has a shower stall, hot springs whirlpool, and a range of solar lamps each with a different radiation type which he used for medical recovery when necessary. These were something that he was able to recover from the alien Kryptonian Computer Brainiac after their first encounter.

The next antechamber housed his robots that he used from time to time when he was unable to act himself. These robots Superman liked to consider his children since he built them to be like him. Each robot though seemed to have a flaw or defect of some kind which meant Superman had to be cautious is using them where they would be seen in public. Since he programmed them with his mind it seems their flaws were something that originated through his own mind.

One robot was a pacifist, one had a severe violent streak, one always sacrificed himself in favor of others, and so on for the full 12 robots that he created. This actually was something that disturbed Superman but he had hoped to fix these issues over time with continued work, unfortunately though he could not address that issue today.

Superman reached the main chamber, sat in the main chair in the lab and put his hand on the crystal panel which awoke all his computer equipment present. Krypto actually walked up and sat down next to the chair next to his master.

Unknown to the both of them a small tracking monitor had slipped into the fortress though and was now recording anything and everything that was happening in the fortress transmitting it to Jax’s ship. So Jax was going to have a full record and see everything that happened in this place. This monitor had even captured Superman awakening his computer and opening his diary. Thanks to the alien Brainiac, Superman now knows that all of his adventures were being recorded and saved to memory crystals similar to the ones that Jor-El included in his ship.

The computer now also had the capabilities to analyze these events when paired up with his personal diary and provide analysis for Superman. Superman feels that he needs to dictate his notes and have the computer start his analysis of the past 4 days. So, he quickly brings up each encounter and recites his own personal notes and feelings in full detail meaning sex, erotic stimulation, what he remembers exactly and the other variables at the time. He has the analysis started and decides that he may as well take a rest.

The memory crystals that he obtained while at the Kent’s farm from his rocket ship could not be viewed until the analysis was complete anyway and that would be a few hours. Superman walks into his bed antechamber and starts to remove his costume. Strangely though he decides to take his time and enjoy the removal of the fabric and material from his body. He finds it strangely erotic in its own right and his confidence is at an all-time high since no one has ever infiltrated this facility.

On the down bed Superman grabs the white Kryptonian robe which bears his family crest and slips it on. He walks over into the next chamber and steps into the automated shower. The shower starts to slowly remove his robe and then turns on the overhead water to start with. Superman leans his head back to let the falling water cascade on his face and stream down his neck onto his chest. It is so refreshing for Superman to come to this place and let the shower completely take over and service all his needs. It is as if the shower knows exactly what temperature, pressure and where to work so that he could be completely relaxed at the end. Reducing the strength of the overhead spray to a minor trickle the shower then turns on a sprayer that is focused on the middle of his back and shoulders.

A light jet of spray also comes up from the floor of the shower ticking his legs, nutsack and soft cock. For a period of almost 10 minutes the shower rotates sprays and intensity covering every inch of Superman’s 6-foot 5-inch frame washing away all the troubles from the past 4 days. Unknown to Superman, because each chamber in the fortress is soundproof even with his super hearing, an intruder has opened the door and is walking down the entrance chamber of the fortress.

Jax, upon receiving the video feed from this fortress has decided that he needs to take a risk and examine this place personally. He has the capability to easily lift the key and open the entrance to the facility. His interest is peaked because this fortress seems to resemble the caverns and chambers that his kind created on what was known as Krypton.

He was aware Superman was also at this location but the reward of seeing just what all this facility had was too tempting even if it did mean a first direct encounter. Opening the entrance and going into the hallway Jax is greeted quickly with the presence of Krypto who detected the intruder and tried to intercept, Unfortunately Krypto’s approach comes to a sudden halt due to the Green Kryptonite ever present by Jax. Krypto collapses and tries to crawl away reaching the main chamber again but progress is slowing more and more as Jax comes closer. In the middle of the floor Krypto actually expires with his normal white coat now a severe dark shade of green due to the Kryptonite poisoning.

Seeing the main crystalline computer monitors and the central chair Jax soon realizes that this technology originated by his people and was in the process of doing an analysis for Superman. With Superman nowhere in sight Jax sits in the chair, with his newly adorned jockstrap and harness watching the video display of the events of the past 4 days for Superman. While the content is usually sexually pleasing for Jax this time his focus is more on the diary display that is also present on the screen. Being familiar with the crystalline technology Jax learns a great many things about this supposed hero.

He is most intrigued by the sexual components that Kal-El refers to in his many encounters as well as this Kryptonian Alien Computer known as Brainiac. The analysis of the encounters is now complete and Jax reads exactly what he expected. Superman was able to be defeated due to his own arrogance and over confidence which has never failed him in the past. This is an exploit that Jax wants to prevent before their encounter face to face.

Jax then sees the memory crystals that Kal-El has next to the computer and decides that it is safe enough for him to view these here. Putting the first crystal in he sees on the display a hologram of his most hated enemy Jor-El dictating his version of the history of Krypton and the family of El. Jax watches these as they all play at superspeed and with his photographic memory he catches it all. Most appealing to him is where it talks about how Kal-El’s race is so similar to humans in appearance and physiology that is why Jor-El choose to send him here.

The difference is that each Kryptonian is a group of Persona’s existing in the same form each taking control when necessary for the situation. The Primary types they have are Logical, Commander, Advocate, Protagonist, and Defender. Sometimes another one or two may develop. As a teenager once these have formed the children are exposed to a radiation, what is now known as black kryptonite, which separates them all with the first exposure. They all share and even debate or struggle with each other until they find common ground that they all can accept then are exposed a second time to merge all in the same form again.

This time with physiological changes taking presence. They become fully mature in all aspects at this time mentally, physically, and in a sexual aspect where they are given the option to choose who they will eventually mate with. Jax also learns that he did not always need to come to Superman’s rescue to keep him from having cum shot in him. The El’s physiology it repels the insemination of anyone the host entity deems unworthy when they are ready to cum. Like what happened to Luthor in his lab. So, for Jax to shoot his sperm in Superman, he must be declared worthy by his enemy.

Then in the final crystal, one which Superman brought from his ship learned that Superman’s race could breed and bear children in extreme circumstances, giving Jax hope that maybe he could create a new race before destroying this last member of the house of El. This completed all the memory crystals which Jax then gathered together. Leaving only one for Kal-El to see as well as a note for him. Jax then stands up and starts to explore the rest of the Fortress to see what else he may find.

Meanwhile, Superman has finished his twenty-minute relaxation shower and stepped into the whirlpool for a period of time. The whirlpool is very warm and soothing on his naked body and he tends to sleep in it for a time. The aroma from the kryptonite pheromones that it contains. It actually is very stimulating to the senses which are greatly heightened while bathed in it. For a period of time Kal-El is asleep in the whirlpool unaware of the intruder in the main chamber of the fortress.

Waking up Superman walks into his bed chamber to lie down in the bed for a bit of sexual release which usually occurs after the whirlpool. He lays in the down bed nude and uncovered beginning to massage and rub his pectorals. Each one is highly sensitive and the nipples become erect immediately. Superman also begins to notice that he had developed some hair on his upper chest and around the areolas of his pecs. This actually excites him even more and he continues to rub. Without even touching his cock it has sprung to its full mast length of now 12 inches and a thickness close to the size of a soda can.

The amount of precum that he is oozing now is lots more than ever before. He starts to edge his cock with one hand while teasing his pectorals and nipples with the other. This continues for a good hour then he moves the hand from his erect cock to start playing with his anal sphincter, slowly inserting fingers one, two and eventually three at one time. The excitement of this penetration is building his climax closer and closer. Jax has actually arrived in time and stands at the doorway across the room watching all this activity and starts to edge himself.

Superman himself is oblivious to the presence and is to wrapped up in ecstasy to notice the presence of Jax or kryptonite radiation present. In a matter of minutes of fingering load after load of cum starts to stream in ropes from Superman’s Cock. He cums for a matter of almost 2 minutes before collapsing on the bed. Jax is so enticed he starts to approach the bed and Superman begins to feel the weakness and passes out immediately.

Jax cleans up the cum from all around Superman now realizing that this is the source to Superman’s life essence and when spilled makes him his most vulnerable. As is evident by the thrashing in pain Superman is doing while unconscious and in close proximity to Jax and his radiation. Jax quickly backs away letting Superman slumber while he finishes the rest of his exploration of fortress.

Upon seeing the room of robots, he completely destroys and dismantles them all tearing them to shreds and completely unrepairable. He notices the shower and whirlpool room and finds the pheromones that are used in it and gathers a sample of them for his purposes. Then Jax returns to the main chamber. Destroys all the computers and memory crystals, except the one about the persona’s and the ability for them to bear children when necessary.

Over the display Jax types a message in English that reads, “I know who you are Kal-El and soon in time you will know me. But for now, just know that when the time is right, I will have completely destroyed you and all that your family stands for. Just know that you are not alone anymore and I am the instrument of your destruction. A home destroyed for a home destroyed.” Jax also left a record of the battle analysis for Superman just to back up his claims with a slight addendum saying that some other force was behind it all.

Superman awakens from his slumber after his sexual experience to see that he and his bedchamber are completely undisturbed. There is not even any trace of his own sperm which he is well aware that he shot all over himself just awhile earlier. He gets out of bed and walks towards the main chamber where he sees all the destruction and his pet Krypto dead on the floor. He does a quick dash through the other chambers to see the destruction to each of them except for the bedchamber and shower, pool, medical area.

Finally, Superman turns the display screen and see’s the message that Jax left for him and the message from the memory crystal about his anatomy. Superman lets out the largest scream he can taking all this in but no one is around to hear it. Superman drops to his knees in the center chamber so mixed up in emotions knowing this violation of his sanctity is now only the beginning.

To be continued…

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