Superman Harem Slave Chapter 7
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 Superman Harem Slave

Part 7

The Next Day

By Msclvir based on a plot by Mikechesty


Su’zin-Superman enslaved


Osham- Chief Minister of Abdul

Azuz-Slavemaster Shareem-light slave trainer

Abu-dark slave trainer

Rais-Captain of the Emir’’s Guard

Ra’’id: Emir of Carbudali

            Wa’di – bath slave

            Karlesh – The master of records

            Sana’ – (Harem Queen Concubine)

            Abra – Servant to the concubine queen

            Haris – Chief Male Harem Slave


The rest of the previous night had been a delirious exercise in erotic derision.

Superman, like a new play toy, had been drugged by the Princess.   A very 21st century gauged syringe was plunged into the base of his dick shaft.  He cried out in surprise and pain at this added distraction. His now caged phallus trying desperately to gain an erection was foiled by the cage that held him as a mechanical eunuch. The points inside the cruel device punished his natural impulses to achieve the erection the drugs and surrounding environment elicited from him.   Another syringe was plunged into his flexing buttocks.

His drugged stupor and the earlier hypnotic training he had but briefly received, were enough to keep him completely under the control of the youngest maiden or most virile and horny male guest or slave.  This was the intent.  This night was the night that the new slave discovered that he was helpless to control anything in his life. He was an object to be controlled by any free-woman or man as well as any other slave who was above him in ranking.

He had been turned facing away from the insidious Queen with his bare and exposed portal for all to see.  This he barely remembered.  As the drugs took effect, his memory failed him.  He remembered the Queen reaching out and touching his man portal.  She rubbed some oily substances on its exterior skin and almost gently massaged it more deeply into his body cavity.

Then there was suddenly a blaring of trumpets, held by the doormen.  The doors swung open, but as Su’zin tried to look up, Haris the slave lord, pushed his own face down into the cushion upon which he knelt.  Scantily clad young male captive slaves proceeded, dancing traditional Arab dancers, seductively winding their boyish forms with veils and silk see through wraps around their young pelvises. On their fingers were small cymbals adding to the festive atmosphere. There were gasps, then an exciting titter among the women of the harem.  From the males came nothing.

“How good of you to join us my lord husband,” said Sana with a low curtsy and bow.    “Where did you get that costume?—we almost mistook you for the missing hero!” she laughed.

“My Mistress” said Prince Abdul with feigned offense, “Why, don’t you like it?” he said as he turned full circle with a furl of the scarlet cape that he wore. I thought it an appropriate addition to the colorful nature of this occasion.  See, it even has the large English “S” to complete the effect! It is not often that we add a new harem slave as a permanent addition to this sacred place!  Especially, now that the world appears to be free for the moment from the meddling of that American clown in such garish tights as these, I dressed as the most powerful male in his world will take this new slave’s virginity and render him the controlled half-eunuch that he is to be”.

Sana was surprised at the level of bravado that Abdul was displaying.  He usually took ownership of new slaves in his induction room or sleeping chambers.  This harem event was rather unique.  Was it because the muscular stud was an American and this was a euphemistic way of literally “fucking” the swaggering attitude of the Americans?  Well, he was the prince and he had his own quirks.

Su’zin, in his bleary state, seemed to vaguely recognize the voice. He wondered to himself where he had learned Arabic seeing as he clearly or foggily was thinking in English.  Now has he faced down, he could see some through his spread legs, past his chastity cage and what he saw was mysterious.  He saw red boots, blue hose, a red cape swinging behind it all.  It looked like he should know what it was, but he just couldn’t remember at the moment.  All he knew was that he was the object of the attention of the whole room and all of its occupants.  The man seemed to be talking about him. 

“Here he, I mean, it is…” the Queen Concubine sighed.  “He has been prepared for your ownership.” 

“Let him put his mark on the deed!”  said Abdul.

“Sign slave Su’zin—make an ‘X’ on the document by your slave name that gives you your new identity” said Haris.

Superman like some zombie, raised his shaven head just enough to pick up a quill pen placed at the foot of the surrender of ownership to his new master.  He didn’t even read the Arabic document.  He marked an X.  As a slave, he would not write in any language unless instructed to do so.  He saw the name “Su’zin” at the bottom of the legal paper.  He signed.  He was now a piece of property under Arab law.

Immediately Abdul took the paper and stamped it with a seal of his kingdom.  “SOLD!” he laughed.  Then he gave a signal.  Large chains that Superman had previously not noticed were raised from the sides of the raised platform and cushion upon which he was kneeling.  Four of them were attached to his wrist and ankle cuffs.  A fifth went to his collar.  Two heavy black leather belts were fitted around his thighs just above the knees and two more chains were attached to them.  If the hero had any thoughts of even trying to get away, there was no way.

“Slave Su’zin your owner will now claim his rightful property in the manner mandated by tradition” said Haris. With these words, the music and loud conversation resumed.

“What could that mean?” thought the suppliant slave.

The Smallville, ex-football star suddenly felt rough hands touching the outside of his chiseled smooth thighs.   These hands now moved lightly up and down his thighs, inside and out.  His rock-hard and well-defined buttocks were also rubbed sensuously.  Then suddenly, a strange gag was thrust into his mouth.  It was long and thick and reached to the back of his throat.  Two straps firmly affixed it to the back of his head. He gagged, unused to an object gracing his tonsils and while he was thus distracted, suddenly, a round satin curtain dropped around the platform and that red cape from the shoulders of his captor was hanging on either side of him.  He felt a silky smooth material sliding over his shaven thighs, slick and sensuously. He shuddered.  With that—suddenly he felt a single blunt fleshy object between his spread buttocks and that was it. It felt warm and sticky.  The he heard the voice of Abdul.

“Easy boy, you’re about to go from top dog to puppy.  The more you relax, the less painful it will be” he heard in perfect English. A hand slipped in between his plump buttocks, as if to loosen them up.  Then he felt the slick cloth covering the thighs of the Prince, push his own sturdy trunks apart as wide as they would go while bound.  A slick ointment touched what only the doctor had ever touched so carefully.  It coated the insides of his buttocks as well.

He felt his cheeks parted by the two rough hands and a hard blunt and fleshy object lightly touched his cheeks.  He stiffened and again shuddered.  Something in him began to panic.  He struggled briefly and began to cry out as a hand was placed firmly between his upper back muscles.

Then abruptly, the slick blunt object slid between this spread butt cheeks toward his sphincter!   Yet the object was stopped at mid-insertion. He yelped with surprise.  The outer hole was easily penetrated, but his sphincter muscle surprisingly was firmly clamped shut.  Of course he was unaware of the anatomy of the human anal cavity, but he felt it.  Even under the influence of the drugs, the hypnosis and the pure exhaustion, something in him fundamentally resisted. Without warning, suddenly the firm muscle gave way, outclassed in his human state and unable to resist.

Like the crack of a gunshot it seemed when it then entered him and he was penetrated from behind!  He screamed involuntarily, or he tried to scream, but the gag in his mouth kept him from making any sounds other than “ammmmffffff”! He had never imagined such pain!  He was being taken, like a woman!  His male psyche was violated.  He had been debased.  He would never again be able to have the same air of equality or masculine pride in the presence of other males.   He felt the sudden sense of vulnerability and helplessness.

“Now my trophy” whispered Abdul, “who is the real Super-man?”  He chuckled at his own humor.  

All Suz’in could do was grovel his face was buried in the pillow before him wondering what that statement could mean. The strongest man in the world was now bound and suppliant under the insidious power of the Arab prince.  Of course, he did not know that he was the strongest man, only Abdul and his minister knew.

As the rape of his muscular ass continued, Abdul built up a rhythm and Suz’in could feel the erotic shivers sent into his groin and securely bound penis, from the satiny material, moving over and over again up and down his spread wide and shaven thighs.

Again, suddenly, the pain stopped, Abdul had hit the man of steel’s prostate.  Abdul didn’t stop, his pelvis slapping through the sphincter of the Kryptonian.  “Uh, ugh, oww” the sounds continued from his gagged mouth. Smoothly now the Arab’s tool drilled the previously impenetrable butt of the one time man of steel. Clark Kent’s years in locker rooms had not prepared him for the unimagined size of Abdul’s meat, which was immense. Pleasure began to stimulate his groin and it struggled as never before to become erect.  But to no avail, the chastity cage held and his flaccid member had burgeoned with blood until the skin was thrust out through the bars of the small securing cage.  He began to leak pre-cum.  Abdul sensing this called out to Haris to bring a golden bowl.

Haris came into the curtain and placed the bowl beneath the hulking mountain of muscle.  On and on Abdul thrust in and out until the new slave was nearly babbling incoherently behind his gag. Finally, Abdul cried between gasps, “now… you’ll… become… my… bitch… AHHHHHHH” 

And with that Abdul yelled.  The increased swelling at the moment of ejaculation put one last stronger press upon the Kryptonian prostate and Su’zin moaned loudly behind the gag.  His penis, wedged into the cage actually ejaculated from within while the penis was largely flaccid. How was that possible?  Sperm now glistening white dripped into the golden bowl.

“Now it’s done” said Abdul.  Haris took the bowl and removed it from the curtained area. Superman collapsed on the cushion. Abdul collected himself and moved out of the curtain.

The circular curtain and it’s frame was lifted and there he lay for all to see, the freshly fucked eunuch by penis cage… SLAVE.

Royal semen dripped from Superman’s sphincter. He was moaning incoherently now.  The combination of the drugs, the hypnosis, the violation, the orgasm and the meaning of it all had overwhelmed his superior mind.  As the chains were detached and the gag removed, his mouth hung open and his eyes stared blankly and bleary.  He knelt slack-jawed and spent.

Haris approached and unlocked the chains that bound him to the platform.  Abdul attached a chain to his collar and pulled him to his feet.  “Now kneel in slave display position!” he barked.

“He was a good fuck, “said the monarch. “Some of you may enjoy him later as his novitiate continues until it is over. He has had enough for today.  Clean him up and take him to his new home. “

The proud Kryptonian was led off the platform walking on all fours like an animal.  Abdul walked him before the whole assembly and said “see what a fine new specimen we have.  I trust you will use him well.”

The female slaves applauded as the Prince handed the leash of the now sweaty, well-used, slave to Haris.  Haris raised the former superhero to his feet and then bowed before his charge, pulling over his broad and powerful shoulder. Again, the muscular son of Smallville was hoisted and carried buttocks first from the harem chamber.

Haris did not seem too please with the behavior of the Prince. Vaguely, Su’zin could hear him mumbling in Arabic.

“What a way to keep such a fine animal in working shape!  Now I’ll have to put him back together!  I hope no one thinks we’ll be able to further get him acclimated for a few days. Hmmmf !

With the sweat dripping from Su’zin onto the burnished skin of Haris, he carried him down two flights of stone steps to another bathing chamber.  He laid the muscular stud onto a stone table with a pallet. He then unlocked the penis cage of the hero and removed it Finally he stripped everything from Su’zin except his shackles and collar. Haris pulled him up by the arm and shoulder and led him to walk into a warm pool of water.  Pushing his new harem acquisition to a seated position in the pool, he gently began to wash the body of the hunky victim. Superman winced as Haris touched the now bruised areas suffered by the sexual abuse.  Asking him to stand, Haris parted the cheeks of the hero and gently cleaned out his buttocks.

“Don’t jump or anything” Haris said as he took a rubbery tube from the side and after putting gel on the tip and slowly worked it into Su’zins bleeding and bruised rectum.

“Owwwwieee” he whimpered.  “Not so hard!”

“You’ll need to go to the side and sit on that round seat to expel this water.  Then we can put ointment on you and get you some food” said the master of the harem.

As the humiliated male moved to the side, Haris smiled.  This was always the most difficult phase.  No pre-training could prepare a man for adult induction into pleasure slave status.

Superman looked down as he sat into the hole and expelled the putrid water.  As soon as he finished, water spouted out from the sides of the hole and washed him thoroughly.  He jumped in surprise and fell a little deeper into the bowl so that now his unbound penis was thrust upward between his closed thighs.

Haris laughed, “you’re not the first one to experience that!”

The hunk sheepishly, spread his thighs and pushed himself out of the bowl.

Haris took him by the shoulder and wrapped his big arm around his charge.  “Now, let’s get some salve on those painful points!

Haris took him to one side, took a large towel and dried him thoroughly.  It felt strange to Clark to have no hair.  The coolness he felt was so ‘not him’.  He had never felt so naked ever before in his life.  

“Now bend over” said the harem master.

Reluctantly, Clark bent over.  The soft hands of the harem master were quite a contrast to those of the Prince.  When Haris’ finger softly touched his now raw and swollen hole, he winced but it soothed.  As he moved his finger to the hole towards the now breached sphincter, the cool soothing salve took away some of the pain and comforted him. He even felt a small twitch in his penis and a slight erection.  Finally, Haris was done.   He then took the cock cage and placed it around the now clean and dried shaved shaft between Su’zin’s legs.

“How long will I have to wear this?” he asked.

“Only until you have finished your trial period and earn your slave thong” said Haris.  He then wrapped a dry towel around Clark’s shoulders and promptly took him up one floor into the slave pantry.  He fed him a delicious meal of broth and bread.   His last memory was being taken into Haris’ bedchamber and falling into an exhausted sleep on the muscular chest of the harem master, his naked skin warmed by that of his keeper.

“Sleep now little one” Haris said as he ran the back of his fingers over the slumbering face of Krypton’s son.  “You’ll be much better in the morning.”

With that he put his arm around the shoulders and back of his new charge, pulled the naked slave closely to himself and was almost instantly asleep. 

 (End of Chapter 7) 

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