The Last Kryptonian Chapter 3
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The Last Kryptonian

Author: Wrstlr

Some editions by SuperheroFan

The following characters Superman, Clark Kent, Toyman, Metallo, Lex Luthor, Parasite and Jax the Last Kryptonian are the property of DC comics. No copyright is intended and this story is just an individual author’s fantasy.

Chapter 3: The Sapping Power of the Parasite

One year ago in Pittsburgh PA:

One night while at work at the local Star Lab facility lowly 5’9″ one hundred thirty-five pound when soaking wet punk fan and Janitor Rudy Jones was making his rounds cleaning the facility. Rudy is a nosy young man always curious what is going on inside the labs and on this fatal night he decides to enter and explore one of these labs to see exactly what the scientist have been working on.

Everyone else except for security has left the building so it is easy for Rudy to sneak into the laboratory, there is enough light coming in from the instruments so for safety and not to be detected Rudy leaves the main lights off while exploring around the room. In a matter of minutes Rudy heard a loud boom sound and saw a large vortex open in the laboratory, so he scurried behind some large chemical drums to see an extremely imposing figure walk through the opening. It was Darkseid, so Rudy tried to stay as quiet as possible so he would not be noticed but unfortunately Darkseid was aware of his presence but did not care this insignificant worm. He was at this facility looking for a particular mineral that he needed for a weapon of his on Apokolips which Superman had found and brought to this lab to be further studied. Finding the mineral quickly turned and walked back towards the boom tube but he just could not let anyone not pay for witnessing his act.

“You can thank Superman for what is about to happen to you,” says Darkseid as he hits the drums hiding Rudy with his omega beams before entering the boom tube smiling knowing what he has just unleashed while the boom tube closes. The barrel Rudy is hiding behind explodes covering him in all this radioactive biohazard material while flinging Rudy into the wall 10 feet behind him.

Rudy passes out and is covered from head to toe in this material. Rudy regains consciousness sometime later feeling famished and hungry but still looking to be intact.

When he starts to wipe off the biohazard material from his skin though he sees his exposed skin is green in color and all his tattoos have disappeared. Rudy even removes his shirt and notices the green color is present all over his body.

Rudy puts his shirt back on and quickly leaves the laboratory but begins to feel weaker than normal as he progresses down the hallway. He arrives at the guard shack and knocks for the guard to let him in. When the guard opens the door, he touches Rudy’s arm and immediately is turned to ashes. Rudy on the other hand starts to feel better physically and a little satisfied but this rush of life energy has given him a burst and he starts searching out for more people.

Within five minutes Rudy has fed off of 7 other guards and feels restored and even a bit smarter as if the knowledge of all the guards he ate is retained within him now. Since Rudy is feeling good now, he decides that it is best for him to leave and go home. He exits through the employee door just in time to see a familiar streak flying in the air towards the facility. It is Superman so Rudy decides to call out and tell Superman what he saw.

Superman hears Rudy’s call and lands directly in front of Rudy listening to his story. While telling his story Rudy can feel a trace amount of energy from Superman. Upon completion of telling Superman what happened Superman states, “Let me make sure the facility is clear and then I will fly you to Belle Reve where they can see about curing you.” Superman makes a quick fly through of the building and comes back to Rudy confident that nothing to fear remains.

He actually picks up Rudy and flies off in the direction of Belle Reve. Rudy grabs on to Superman’s arm and absorbs all of Superman’s memory into his own. He also starts to slowly drain the life force from Superman without even trying.

Superman’s flight starts to slow down and lower altitude but they arrive at Belle Reve safely. Scientists quickly rush Rudy into an exam room as Superman stands watch. Later he is informed that the material that covered Rudy is killing him and that only by absorbing the life force of another can he survive.

They can create a unit to feed Rudy but it would take a couple hours and they are not certain Rudy has that long. Superman offers to let Rudy absorb a small portion of his to assist. He walks into the room where the doctors inform Rudy about their plans and Superman’s assistance which he gladly accepts.

Superman pulls up his sleeve and lets Rudy grab it. The transfer of energy is almost instantaneous from Superman to Rudy but unknown to Superman is that Rudy now also has all his knowledge and knows his secret identity as Clark Kent. As Superman walks away the scientists inform him that Rudy from now on until he is cured will be known as Project Parasite.

Current Day Metropolis:

Clark Kent wakes up way late for his shift at the Daily Planet to an incoming phone call from Lois Lane. “Good morning, Boy Scout, you forget that you are to be working today? Well anyway you need to turn on the news there is a big story from Belle Reve that you should see.” Clark lies, “Sorry Lois, please tell Perry I am not feeling well and do not want to take the chance to infect anyone at work. I hope to be well enough to be back tomorrow. Cough, Cough, Cough.” Clark then quickly puts the phone the receiver and turns on the television to see what Lois is talking about.

The television comes awake and is already on the local station where a reporter is standing outside of Belle Reve facility, “Once again for those of you just hearing this. A project has disappeared from the Belle Reve facility. He was a patient here for the past year after being contaminated with radioactive biohazard materials. He was working with a scientist and now has seemed to disappear along with the scientist. All that was found in the room was body barely conscious but unidentifiable at this time. This person was rushed to Metropolis General Hospital in hopes to save him. We are being told that the escapee was named Rudy Jones but that is all that we have. We will provide you more details as we get them.”

Clark without pause rushes to his bedroom and hidden closet to grab a new costume, realizing he only has 2 more left and may have to ask Ma Kent to make him a few more as quickly as possible. This time Clark takes a fraction of second to transform in Superman the Man of Steel and flies off into the direction of Belle Reve.

Superman quickly arrived without being detected by the media and flew into the chamber where he had left Rudy with the scientist one year ago. He talks to the scientist and learns that over the year they still had found no cure for Rudy’s condition, even enlisting the help of Lex Luthor was unable to find a cure.

They inform Superman though that Rudy’s physical body has gone through some extreme changes. He has grown to a height of over six feet. His muscle mass while not defined had become bulkier and the tone of his skin had changed from green to a deep purple in color.

He also seemed to be able to draw energy from their sources without contact any more. He still required recharging though every 24 hours according to their notes. The final thing they were checking at the time was who was the body they found and why the lead scientist working with Rudy has left the facility and is not returning calls for the past 12 hours.

They give Superman all the notes they have of the changes in Rudy’s body and capabilities so he thanks them and flies off in search of Project Parasite, Rudy Jones in hopes of catching him and returning him to Belle Reve.

Metropolis at same time Superman is at Belle Reve:

The Daily Planet is in its normal chaotic state of disarray with Perry shouting for stories or yelling at Jimmy for this or that. Reporters are scurrying around trying to get their stories to copy before the printing deadline.

No one really pays attention to a plain clothed scientist who walks into the front doors and up the reception desk. “Can you please tell me where I might find Lois Lane? I really need to speak to her about the Belle Reve event.” the scientist asks the receptionist.

“Miss Lane is located on the 15th floor. Please take the elevator to the left.” the receptionist responds and reaches out to shake the scientist’s hand. The scientist, who is actually Rudy Jones, declines saying that he is a bit of germaphobe but wishes her good day and heads to the elevator.

He knows all about Superman’s relationship with Lois and hopes to take advantage of that fact to reach Superman and drain him of his lifeforce since he is convinced that Superman is the one responsible for the state, he currently is in. On the 15th floor Rudy as the scientist is greeted by Lois Lane who asks. “So, you say you need to talk to me about Belle Reve? Well, if you will come to the conference room with me, I will be glad to hear what you have to say.” Rudy follows Lois into the conference room and begins to talk about the experiments that a subject, who was actually put through and that Lex Luthor was involved which peaks Lois’s interest.

Lois records the entire conversation which goes on for about two hours. Rudy gives names on scientist and other people for Lois to ask about this Project Parasite they were working on. Lois then takes the tape and information and runs out of the office not even thanking the scientist set in a rush to get to Belle Reve and get this front-page scoop that has fallen into her lap.

Rudy quietly mouths the words, “What a bitch, not even a thanks” with a large grin on his face. As he exits the conference room he bumps into Jimmy Olsen and they both land on the floor in a heap. Within a matter of seconds Rudy absorbs Jimmy’s memory’s, thoughts, desires, and image which he uses to transform into a copy of Jimmy, quickly steals the Superman signal watch, and gathers himself heading to the elevators leaving the real Jimmy as a crumbled mess on the floor of the planet.

Jax’s Ship in orbit outside Jupiter:

Jax has already been awake for about 2 earth hours before the Toyman wakes up and watches Jax once more examining the novelty toys and vests that Toyman created. Toyman asks, “You interested in starting to learn what those can do? I will be happy to teach you all about them.” Jax turns to Toyman realizing that he is awake now and pushes the button to release Toyman’s energy cell bars.

“Teach me human” is all that Jax says while Toyman approaches the naked behemoth Jax ready to have sexual pleasure with him. Metallo is also awake at this time and just takes in the scene without saying a word.

Toyman walks up to the bag of toys and lets Jax choose what he wants to learn about first. Jax reaches in and grabs the kryptonite studded harness vest that he saw Toyman wear.

“What is this for?” Jax asks while feeling the radiation from the kryptonite on his body energize him.

“That is a piece of clothing humans wear to show dominance in a sexual capacity.” Toyman states as he watches Jax explore the leather garment. Jax then decides to put it on like he had seen when it was on the Toyman.

This sets Toyman and Metallo into fits of laughter because it is such a clumsy movement and is way too small for the humongous muscles of Jax’s upper body.

“We will have to make you a much larger one.” Toyman stammers out between laughs.

Jax agrees and reaches into the bag again this time pulling out the fleshlight and kryptonite dildo that Toyman used on Superman. They actually still had Superman’s cum in the fleshlight and anal secretions on the dildo.

“Show me how these are used to pleasure.” Jax inquires of the Toyman. “Gladly, but first I need to get you excited a bit before I can use them. Do you mind if I play with that 14.5” cock of yours and start to get you hard?” Toyman asks as he takes ahold of Jax’s limp cock and starts to bring it to life.

Jax says nothing and just sits back and lets the Toyman work on making his cock hard.

Toyman uses slow deliberate strokes and every now and then drops to Jax’s ballsack to tug on the behemoth’s nuts.

Jax moans softly at these manipulations all the while keeping his eyes closed absorbing the feelings of Toyman’s movements.

Toyman then slips the fleshlight onto Jax’s cock even though it is not full hard and still has Superman’s encrusted cum in it but Jax’s own precum turns Superman’s cum into a nice Lube for the fleshlight.

Toyman then starts to explore Jax’s anus in search for his anal opening to tease it a bit and then insert a finger or two. Jax takes the fleshlight into his own hands which lets the Toyman begin to jack himself off while finger fucking Jax’s hole.

Metallo is even working on his own cock while watching Toyman play with the behemoth Jax. Toyman then inserts a third finger and works them in and out of Jax’s opening for about 5 minutes before grabbing the kryptonite dildo.

With one hand Toyman jacks himself off and slowly works the dildo into Jax’s anal opening, Starting just with the tip and then all the way in to the balls. The kryptonite energy actually makes the behemoth frantically hump the fleshlight while the dildo slides in and out.

Toyman and Metallo bring themselves to cum but Jax is able to stop just short of climax. “Thank you, rest a bit and we will explore more” Jax tells Toyman who puts the toys back in the bag and heads back to his cell. Metallo is just in awe at all he has witnessed.


Superman has just abandoned his search for Parasite after finding no possible trace of Rudy anywhere near Belle Reve, Pittsburgh, or Metropolis.

 Superman decides to check on the status of the patient they found at Belle Reve and stops by Metropolis General. Upon his arrival he learns that the patient had a full recovery and that the patient was actually the scientist that the video captured leaving 12 hours earlier.

With no explanation or anything it seemed he just regained his appearance, vitals, energy, and memories. When he questions the scientist, all Superman learns is that the last thing that happened was Rudy reached out and touched his exposed skin and that was the last thing he remembered.

Superman flies away back to his apartment as Clark Kent to contemplate this further. Upon his arrival at the apartment, he switches back into his alter ego and starts to go over the findings he got from Belle Reve and the hospital.

He is disturbed by the outside buzzer to his apartment ringing. “Who is it?” Clark asks. “Clark it is me, Jimmy. Perry asked me to bring your assignments by so you don’t miss any work.” Jimmy, aka parasite says in the typical nervous way Jimmy talks.

Clark is assured it is Jimmy since everything is what he would normally expect so he buzzes the door to let the parasite in the building and up to his apartment.

Jax’s Ship:

The occupants of the ship hear an audible alert that Superman had arrived home earlier than normal so Jax turns on the holographic monitor to see what Kal-El is up to. When the monitor comes up Jax witnesses that Clark is in his human clothes and a visitor is at the door so he decides to watch this interaction in hopes of understanding why Superman has this alter ego. Toyman and Metallo watch the screens as well. Unaware of the show they are about to witness.


Clark Kent is sitting in his living room as he sees Jimmy walk through the door to his apartment. He is completely unaware that this is really the Parasite in his apartment. Rudy walks over to a recliner across the coffee table from Clark and sets down the folders that he was holding.

“Hey Clark, heard you weren’t feeling good. Better get well soon, but maybe not too soon.” Rudy laughs. “Hey can I bother you for a drink? Just a glass of water would be good.” Rudy asks all the while starting to absorb the radiant energy from Superman without his knowledge.

Clark gets up and walks to his kitchen fills a glass with ice and water and brings it to Jimmy/Parasite and hands it to him. They touch hands for a brief second which sends a quick shock through them both. Clark then sits down on the couch next to Jimmy and thanks him even though he is not really ready to work yet.

“I will look them over when I feel a little better.” Clark says.

Parasite decides that this is his best opportunity to get close to Clark/Superman and moves from the recliner and sits next to Clark on the couch. The close proximity to Clark actually starts to make Clark sweat a bit from being drained slowly by Parasite.

“You ok Clark, you look a little tired there a second. Why don’t you just sit back and rest a minute.” Parasite states keeping his focus on Clark the whole time.

“Hey I know what will make you feel better. Let me give you a shoulder rubdown. That will help you relax in no time.” Parasite gets up and moves behind the now laid-back Clark and starts to give him a rub down. This contact increases the energy flow from Clark but just seems to be more and more relaxing to Clark at the moment.

Parasite can tell that his prey is comfortable with this for the moment and decides to press his advantage. He opens up Clark’s shirt to reveal Superman’s bare fully smooth chest. Parasite gets a rush of life energy from Clark which causes him to pass out for just a brief moment. Parasite now realizes that touching bare skin speeds up the energy draining process.

While Superman is passed out Parasite picks Superman and carries his with ease to Clark Kents bedroom.

The unconscious Superman is unaware the parasite has now taken the form of a 6’ human nude male with purplish skin about a nice size 11” inches of uncut cock swinging between his legs while being carried to the bedroom.

Parasite lays Clark down on the bed and strips Clark of all his clothes. He knows that silently both Jimmy, who’s body he used, and Clark have hoped for something like this to happen almost since they first met. Parasite then climbs into the bed and plants a gigantic French kiss on the now naked Clark which shocks him back to his senses. Superman tries to pull away from the kiss but for some reason cannot escape the kiss and invading tongue in his mouth.

Realizing this being is not Jimmy, Clark stammers “Who are you?” as Rudy pulls his mouth away. Laughing Rudy whispers so softly only Superman can hear it, “My name is Rudy Jones. But you may call me Parasite. And soon I will be you Superman.” Superman is just speechless as Rudy grabs his naked body begins to hover the two of them over the bed with no effort.

Superman tries to pull away but is unable to when Rudy leans in again and French kisses Superman once more. Rudy then realizes that sexual contact really heightens the energy drain and decides to explore this more and reaches for Clark’s cock region. It is completely soft until Rudy touches the region then the cock gets instantly hard to its full size of 11” and as thick as a beer can. A few strokes of the shaft and then Rudy decides that he needs to suck it for even more power. He starts to suction on Superman cock with his Superman’s own vacuum breath which causes Superman to lose control and unload his cum straight into Rudy’s mouth. This just empowers Rudy more and leads to Superman passing out again.

“Well, if I am right, I now have all your powers.” Rudy boasts and leaves the man of steel passed out on the bed. Rudy tests out each power one by one to confirm he has them now. Superman himself actually has lost a bit of his chiseled look but that doesn’t bother Parasite one bit. “I wonder what will happen if you were to suck my now 13” cock and I fuck you with it.” I guess we will find out when you come to.

Jax’s Ship:

The occupants on the ship are completely enthralled by what they are witnessing. This new enemy that they know nothing about has complete control over Superman and there is no kryptonite in sight. While the scene is highly erotic it also makes Jax a bit nervous.

This particular being may actually be stronger than him he wonders and decides it is time to take action flying to earth and Clark Kents apartment. Toyman and Metallo are so wrapped up in the scene on the screen they don’t notice Jax leave the ship until they see him arrive and Clark’s apartment which only heightens the tension for them as they continue to masturbate themselves.


Parasite has just opened up Superman’s mouth and wakes him up by gagging him with the full length of his 13” exposed cock smacking his balls on Superman’s chin. Then immediately he begins to hump the hero’s face continuously.

Parasite’s climax is quickly approaching while he skull fucks the helpless Superman below him when suddenly he lets out a scream heard all across the massive town of Metropolis. Parasite just gets a quick rush of life force and shoots in Superman’s mouth with no warning.

Jax who just flew into the apartment quickly feels weak next to the parasite for just enough time to see Parasite unload in the helpless Superman.

Jax’s body buckles a bit then just as quickly afterword it seems that his own energy absorbing capabilities have restored his energies. He is flooded with the energy of the Parasite and all of the knowledge that Rudy has gathered. It is overwhelming for Jax who almost collapses due to the rush before regaining his composure.

Superman is passed out on the bed looking a bit worse for the wear due to having been drained by the Parasite. The Parasite though also returns to look like his normal 6’ being with no definition and purple skin and is asleep on Superman at this moment.

Only Jax is awake and aware at the moment and realizes now that Superman is insecure about his sexuality and that draining his life force will be the ultimate revelation for the interloper from Krypton before his death.

Jax scoops up Parasite and quickly flies back to the ship. Superman sleeps for the remainder of the day and through the night dreaming about what was just done to him by the parasite smiling in his own sleep because it was a pleasurable experience.”

Jax’s Ship:

Jax arrives back at the ship and sets the Parasite into the last open room that he has in his lab and viewing room. He puts up the energy bars for Rudy’s cell and walks to the other.

Noticing that both Toyman and Metallo got off and are covered in their own cum Jax opens their cells enough for him to walk in and eat theirs cum off their cocks and bodies before returning to his own chair now fully of exactly what it means to be a dominant sexual and even more determined to completely make Superman surrender to him before Kal-El faces his death at Jax’s hands.

A giant grin comes across Jax’s face as he starts watching the apartment scene again and works with the fleshlight on his erect cock again.

To be continued…

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