Superman Harem Slave Chapter 8
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Superman Harem Slave


Chapter Eight

 By Msclvir based on a plot by Mikechesty


Suzin – Superman, stripped of powers, slave

Abdul – Prince

Osham – Chief Minister

Azuz – Slave Master

Abu – African/Arab slave trainer

Shareem – Arab slave trainer

Rais – captain of the Emir’s militia

Ra’id – the Emir

Rashad – The Emirate

Wadi – bath slave  (Calm, peaceful)

Sana’ – Resplendence, brilliance; to gaze or look (Harem Queen Concubine)

Haris – Chief Male of the Harem

Tammam – Slave seducer


The next day, the now fully constrained Kryptonian awoke lying on the solid pectoral of the Harem Master for a pillow.  It was awkward for him, yet for the first time in the last several days, he felt safe and secure.

As Haris shook him gently the next morning to awaken him, he gave a short yelp of surprise.  He didn’t know where he was for a moment.

“Wha’, wher’, ughhh, nooooo” the startled slave began.

“Whoa, there little filly” said Haris, “you’re in the harem quarters with me,” he said as he put his arm around the shoulders of the Kryptonian slave.

This calmed Su’zin immediately as he shook his head groggily. The drugs had left their mark. He had an overdose on the night of the induction. Even his superior body could not quickly recover.

“Come with me” said Haris, grasping him by the hand and wrist and pulling him to his feet.  “Today you learn the ways of the harem, meet your new brothers, learn some of the ways of harem slave loving.”

The naked hero proceeded down the hallway with the harem master’s hand on the back of his neck.  They came to a room where many male slaves were gathered at long wooden tables, with bowls in front of them.  The food smelled appetizing even if it did not look that appealing.

“Let’s show you how to get food for yourself” said Haris.  He was shown a long counter with several different foods lined up, each in front of a kitchen slave.  He was given a bowl and offered one of the selections of his choosing.  Su’zin felt so awkward, standing there in the nude while all of the other slaves had some other minimal clothing.  He could feel the heat of the warmed food on his sensitive skin and cool air on his buttocks.   

As he walked with Haris to one of the tables to sit, he would occasionally feel a masculine hand graze his butt cheeks.  Instead of being insulted, he found himself getting aroused at the mere touch of the hand of another male.

“What is happening to me” the Superslave thought.  “I don’t remember a guy ever turning me on before!”  Even then, another smooth harem slave pinched his bubble butt and nearly sent him over the edge.

“Haris!” said Su’zin.

“Yes, my boy?” he responded.

“I am confused.  I don’t remember much of last night after we entered the harem but I had nightmares about men and women doing things to my body.  My butt hole hurts this morning and being near you both comforts me and turns me on!”

“It is the serums” said Haris.  “The master requires that you take the serums until your training is complete.  You will be trained to pleasure both females and males.  You are now a receptacle and a giver of pleasure to whomever is authorized to use you. “

“What does that mean?” asked the befuddled hero.

“It means you are a sexual comodity for whomever the Prince wills” said Haris.

Superman froze in his tracks.  “Whomever?” he queried.

“Males and females” said Haris.  “You will be trained to service both and service them well. At the moment you are the ‘bottom dog’ here, but in the future, you may be ‘top dog.’  It is my job to make sure that you are capable of attaining that goal.”

“But I don’t like males, at least I don’t think I do.  I don’t even remember ever having sex with a female” said the now frightened slave.

“It will be ok,” said Haris.  “Just trust me.  I’ll be there with you every step of the way.”

The rest of the meal-time was sheer agony for Clark.  His stomach was doing flip-flops all over the place.   It would not be the first time as he entered the harem “school” of training.

After the breakfast, Su’zin was sent to clean up.  Again Haris unlocked his cage and allowed the bath slaves to wash the slave adonis. Then Haris attached a cock ring around the base of his cock and balls.  It was about an inch wide and made his penis stick out even more prominently.

“First you train to pleasure the females” said Haris.Then began the lurid days of learning all that pleases a woman with no thought of self pleasure.  At times his cage was attached to keep him properly cinched.  At other times, his ample rod was encouraged to graze across sensuous areas of the thighs, vaginal area, anal area and breasts of the female slaves.  Su’zin was beside himself.  Having never allowed himself such pleasures as Superman, even as Clark at Smallville High, he scarcely could control the urges and desires, the emotions and bodily responses he experienced.  All that week of training, by time to retire, the hormonally charged super male was exhausted and fell into a much needed sleep.  Each night he found himself resting in the crook of the arm of Haris.  His affection for this kind mentor was growing as was his cock during the night hours.

Finally the female training was over.  As a tribute to this, a golden chain was looped around his waist so that it hung sensuously and loosely as a decoration to accentuate his powerful thighs and abdomen.

“Now my charge, you will train to pleasure males” said Haris.

Superman again cringed and drew in his powerful shoulders like a little boy trying to hide himself. 

“Do I have to?” he asked.

“Do I need to answer that?” asked Haris.

As Su’zin looked over his shoulders, he saw several handsome male slaves leering at him from the  hallways outside.

“Me first!” said one.  “No, me! I have seniority” said another.

“I will choose who will be used for the training” said Haris.  “Now scatter you boys or I’ll have a piece of your hides in the punishment room!”

The very hot slaves scattered like mice at the words of Haris.

“Now my dear boy” Haris said gently to the frightened slave, “this will not be as bad as you might  imagine.  Simply go with the sensual feelings that you experience.  Don’t focus on the sexual identity of the recipient.  You’ll have to experience some of this yourself first to let you know how it can feel”

Haris left the room.  Su’zin looked for a place to go but there was no place to hide.  “Why bother” he thought, “this is inevitable.”

When Haris returned he was accompanied by a youthful yet maturing slave who possessed the physique of an International Male model.

“This is Tammam” said Haris.  “He will help you experience the eroticism of male to male sex.”

Superman’s eyes grew as big as saucers.  Tammam was hung like a bull as they say.  His thong stretched far down his thigh and it didn’t even look erect.

“It’s ok Su’zin,” said Tammam, “I’m not going to hurt you.  Just relax and let it happen.”

Then began one of the most erotic experiences that Superman would ever experience.  Tammam was a master of seduction and knew exactly where all of the male stimulation points lay.  The super son of Krypton was heard to say many of an “ooooo” and “ahhhh” while Tammam licked every crack and crevice of his body.  Tammam also knew massage and before long, Su’zin’s body was as relaxed and limp as a dish-rag.  Of course this did not go for his penis which was straining beyond belief to escape its cage. Finally Haris came over and unlocked the cage.  Ten inches of man meat shot up toward the ceiling eventually flopping down to point at his navel.  Tamman began an assault on Su’zin’s deadly weapon.  Licking, sucking on it’s sides, sucking his ample ballsack and finally swallowing the whole ten inches of penis up to the hairless crotch of the former Superman.

“AHHHHHH!” screamed Su’zin as his penis erupted with a torrent of semen.  Tamman swallowed almost all of it but eventually it began to seep from the sides of his mouth onto Su’zin shaved crotch.  As Tamman lifted off of his spent dick, he licked his lips and said “how was that–straight man?”

Su’zin smiled weakly, his eyes glazed over and said “WONDERFUL”!

So his training proceeded.  Each day a new slave illustrated new techniques.  Finally, Su’zin was practicing as though he’d been sucking and licking men and their cocks for years. He practiced jacking off in front of other males until it became a common thing for him to do. He learned to ejaculate with control and to cum over the back or face of a desiring master or mistress.  All of this was accomplished in less than a month of time!  At last he was ready for use in the harem.

His first summons came from his Master himself.  After this he would be available to be freely used by the women of the harem and as allowed by female and male slaves should the women of the queen’s court request it.

Su’zin was brought by Haris to the door of the Prince’s suite.  Naked except for a scarf of silk around his waist, he knelt in the slave suppliant position, arms behind his back. He had been well oiled with body oil so his muscles glistened in the subdued lighting of the Prince’s bed chamber.

The prince approached with a leash chain of gold.  “Here put this on him” he said to Haris.  Haris meekly complied and clipped the leash to Su’zin’s collar.

“I’m glad he didn’t use the penis ring” thought the suppliant slave.

The prince pulled on the leash and he began to crawl on all fours into the lush chamber.  “I just want to walk my pet for a bit before taking full advantage of his charms” said the prince airily.

Su’zin felt flushed with humiliation.  He had not been treated like this in the harem.  But his humiliation was just part of the thrill for the Arab prince.  As he walked into the room on hands and knees, the prince pulled him over onto a thick Persian rug.  “On your back he said!”  As the former super hero complied the prince knelt down beside him and began to inspect his prey.  “Legs down on the floor!” he ordered.  So Su’zin waited while every muscle was inspected.   He rubbed his hands all over the now chiseled frame of his prized possession.  “Yes you are a beauty” he whispered.  The  prince saved the best part of the inspection for last as he unfastened the cock cage and allowed the Kryptonian cock to rest against the abdomen of its former owner. Abdul then spread the flawless super legs wide, running his hands up that most sensitive area on the insides up near the phallus.  He then reached into his own robe and grabbed his own hefty dick, stroked his own phallus to a turgid state and placed the legs of the world’s most eligible bachelor (or former most eligible bachelor) over his own shoulders.  Superman’s portal, now accustomed to pleasuring others, opened like a gate and Abdul was soon working up a sweat as he plunged in and out of the tight hole.  He paused for a moment to remove his robe.  He was fairly muscled himself and as he leaned down he kissed the lips of his slave, then plunged his tongue in and tongued him thoroughly.  This was not something that Clark had mastered, even with girls in high school.  Now being mouth raped by his owner, he felt completely demoralized–but at the same time, again turned on by another male!

But more was going on than met the casual eye. Little did Su’zin know the secret ingredients of the foods fed to the harem slaves.  They were not merely to nourish the bodies of the members of the harem, but to enhance them in every way.  The women were fed special herbs to bring out the flower of feminine perfection in them.  The males were fed herbs and drugs to make them hyper-masculine according to each physique.  Both were fed stimulants to keep them sexually frenzied and usually frustrated at all times.      

For our already massively masculine hero the effects were doubled.  He was now constantly trying to spring an erection even while still caged.  His already massive musculature became etched and defined like an anatomy lesson.  When he was at last requested by the Prince himself, his muscles were like stone and his face like a Greek god.  His skin, tanned to a dark brown by exposure to the Arab sun.  His Kryptonian skin, weakened by the kryptonite in his neck band and shackles, made him vulnerable to the tanning of the yellow sun, a new experience for him although he did not yet know that it was new. 

Finally with a yell of ecstasy, the prince climaxed and ejaculated into the bowels of the super slave.  By now, the Kryptonian’s prostate had been thoroughly massaged, he was completely hard like a rock and he likewise, feeling the hot gushing on his g-spot also erupted onto his chiseled abdomen and chest.

“Oooooo, eeeeeee!” Su’zin groaned in satisfaction.  He had been kept from sexual activity for several days and this was absolute heaven for him. 

Abdul smiled down at him.  “You are a dream my pet.” Then kissing him on the lips once more as he moved the mighty legs from his shoulders he said, “now I’ve a surprise for you.  We are going to prepare you to begin the process of remembering bits of your past. Haris!  Get him cleaned up!”

“Yes my lord” said the ever attentive slave.

Haris took the now wearied slave to the prince’s private slave quarters and pushed him into a large shower.  It must have been 8 feet in diameter and circular.  Haris stripped off his slave thong and stepped in with the super hero.  As he turned a lever, spouts of water shot all over the muscled slave from all sides.  Haris turned it off and pulled down a pointed spout-like device.  He sprayed soap suds all over Su’zin then took a large sponge and began to scrub him.  His skin was still alabaster smooth from the depilatory that had been used on him.  His head needed a quick shave so Haris took a razor and ran it over all of the newly sprouting hairs since his newly shaven induction ceremony.

He then instructed the Kryptonian to bend over and placing the soap suds spout he placed it in Superman’s rectum and shot it full of suds as well.

“Ouch!” gasped Su’zin.

“Don’t worry” said Haris, “just cleaning you inside and out.”  He then instructed Su’zin to go to the corner and expel the contents of his rectum.  Haris then filled him with water and again the ritual was repeated.  Three more times with water and then Haris finally said “you’re done.”

Now more gently, he wiped the muscular stud with a thick Persian towel.  He took Su’zin’s head almost lovingly and make sure it was fully patted dry.  He went up and down on Su’zin’s legs and torso, finally taking his now distended cock into the towel and made sure it was fully dry.

Su’zin laughed: “that tickles” he said as he closed his ripped legs to avoid the small torment.

“I hoped it would” smiled Haris who now pulled him my his collar ring out of the shower.  One last dry with a blast of warm air from a fan high in the ceiling and at last our hero was ready for his next challenge.

As they again entered the Prince’s bedchamber Abdul instructed Haris to tie Su’zin to two pillars in the room.  As he was stretched spread-eagle, Abdul lit some aromatic incense.  As the scent filled the chamber, Su’zin was struggling to stay awake.

“Not yet my pretty one” said Abdul, stroking the side of Su’zin’s ruggedly beautiful face.  “We have a visitor who has business with you on my behalf.  We cannot continue giving you the drugs we’ve had you on to keep you under our control.  They eventually would harm even your superior mind. No, now we proceed with the ancient ways and then you will belong to me forever, only then, it will be because you cannot help yourself.  With all of your faculties fully restored, you will be my emtional, physical and psychological slave forever.”

“Yes Master” said Su’zin groggily.  The hypnotic drugs and the incense were making him ready for the next stage of his “development.”

The prince poured himself a glass of wine then one for Su’zin.  He walked up to the now restrained slave and placed the cup to his lips. 

“Here, a little bit of this won’t hurt.  I suspect you’ll be rather thirsty before this is all over.”

Superman wondered what these words might mean, “this is all over.”

(End of Chapter 8) 

Note: This is the last Chapter that I found, I will try to look in others disk to see if I have the next part. 

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