Jokers and Goblins Chapter 2
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Jokers and Goblins


Chapter 2


“Hi ya there Spider-boy”, snickered the Joker.  

Turning around to see his confronter, Spider-man replied back, “It’s Spider-man clown face”, snapped Spider-man.

“I see I have a new clown to turn into the authorities and by the way it look that shouldn’t be too hard, 4 against one, I’ve faced more low life’s the what I see”, replied Spidey

“Now now Spider-man that’s no way to greet you welcoming party”, the joker said as he slowly approached the hero.

“I’ve come in peace and mean no harm, just a good old time in the town”, giggled the Joker.

At the time the Joker was only a few feet away from Spider-man, and his henchman beginning to slowly move around the hero who was still standing next to the ledge of the warehouse.

Spider-man was seeing he was getting into a precarious position and quickly snagged a web to the wall of the adjacent building and somersaulted over the foursome.

“Nice agility you have there Bugman”, joker retorted, “Let’s see how u deal with this.”

Suddenly the Joker walks up to Spider-man and blows the druggish dust into the face of the hero.

Startled Spider-man couldn’t figure out why his spider sense didn’t warn him of the danger.  Immediately, the dust began seeping through the mask of the hero.

“Haha Spiderboy, your spider sense failed you, well consider it gone, the dust from the explosions carried the same drug and dulled your sixth sense” hollered the clownish villain.

Spider-man staggered to regain his sense and balance.  “Come on web head, get yourself together.  How could I let a low life get to me so easily?”

Joker whispered to the henchman next to him, “Ok number one, he’s getting more vulnerable, you can start with the plan.”

The muscular thug reached into his tight jeans and pulled out a pair of brass knuckles and place both pair onto his knuckles The 6 foot seven 280 pound brut walked up to the staggering hero and placed a staggering blow to the mid-section of the hero.   Spider-man flew hard and fast hitting and crashing through the wall of the adjoining building.

“God I felt that blow”, Spider-man thought to himself as he struggled to get up.

Before Spider-man could react… the henchman was on top the hero and dragged him out of the crushed bricks and debris.  Dragging him by the ankle the goon drug Spider-man back to the open space to where the Joker and other two henchmen were standing.

“Tsk tsk… oh the poor Spider-man is all dirty now, we’ll have to fix that problem later”.

Spider-man was on all fours slowly getting up and hunched over. “What was that for clown?” 

“Just to make sure you are ready for the party”, replied Joker. 

By this time Spider-man was fully standing upright and hit his web shooters. Nothing. “What’s happened? I made sure the web shooters were fully loaded before I left home. What’s happening to me?”

“Awwwwww, no webbing webhead.  The drug that you breathed in is draining you of your spider powers, hehehehehe”, laughed the joker, “Try your best now your sputtering hero.”

At this time the three muscular thugs had surrounded Spider-man and closing in.  Spider-man knew he was in a tight spot and with his weakened condition, knew he had to try and fight his way out of this mess.

Without his Spider sense to warn him, the second thug grabbed Spider-man from behind and placed him into a bear hug with his muscular arms wrapping tightly around Spider-man’s muscular chest.

Spider-man squirmed with all his might to break free and even tried to kick free but it was no use.  Then again the henchman with the brass knuckles let go a striking blow into Spider-man’s mid-section.

Spider-man gasped for air and tried to let out a scream of pain.  Harder and harder the second henchman squeezed the hero.  Then henchman number 3 came up and with a great smile placed a powerful kick to Spider-man’s groin area.

This time Spider-man let out a scream that no normal being has heard.  Three more kicks and Spider-man was starting to lose conscious.

“Come on Parker, hang in there, caaa–n’t black out” Spider-man thought.


“What a pathetic hero, quipped the Joker.

Underneath the spandex tights Spider-man’s cock and balls were beginning to take their toll of  the brutal beating.

Then from out of nowhere, Spider-man felt a surge of energy and began to break free of his captive.

Breaking free of his captive, Spider-man grabbed the muscular hunk and with all the energy he had mustered, threw him towards the Joker and the other henchmen.

With his balance off, Spider-man had missed the Joker and the other 2 henchmen. 

“Having a bad day Spider-man?” quipped the Joker.  “It’s time to end this nonsense”.  The Joker quickly pulled out a small dart gun and pointed it at Spider-man. 

Again Spider-man tried the web shooters and by surprise the webbing blasted the small weapon out of the Joker’s hand. Spider-man was regaining his powers.

As the pain still lingered in Spider-man’s mid-section and groin area from the small battle, Spidey was becoming more agile. Spider-man knew any small mistake could have devastating results.

Again Spider-man hit the web-shooters to trip the converging henchmen but the third was more prepared and grabbed a hold of the web and pulled the hero of the ground and swung the hero around hard and fast into another brick wall

CRASH!!! Stunned from the hard blow to the wall, Spider-man could not react fast enough to avoid the debris and was buried under the brick and debris. The weight of the wall had broken through the roof of the warehouse taking the hero along for the devastating fall of two floors.

The Joker was ecstatic of Spider-man’s defeat. “Now men let’s get this party cooking”, laughed the Joker.

“Let’s go gather our guest and begin the ceremonies”, giggled the Joker.

Two floors below a pile of debris lay scattered about with a motionless arm and leg sticking out from the mess.

In a few minutes the Joker and his men were entering the scene where the motionless hero lie.  The joker motioned to the two henchmen to go and retrieve their prize. In moments the henchmen had dug out the battered and beaten hero. Spider-man still motionless was laying with a tattered costume. Tears around the knees, thighs and arms were showing the cuts and bruises of which the hero incurred from the fall.  Part of Spider-man’s mask was slightly torn outlining his upper left cheek.

“O.K. boys…  take him to the party room” instructed the Joker.

In the basement of the Jokers hideaway the other three henchman had the room ready for Spider-man’s arrival.   A torture rack and jail cell were in plain few.

Shortly after the Joker entered the building followed by the other three henchman with one carrying the beaten hero over his shoulder.

“Place him in the cell and bind him” ordered the Joker.

The henchmen followed orders and took the hero into the cage and slammed him onto the marble table.  

Heavy steel bonds were placed around the ankles, mid-section and wrists of the hero. Still there was no movement from Spider-man.

With Spider-man bound and locked away in a cell, the Joker was getting ready to have a grand time.

“Gee boss when do we get to have some fun with the Spider-man?“ asked the 4th henchman, who stood  at 6’7 and a 280 build of solid muscle.

“Soon my man, I have to prepare our toy in the cage with this drug first.  He will become our very own toy. But first I have to allow the alter ego of the Green Goblin that we have claimed his most hunted possession”, replied the Joker.

Moments pass and the Joker had delivered a message to Norman Osborne telling him that he had captured Spider-man and that if he wanted the hero he had to meet him on his terms to enjoy the demise of the hero.

The terms were specific, 100 million or no deal of the special agent that was used in the drug that the Joker had comprised.

The Joker then walked over to a counter and pulled a syringe out of a drawer and began to withdraw   a drug to use on the webbed hero.

“This should be enough to allow us to enjoy ourselves boys with that humble pathetic hero”, snorted Joker.  “Open the cell and let us begin”, ordered the Joker.


To be continued………..

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