Jokers and Goblins Chapter 1
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 Jokers and Goblins


 Chapter 1


It was a typical evening in the city of New York, traffic crawling along the busy streets, and people hustling home or on their way to work.

The air was filled with the everyday smog from the idling vehicles that were inching along the busy corridors.

One particular vehicle was in a hurry to get through the rush hour traffic.

“New York traffic… how the god did I get into this pathetic situation”, snarled the mad man behind the wheel.

“I’ll just push my way through this traffic like i usually do when i think of something to get a certain someone attention, if he’s out and about, chuckled the mad man.

The white sedan suddenly pulled out into out coming traffic zig zagging in and out and occasionally brushing the odd vehicle.

“He hehehehehehehe, this should grab some attention, laughed the sick mysterious man with a huge smile that was permanently planted on his face from a chemical bath many years ago while running from authorities.

The sedan then pulled of onto a side street along the warehouse district in the East Side of New York City.

“Hmmmmm, no sight of any costumed clowns around, so now is the time to start and stir up a little bit of fun, snickered the clownish evil doer.

With a push of a button on the dash board, the back trunk of the car opened and a large weapon rose up and aimed at the neighborhood across the Hudson River

“Now this should get some attention”, laughed the clownish individual dressed in a long dark nay suit.

With another push of a button, a loud boom was heard, followed by a loud explosion.

“he hehehehehehehe, now all those fuckers will pay for all the years I’ve been locked away, the villain laughed hysterically.”

“I am not joking this time”, laughed the Joker.

From the explosion arose a huge cloud of grey and greenish colored dust from the buildings that collapsed from the poorly aimed weapon.

“Let’s see if anything happens as I planned and then I will go visit a good old friend by the name of Osborn”, snickered the Joker.

“Even the mightiest hero will fall to this little scheme if he attempts to stop me,” snickered the Joker again, “the air will soon fill with a mind altering drug that will cause a largest orgy between the men of this town, and maybe a surprise visitor to my little hideaway.”

The Joker continued to drive along the warehouse waterfront setting of explosions along the way, “wheeeeeeeeeeee”, laughed the Joker, but Osborn can be dealt with later

I need to attract a bug first, giggled the Joker.


Meanwhile on the other side of town, an awakening Peter Parker was crawling out of bed, scratching his golf ball package and stroking his 5 and half soft inch cock.

“Oh fuck, slept in again…..its 5 pm, missed classes again.  I guess I should call into the Bugle and see if anything is happening that is newsworthy.

Peter stood 5 foot 10 wand a 165 lb built athletic body with nicely shaped pecs with quarter sized nipples with a slightly hairy chest with a treasure trail leading down to his crotch.

Sporting nothing but nice pair of tight white boxer briefs, Peter walked over to the desk and picked up the phone to call the Bugle.

“I hope Mr. Jameson is in a good mood today… rarely is”, Peter said.  “Hello, Mr. Jameson please”.

A few moments pass and a rough angry voice replied at the other end of the phone so loud that Peter had to hold the phone away from his ear.

“Parker, where the hell have u been?  Don’t you know there is a mad man driving around blowing have the city up?  Get over to the warehouse waterfront and get me some pics now and I mean, I want the pics on my desk tonight or your fired!”, yelled Jameson.

“Yes sir, I will get over there as soon as possible”, replied Peter.

“Get your ass over there now”, Jameson hollered.  “I’m on my way”, Peter answered.  “This sounds like something Spider-man should go investigate

Peter ran to the closet of his bedroom and yanked off his Spider-man costume that was hanging up.  Quickly he pulled on this tights and then pulled on his shirt and boots.

The costume revealed his tight muscular body well under the spandex costume.  Peter checked to make sure his web shooters had enough supply and then grabbed his mask and pulled it on.

Spider-man was ready to go.  Spider-man then left through the skylight of his apartment and was off to the waterfront.

“I wonder what dumb ass is stirring up trouble this evening”, Spidey thought to himself, “Sounds like the goblin could be back.”

Within minutes the webbed hero was spinning is way over to the waterfront, thinking all the way what he could be facing or who.

In the meantime the dust was settling around the waterfront warehouse district, and inside the unharmed buildings men were doing the unthinkable.

However Spider-man did not know what he was about to get himself into as he approached the waterfront.


Meanwhile, in the basement of an abandoned warehouse the Joker was rubbing his hands together and snickering to his 6 other muscular goons.

“Alright men, I have seen that our visitor is almost to the waterfront, and the dumbass is going to walk right into my plan”, the Joker snorted.

 Just let the spider fool do his thing, the druggish dust will dull is spider sense, I made sure of that, laughed the Joker.


Just on the other side of the warehouse district, Spider-man landed with a perfect drop on top of the rooftop.

“Oh my god. The Destruction is devastating here.  Don’t see any signs of injured civilians which is a good thing. Spider sense isn’t tingling yet, so everything seems ok so far.”

Spider-man again scanned the area and then shot a web to cross over the river to check out the other side. All of a sudden his spider sense started ringing like crazy.

“Something ain’t right, better go check out the area more closely”, Spidey thought.

 Spider-man swung over and landed onto of the roof of the Joker’s hideaway.  


Several feet below from where our hero was the Joker gave the signal for three of his men to go and invite the webbed hero to the special party he had planned for his guest.

All three of the hitmen were over 6 feet five and weighed about 275 lbs and were all muscle and wearing tight jeans and leather jackets. 

The Joker advised the remaining three young hot looking men to stay put and prepare the prison that would be awaiting the hero.  The Joker followed the three men to the top of the warehouse.


Spider-man standing near the ledge of the warehouse was still surveying area, not noticing that the doorway 30 feet from him was slowly opening. 

“He he, the dust is working… Spider-man doesn’t sense that we are approaching him”, the joker quietly said.  “The party is just about to begin.”

To be continued……..

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