Jokers and Goblins Chapter 3
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Jokers and Goblins


Chapter 3


A few minutes had passed and the Joker was finished filling the syringe filled with the drug that he was going to use and inject on the bound hero.

The Joker was standing behind a control panel outside the jail cell where Spider-man was inside and bound to a marble table.

“Soon boys we are going to have some fun with the Spider-brat”, laughed the Joker, “and when we are done with him… Osbourne can have the rest of him.”

Inside the Jail cell, Spider-man was starting to regain consciousness. Sensing that he was bound and could not break free, Spider-man tried to force his way out by breaking the bonds.

Noticing that the hero was awake, “never mind trying to break those bonds Spider-man, your strength is vulnerable against those bonds”, quipped the Joker

“Oh my aching body. What hit me?” questioned Spider-man.  

“Oh just a little tumble you fool” the Joker said.  “But soon you will be feeling something like never before”, laughed the Joker.

“My men will have their way with you soon after I give you a little surprise in a bit”, quirked the Joker.

At that time the Joker motioned for two of his men to follow him into the cell where the hero laid.  With a push of the button the table began to stand upright. Spider-man still struggled against the bonds but found out that it was futile.

“Spider-man, you are going to eventually enjoy this” giggled the Joker.  At this time the Joker motioned his men to go have the fun they had been waiting too long for.

The first thug walked up beside the hero and pulled up the sleeve of Spider-man’s costume.  Then Joker walked up and with ease injected the hero with the greenish drug.

Spider-man let out a scream as the drug entered his body.  Spidey’s body began to jerk rapidly as the drug began to circulate through his body.  Within minutes the hero lay on the upright table in a weakened condition and vulnerable.

“OK boys you can start with the fun… you may begin and if he resists in any way you know what to do”, quirked the Joker.

The first muscular thug went up and slowly peeled up the hero’s mask so that it just rested above the arch of his nose.  With no resistance the monster of a man then groped the hero and began to press his lips against Spider-man’s.

Spidey tried to shake the kiss off but the villain was too strong for him and laid a punch to Spider-man’s groin area.

“Don’t resist or you will suffer more hero”, snapped the hunk of a man.  Spider-man had let out a groan as the beast pummeled his mid-section and groin area.

In a few minutes the second beast of a man came up and he began to rub his hands over Spidey’s mid-section and muscular pecs and chest.

He too then began to press his lips against Spider-man’s lips. This time Spider-man did not fight back but allow the warm feeling of another man’s lips feel his warmth.

Spider-man felt the drugs continue to pierce through his body allowing the pleasure to take over.

The kiss continued as Spider-man did not fight back this time as the bulging muscular beast stood right in front of the bound hero and continued a passionate kiss and at the same time began to massage Spider-man’s crotch and groin area.

“You enjoying this Spiderhunk?” asked the thug.

Spider-man just moaned in pleasure, “Mmmmmmm Mary Jane… I… need… more”

Soon Spider-man’s cock began to grow underneath his skin tight spandex tights.  The villain saw this and then began to rub Spidey’s 9 and half inch cock.

“You enjoy this Spider-man, therefore you will receive” muttered the muscular hunk. Staring at the bound hero in shackles, the second beast then began to pull up the partly torn shirt of the hero so that the skin tight spandex top laid just above the hero’s muscular hairy pecs, then he bent down and began to lick the hero following the treasure trail from above the tights to the indentation of Spider-man’s pecs.


Spider-man had known the drugs had taken effect and there was not much he could do but let the effects of the drugs wear off.  But the feeling of the foreplay sex felt so good to him that he didn’t fight the temptation to try and break free at the moment.  For a good 10 minutes the muscular brute chewed and sucked on the upper half of the hero’s drugged body and feeling his 9 and half inches hard cock getting harder and harder.

In that time Spider-man began to feel his strength slowly return.  “Better let my strength return to normal before I try and break free of these bonds and this goon that’s all over me, but god it feels so much better then what MJ can deliver” thought Spider-man.

“Don’t stop” Spidey thought, “keep on while I gain my spidey powers back” Spider-man thought as he muscled against the metal bonds that held him in place.

Meanwhile the Joker was enjoying all of this watching outside of the cell that held the hero.  “My oh my, such an easy bug to control and soon the next stage of my little plan will take place” the Joker smugishly said.

“What else do you have planned for our guest boss?” asked the first muscular beast.

“Well Boris, when Morris is finished with webhead my other two men will have the next room ready, that is if all goes to plan”, replied Joker as the smile began to wear off his face.

“What’s wrong boss?” asked Boris.  “I’m not too sure but we have to keep our eye on Spider-man, he does come around with a few surprises of his own” replied Joker.

Another 15 minutes had passed and Morris was still enjoying the taste of Spider-man, leaving red marks around Spider-man’s quarter sized nipples and at the same time had his hand stroking the 9 and half inch hard cock underneath the spandex tights.

Spider-man was beginning to feel his full strength return as his body had fought the drug that was injected into him.  With Morris about to pull down his tights and begin to pull out his cock, Spider-man began to struggle against the steel bonds that held his wrists down to the table. 

“If I’m going to get this goon off of me, now is the time to break free”, thought Spider-man as he continued to struggle and loosen the bonds that held his arms in place.  “Just have to flex my muscles and move fast” Spider-man thought.

Suddenly a loud commotion had startled the Joker and Boris who were in the middle of planning the next scheme in their plan.

“What the fuck!!” screamed Joker.

The Joker had just scene Morris flying through the steel cage. Spider-man had broken his bonds and was pulling his costume into place.

“OK Joker, this has gone far enough and I’m going to tie things up here” shouted Spider-man as he reached for his web shooters. “Damn, no web shooters”, thought Spider-man.

“Tsk Tsk Spider-man, you will need these little things”, laughed the Joker, “well come and get them if you can.”

With a mighty bound from his powerful legs, Spider-man leaped from the outskirts of the Jail cell and with a powerful kick landed a mighty blow to the Joker.

The joker flew backwards slamming into a pile of empty oil drums. The empty drums came crashing down around the villain. 

Then again Spider-man leaped out of the way from the falling drums and his Spider-sense had just warned him of Boris that was about to grab the hero.

KABAAAM!!!!!!   Spider-man dealt a blow to Boris that sent him flying into the concrete wall.

With all the commotion coming from the other room, the other two well-built thugs came from the other room.  There they saw Boris and Morris slowly picking themselves up and no sign of the Joker.

“You two want some of me too” yelled Spider-man “bring it on!”

Again the hero had made a powerful leap and attached himself to the ceiling.  “Spider-sense is screaming” Spidey said to himself.


A high voltage of electricity had jolted the hero.  Spider-man screamed in no other way as he was forced to let go of his perch.  Spider-man fell like a heavy rock to the hard concrete floor and bounced as he hit the floor.

Spider-man lay unconscious with about one third of his costume burnt away from his muscular body. 

Then the Joker walked up from out of the darkness.  

It’s time for phase two boys……….


To be continued………………………………

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